15 Ways Your Blood Type Determines Your Personality Traits

The belief that the time of your birth can determine your personality is widely known, from horoscopes reading out your future based on your Zodiac sign (what month you're born in) to lucky numbers and the like being determined based off your Chinese Zodiac sign (what year you're born in). But have you ever heard of personalities being based off your blood type? Although this doesn't have to do with your birthday, rather your genetics, this is another trait that we can't really control. After all, it's pretty random what mix of DNA you get from your parents, right? Whether you're A, B, AB, or O, it is widely believed in the Asian culture (particularly Japan and Korea) that your blood type determines what kind of person you are. As a result, whatever blood type you were born with can structure your entire life from personality and career choice to love life and health. There are actual, in-depth studies and research that goes into this in countries like Japan. In some cases, blood type is even taken into consideration when it comes to important things like matchmaking and job interviews!

If you want to know how your blood type influences who you are today, what you should look for in your partner, and more, then read on! You may be amazed by how accurate these readings are.

12 Blood Type A - The Bomb

One of the most common blood types in the world, someone with the blood type A is described as a sensitive and sweet soul, a compassionate listener who wants everyone to live in harmony. However, this selfless character does have some issues. Because blood type As always want to avoid conflict, don't want to burden others, and aren't the best at expressing themselves out loud, they end up harming themselves by bottling up their own feelings and emotions. Since they're quite sensitive, this constant bottling up acts like a bomb that can explode later in the form of anger, depression, or anxiety. This can also lead to health issues and weakened immunity. Although they stress easily, they surprisingly handle crises the best. Blood Type As may seem kind, but don't push them too far to the point of exploding! Other negative traits include pessimism, stubbornness, and rigidity. Koreans call them the farmers.

11 Blood Type B - The Chameleon

Like As, blood type Bs are good listeners and friends--but they don't bottle up their feelings to a dangerous degree like As. Rather, they are very good at adjusting themselves to different people and situations, very much like a chameleon, and they express themselves freely--a bit too freely at times. They are comfortable in their own skin and, in turn, make people around them feel comfortable. They are very outgoing, passionate extroverts who use their intuition to read people and act according to their surroundings, making them total people persons. An interesting extra tidbit is that in some cultures, men with blood type Bs are considered the worst to date because they're considered to be incorrigible flirts with an ill-tempered disposition. Other negative traits include laziness, selfishness, and impatience. Koreans call them the nomads.

Blood Type Os have strong personalities. They are not afraid to be daring and take risks, and they are able to do so because they have such trust and reliance in themselves. Confident and intuitive, they are considered charming and power-hungry, often taking on leadership positions and being excellent at them. Determined to achieve their goals and competitive to boot, blood type Os are still well liked by people around them. However, they tend to be loners who need time to themselves like introverts generally would. After all, it's quite a lonely climb to success, isn't it? And that's why these charmers choose their careers and ambitions over having friends and a lively social life. It's good for them that they're the best out of the blood types at handling stress! Negative traits include aggression, arrogance, and self-centeredness. Koreans call them the warriors.

10 Blood Type AB - The Rebel

In general, blood type ABs, which are one of the rarest, are very independent and rational people. True to form, they have some characteristics of blood type As, like poor management of high stress levels, and some characteristics of blood type Bs, like a charming personality and high level of popularity with others. However, although they are prone to stress like As, they're stronger and do not worry as much about the little things, able to analyze different situations without emotion getting in the way because they are level-headed and good at planning. They love freedom and independence, so they're hard to tie down and read. Interestingly, they're also considered 4-dimensional people, meaning a bit bizarre and hard to predict, as well as two-faced or having a split personality due to technically owning two different blood types. Negative traits include holding grudges as well as being judgmental and cold. Koreans call them the humanists.

9 Blood Type A Careers

According to blood type personality studies, because of blood type As' sensitivity and intelligence, there are certain careers that would be the best for them! For example, they can be bookworms with advanced levels of sensibilities, so blood type As could consider being writers, poets, or even librarians. On the other hand, they are also considered to be smart perfectionists, so many of them in Japan excel in areas of research. They are considered the most meticulous researchers. They could also be economists, programmers, or accountants because of their great attention to detail and thorough personalities. Looks like they got the best of both worlds because they can go either way: creative or practical. It's also said that these jobs are pretty perfect for blood type As, who are mostly introverts, because there isn't much need for human contact. Sweet!

8 Blood Type B Careers

Because blood type Bs are such intuitive souls, the career paths deemed the best fits for people with this blood type include psychiatrists, detectives, and journalists!  They are powerful observers, especially when it comes to body language, and having the B blood type would enable them to read the room and the opposite parties, whether that person is a therapist studying a patient's behavior, a detective reading a suspect in the interrogation room, or a journalist finding interesting stories to relay to the public. Blood type Bs could also turn to crafts as a means of making a living. If you note a common theme amongst these career choices it would have to be the fact that they are not in typical corporate settings.

7 Blood Type O Careers

Unlike blood type As and Bs, blood type Os run a lot more on practicality and ambition rather than creativity and intuition. As a result, they are more suitable for corporate settings. One good career option they share with As is being an accountant. Another good career option they share with Bs is being a therapist. Otherwise, blood type Os, full of charisma and likability, could excel in leading in the world of politics, business, and religion. They could be the next president or the best salesman at a company or a minister that rouses the crowd with inspirational words! Blood type Os are meant to lead and to win people over with their awesome personalities and charisma--as long as they get to recuperate with some alone time. They're also known to be rather athletic so could go into professional sports.

6 Blood Type AB Careers

Blood type ABs sure are weird! No offense meant because at the same time, they're pretty awesome and interesting really. There are many non-traditional career options for them because blood type ABs are the most spiritual out of the bunch; hence, there are many who actually become fortune tellers, clairvoyants, and faith-healers. If that route isn't meant for you, however, remember that there are two sides to ABs, so there are other career options that could work well for you. These include being in public relations or being a company manager, negotiator, teacher, diplomat, or attorney. Because blood type ABs are very rational thinkers and super organized but not particularly innovative, practical and/or managerial roles would work well for them.

5 Blood Type A's love life

Guess who blood type As are most compatible with? Well, themselves for one, but another group they could work well with are ABs! Of course being with someone who's just like you would work well for you. You'd both be caring, kind, and patient, often hearing each other out. Also punctual, neither would have to constantly wait for the other! Os would also work as they'd take the lead. However, Bs are out of the question because blood type As lack spontaneity and like to be in control, which Bs wouldn't really stand for. Careful, though, because you are the daydreamy type who gets lost in your own head. Although you're very fond of romance (hello chick flicks and chick lit), you're too fond of an idealistic romance to the point you prefer being stuck in a fantasy rather than living in reality with what's less than ideal (darn those unrealistic expectations...).

4 Blood Type B's love life

Not only is As' rigid and controlling personality a turnoff for Bs but also Bs' hectic lifestyle is a turnoff for As. Those two are just not meant to be. So which blood type is good for Bs? Not other Bs, surprisingly enough. Turns out that two Bs do not make a right because their lives will lack order; there has to be that practical partner. Turns out a good partner for a type B is type AB. ABs provide a welcome dose of creativity; however, they might feel hurt by B's behavior at times. Now the best partner for type B is the responsible O who will take care of B at times but also get mischievous with B at other times. Although Bs sound fun because they're passionate in both the love life and the sex life, you should be reminded they're known as the bad boys/girls.

3 Blood type O's love life

Although blood type Bs' best partners could be blood type Os, looks like this is not reciprocated. Allegedly, blood type Os' best partners are none other than blood type As! Both are hard and thorough workers who do a good job no matter the career they choose, and this agreement in a work life is very important when it comes to partnership. On top of that, O is a leader so can wear the pants in the relationship, letting A relax and worry less about this and that. Although As are deemed the best for Os, blood type Os actually get along with pretty much everybody--so looks like they're lucky in love with a whole lot of options for themselves! And hey, there are a lot of Os out there!

2 Blood type AB's love life

ABs, like Os, get along with pretty much anybody. As a matter of fact, although the blood type AB is one of the rarest in the world, a person with this blood type is generally quite a popular romantic partner. Since ABs adapt easily with whoever they are with, they are attractive prospects. Lots of people are drawn to ABs, but which blood type works best for them? Turns out that type A and AB have great respect for each other--as long as their core values are the same. Otherwise, AB and O could be great lovers if there's a strong spark. Looks like no matter what, AB will have lots of choices and won't have to worry about his or her romantic partner's blood type!

1 Extra: Rh-negative

On top of being A, B, O, or AB, you could also be Rh-negative or positive. Rh-negative is relatively rarer (it's been reported that only 15% of the United States has it, for example), and the stereotypical characteristics of your primary blood type (A, B, O, or AB) will mostly show in your personality, but there are some additional traits to make you extra special. That's why you get a bonus round! If you are Rh-negative, you generally have a higher-than-average IQ! On top of that, you have a greater level of empathy. If you're already an A or B with impressive understanding of others and intuition, then being Rh-negative on top of that is bound to make you crazy compassionate! You also have a lot of phobias for some reason... so, um, good luck with that.





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