15 Ways We Can Better Support Other Women

It is actually shocking that women’s worst enemy is not men; it’s actually other women. We are some of the biggest bullies to our gender.

In the documentary Miss Representation it is stated how women tend to be the hardest judges when it comes to other women, especially those in a position of power. Men encourage other men, men vote for other men, while women tend to demean other women and vote for men. Not because they are the best candidates but because they are men.

If anything, we should be empowering and supporting our gender, our poor gender that goes through so much stigma, discrimination and abuse. If women don’t stick up for women, then who will?

Let's create more solidarity among us.

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15 Stop Using Insults That Target Women

It is shocking to hear a man call a woman names. You know the horrible words that start with B, C, S and T. But what’s even worse is when a woman calls another woman those horrible names. It is extremely common to hear women refer to other women by these dreadful, insulting and sexist labels. They don’t realize that by referring to other women by those names they are giving all women around the world a bad reputation, even themselves.

If we want to start being respected then first we need to start showing respect to one another. Such names are demeaning and offensive. I think we’ve all heard it when two women fight? They automatically go towards using these horrible swear words. How about we change our insults and leave those words behind. Hopefully we’ll be doing something good for generations to come; we can make these words fade away into history.

14 Give Women Equal Pay

If you’ve ever seen the TV show Mad Men, then you’ve probably noticed how women have less glamorous and creative jobs than men. It is shocking for many to see how women had to battle so hard in the working world to build a name for themselves and to be considered equal to men.

Unfortunately that inequality is still present in today’s times, since women are still fighting to get equal pay to men. In most countries around the world there’s a noticeable wage gap between men and women. And it is NOT because women work less than men or are less capable or not as smart. It is because there’s still sexism alive today.

Maybe you’re a woman in a position of power that will get the amazing opportunity of hiring employees. Be fair! It might seem shocking to find out that we’re living in the 21st century and there’s still discrimination regarding salaries. If you find yourself in the position of determining employees’ salaries, be fair and give women equal pay.

13 Don’t Steal Her Man

If you see her happy, if she loves him and you like him, DON’T! Don’t steal her man. Maybe he’s a cheater and he will eventually cheat on her by lying and saying that he’s not in a relationship, but if you know he is in a relationship then don’t be that woman. Don’t be the woman that will purposefully steal the man of another woman.

Be supportive, stay away, don’t flirt with him, don’t be the reason for him cheating on her. One day you’ll be in her shoes and you’ll be happy and in love, you won’t want another woman stealing him away from you. We’re not just talking about the law of karma here but about basic morals.

It doesn’t matter how much you fancy him, he’s with someone else and you need to respect that. Just because you won’t see her tears if you steal him away from her, it doesn’t mean you’re not causing harm to her. We all know that men can easily cheat but you also need to remember that in order for a man to cheat there needs to be a woman willing to do the deed. Don’t be that woman.

12 Stop Overexposing Yourself

The media already does enough harm towards women by over-sexualizing us. Other woman in tiny clothes constantly represent us as if we are sexual objects only worthy of being owned, possessed and drooled over. TV ads, models, hosts, singers and pretty much anyone in the media is already doing a dreadful job of over-sexualizing women in every possible way. It might seem harmless, but it’s actually a very powerful message that is constantly being sent to the public, that women are sexual objects. If you want to empower women then help us by stopping overexposing yourself. This is particularly important on social media, were women are fighting over men’s attention by revealing more and more and more. You just need to be reasonable. Don’t expose yourself like you are an object to be desired, you’re a human being that deserves to be loved, not just desired.

11 Speak Up About Abuse

I think we’ve all read the powerful testimony of the woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner at Stanford University. If you haven’t read it please do.

It can be excruciatingly painful to speak up after being the victim of abuse. Women who have been subjected to physical, sexual or psychological abuse can find it extremely hard to speak up out of fear or shame. But speaking up helps bring awareness to an issue that needs addressing; it can empower you and turn you from a victim to a survivor and you’d be surprised to find out that you’ll not only be speaking for yourself, but for thousands or millions of women that have gone through what you’ve been through.

The unknown woman’s testimony touched millions of hearts across the world and has become a strong voice in the fight for women’s rights. So speak up! Your voice matters, you matter!

10 Stand Up For Women

It was shocking how some of Brock Turner’s female friends came to his defense by putting the blame on the woman he sexually assaulted for being drunk, she made a reference as to how Brock Turner wasn’t a criminal because he didn’t kidnap her on her way to her car, arguing that how could it be assault if the woman involved was drunk and couldn’t remember what had happened.

Remember that you never know at which end of the story you will be, we need to stand by each other rather than against each other. A crime committed against one of us is a crime committed against all of us, because they’re not just hurting that one woman, they’re hurting millions who find themselves in that situation and are afraid of speaking up because of the blame and shame that will be laid upon them.

If we don’t support one another then who will? Of course there’s still amazing men who will defend a woman in distress, but we can't expect to be saved by men when we can save each other. We hold the power.

9 Forget The Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes surrounding women. What a woman should be, how she should act, what she should like, what are her weaknesses and strengths. Even our purpose on this earth is determined by stereotypes. We’re supposed to pop babies and stay at home right? Wrong!

You don’t have to get married, you don’t have to have children, you don’t have to like the color pink if it’s not what YOU want or like. You can be an engineer, you can be an athlete, you can be a CEO, you can run fast like a girl and fight strong like a girl. You can stay childless and single if that’s what you want.

Don’t follow stereotypes that diminish our gender. We are so much more than what the patriarchal society that we live in accounts us for. Think for yourself and do what YOU want, don’t let yourself be limited by society’s expectations of what a woman should be. Also be cautious not to judge other women who are following their own path, even if it’s different to what is socially acceptable, and remember that respect is a form of support.

8 Don’t Bully Her

A girl’s worst nightmare in elementary, high school or college is not other men, but other women and girls, which is very surprising. But we tend to be our gender's biggest bullies, in elementary school boys might throw dirt at us, but it is girls who will gossip and say hurtful and mean things. In high school the bullying only gets harder and meaner when girls grow up and they start throwing more hurtful insults that can very easily destroy a young woman’s self-esteem.

Maybe she’s too pretty, maybe she’s not pretty, maybe she has a disability, maybe she’s perfect. It doesn’t matter what she is and she isn’t, don’t find a reason to bully her. Be nice to her, you don’t know what she’s going through, you don’t know the fights that she’s battling in her own mind. Your bullying can destroy her and you don’t want to be responsible for destroying another human being. Talk to her, maybe you both can become best friends and you’ll realize she’s so much more than the hatred you have towards her. The world is a hard place for women, we don’t need to be bringing each other down, we need to be lifting each other up.

7 Let Her Feed Her Baby

There’s a huge debate going around about breastfeeding mothers. It is actually nice to see that women are unifying together to demand this basic human right, which is being able to breastfeed their children in public places. If an adult can eat in a public place, why can't a baby?

Some think it is beautiful, others think it is gross, it doesn’t matter what you think it is. She’s a mother and being a mother is hard, it’s not an easy job. You staring at her while she breastfeeds her baby makes her feel uncomfortable, ashamed and it makes her job harder. Let her perform her motherly duties in peace.

We should encourage mothers to breastfeed because it’s healthy and it creates a stronger bond between the mother and her child. This is something that men will never get to experience, so the best way we can be supportive towards women is by being supportive of the tasks that we have to perform instead of shaming and denigrating them.

6 Encourage Other Women

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this story, women tend to be a lot less supportive towards women than they are to men. We tend to believe that a woman’s emotional side can get in the way of performing a job that men usually perform. As an example, women in politics have it a lot harder than men, not just because it’s an area that is dominated by men, but because the female public sees them as inefficient to do the job. We are our own worst judges.

If we truly want to see women having a better chance at winning the race then we need to be supportive towards one another. We need more women in positions of power who can defend us and our rights, and who can open doors that have been previously closed to us. We need to encourage our gender beyond the limitations that have been imposed upon us.

5 Be The Best Person You Can Be

The world needs a lot more women who are stepping up their game and becoming positive role models for other women to follow. Pop culture has us so wrapped up in consumerism and materialism that we’re forgetting to be the best people we can be.

We are following other women who bring nothing positive to society, women who actually represent everything that is wrong with the representation of women. I’m not trying to bash them here, but the Kardashians are not positive role models to be following. There are so many other positive role models like Angelina Jolie, Malala, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Marissa Mayer and many others that have truly inspired us to be the best versions we can be and that a woman holds within herself a power that can not be stopped by sexism and inequality

We need to be the best people we can be to show the world what women are made of and hopefully break forever the boundaries, stereotypes, discrimination and limitations that women have been subjected to. We need to work to make this a better world for future generations of women and be remembered as the generation who empowered women.

4 Be Smart

Movies and TV shows have done a terrible job by portraying beautiful women as being dumb, as if ignorance is an admirable quality in a woman. Smart women on the other hand tend to be portrayed as mean and undesirable like Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada or Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. Both are smart, hardworking women but films make them appear as if being smart is a flaw more than a quality.

Don’t fall for it; don’t follow what the media is telling you is ‘hot’. Being smart is one of the greatest assets a woman can have. It is empowering and I’m assuming that it is this precise reason why men don’t want women to be smart, because it is easier to control someone who is ignorant than someone who is smart. So invest in your brains, beauty will fade away but brains will last forever and you’ll become an asset to women all around the world who will proudly hold your name up high.

3 Stop Using “Like A Girl” As An Insult

Someone, somewhere in time decided to make “like a girl” an insult. When someone is not running fast enough they say he/she is running like a girl, when someone can’t do a punch they say that he/she hits like a girl. When someone cries they tell that person to stop acting like a girl.

Don’t take this kind of language. If your father, brother, teacher or anyone you know uses this kind of language make him realize that it is an insult to the integrity of women. I know it may sound like something harmless, but it actually has a negative effect on girls and women around the world. When they use our gender as a derogatory insult it sends out the message that we can't do things right, that we’re too sensitive and that being a man is better than being a girl. No gender is better than the other, it is just about standing up for our gender and stop using “like a girl” as something bad.

If you’ve ever used this term to insult someone, please, stop using it! It is by changing simple words like this that we can start making a significant change in the way that women are perceived.

2 Don’t Criticize Feminism

For a while now there’s been a debate going around as to whether feminism is ruining women, but what is actually shocking about this is that a lot of women are criticizing feminism as if it were something bad. The problem is that feminism is being considered a radical movement. It's as if women are trying to improve themselves by diminishing men. It’s not about that, feminism is not trying to pull women out of their houses and putting them to work, nor is it trying to destroy family values.

Feminism is looking to improve the quality of life of women around the world. Equal pay, equal rights and equal treatment. We just want to be considered equal to men, not better, just equal.

Feminists are not radical (well some are but that’s not the majority) people who are trying to rule the world by trashing men. We want to have the same opportunities. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the majority of the positions of power across the globe are held by men, there are very few women that have been able to achieve such positions. That is not because women are less smart than men, or because we’re not as hard working, but because opportunities are not equal. Feminism wants equality. So next time you listen to someone criticize feminism, you stand up for women and tell them what we’re looking for.

1 Fight Back

If we want our daughters to grow up in a different world than the one we got then we need to fight back. I’m not talking about violence but about getting out of our comfort zone and actually start doing something. You can put into practice the tips that we have handed out here.

Actions speak louder than words. I know it might be overwhelming to take all of this information and put it into practice all at once. Don’t worry take it easy, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But by taking small steps we can create a big change, especially when we’re united. Maybe somewhere in the future you will get the opportunity to support a congresswoman. Don’t overlook her because she’s a woman, listen to what she has to say, maybe she has really good ideas.

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