15 Ways To Up Your Hot Factor

All women want to look and feel hot AF. No one can deny it, and there's nothing wrong with it, we just want to know that people find us attractive. Sometimes we put a lot of effort, all too look good for someone else and other times we just do it for ourselves. Once you find your look, it can be easy to fall into the same habits that you feel look best. Suddenly you find you have looked the same for a year...more? Maybe you look great as is, but what about upping that WOW factor? The year is almost over and it's time to get your hotness on. And it doesn't always take big changes to make a difference in how you look, sometimes subtle differences can have huge results. We've hunted down some of the best ways to take your look up a few notches, so you will leave 2016 a memorable one. You don't have to be stuck in a boring rut! Change up your clothes or makeup, maybe even your hair. The weather is getting colder but you need to check out these 15 looks that will keep it hot whenever you are around.

15 Glam Your Smile

How long has it been since you've really checked out your smile? A healthy mouth is a big turn on. Nobody wants to be caught with food in their teeth, but there's more to it than that. Exfoliate your lips. Even if you have a perfect pucker, dry and cracked winter lips are not so kissable. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize before you head out the door. Once you take care of those kissers, check out your teeth. How long has it been since you had a check up? Cavities and plaque can lead to bad breath. Get everything cleaned up and smelling great. If you've never bleached, now is a great time to try. You can ask your dentist or purchase an at home kit from your drugstore. They really work and as long as you don't go overboard you will achieve smile success! Brushing and flossing daily are a must but don't forget to add a breath freshener whenever you eat.

14 Get Fit

It's not time to bust out some major fitness goal you won't achieve, but fall is a great time to add something small to your routine. The weather is great, consider heading outside for a jog or signing up for a trendy new exercise class. If you can go ahead and drop those 5 pounds of holiday treats now, you won't be playing catch up after New Years. As fall turns to winter, people tend to feel sluggish and lazy. Get your energy up now so you will look and feel better than everybody else at the pumpkin patch. Skip that Halloween candy! It lacks the satisfaction of all that yummy Thanksgiving food but it will settle around your waistline. Doing anything is better than nothing so don't be intimidated. Check out an activity tracker like a FitBit. Counting your steps is a great way to take your fitness level up a notch before the holidays and you won't even need to wear yoga pants.

13 Get Grooming

Have you fallen behind on those brows? When was the last time you got more than your hair taken care of in a salon? If you've never had your brows professionally cared for, now is the time. Taking care of small details will contribute to your overall hot factor. Don't fear the wax. If you are a regular waxer, go for something new in the bikini area. If it's all new, start with something simple. A nice groomed look will be a welcome change for you and your man. Check your razor! Maybe your legs aren't so smooth and it's time to swap. Consider using a men's five blade the next time you shave. The shave is remarkably smoother and feels amazing. Don't neglect those pits either! Chances are you are still sporting sleeveless looks indoors so don't be caught stubbly. The latest trend in pit care is an arm pitt detox and ladies everywhere are shouting awesome results.

12 Go Big


From Rosie to Britney, big sexy hair is back and better than ever. Guys love the look because it's less intimidating. They don't have to worry about touching your perfectly coiffed locks. Go ahead and grab a handful. Use a little product, maybe a styling tool, and a lot less fuss. Youtube has some great tutorials for messy flat iron curls. The sexy mess looks great on medium to long hair and is so easy to achieve. It may not work for the office but it's sure to snag you a glance anywhere else. This is the perfect look to try if you struggle getting your hair perfectly straight. No need for perfection at all. Bigger is better so make sure you put your shirt on first and you have some aerosol hairspray on hand. This style works great with a smokey eye and can be worn casual or dressy.

11 Get Bold

Whenever asked , guys usually report a preference for more neutral lip tones BUT if you are constantly choosing the same colors, it may be time to go bold. Drastically changing something about your look gets you noticed. People get used to someone always looking the same so it can be good to try something totally different. Loads of bold new lip colors are out for fall and we are seeing them on all the celebs we love. Kylie and Rihanna are rocking these looks and you can too. Lip color is a simple, non permanent way to up your hot factor and turn heads immediately. Glossy can add plump but guys may appreciate a more matte look if you are hoping for a kiss. Don't be scared to choose something you've never worn before. Even blues and blacks are making it to the runway this year so step out of your comfort zone.

10 Grow Out Your Hair


Yes, we all notice that celebrity who looks amazing with short hair. Some of us might even have a friend who pulls it off with ease, but the vast majority of ladies just look better with long locks. When polled by The Daily Mail, 43% of men given 9 choices, preferred long wavy hairstyles. It's hard to say why but the results don't lie. If you really don't want to deal with long hair, consider growing it just a couple inches or playing around with wigs and extensions. It can be a fun way to revamp your look short term and a sudden hair change is sure to turn heads. Don't worry about styling because the guys seem to prefer a natural do that they can run their hands through. Scientists link long thick hair with fertility, so their could be some biology at play when it comes to the poling.

9 Get A Hot Bestie

Two babes are hotter than one! Do you worry that your super hot friend will detract from your sex appeal and steal Magic Mike for herself? Think again. Good looking guys tend to roam in packs and girls can too. Attractive people make each other look better. Your confidence increases when you're with your gal pals and this makes you act more at ease and look sexier. Your friends are a reflection of you, so not only do you want to head out with your best looking buds, you want your friendliest too. You won't score a hot date with resting bitch face, and your smile won't be seen if you are flanked by an army of rbf buddies. Invisible friends don't help much either so choose your flirty, outgoing gals for a night out. If it doesn't work then at least you had a fun night with the ladies.

8 Take Care Of Your Feet.

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Don't expect men to notice your gorgeous new pedicure, because that's not going to happen. Do expect them to notice if your toes are looking raunchy. Sexy heels are a big turn on but not if your feet aren't looking their best. If you don't have the time or cash for professional treatments don't worry. Remember, they won't notice your holiday themed polish. Take time to exfoliate, moisturize , and slap some color on those piggies. Your feet will look good, smell nice, and not draw any unwanted attention. If you plan to wear attention grabbing shoes this really is a must. For ladies who have very little extra time, keep a pumice stone in the shower so you can soften them daily. This will save you from needing a trip to the salon and keep you from requiring a long time before date night.

7 Give Em A Sneak Peak


Most women know how to enhance their cleavage and most men know it's enhanced lol. If you want to up your hot factor consider showing cleavage in a different way! You can go for inner side boob cleavage, a favorite of Blac Chyna, or you can try out showing off your outer side boob. Another fun way to show off those boobies is to show way more than you normally would, but through a sheer layer like Kim K. These methods may take a little getting used to and you won't be able to wear your typical bras. If your boobs are naturally smallish and perky you maybe do well braless. If not, you can use all sorts of adhesive bras and tape to create the perfect look. This will turn your outfit into a stunner! Most bras marketed as stick-ons really don't work but Kim swears by gaffer tape. It looks like she has passed this secret on to sil Blac Chyna because both large busted women wear plunging and backless looks with ease.

6 Eat Berries


Eating berries gives you tons of vitamin C, which isn't just important when you have a cold! Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that boosts your collagen and helps your skin glow. Any type of berry will do it, so go for your favorite. If your skin looks better, your makeup looks better and you feel better too! Berries help your skin create barrier lipids which retain moisture. Not only does this help you maintain a youthful glow, it prevents breakouts too. Raspberries in particular contain ellagic acid. This acid helps to slow down aging caused by sun exposure. The collagen boost you get from eating berries also helps your body to grow great nails and shrink fat. If that wasn't enough, berries support your liver. If your liver is functioning and healthy you will see less dark aging spots throughout your skin.

5 Drink Wine

Wine makes you totally sexy! It sounds crazy, but it's true. Wine helps you lose a few pounds by curbing cravings. It's usually lower in calories than the typical bad foods we crave. Wine also ups your confidence. If you are nervous or feeling uptight, wine can help you relax a bit and produce a look of confidence and sex appeal. Your facial muscles loosen, your face gets a little flushed, and your pupils dilate. Science suggests all these traits make you more attractive. Don't go overboard. Drunk isn't sexy and research shows it only takes 1 glass to produce the hottie effect. Wine won't only make you sexy, it might make you feel a little happier too! Wine can produce memory aromas. Smelling a glass of wine may transport you to a vineyard in California or simply to a great event in your life. This makes you smile and smiling, happy people are hot!

4 Get A Tan

Going bronze makes you look skinnier and healthier. This translates to hotter! When it comes to a short-term sexy boost, there really is nothing better than a tan. What you don't want to do is damage your skin. Lobsters aren't sexy and burns lead to aging and wrinkles. The sun can also be very damaging so we suggest you don't lie and bake in the sun. Instead we suggest that you go for a spray tan. This way you can ensure that it is safe and you don't risk getting any sunburns. But if you decide you want to get in the sun and score a tan, consider taking some beta carotene. This can help your skin to pigment better without burning. Moisturize constantly while you are in the sun too. For those of you who chose to fake and bake, make sure you know about the place of the products before you try it, you don't want to be left looking like an Oompa Loompa. Hotties are bronze, not orange.

3 Add Coconut Oil To Your Beauty Routine

The benefits to coconut oil are endless. You can enhance your hotness easily by purchasing a jar and using it in your beauty routine for a number of things. The easiest use is moisturizer. Coconut oil adds a great sheen to freshly shaven legs. Unlike regular lotions containing alcohol, this will prevent you from getting dry knees halfway through the night. It also works great at preventing and minimizing any scars. This one may sound crazy but try swishing it around in your mouth like a mouthwash (oil pulling). This can freshen your breath and get your teeth really clean and shiny. It may even whiten your teeth! This oil will work wonders on your cuticles and help your manicure last longer too. You can also use it as a lip balm. Remember, smooth moist lips are best for applying lipstick. Another awesome way to use coconut oil is as a frizz tamer. This oil won't leave your hair greasy but it will tame those fly-aways.

2 Eat Pumpkin

It's fall after all and it's the perfect time to add some pumpkin to your diet. You can also start stocking up on canned pumpkin for the rest of the year. This squash is loaded with vitamin c and free radical fighting carotenoids. This means glowing skin and less wrinkles! This will help your body produce collagen and elastin keeping your skin gorgeous and youthful. It can also help lower your risk of skin cancer from UV damage. Pumpkins are loaded with zinc. This mineral helps to prevent acne and most people are deficient. Pumpkin is full of fiber and that is great for your digestion. Sluggish digestion not only makes you feel bad, it's really hard for your body to make new cells and continue looking fabulous if it gets backed up. If you just can't stand the pumpkin, try adding the seeds to your diet. They contain most of the same minerals and benefits of the veggie.

1 Lacy Lingerie

Sometimes it feels pointless to rock matching lacy lingerie. Most of the time, you will be the only one to see it and it can require some extra care and attention in the laundry department. Why is it worth it? Walking around knowing you look fly underneath, helps you to feel sexy and confident throughout the day. It's like you have a special little secret you could choose to share, or not. You don't have to spend a fortune. You can snag some great bran names at places like TJ Max. If you gravitate towards black it will always be easy to find a matching set too. Butt-less panties and cupless bras may be taking it to far but there is something out there for everyone. Trying out something sexy and new will start your day with a little more excitement and this may carry on into the evening.

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