15 Ways To Tell If You're Living Your Dream Life

Back when you were a kid, it was pretty easy to think about what you wanted your future to look like. After all, you had a ton of inspiration all around you. You saw your family and house and neighborhood and figured you would grow up, fall in love, get married, and start your own family, too. It didn't seem that difficult. Wasn't that just what everyone did? Of course, then you graduated from high school, went to college, and realized that, oh yeah, the real world is a bit more complicated than your childhood daydreams and musings. It's pretty hard to meet a guy that you really care about, let alone want to marry (or even go on a second date with!) and you might be nowhere near getting engaged and entering the crazy world of home ownership. But that doesn't mean you're not living your greatest life ever -- and doing exactly what you want. Here are 15 ways to tell if you have your dream life.

15 You Wake Up Looking Forward To Your Day

This is a pretty big thing, and if this is you, then congrats. If you wake up looking forward to your life, that really means you have your dream life, no doubt about it. You've honestly designed a life that you really enjoy and that's definitely a huge deal and not something to take lightly or for granted. If you wake up every single day with tons of energy, no matter how busy you are or what's going on at the office or in your personal life, and you always look forward to the day ahead, that means you really do love your life. Maybe you have your dream job or career, or maybe you're taking steps to get there someday (and hopefully someday soon), and even if not everything is perfect, you don't care. You're doing a great job at enjoying what's going on and appreciating what you have without worrying about what you don't have.

14 You Know What You Want

If you have a super clear idea of exactly what you want to happen, that's a great sign. That goes for at work -- do you want a promotion or a raise (probably both!) and do you know where you want to be in five years, as the popular question always goes? That also goes for your relationships -- even if you're single, do you know the kind of partner that you want in your life, and will you be open to him when he does finally appear? If the answers to all those pretty huge questions are yes, yes, yes, then you definitely have a good handle on your life, both present, and future. Sometimes having your dream life is about knowing what you want to happen to you in the next few years and the kinds of goals that you want to follow. So even if some things are still flawed or not exactly working out as you planned, if you're taking daily steps to make stuff happen, you still have a dream life.

13 Your Friends Are In Awe Of You

Not in a super creepy or weird way -- it's not like you're a celebrity or anything and they pretty much bow down at your feet on a daily basis (well, hopefully not). But they probably tell you that they're pretty jealous of you sometimes because you just seem to have it all together. You have a great boyfriend or you're single but don't mind and do your best to enjoy everything anyway. You have a great career, have more organized days than chaotic ones, and seem to just have an inner and outer glow and calm that people really respond to. You just seem to have a lot of things that other people don't: confidence, a real sense of who you are, humility, humbleness, and a ton of other awesome attributes. You don't sweat the small stuff and your friends come to you for help and advice because they know you'll be the one to always set them on the right path.

12 You Get Stuff Done

If you're crazy productive and can't even believe how much you do in a single week, let alone a day, that's definitely a great sign that you're living the life that you really want to be. Being productive is amazing and makes you feel like you're on top of the world and like you could conquer absolutely anything. After all, they always say if you want something done, definitely give it to a busy person. Well, that saying definitely describes you. You run errands on the way to and from the office. You take advantage of your lunch break and get in a quick workout or at least a walk and some form of movement. You ignore workplace gossip and drama and do your best to focus on the task at hand. You just honestly know how to totally handle your to-do list, whether that's for your job or your everyday life.

11 You Feel At Peace

You might be single and haven't met any nice or even normal guys lately, but instead of worrying about how your life isn't what you thought it would be, you don't dwell on those feelings or thoughts. You feel totally calm, centered and at peace, no matter what could possibly be going on. When the drama starts at work and you have to put out about a million fires in about half an hour, you don't even mind. You even kind of like being busy and productive and dealing with something important. You feel so peaceful that chaos can't bug you or get to you at all. Nothing gets under your skin unless it's an incredibly big deal, and even then, you're mature and calm enough to figure out how to deal, do it, and then move on. You don't dwell on the stuff that seems to really upset your friends and coworkers.

10 You Don't Get Sick 24/7

The thing about your body is that it's pretty smart -- and probably a lot more intelligent than you often think it is or even give it credit for. Your body will 100 percent tell you when something is wrong. If your relationship is becoming toxic and you need to dump your current BF, you're going to get headaches and stomachaches and all that stuff, because it's going to be your body's way of communicating that something is up in your world and you need to deal with it ASAP. If your job is stressing you out, you're going to get colds every single month like clockwork. If you rarely get sick these days, then that's definitely a good sign that you're living your dream life, because happy people definitely have more energy and don't feel as tired or sick all the time as miserable people.

9 You Don't Let Failure Get You Down

Rejection happens to every single person under the sun. There is literally not a single person who is successful today that didn't face tons of rejection in the past -- and that goes for celebrities, lifestyle figures and us regular folk, too. Rejection is pretty much a rite of passage and it proves that you're doing something right because you're putting yourself out there and trying to make your life better and trying to make something happen for you. The best, smartest, most successful and happiest people make failure work for them. They know that it's the fastest route to success because you take what you learn from your mistakes and failures and implement them and do better next time. You know you're living a pretty dreamy life when failure is just another piece of the puzzle of this thing called life.

8 Your To-Do List Excites You

You don't get bogged down by the details of your daily lifestyle. Sure, it's not super fun to meal prep on Sundays so your work isn't nuts, clean your bathroom every once in a while so things don't get gross, and to run boring errands like buying maxi-pads and paper towels and all that stuff. It's also not fun to deal with your insane e-mail inbox a million times a day because there are just so many emails, so little time, and they never seem to stop. But you don't get upset about this stuff. Your to-do list pretty much makes you really excited because you enjoy being productive, you enjoy your everyday life, and you don't complain about anything. Even the dull errands are just part of this great life that you've created, so why hate?

7 You Don't Feel Entitled

When you feel entitled, that basically means that you think that someone or the world (or both!) owes you something. You feel it's super lame that you're still single and that the universe should have brought you the perfect guy by now. You feel like you need a better job and that you should pretty much be the CEO of the company where you're currently working. You just don't understand why you're not getting what you want and why you feel so crappy and horrible and annoyed all the time. Well, when you feel that way, you're way too entitled and you need to check your attitude at the door and re-arrange your thinking and fast. But you're pretty much the opposite of this. You don't feel entitled at all. You work hard every day, you worked hard for everything that you have, and you don't think anyone owes you anything. You know that work pays off because that's how you got it all.

6 You Have Social Support

You can't be living the best life possible if you don't have good people surrounding you. Your best friends, boyfriend if you have one, and family members should be your biggest cheerleaders and supporters, not your Negative Nancy who tell you that what you're doing is totally wrong. If you have great social support and a fun social circle that wants to enjoy life right alongside with you, then you know you've got your dream life and it's pretty amazing. You can share your dreams, hopes, wishes, goals and ups and downs with these people, and they do the same with you. Isn't it awesome when you don't have to lie about what you want or pretend to be someone other than who you truly are? That's pretty much the dream when it comes to cultivating friendships and relationships, and lucky you, because you've got that.

5 You Make The Most Of Your Time

People say there is never, ever enough time in a day, week, month, year. And maybe that's true. We do have 24 hours in a day but we don't use those wisely enough at all. We waste time as soon as we wake up scrolling social media (usually checking Instagram while needing to pee super badly -- don't lie, you totally do this). We listen to music on our morning commute to work instead of coming up with business idea or pitches, which would really be maximizing our time. We look at Facebook way too often during the work day and chat with our coworkers about The Bachelorette instead of getting more work done. But this isn't you at all. You are super great at making the most of your time at the office. You really do use every moment to the fullest and you get more done than most people in your office.

4 You Know How To Unplug

We're all on our devices (iPhones, laptops, computers) all day long, and that includes from the moment we open our eyes in the early morning. When we get home from work, we make dinner or order something in, and then watch TV while checking social media and texting our friends. We're not unplugging, ever -- even on vacation or on the weekends. And we're definitely not relaxing. Because when we multitask, we're not really focusing on one thing at all, and we're definitely missing out. But that's not you. You definitely know how to unplug. You can put your phone and computer away when you get home from work and enjoy your evening, and you take your time off from work very seriously. You know it's healthier to forget about your phone and social media feeds sometimes, and that you can't be online or connected 24/7.

3 You Can Be Alone

You can't have your dreamiest life ever if you can't ever be alone. Learning to like spending time with yourself is a super important part of life. It honestly makes you pretty grown-up and calm and mature, which is of course what anyone is looking to do. When your friends are busy and can't hang out this weekend, you shrug and move on, finding something fun to do on your own. Even if that just means catching up on Netflix or reading a book, you don't care -- you enjoy the peace and quiet of your apartment, and you don't mind going places alone either. You can totally check out a movie alone if it's something that you really want to see and you weren't able to drag someone else along. Why miss out when it's a film you're absolutely dying to see?

2 You Enjoy Hard Work

You really are living your best life when you pretty much love working. You might not want to call yourself a workaholic because sometimes that has some pretty negative ideas around it, but that's basically what you are, and you're not ashamed in the least. You love your job. You love being busy. You like feeling needed by your co-workers and boss and like you're contributing to society and making a difference. You feel very lucky to be where you are and that your hard work has totally paid off, just like people always said that it would. Your friends ask what your secret is and you honestly say it's hard work, plain and simple. It may sound super exciting but it excites you, and that's all that matters. You're glad you're in such a good place career-wise because you always wanted to be here.

1 You're The CEO Of Your Life

Okay, so hopefully you're not super bossy like the stereotypical CEO. But you know that you're the CEO of your own life when you're the boss of yourself. You make your own decisions, you don't feel guilty about anything, you listen to your mind and body and gut, and you don't let people feel you bad or convince you to do something that you know isn't right for you. You are doing a great job every single day and you're honestly a role model for anyone who wants to follow their dreams, be in a good mood most of the time despite life's changes and challenges, and just generally be a nicer person. You have so many amazing qualities and characteristics that when you meet a new person, they can't help but click with you and think that they really want to be around you. You basically have great energy. If you can relate to any of these points, you deserve to throw yourself a party and enjoy some champagne and cake because guess what? You totally have your dream life, and you might not even have realized it.

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