15 Ways To Take A $1 Million Vacay

Let's face it - if we're not on a vacation, we're wishing we could take one. Even if it's just spending the day in bed while everyone else slaves away, vacations are the ultimate daydream. Unfortunately, we can't always take them whenever we want. It doesn't really matter where we are in life - from being a college student to stay at home mom to working double overtime - vacations aren't falling off trees and into our laps. For most people, they are few and far between.

When we do finally take vacations, they're often dependent on where we are in life and location. If single life is your thing, it's easier to get on a plane and fly somewhere exotic, but the more people that depend on you, the more tickets you have to buy. And those can certainly add up.

And speaking of adding up, the vacations we do take aren't always super expensive. They're just to get away from the daily grind so we can relax, recharge, and revitalize. It's not like we're made of money and can just rent entire villages and palaces. Right?

Well, some of us aren't. We'd wager most of us aren't. But there are people out there that can afford to take ridiculously expensive vacations. And we're not just talking a couple thousand dollars per night sort of vacations - we're talking million dollar vacations. Only the obscenely wealthy few can afford these trips of a lifetime while we watch wistfully from our Instagram accounts.

Here's a list of those crazy expensive vacations and about how much money you'd need to be able to take them.


15 Casa El Destino: Punta Mita, Mexico ($105,000 per week)


Mexico is a great location because it's a bit close to home while still being exotic. Party it up like the celebrities and rent out one of the luxury villas at Casa El Destino in Punta Mita, Mexico. This particular deal can sleep up to fourteen people, as the villa has seven bedrooms. So a ten week vacation split between thirteen other people will run you a cool million, but at least you can say that you had the time of your life down in Mexico for two and a half months. Worth it, right?

The amenities at Casa El Destino features two ocean-front infinity pools that seemingly melt into the sea, two beach clubs for your leisure, a fully functioning spa, and two Jack Nicklaus golf courses for the golfers in your group. And in the event you couldn't get babysitting? No problem - bring the kids along! There's an on-site babysitter, housekeepers, estate manager, concierge...even a personal chef! After you spend one million dollars, you'll feel like spending another so you don't have to leave!

14 Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi: Athens, Greece ($50,000 per night)


Have you ever been to Greece? Well, we can guarantee you haven't been to Greece like this before! The Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi is the ultimate in luxury and comfort in Athens. Of course, the price tag is definitely reflective of this life of luxury - $50,000 per night will easily run you up to $1,000,000 after almost three weeks. Which is just long enough to take up all your vacation days so you can go back to work forever to pay this off.

Some of the amenities include a private beach with a private marina with chefs, butlers, and even a personal pianist. Ten restaurants are located on the premises, most of which hold Five Star Diamond Awards. Cars, boats, and yachts are also available for rent, which...like, come on. For $50,000 per night, you'd think that'd be included.

13 Isla de sa Ferradura: Spain ($230,000 per week)


Have you ever wanted to stay on your own private island? No? You're totally lying. And this isn't just any island, but an island that is part of the beautiful and vivid country of Spain - right off the coast of Ibiza. It's fourteen acres of private solitude for just $230,000 per week, so after four weeks you'll have just about racked up your $1,000,000 price tag

The island is fully developed with a complete hacienda bar, kitchen, pool, and even a wine bodega! Say what?! There's even access to a sub-tropical lagoon and a secret cave that's been turned into a spa! A SPA! A secret cave spa! Like just shut up and take our money now. Can we move in? Even just for that month? Let's get a gofundme page going for that extra cash and get going!

12 Villa Bellissima VI: Italy ($137,000 per week)


Who hasn't wanted to travel to Italy? It's one of the most gorgeous, romantic, scenic countries on the entire planet. And it's crazy to think that so many people go there every year without being able to visit this beautiful villa. Called Villa Bellissima VI in Siena, Italy, this 800 year old villa nestled in Tuscany is part of a historic medieval pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome. You'll be sure to get your fill of ancient history during your 7 week stay, as that's how long it will take for your visit to amount to $1,000,000.

Even though this villa is a nod to times past, it has the creature comforts that we're used to in the modern era. There's 22 suites, a library, screening room, and 60' pool. Sounds absolutely wonderful - let's pack our bags! When do we leave?

11 Ol Jogi Ranch: Kenya ($210,000 per week)


If you haven't been to Kenya, you're really missing out. The safaris are nothing short of magical, and the skies go on for miles and miles. There is a special beauty about the Serengeti, and this is never more apparent than when staying in a luxury resort. Where better to start than the Ol Jogi Ranch? The resort comprises 58,000 acres of the Laikipia Plateau and features "incredible density and diversity, including migrating elephants, 15% of the world’s remaining Grevy’s zebra population and more than 40 of the 790 black rhinos that remain in East Africa."

If you want to stay for five weeks and bring along a group of fourteen people, your bill will quickly total more than $1,000,000 after your stay is up. But considering the once in a lifetime opportunity to see nearly extinct animals, it's worth every penny.

10 Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Casino: Las Vegas, Nevada ($35,000 per night)


Ahh, Las Vegas. The city of sin, where no one sleeps, and whatever happens here apparently stays here. But one thing that shouldn't stay secret is this gem - the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Casino. According to their Yelp reviews (yes, this place has a Yelp page), the parties are absolutely off the hook and super intense. One commenter notes that it doesn't matter how drunk you are - if you get invited to a party here, you have to HAVE TO accept the invite because they get crazy.

Or you can throw the insanely legendary parties yourself! For just $35,000 per night, you can host a party every single day for about a month if you wanted to hit $1,000,000. Famous people like Kanye have been known to favorite this place, so you'd be staying in the same suite as modern reality-TV royalty. Not too shabby!

9 Musha Cay: Bahamas ($262,500 per week)


Do you want to just get away from it all? Like really, really, really get away from it all? Yet do you still want to enjoy the creature comforts that you've grown accustomed to while simultaneously experiencing a unique, one of a kind adventure? Then the Musha Cay in the Bahamas are the perfect place for you! At just $262,500 per week, you'll be able to spend about a month on these gorgeous shores, which spans eleven private islands and 700 acres with 40 beaches!

The main house you'll be staying in is 10,000 square feet, which is pretty massive considering the location. It's owned by none other than David Copperfield, who insists that the Fountain of Youth is Musha Cay's most famous resident. Can you find it while you're there? If so, be sure to share it with the rest of us!


8 Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite: Geneva, Switzerland ($52,000 per night)


If you've ever been to Switzerland, you know that it's a breathtaking country full of wonder, culture, and beauty. You also know that it's pretty darn expensive and that a normal meal can set you back forty bucks. Which is why it's pretty easy to rack up a one million dollar check on this dream vacation. But start it off right with a stay at the Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite - for just $52,000 a night, you can enjoy the utmost in luxury while staying in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

The Royal Penthouse Suite is 1,680 meters squared and can sleep up to six people. It features a billiards table and fitness gym in the suite itself and even has bathroom amenities provided by Hermes. Now that's what we call vacationing in style!

7 The Pierre: Manhattan, NYC ($500,000 per month)


*Sigh* New York City. The allure is so great and so powerful that it calls millions of people to it each year. The bright lights, the magic. The business. Just so much goes on in the Big Apple, and everyone wants to be a part of it.

So be sure to do your vacation the right way and stay in the best part of New York City - Manhattan! We recommend maxing out your one million dollar vacation budget by renting the entire 39th floor of the Pierre Building. It'll only set you back $500,000 per month, so that leaves the other half for you to try out expensive restaurants and see Broadway plays in the best seats of the house. You even have room to buy designer clothes with this budget, so there's really no way you can lose with this luxurious option!

6 Necker Island: British Virgin Islands ($357,000 per week)


If you haven't heard of Sir Richard Branson, you're perhaps in for a treat. He's one of those crazy rich guys that does crazy rich things because he can. So one of those things included building Necker Island, and you can indulge in the crazy richness just like him for the paltry sum of $357,000 per week. After about a month, you'll hit one million dollars, but no promises on whether or not you'll want to leave after that.

The island houses sixty full-time staff members, two hundred flamingos, and is completely surrounded by a gorgeous coral reef. Famous visitors include Larry Page, the Google co-founder, who held his wedding on this jewel.

If you ever feel like coming back on a smaller budget, don't worry - it only costs $51,000 per night, so no need to constantly spend $1,000,000 each time!

5 The Entire Principality of Liechtenstein ($70,000 per night)


So it's one thing to rent out an entire villa or a huge penthouse or something. But have you ever considered renting out your own political region? Like a country or state or something? Why not start smaller and rent your very own principality? Starting off with the Principality of Liechtenstein, the entire region can be yours for $70,000 per night, meaning you won't have to leave for two weeks if you have a one million dollar budget.

So what can you do with your very own principality? Well, it's great for large gatherings, like if you have a really, really, really big family reunion. Or if you just want to pretend you're a ruler of a small area of Europe or something and fulfill your dreams of being a king or queen. Whatever the case may be, we think the price is kind of low. Maybe go for this one?

4 Beverly House: Beverly Hills, California ($600,000 per month)


It seems that no matter what you do, you just can't keep up with the Kardashians. Or any Hollywood star for that matter. Their lifestyles in Beverly Hills and other hot spots of Southern California are just so out of reach that most people wouldn't know where to begin.

Well...why not here? This $600,000 per month house is being hailed as the most expensive rental property in the United States. It has a pedigree of being rented by President John F. Kennedy and Jackie O. on their honeymoon and being owned by famous people such as William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies.

To complete the vacation, hit up the most expensive restaurants in the area (Beverly Hills is full of them) and even see about renting the services of a famous musician or two and host your own party on the premises. Ain't no party like a Beverly Hills mansion party - especially yours!

3 "Million Pound Cruise": Six Star Cruises (£1,000,000)


These days, it's actually fairly affordable to take a cruise. There are family cruises available through Disney and others and plenty of other less expensive options for those that want to get their toes wet on a budget. So how is the average millionaire supposed to take a luxury cruise these days when there are too many cheaper cruises out there?

Enter the "Million Pound Cruise" from Silversea. Touted as "the world's most expensive cruise", this one pulls out all the stops to make sure that the customers live the ultimate in luxury. Every last detail has been carefully thought out to ensure that it's extremely expensive. From dining on Beluga caviar and sipping tea from thousand year old plants to a private Michelin star chef creating a ten course meal catered to your taste buds for 124 days of rest and relaxation, this cruise will be sure to please even the most discerning of customers!

2 Emirates Palace: Abu Dhabi ($1,000,000 per week)


Do you want to take a one million dollar vacation, but only have a week to take off work? Why not spend it at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi? That's right - for just one week, you and a friend can spend one million dollars on a single vacation and not go over your allotted paid time off days.

Your trip will start off by flying first class to the palace from anywhere in the world serviced by Etihad Airlines to Abu Dhabi. You'll then spend seven nights in the Emirates Palace in the aptly named Palace Suite. From there, the sky's the limit! You'll have a private jet at your disposal that will take you anywhere you please. Pearl diving in Bahrain? Persian carpet creating in Iran? Dead Sea diving in Jordan? You can have it all - and then some - with this vacation of a lifetime.

1 "A Seat To Space": Virgin Galactic ($250,000 per seat)


Are you ready for a vacation that's literally out of this world? No, we mean it - literally! Virgin Galactic is currently selling tickets for a seat to space, and they're only $250,000 each. So if you're planning a vacation for four on a one million dollar budget, well...do we have news for you! You can certainly afford this price tag! Awesome!

Unfortunately, they're only selling the tickets now and working out the kinks of actual space travel later. You pay upfront, and then when they feel the timing is right and everything is safe for passengers, then they'll call your name and ask you to pack your bags to infinity and beyond! So don't start putting in your paid time off request in at work just yet - there's gonna be a long wait ahead of you, but if it happens, it'll be so worth it!

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