15 Ways To Stay Motivated At The Gym

Finding the proper motivation at the gym can make or break your fitness goals. Some days we are certainly more motivated than others, but at the end of the day we must find ways to keep going and reach our desired fitness goals. Doing so is obviously not so easy, finding ways to stay consistent can be quite difficult at times, but there are many ways that you can overcome these difficult times. Finding ways to stay motivated is the route to the problem that so many trainees experience during their fitness journeys. Just remember motivation is everywhere, it’s all around us, sometimes it’s the simplest things we do or look for that can keep us on track and give us that extra boost to keep on going. Here are 15 simple ways you can stay motivated and realize your fitness dreams once and for all, enjoy!

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15  Join a gym you like

Sometimes it’s the most obvious thing that can keep you motivated without you even knowing. Choosing a gym you feel comfortable with is a key factor in staying motivated. When women feel uncomfortable training at a gym, it usually turns into a burden to train and before you know it, you’ve given up. One of your first steps to beginning your new fitness goals should be to find a proper and appropriate gym that fits your needs. Motivation will come a lot easier when you’re comfortable and happy with your surroundings.

14 Keep track


Keeping track of your success is one of the most motivating tools in the world of fitness, and it really helps show you exactly how far you’ve come. When you don’t keep track, you simply don’t realize how much work you’ve put in. Keeping track of your body fat is a great way to start. This will be a big indicator of your progress in and out of the gym. Performance stats are key, as well as keeping track of the weights you are lifting and trying to outdo yourself as you progress. You can also do the same with your cardio. Say you do interval cardio, begin with 1 minute of high intensity with 1 minute of low intensity. As you get adjusted, begin to increase your period of intensity while keeping your low intensity the same. You’d be surprised to know just how much you can improve over time, and keeping track will only keep you more motivated.

13 Find inspirational content online

Now I’m not saying go online and find a video of a dude curling a hundred pound weight; there is plenty of content online to satisfy whatever type of motivation you are looking for. There are a lot of tremendous athletes online inspiring others every day, and finding motivation through this avenue can be quite impactful and give you that kick start you need to get going. I myself sometimes need that extra boost. Whether it’s Will Smith feeding me some motivational lines or watching athletes doing extraordinary things, by the end of it I am certainly more focused, more motivated and ready to go! The internet has become a powerful tool for fitness, so be sure to use it when you need it.

12 Reward yourself

Rewards are often a great way to show appreciation for your accomplishments. Food is usually the sought after reward, though you can also go outside of the box and reward yourself with some other things, like new clothes that fit a little tighter and compliment all your hard work. It’s key to reward yourself for all the work you’re putting in. That dessert will go down much more smoothly knowing how much you’ve worked for it. Keep rewards at a constant, and spoil yourself when you deserve it, it’ll only increase your drive that much more.

11  Pros and cons

When you’re lacking motivation and don’t feel like training, think of the pros and cons of fitness. Ultimately, you will realize that there aren’t very many cons, but certainly a lot of pros. The health benefits of fitness physically and mentally are numerous. It can instantly improve your mood, boost your energy, combat heart conditions or diseases and improve the overall quality of your life (just to name a few things). As for the cons, well, there really aren’t any. When you need motivation, just think of the good you’re bringing into your life by lacing up those running shoes.

10 Change your workouts

Constantly doing the same things can lead to boredom, which eventually leads to a lack of motivation, causing you to quit the gym. Changing your routines is a huge part of staying motivated. In terms of getting the best possible results, having a variation in your routine is key. Instead of hitting abs 5 times a week, hit them twice a week. This will allow your abs to grow with rest and ultimately lead to better results. There is no tactic greater than body manipulation when it comes to fitness. When your body develops a routine, it knows it tends to stay at a standstill. When you throw it a curve ball and change your routine, you are giving it the boost it desperately needs. Not only will your body benefit from a new routine but so will you, keeping you motivated and excited to tackle new workouts. Each plan should be changed after 6 weeks maximum.

9 Take a break

Burning out is unfortunately a really severe problem which many people face when pursuing their fitness goals a little too intensely. Just remember, it’s ok to take a break; go on vacation, and indulge a bit because after all, remember that you deserve it. Fitness enthusiasts tend to go overboard at times, and go as far as dieting even while on vacation. This is a no no. You’re body is desperate for a break and craves some concrete fats, and it’s up to you to give your body those cravings and satisfy its desperate needs. Otherwise, you are only damaging your system and will eventually burn out. Taking a break will only make you stronger and more motivated than ever. Remember, it’s impossible to lose everything you’ve build in a matter of a week. Reward yourself. Take a break and come back stronger than ever.

8 Bring music

Music just simply gets you into the zone. Music continues to be a huge driving force in the world of fitness by millions of people. Simply re-stocking your iPod can cause a pleasant spike in your workout intensity, and this folks is the power of music. In addition, music simply alters your mood; even if you’re tired, playing that song can dramatically alter your mood and boost the intensity of your workout instantly, while keeping you extremely focused and distraction free.

7 Develop strong habits outside of the gym


Developing strong habits at the gym is certainly important, but at times can be quite depressing because of lack of progression. This is usually in large part because of your efforts outside of the gym. These 2 variables can leave you extremely unmotivated and ready to give up. A simple way to combat this is by improving your ways outside of the gym. Develop a diet plan that not only works for you, but also works towards your desired goals. Doing so will quickly cause a change to your body and mood, leaving you highly motivated. When your habits are strong in and out of the gym, your results will show, leaving you more motivated than ever.

6 Visualize your end goals

The power of visualization continues to be an ongoing trend. If you can visualize exactly what you want and believe you can do it, there isn’t much else that can stop you from achieving your goals. Having an idea of the perfect you is a great start towards motivating yourself and visualizing your end result. Visualization continues to be a powerful force when it comes to motivating any given goal you have in mind.

5 Get educated

Getting educated can save you from many painful headaches and save you a lot of money. Many refuse to look for help from a trainer and decide to go at it alone with little knowledge of what to eat or how to workout properly. There is a simple solution to this: go online and do your research. There is plenty of useful information online on how to diet properly and weight train properly; all it takes is a bit of research. With a bit of extra knowledge, you can go about your fitness goals much more positively and get one step closer to that body you always wanted.

4 Learn to love it

Staying motivated can be difficult when you’re overdoing something. Doing too much of it generally causes you to lose interest fast. When it comes to fitness, building a foundation and love for it is pivotal. Set yourself reasonable goals and start off with two-three times a week. This will allow you to develop an interest and excitement for the gym, leaving you very motivated as opposed to going 5 times a week and losing interest for it fast. Remember, you don’t want it to become a burden.

3 Develop a routine that works for you

Finding a routine or system that simply works for you is a great way to start. Instead of always trying to squeeze in time and rushing to the gym, simply find set times you can go and develop this routine over time. Developing a fitness routine is one of the biggest factors in terms of staying motivated. It becomes a part of your life simply because you make the time for it and before you know it, you are that much closer to your goals. Create a gym schedule you can follow and not one that is a burden.

2 Go with a friend

The buddy system continues to be one of the most effective motivational tools in terms of going to the gym and reaching your desired goals. Going with a friend can not only strengthen your relationship with the gym, but also strengthen your bond with the friend that you go with. The buddy system can spark you quite a bit. When lacking motivation, turn to a friend to get you back in the game. This tactic is normally quite bulletproof.

1 Set a goal


It doesn’t get any more basic than this; if you want to stay motivated, set yourself a goal. Building towards a goal aids in keeping you focused and gives you a purpose to workout. Without a goal and a lack of purpose, your fitness days are numbered. Having a direct plan can help figure out what you want to be and exactly how to get there, leaving you extremely motivated knowing you’re on the right path. Setting a goal is the most important tool in terms of motivation and longevity in fitness.

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