15 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Sometimes life just gets a bit overwhelming. We get stressed out by the people in our life, our jobs, school, and just everything in general. As much chaos as there might be in our external world, the only thing that we have complete and total control over is our own life and the ebb and flow of things coming in and out of it. Sometimes we wish we could just start over, throw away everything we own and start new and fresh. You can do this, but in moderation of course! There are some things that you wouldn’t necessarily think of that would help us simplify our lives, and if you are a firm believer that your life won’t ever be simplified—think again. If our environment is simplified, the clearer, more organized our head and thoughts will be. If we can be part of the simplification of our things, we can manage more of our life!

15 Limit Social Media Time

This may sound like a strange tip, but if you limit yourself on all of your social media apps that you use daily, you will able to have a bit clearer of a headspace. When we are on social media, we are constantly looking at what other people post, what other people think, and pictures of other people’s lives. It can be draining when constantly observing other people’s lives! By limiting this, it will help us to focus more on our own lives and give our own lives, plans, and thoughts more of the attention it needs. We won’t be constantly bothered by the noise of what others are up to, and although yes, social media keeps us connected, limiting your time away from constantly having to write back, snap back, or like your friend’s posts will be a relief!

14 Re-design Your Room

We all need to freshen up a bit sometimes. We usually like to keep our room a place that is welcoming to be in, and especially a place that is welcoming to sleep. But sometimes we get so used to our room, that it doesn’t necessarily feel like a place where you can gain inspiration, or even feel motivated to do anything productive. One way to simplify your life is to start fresh and redesign your room. You can start anywhere from just simply moving a bookshelf, or you can even completely move the positioning of your bed, dressers, and nightstand and switch up the entire feeling that your room gives. Get a new bedspread that completely resembles you, or even get some string lights that will give your environment a new glow. With this change in scenery of your most comfortable place, you will feel inspired and rejuvenated to be more motivated in your own life!

13 Learn To Say No

As a child, one of the best words to hear was the word “yes.” Can we go to the park? Yes. Do you want an ice cream? Yes. Can I go to a sleepover? Yes. When we are so accustomed to having a positive connotation with the word “yes” when we grow up, it’s difficult now as adults to say no to things. We don’t like to say no because we are afraid of disappointing people, or we are afraid to say it because we fear that we will miss out on an opportunity. But now it is time to make a change because we cannot constantly be afraid of telling people no. It is time to take control of your own life, and not be stressed about making up some sort of excuse as to why you can’t (but don’t want to) hang out on Friday night. If you don’t want to do something, say no. People would appreciate honesty, and you will appreciate that you didn’t force yourself into doing something you didn’t want to do. Simplify your life by allowing yourself to say “no!”

12 Implement A Routine

It’s extremely easy to be stressed out if you are running late, underfed, or just absolutely exhausted. This is why creating some sort of routine in your everyday life will save you the stresses of making mistakes. The best way to start is to have a time that you wake up at every day. If you like the snooze button, make sure you give yourself a limit on how many times you push it! If you give yourself lots of time in the morning, you will be able to get things done more accurately and will set yourself up successfully for the day. Make your breakfast, and head out the door at a reasonable time so you don’t have to rush. Create a daily bedtime routine as well. Maybe start heading to bed around an hour before you want to sleep, and start your beauty routine, read a couple chapters in a book, do a brief phone browse, and put it all away at a distinct time. You will thank yourself for getting enough sleep, and you will look forward to having that sense of organization implemented in your everyday routines!

11 Make Lists

We all know that making lists can come in handy when you’re grocery shopping. Having things in order, and having all the things you need in the palm of your hand will help you leave the store with everything you need to make your weekly grocery shop or dinner recipe a success! Just like a grocery list, make a list for all of the tasks that you need to complete for that day. Not only will you have all of the things you need to get done organized and written out, but it is also so much better than just relying that things and tasks will stay around in your head. Check things off your list as you accomplish them, and the satisfaction of doing that will be motivation enough to complete more! Get a notebook to write it all out, or even use the “notes” section of your phone so you have it with you at all times.

10 Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Sometimes it is such a hassle when thinking about your daily beauty routine. Whether you’re a hair product hoarder, skin product hoarder, or makeup hoarder, it will always be much more useful if you cut things down to just the essentials. Limit the amount of makeup you wear each day by getting a smaller bag to keep the absolute essentials. Or, for your skincare routine, simplify it down to just a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You really don’t need hundreds of eye creams, do you? Not only will you feel better that you are putting less product onto your body, but you will enjoy the fact that you will walk into your bathroom each morning knowing that you have simplified everything you have down to the absolute essentials. It will be easier to clean up, put away, and store! Doing this will also help you to cut down the spending on beauty products because you’ll resist the urge to clutter your space!

9 Cut Down On Shopping

Nothing is worse than looking at your bank statements after you haven’t looked in a while. Most of the time you are shocked at the useless stuff that you tend to buy on a daily basis. $5 Starbucks every day starts to really add up! One way to simplify your life is to majorly cut down on spending. Yes, we know it’s hard, but money issues are one of the biggest stress triggers that we have. Download your local bank’s app onto your phone so that you constantly have your eye on what your bank account says—you will be less likely to spend if you have a gauge on how much you currently have. Save your money for a trip or for something a bit pricier that you’ve had your eye on. Start making your own coffee and food in the mornings so that you don’t have to spend money on food for lunch or for that morning pick me up!

8 Simplify Your Accessories

We all have that one place in our room where we keep all of our jewelry. Tangled necklaces, dozens of earrings that are mismatched don’t have backs to them, and cheap bracelets that you don’t even wear anymore. It is time for a major overhaul in your accessories. Get rid of anything that doesn’t bring any significance—if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, throw it out. Of course, keep sentimental pieces, but get rid of the ones that you’re hanging onto for that “one day.” If it was really worth keeping, that “one day” should’ve come and gone already! By getting your accessories down to the absolute bare minimum, you will be more likely to get more use out of the ones that you actually really love. Plus, getting rid of clutter is always a great way to get organized. Simplify your life by simplifying your accessory choices!

7 Workout

Okay, this may seem like an odd way to simplify your life, but trust us when we say that working out is great. Not only is working out a great way to get in great physical shape, but the mental benefits of working out are through the roof. Your endorphins will be high and you’ll be motivated to get things done. You will physically feel better, and you will be more willing to eat healthier too, which in turn, will again, make you feel better. You will start to eat cleaner and simpler. Getting your sweat on will not only make you more motivated throughout your day, but it will make you feel more willing to accomplish more of your tasks as well by constantly checking off those lists! If you’re really busy, maybe try to go to workout classes a couple times a week! Whatever you enjoy—yoga, boot camp, pilates—all will make you feel great!

6 Get Up Earlier

The first day of waking up super early after you haven’t for a while totally sucks. But we all get used to it, and waking up earlier than you usually do has so many benefits. One, you don’t feel rushed. Feeling like you are in a rush to get ready, eat your breakfast, and head out the door is such a stress inducer. Having that extra hour or two to take your time in the morning will keep you calm, relaxed, and more organized throughout your day. You will be able to finish any work that you missed, or you can actually sit down and eat your hearty, healthy breakfast that you had time to make. Not only will getting up earlier help you to have more of a clear day, you will be able to get to sleep a bit earlier too. This will be beneficial because you will know that you are getting a good night’s sleep, and therefore, will have a much clearer mindset for the next day ahead!

5 Go Grocery Shopping

This may seem like a no-brainer, but actually making a list and going grocery shopping will simplify your life so much. Not only will you have the supplies to make good and nutritious meals, but you will also be able to plan meals for the upcoming week. We all know how frustrating it is when we look into the refrigerator and see absolutely nothing to eat. We then become desperate and decided to find the nearest drive-thru and have a meal that we ultimately regret afterward. Go on Pinterest and pin some recipes that you’ve been dying to try, and get the ingredients for the week. You’ll be more likely to prepare your meals ahead of time so that you don’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen after a long and tiring day at work. Simplify your choices to healthy ones, and it will be a snowball effect to make wise and nutritious ones!

4 Clean Out Your Phone

One way to majorly simplify your life is to clean out your phone. This means to delete apps that you don’t use, delete pictures that aren’t worth keeping, and go through texts that are okay to get rid of. One place to go first is to head to the settings of your phone and figure out where the biggest source that is using the most storage. If it’s your music, delete some music that you aren’t into anymore and are worth getting rid of. A huge storage hub that takes up most space is our pictures. Upload your photos to your computer, or a place where you can back them up, and get rid of them on your phone. You would rather them be in a place that is safe, rather than just sitting in your phone’s storage. By doing this major cleanout, you will get rid of useless things that are just annoying to have around. Delete contacts you don’t talk to anymore, and keep apps that you know you will absolutely use!

3 Get A Planner

If you are a busy person and you rely on your own brain for remembering tasks, plans, dates, and appointments, maybe it’s time to get a planner. A planner will change your life if you have a busy and hectic schedule, and will absolutely simplify your life because you will have everything you need written down in its appropriate place. A lot of planners these days have each day listed where you can write what you need to get done that day. They have a calendar view so that you can look ahead in the month, as well as an outlook on what your week looks like. A planner helps busy people organize their world and becomes almost as important as a phone when it comes to everyday life. It is easy and quick to write things down including appointments, birthdays, work duties, and special occasions. Another great thing about planners is that you can get them affordably as well!

2 Get Rid Of Shoes

We all love our shoes. The thought of getting rid of any of them seems absolutely devastating. But, it is something that needs to be done! Just like jewelry, it seems like our shoes just pile up—mismatched, scuffed up, and just lying around wherever they like. Get rid of shoes that you absolutely do not wear anymore. If you are not a heel person, then there is no reason as to why you need ten pairs of high heels. It’s important to remember to be yourself and keep things that you know will get a lot of use of. Keep one really nice pair of versatile heels, a bunch of flats, some boots, and the occasional pair of sandals. Instead of just letting them pile up in a disorganized mess in your closet—get a shoe rack that will display your shoes so that you can easily see them all. You will be more willing to wear some if they are easily accessible!

1 Overhaul Your Closet

It seems that sometimes we have those once a year moments where we decide to clean out our closet. We soon come to realize that this was an absolutely horrible idea. Piles upon piles start forming all over the floor of your room, and you scramble to find places of where things belong. This is the time where throwing things away start becoming your best friend. Donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore—this includes shirts, pants, jeans (yes, throw them), jackets, scarves, and sweaters! If you haven’t worn something within the past year, then throw it away. If anything has a hole or button missing, throw it away. If it’s faded, too big, or too small—throw it! You only want to keep things that you absolutely love, and that you wear all of the time. Keeping these extra things that are useless in your closet just becomes junk—and excess junk stresses us out. Get some new matching clothes hangers, sort your clothes in a color coated manner, and get ready for a simplified morning when you go and find something to wear! You will thank yourself!

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