15 Ways To Seriously Transform Your Look Without The Commitment

We have all had those days where nothing looks right. We look in the mirror and everything looks bland, boring, and just plain awful. We are bored with our looks and we want a change. The only thing is that we don't want to make any dramatic, permanent changes. For whatever reason, from work to family expectations, we prefer to find temporary solutions for those doldrum days.

Enter the realm of temporary fixes. They are everywhere in the beauty world. You can spice up your eyes, get dramatic with your hair, and be a totally different person for just a day or two. All of this can happen with what you already have or by ordering a product or two online. Even a quick trip to the drugstore can land you with oodles of ideas and beauty projects that will make you glimmer and shine, pulling you out of boredom.

You don't have to spend a lot for change, either. Many changes can be made for under $10. More changes can be made for just under $20. Only a few changes cost more than that, but they are reusable changes that you can use, put away, and then use again whenever the whim strikes you.

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14 Parting Ways


You can make this transformation right now. Simply change the way you part your hair. If you wear your part down the middle, change it to a side part. If you are a side parter, change sides or move to the middle. It is an easy transition to make and it can completely change the way you look. You can go from looking smart to looking sexy with just one swoosh from a comb, and your friends will never know what you are doing differently.

13 Fake Eyelashes


Fake eyelashes have come a long way in the past ten years. You can buy them in single sets or, even better, you can buy them in multiple style sets, and they are not expensive for all they can do as far as changing your looks. You can find fake eyelashes that are tame, add length, or make you look sultry. There are even color sets of eyelashes that come in pinks, blues, and other colors. Some are party sets and look completely wild and awesome. All of them can change your looks quickly and, just as quick, you can return to your normal looks. Zero commitment and loads of fun.

12 Fake Bob

Don’t want to cut your hair, but you want to pretend like you did? No problem. Welcome to the fake bob. It is an awesome way to rock a bob hairstyle with zero scissors involved. All you need to do is pull your long tresses back into two low pony tails and then pin them in place under your hair. Style your turned under hair and let a long wisp of fringe hang down over the side for a sophisticated, sultry look.

11 Change Lipstick Color

Sometimes the simplest things can bring the biggest changes. That is how it is when you deviate from your normal lip shade and move onto something brighter or more subtle. Go red, go nude, or go totally blue. There are lip colors out there to suit every one of your moods. Sampler sets are great for when you are experimenting with different lip colors. Try a different shade every day and style your hair and the rest of your makeup with whatever mood it puts you in.

10 More Bang For Your Buck


Don’t want to risk cutting your hair, but love the bang look? Clip-in bangs are the way to go. You can purchase just about any style of bangs in your hair color, from a straight fringe to a side swoop. It is a no mess job of just clipping the hair piece into place and, like magic, you have an entirely new look for the day or evening. Give your bangs more volume or go with a pink color for that awesome party you have been invited to. The looks are exciting and totally doable.

9 Style Your Eyebrows

Getting your eyebrows professionally waxed or threaded can go a long way towards temporarily changing your looks. If you have already had them done, get a brow pencil and experiment with styling your brows and reshaping them. Your eyebrows are highly noticeable. An arch, natural, or curved brow can bring dramatic changes to your looks and it is not permanent. Your eyebrows will grow back in and then you can opt for a different style of brows or go bushy.

8 Straight, Kinks, or Curls

How you style your hair can greatly affect your looks. If you have straight hair, put your hair in braids for the night and undo the braids for some fun kinks the next morning. Soft curlers can be used to add loose curls or you can curl your hair with a curling iron, adding product to your hair so that the curls hold. For those with natural curly or wavy hair, you can straighten your hair with a hair straightener or redo your curls with a curler. These are all temporary changes you can make to change up your looks.

7 Wash Off Tan

A light tan can change your look entirely, from bookworm to outdoor adventurer. If you want a tan, but not the sun, try out one of the temporary fake tans. ModelCo has One Night Tan that you can spray on, wear for the day, and then wash it off at night before going to bed. It is a fast and easy way to change up your looks, and it is just as fast to wash it off and go back to your normal skin color.

6 Synthetic Hair Buns

If you have never done it before, search for “synthetic hair buns”. The selection will absolutely amaze you. You can find classy hair buns, fun, playful hair buns, or you can go totally Princess Leia and rock the look. The choice is yours and the hair buns are so easy to use, you will wonder why you have never tried one before. These are great if your hair isn’t long enough to wear in a bun or if you have zero hair styling talent, like me.

5 Colored Clip In Hair Extensions

If dying your hair in all sorts of fun colors is not something you could pull off at work, check out the latest in colored clip-in hair extensions. Just clip one or a bunch into your hair and you can instantly have party hair. There are numerous colors you can choose from, including pinks, blues, greens, oranges, and purples. You can do your hair up for the holidays or for your favorite sports team. At the end of the day, you can take them out and be your regular self again.

4 Give Yourself a Manicure

Sometimes it seems like there is never enough time to get things done and oftentimes that includes getting our nails done. Instead of heading to the nail salon, give yourself a pampering instead. There are many nail kits and tools on the market you can use to change up your looks without going permanent. French manicure kits will help you get a classy, clean look. Nail wraps come in all styles and designs. You can even give yourself a fun letter manicure by Nails Inc for the next party you go to.

3 Hair Gloss


Give your hair a beautiful shine with hair gloss. Hair gloss is a transparent product you can buy and apply to your hair to get shiny, smooth tresses. The product lasts for about three to four weeks, depending on what you wash your hair with. If you use harsh shampoos with sulfates, your shine will quickly fade - something to keep in mind if you don’t like the high gloss. Otherwise, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo to keep the shine in for the month. Some great glosses include Alterna Haircare Fade-Proof Finishing Gloss, Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss, and Gloss Moderne High-Gloss Masque.

2 Colored Contact Lenses


Changing your eye color can really change the entire way you look and the way you feel about yourself. Colored contacts are not as expensive as they were back when they first came out and some contact lens companies, such as FreshLook, offer free trial pairs. You can make your eyes blue, green, brown, or even purple. You can really change things up by getting a pair of cat eye contact lenses by Spooky Eyes. Wear them when you are feeling daring or to suit your catty mood.

1 Hair Chalking


You can have your color and love it, too. With hair chalking, you can color your hair any color you want and rock the color for anywhere from one day to a week, depending on how your hair holds it. Hair chalking is very easy to do. All you need are rubber gloves, a box of chalk pastels, and a spray bottle full of water. Wear an old shirt when you are doing it because it could stain your good clothes. Wearing your gloves, wet a strand of hair and run the chalk down it. Allow your hair to dry and then set in the color with a hair straightener or curling iron. Viola! You’re done.


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