15 Ways To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

We’ve all been there. After a lavish - and expensive - trip to the salon that you took an entire afternoon off for, you come home and almost immediately, you find that your once stellar color has not faded into anything but what it’s supposed to be. That vibrant red is more a bright pink, and that beautiful blonde is now a brash brass. Yikes. Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen overnight, but still. You know your hair tends to fade after it gets colored, and it usually doesn’t take much time at all to do so. What a waste of money and time. And who wants to have faded hair? Definitely not you. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to keep your color looking just as brilliant as it did when you left the salon? Well, there just might be. Here are 15 ways to make your hair color last longer.

15 Take A Luke Warm Shower

This pains us to say, but a hot shower is not necessarily that great for your hair - or your skin. The hot water tends to dry out everything on you, especially your locks, which can then ruin your color. And we know how much you love taking a hot shower after a long day - or better yet, after a long, rainy day where you got soaked. But the next time you hop into the shower, rethink turning the knob all the way to the hot side. Instead, opt for a Luke warm shower. This will help keep both your hair and skin moisturized and won’t be as big of a shock to your system, say if you opted to rinse off in cold water. To make things a little easier, try working out in the morning - like a long run outdoors in the heat - and then take a shower. The cool water won’t feel so bad.

14 Use SPF Products

We know how important it is to use sun protectant on our skin to help prevent skin cancer and aging skin. However, not all of us think about using it on our hair, but we should. Using the proper sun protectant on your locks will help keep it healthy, moisturized, and above all, hold in the color better. This is especially important if you plan to spend the day at the beach or are going to be outside for a long period of time. In those instances, you’ll want to shoot for something like a spray to put in your hair that’s equipped with SPF, or a lightweight floppy hat can also do the trick. But even if you don’t plan to spend hours outdoors, you should still use products with SPF so your hair doesn’t get damaged when you walk in and out work or drive around in your car with the sun beating in on you.

13 Be Careful Of Chlorine

Summer time calls for lots of fun in the sun, and that usually goes hand in hand with taking a dip or two in the pool. The cool, refreshing water of the pool is the perfect contrast to your hot, sticky, sun-kissed skin, and no one wants to take that away from you. However, if you’re trying to make your hair color last, you’ll want to keep your head above water. The chlorine in the pool can be very damaging to your locks, especially those that are colored. It can dry out your hair and worse, even strip it from its color. So that pretty blonde you just got for summer, will turn into a lime green that won’t go well with your tan. If you have to dip your head in the water and aren’t apt to wearing a cap on your head - because who is, unless you’re in the Olympics - speak to your stylist to determine what product you might want to use before hitting the pool.

12 Try Dry Shampoo

Shampooing your hair every day can be very hard on your hair. Not only does it dry out your strands by removing those much-needed oils from your scalp, but it can take away your color, too. But we know some gals hate going a day without shampooing their hair because they don’t feel clean or have a hard time styling dirty, limp hair. In that case, why not try a dry shampoo? It will help keep those roots clean and give your hair that much needed lift you’re after, but it won’t dry out your stands like a regular shampoo in the shower would. This way you can enjoy your color for much longer since a dry shampoo won’t help it fade away. So you’ll have clean, sexy hair that holds it color and has you feeling your absolute best. Sounds pretty darn good to us.

11 Don’t Wash Your Hair Right After You Get It Colored

Right after you get your hair done, chances are you don’t want to even touch it. Not only does the color rock, but your hair is super soft and bouncy. Your hairstylist knows what she’s doing that’s for sure. But after a day or two you know you’ll want to wash it, we totally get that. However, you should refrain from doing so. Washing your hair a few days after you get it colored can actually remove the hues from your head and make them fade much faster. Not good. So what’s the alternative? Instead, stick to staying away from washing for about a week or so after your appointment. You can usually use dry shampoo - just be sure to double check with your stylist - but if all else fails, there are plenty of amazing updos you can try. Think: braids of all kinds and top buns that work perfectly during the hot, summer heat.

10 Stay Away From Blow Dryers

We all use them but not be aware that blow dryers aren’t always our friend. These tools can seriously dry out our locks which can then cause damage to our hair and fading to our color. But we know you don’t want to necessarily get rid of them completely. We understand they are an important part of your hair styling routine. So instead of banning them completely, try to use them sparingly. Don’t use them on your hair everyday and stay away from using them completely right after you get your colored. Give your hair a break and let it air dry. Tie it up in a bun or braid it while it’s still wet to help seal in some added moisture. Then you can take your hair down later on and have it wavy and super sexy for a night out. See, you didn’t even need to use any hot air tools on your hair to achieve that gorgeous look.

9 Use A Deep Conditioning Mask

A deep conditioning mask is a great way to help moisturize your hair. However, it’s always important to understand how to go about using them properly. Speak with your stylist to figure out when you should use one after you get your hair done and what type you should use. There are many out there but only some that are ideal for color-treated hair. You want to ensure you use the right type so you don’t wash it out and wash the color along with it. You also want to make sure you use it when needed. If your hair isn’t dry, you might not need to use a mask. Your stylist will be able to help determine what the right path is for you and your hair, so you get the most out of the product when you do use it.

8 Protect Against Hot Tools With Proper Protectant

We know we said to be careful using a blow dryer, but we also said we know you’ll still use it. And that’s ok, as long as you don’t overdo it and you also use the right protectant to help with the heat. A thermal protectant product will help keep your hair safe from the heat of many styling tools, especially the blow dryer and flat iron - the two major ones we use on a regular basis. Spritz some of this thermal heating spray into your locks before you use the blow dryer and you will help keep the heat at bay. You should also try to spray your hair after it’s dry from the blow dryer and before you use any other hot tool on it, like the flat iron or the wand. More is usually best in this circumstance because you want to keep your hair protected at all times.

7 Always Use A Conditioner

It’s so important to use a conditioner whenever you shampoo. A shampoo can clean your scalp like a pro, but it can really dry out your locks, too. And that’s where a conditioner comes in. It’s important to lather up your ends with a good conditioner so they don’t end up splitting and breaking off from too much damage of everyday cleaning and styling. Using a conditioner on a regular basis is also essential for those who are looking to not only lock in moisture but also lock in their color. Keeping your hair healthy and shiny doesn’t just feel nice to the touch, but it really helps with allowing your color to stay put, without fading into something you don’t want. A conditioner geared toward color-treated hair is best because it has all the active ingredients needed to keep that sexy brunette you just scored for over $100 right where it should be: on your head and not down the drain.

6 Stick To The Right Shampoo

And speaking of color-treated products, it’s important for you to use a shampoo that is specifically for colored hair, too. If you shampoo with a product that isn’t designed for colored hair, you are risking of stripping the color right from your locks. You need a product that will not just hold the color but help make it last longer. Why pay all that money to have your hair colored, only to use a cheap shampoo that isn’t designated toward the color that’s on your head? If you have any questions or concerns regarding what type or brand to use, speak with a professional. However, there are so many brands out there that are great and can help protect your color, you just need to find the right one that works best for you. Just be sure that the label says it’s for color treated hair and you’re on your way to gorgeous locks that won’t fade.

5 Color Treated Products Are A Must

So now that we know how important it is to use the right shampoo and conditioner - you know, the type that is specifically for color treated hair - it’s also essential to know how important it is that all of your products are meant for hair that is color treated. Anything you put in your hair should be for colored hair and not just someone who has naturally fire engine red locks - curse those girls. You want to make sure you pick up the moose, the serum, the whatever, in a label that states it is for girls that color their hair. If you don’t, you can risk ruining your color one spritz at a time. The products that aren’t for color treated hair can fade your locks and that’s a risk you really don’t want to take, especially when you’re so good about getting the right shampoo and conditioner now, right?

4 Try A Shower Head Filter

Sometimes no matter what we do, our hair color still ends up fading. Even after all those products meant for color treated hair and taking a break from blow drying on a daily basis, you find your hair still fading. Even after only shampooing twice a week, your hair is still fading. Ugh, what a letdown. But rest assure this might not be anything you did. While you followed all the rules, you might have left one thing unturned: the shower head filter. These things can be a pain because without even knowing it, they can strip your hair from its moisture and its color. If you think this might be the culprit for your recent hair fading act, you might want to look into getting a different filter. Your stylist can give you some suggestions, and the workers at the local Home Depot can help point you in the right direction.

3 Use An Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Once A Month

We all want gorgeous hair with impeccable color, but find keeping up with it can be grueling. Well, good news: it doesn’t have to be. A great and organic way to keep your locks looking and feeling their best is by using an apple cider vinegar rinse. Once a month mix the vinegar with water and rinse it through your hair. After that, you’ll notice your hair is softer, and the color more radiant. For such a simple procedure that is oh so cheap, you get some incredible benefits. Keep this up, and your color will last much longer without ever fading into an unwanted shade or drying out too much it looks like the lawn when it doesn’t see rain for weeks. You want your hair healthy and sexy, and if all you need to remember is some apple cider vinegar and water once a month, wouldn’t you be happy to do so? Yeah, we kind of thought so.

2 Touch Up The Roots

So sometimes you might find that your color stays on your locks and looks great even until the next appointment. Awesome. However, what you also find is that while your strands might look good, your roots do not. Examining them up close in the bathroom mirror, you see how bad they look and it’s only been a couple of weeks. But then you step outside, and your black roots are even more visible, only this time they are visible to the entire world, and not just the privacy of your bathroom. Yikes. Now what? Well, instead of running to your stylist and telling her you need your hair colored again pronto, you might want to make an appointment to just touch up the roots. Doing this in between hair coloring appointments can help save time and money, all while giving you the hair color you want.

1 Forget About Using A Box Color

We’ve all used them, and sometimes they’ve even come out ok, but those box colors you take home to do yourself are deadly. Okay, not deadly as in will kill you, but deadly as in will kill your color. If you are in between appointments with your salon and want a cheap way to fix your color, don’t try it at home. Putting a box color of your professionally-done hair will only ruin it and cause more issues for your stylist. We know it can be tempting - but it’s soooo cheap - however, it’s important to stay away from the box colors for good. You pride yourself on your taking care of your hair and wanting it to look its best. Why would you want to ruin it in the process with a DIY color kit that can potentially ruin it? We’ll answer that for you: you wouldn’t.

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