15 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

You’re in the mood for love, and can’t wait to share some intimate time with your partner. But once you get things started, you have to stop a few times to get things that aren’t handy or change things that aren’t contributing to the moment.

And then the mood is ruined.

Don’t fall into the trap of being unprepared – it might not sound that way, but being prepared can make bedroom fun a lot easier. A few simple touches can truly help to turn your bedroom into a great romantic escape and intimate time into an even greater experience.

Whereas some sleep experts will tell you to do nothing but sleep in your bedroom, I beg to differ. Intimate time can be fun in other areas of the house too, but there’s a level of privacy the bedroom can offer that just isn’t the same in other areas of the house. Take a little time to prepare, and your bedroom can be a great and inviting place to spend time with your partner.

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15 Add candles

Who doesn't love candles? Especially in the colder months, lighting a candle in your house just brings a different mood to any room. So imagine the wonders it can do in the bedroom? If you noticed in romantic settings, like a restaurant, there will always be a candle lit to set some kind of mood, so you too should give it a shot in your bedroom. Candles can make a romantic room even more romantic. Bright lights can kill the mood, but strategically placed candles can make us look more flattering. Spending time in dim lighting can also be relaxing, which helps us to get in the mood for really enjoying the moment.

Naturally, scented candles can also play with his sense of smell and make the bedroom more inviting. Scents can remind people of great memories and get them in the mood more quickly. Just make sure neither of you is allergic or sensitive to scents or perfume first – having an allergic reaction would be a total mood killer.

14 Buy a Noise machine

Ever wanted to invest in one of those machines that play a soothing sound of waves? Or why not pick a machine that plays any sound that you think will help with getting things going on in the bedroom. A noise machine can be a great addition to a romantic bedroom, particularly in a house with children. If you have a noise machine going, you can get a little louder without worrying about waking up the kids – or the neighbors. It is better than having the TV on and getting distracted by what's being displayed on the screen and losing yourself from the intimate moment you and your partner are trying to have. Even if you don’t have kids, having a noise machine going can help some people become a little less self-conscious about the noise level in the bedroom.

Invest in a noise machine that gets louder as you get louder, and you’ll be even more confident to enjoy yourself without being too self-conscious about the noise level. Now that’s hot.

13 Dimmable lights

If you can't use candles, don’t like them, or just would rather avoid the fire hazard, invest in a dimmable light switch. It is like having the same effect like a candlelit room but without the stress of what if I knock one over. Most hardware stores carry these, and they are fairly easy to install – these days you can learn anything on the Internet.

A dimmer switch can help you set the mood with a simple touch, and having dim lighting can make any bedroom feel more romantic. Even if you are not planning on having some bedroom fun, it is a lot better than just having the options of really bright lights or no lights at all. If scents are your thing but you don’t want candles, think about using a diffuser or an air spray, but use sparingly if you decide to go for the latter. Scents that are too strong can kill the mood, even for people who aren’t allergic or sensitive.

12 Add music

Whether you have a portable stereo or bring your iPod or iPhone into your bedroom, have some great music at the ready. Music has the power to enhance any mood, so it can definitely help make your bedroom feel like an even more intimate environment. Think about all the places you go to and how much having some soft music playing in the background affects your experience. For example, when you go to the spa and the soft sounds of nature playing just enhances your mood and relaxation. So do the same for your bedroom!

Everyone has different taste in music, but soft, easy listening or nature sounds tend to be relaxing and help you get in the mood. As a bonus, some of those noise machines already come with nature sounds, so all you have to do is turn on the noisemaker, and away you go. Enjoy beautiful sounds while also enjoying yourselves.

11 Remove the electronics

Whereas having good music playing from your phone can enhance the mood of your environment, a partner who is scrolling through social media on the phone can totally kill the mood you have worked so hard to create.

We are all obsessed with our devices. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, it seems we are constantly “connected” – with people halfway across the world. And then we're forgetting to connect with the people right in front of us.

There’s nothing less sexy than trying to set the mood and being interrupted by a partner who is looking down at his device (and not the one he should be using at the moment). Make the bedroom a phone-free zone. Remove as many electronics as possible, and engage in some light conversation before moving on to more intimate pursuits. Re-connect intellectually before connecting physically, and your bond will be even stronger.

10 Keep Massage oil or lotion handy

The sense of touch is one of the most obvious senses to indulge during intimate time with your partner but think about treating him or her to a massage to let his or her worries drift away before getting even more intimate. Bringing us back to our previous point about the spa. When you go for a massage, the second they start using oils on you, you can feel the stresses of your day being released. So why not do the same for you and your partner.

Having a bottle of massage oil or lotion at the ready will coax one of you to start the process. Not only can a good massage relax your muscles, if you take your time and really give your all, it can also bring your passion to new heights. Consider investing in a course to give an even more effective massage for relaxation – just don’t relax too much. You don’t want to fall asleep right before the best part.

9 Tidy Up

Piles of clothes on the floor, stuff thrown on the dresser, and tripping hazards don’t spell sexy at all. There’s something to be said for a nice, tidy, and clean room. We want to spend more time in a space when it has been well taken care of.

Try to have a place for everything and to put everything in its place each time you arrive in the bedroom so that you don’t have to spend time cleaning up before doing something more fun. You might even want to try some feng shui. I hear it works.

If you and/or your partner are messy people and really don't care for putting things in their proper places, here's a solution to  keep your bedroom tidy without doing any work: buy yourself two differently colored and nice-looking laundry baskets. Have one as your "clean clothes basket" and one as your "dirty clothes basket." When you get into the bedroom and really don't feel like putting things away in their proper spots, throw the clothes you've taken off in the clean clothes basket. That way, the bedroom still looks tidy, and you don't need to do too much to make it look that way.

8 Invest in a good mattress

One of the best investments you can make in your life is a good mattress. Think about how important it is. A good mattress is the difference between a good or bad nights sleep and also waking up with terrible muscle pain. And who wants that? You want to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed, especially after a long day of work. A lumpy mattress, a mattress with not enough support, or a noisy mattress are total mood killers. Having a sturdy mattress will help you have a comfortable night's sleep (and other activities) while minimizing noise. A great mattress can make a good room and average night into a great room and unforgettable evening.

Whereas mattresses are expensive, if you invest in an excellent one, you probably will not have to buy a mattress again – some of the best companies even offer lifetime replacement for free. Check it out, and sweet dreams (or sweet something else).

7 Indulge your senses

Think about how we experience the world through the senses, and play to that. Think about sight – add soft colors, comfortable pillows, and cozy blankets to make your bedroom look comfortable (and sexy). Think about hearing – remember to have good music at the ready, always. Think about touch – remember to have massage oil or lotion at the ready. Think about smell – if neither you nor your partner are allergic or sensitive to scents, discuss the scents you enjoy the most and why, and then invest in essential oils in that scent or in other similar products. Think about taste – consider having a bar fridge in your bedroom that you keep stocked with great wine or champagne, and maybe some delicious fresh berries and whipped cream. These are all things that are important for a great bedroom romantic experience, and either way you should already have these things if you're following this list!

6 Mirrors

So maybe just looking at this entry you are shaking your head saying, why would I want to look at myself. Isn't that the whole point of dim lighting so that you don't need to show anything? Some people are really self-conscious about mirrors, but mirrors can really enhance the mood. It doesn’t need to be an over-the-top (literally) on the ceiling mirror, but even a full-length mirror within sight of the bed can make intimate time more fun as you can watch yourselves. Trust us, you might not agree with this point now but try it out and just see how wrong you were. It's important to experiment with new things and step outside of your comfort zone.

Experiment with where you place the mirror and see if you enjoy the added experience of delighting your sense of sight. If it really isn’t your thing, you can always take it off the wall – but don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.

5 Get a tray

Invest in a nice “breakfast in bed” tray – but don’t just use it for breakfast. Think strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate, and champagne, and indulge your sense of taste as you talk about what you both enjoy.

Keep this tray in the bedroom, in a visible spot, so you’re more tempted to use it and add more romance and intimacy into your life. You can get a fairly inexpensive one at any department store, or you can indulge in something a little more refined – there are many places to find these online. Think about this as an added decoration to your bedroom. When you don't have any use of it during some bedroom fun time with your partner, use it on the side of your bed or on the edge of your bed and add some magazines or candles on it to spice up your room a little. Then, when you feel that a certain night the tray will be used, get it prepared and have some fun!

4 Make it a little warmer

Ok so maybe you are thinking that this is counter-productive but we promise that once you get going, this won’t matter, but have you ever tried taking off your clothes in a frigid room? So not sexy, inviting, or fun! So make sure the bedroom is a comfortable temperature for both of you.

If you want to save a little on the heating bill, get a small space heater and turn it on about 10 minutes before starting. Using a space heater will help you save money (you won’t be heating up the whole house just to make it warmer in one room), and it will make your bedroom feel more comfortable, more inviting – and sexier. Whereas you can get inexpensive heaters at most department stores, you may want to consider investing in a quiet space heater that does not loudly turn on and off. This can be distracting and ruin the mood.

3 Make your bed

I know, I know, you are just going to mess it up later anyway. Does not mean you should use that as an excuse to be lazy. But there is something deeply satisfying about throwing back the sheets when you are about to get busy. Also, a tidy room is more inviting than a messy one, and an unmade bed screams messy and disorganized.

Making the bed helps your home to look clean and tidy, makes your bedroom more inviting, and makes you feel good. If you finish with some luxurious and comfortable pillows, this can add even more to the enhancement of the mood. While a made bed makes you feel accomplished when starting your day, it can also let you drift off throughout the day thinking about what you will accomplish later on that evening and how much you will mess it up too! We bet you are reading away and smiling.

2 Invest in some nice fabrics

Just like a mattress, having great bedding is also just as important. Not only will it make you feel good, but the room will look just as good too. Luxurious fabrics such as Egyptian wool, prima wool, and satin make you want to snuggle and enjoy the soft touch they provide. This can not only provide a better, more comfortable night’s sleep, but it can also make your bedroom look and feel more inviting and romantic – especially if you use soft, warm colors.

For cotton sheets, try getting the sheets with the highest thread count you can afford – the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheets. Invest in a nice satin comforter to top it all off. Avoid bright colors but go for warmer ones such as burgundy or dark blue. Alternatively, choose the colors that already suit your existing decor. And watch your bedroom transform right before your eyes.

1 Create a romantic basket

Although it does not sound sexy, being prepared can make intimate time an even greater experience. Being prepared also makes your bedroom more inviting. Consider creating a romantic basket where you include all the items discussed here. This will not only simplify things by keeping everything in one place - if you spend some time thinking about presentation, it can make your bedroom feel more inviting and give you that little nudge to be intimate even more frequently. Now it isn't something you need to use all the time but for those special night when you want to switch things up and add a little more romance to your bedroom fun.

Get a nice-looking basket or container, and include candles and matches, some music CDs, massage oil or lotion, lubricant, some fluffy towels and anything else you might need or want for a romantic escape with your partner. If you have kids, make sure to not leave the basket within reach during the day, but consider pulling it out each evening. If might just help you get in the mood.

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