15 Ways To Look Hot On The First Date

The first date can be make or break. This means getting ready can be filled with anxiety as you tear your wardrobe apart with clothes flying around your room. You will probably have tried on several different outfits before deciding on your final first date look. The first date is like an interview so it is crucial that you look and feel your best as who knows, this may be the man you end up marrying if you both play your cards right. Remember don’t freak out, you must pull yourself together and try to enjoy the preparation process. You also don’t want to over-do your first date look, because there is nothing worse than looking like you tried too hard and are a bit desperate! You want to look natural, hot and glamorous without looking like it took too much time, even thought it probably did! Make sure you know the location of the date and the activities you will be doing there. It is important you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing and don’t overdress or underdress for the occasion. Having the right look will make you feel confident and sexy. Here are 15 ways to look hot so he will definitely not say no to a second date!

15 Don’t Fake It (too much)

We often think we need to fake it in order to make it. Men are funny creatures! They will say they want a natural girl, and then they will point at a super model or porn star as the woman they want. They don’t seem to realize that these women are not real, and have fake hair, eyelashes and tan. If you feel naked without faking it, then choose one enhancement, but all of it together is just too much and gives the wrong impression. You want this date to be the first of many, not just a one night fling. If you are super pale then use a good quality fake tan that you have tried before. Do not do this in a rush, otherwise you will end up with a patchy tan and your date will not be impressed. Don’t forget to moisturize the knees, elbows and hands, so you don’t end up with dirty patches! Only use fake hair if you feel you really need it, remember that he will see you again, so you don’t want to look silly in the long-run when he realizes that your hair is actually much shorter! Guys do not like to feel tricked, so if you are gonna fake it, then you better fake it well. And remember, don’t fake out your whole body as it is just too much, and he is not stupid, so he will know in real life whether you are the real deal or not.

14 Attract Him With Color

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Red is a clear winner when it comes to grabbing a man’s attention. A 2010 study called Red and romantic behavior in men viewing women revealed that wearing red increases male attraction. One experiment showed that during a date a man would ask more intimate questions and show more sexual interest in a girl dressed in red. Psychologists at Wuhan University, China, also found that red increases a woman’s sex appeal and makes her appear warmer and more confident. But remember to be smart when choosing your color, if you have never met before, then maybe dressing in a tight red dress will look too desperate for the first encounter! You can always wear a red top with a black skirt. Pink is a great color, but be careful with the shade as it can sometimes come across as a bit too girly and demanding. You don’t want to turn up to your date looking like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde! Black is always a safe runner-up as it is sexy, classy and glamorous. It is also great for hiding fat! Try to avoid colors that drain you and make you fade into the crowd.

13 Kissable Lips

Even though red may be the best color to grab his attention, don’t even think about putting it on your lips! Forget that red lippy in your handbag as there is nothing worse than smiling at your date across the table with teeth smeared with red lipstick. This is a mistake I have learnt the hard way, with boyfriends asking me to stop wearing it! Men desire juicy luscious lips, but this does not mean that they have to be red. Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson have those sexy lips men crave, but ladies do not make the mistake of getting lip injections as you don’t want to have duck lips. Men will always emphasize the importance of being natural, so you must find ways to make them look better without doing anything drastic. There are lip glosses and lip plumpers that can make your lips look ready for kissing. A man does not want to end up with red or pink on his shirt collar, so keep them looking natural so he will be thinking all night about wanting to kiss you.

12 Stilettos Or Flats?

It can be tricky to know whether to wear heels or flats as men love a girl in heels, however, you don’t want to look like a baby giraffe, barely able to walk! Younger girls often make this mistake thinking the higher the heel the better, but a man wants a woman who can walk properly and keep up with his pace, not a sloth! You also don’t want to turn up at a sports bar wearing hooker heels, so make sure you know the location before selecting your shoes. Super high heels can also make you seem demanding and high maintenance. Play it cool and be the hot girl next door! The safest bet would be to wear a wedge or kitten heels. If you do decide to wear heels, don’t choose crazy high heels, and don’t forget to put a pair of flats in your bag for later. Also be aware of your date's height, you don't want to end up looking too tall or too small beside him! 

11 Cleavage Or No Cleavage?

If you have big boobs, you would think the obvious answer would be to show them off, especially when other girls would kill to have your pair. According to the Daily Mail Online, two thirds reported that showing off their cleavage made them feel sexy and more confident. The poll which consisted of 1,000 women across the UK, revealed that one in seven women admitted to showing some cleavage in the workplace to boost their career. However, do you want to be considered an object or do you want to be taken seriously? You should be proud of your beautiful breasts, but you should also understand how much to expose, in order to still look classy. You want your date to consider you wife material and not a one night stand. Sometimes, not showing cleavage can be just as sexy. You should try wearing a nice tight fitted dress, which shows that you have breasts, but doesn’t expose them too much. This will make him even more excited for future dates. If you don’t have big breasts, then don’t fret, but be careful with chicken fillets (gel inserts) as you don’t want them jumping out of your bra. Remember you don’t want to lie to your date about your appearance either so embrace your natural self, and just help yourself a little bit with a good bra.

10 Show Off Your Sexy Back

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We sometimes forget how sexy a woman’s back can be, and how crazy a man can get when a woman shows off her back in a dress. It can be harder for women with bigger breasts to wear a very low back dress. If you don’t have that problem, then you should definitely take advantage of showing off your sexy back. If things are going well on your date, he will just not be able to help himself from putting his arm around your shoulder. Make sure you invest in a good bra that offers a few options for wearing straps. Don’t wear a bra with clear plastic straps because don’t be silly they are not invisible, we can see them and it just doesn’t look hot! And don’t forget to practice walking with a book on your head to improve your posture so when you are sitting in front of your date, you don’t slouch!

9 Make Him Fall In Love With Your Big Eyes

On the first date, you need to make your eyes sparkle, so his eyes remain only on yours for the entire night. According to the Daily Mail, a survey revealed that 70% of men pay immediate attention to the eyes during the first encounter. Not all of us are blessed with big bright eyes, but nevertheless, there are many tricks you can try to make the most out of the eyes you were born with. Forget about painting your eyes too much, try to keep it natural. Make sure you put concealer on your dark spots and on your eyes. You also want to blend properly, so you don’t look like a panda. Invest in an extra longer lash mascara, and eyeliner. You want to look natural but have your eyes sparkling at the same time. Your overall aim when it comes to your eyes should be subtle and sexy, this way he will want to stare at you all night long!

8 Prepare Your Smile

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A pretty smile will definitely help you win a man’s heart. Men will often comment on a woman’s teeth, and a bad smile can completely turn him off. An online survey of 5,481 singles by MarketTools Inc. for dating website match.com, revealed that almost 60% choose teeth as the most important physical aspect. So make sure you visit your dentist for a cleaning every few months, in order to have good oral hygiene. You want your mouth to smell fresh for kissing, so also make sure you brush your teeth before your date and use a good minty mouth wash. You can even stick a toothbrush, toothpaste and mini mouth wash in your handbag! If your teeth are stained from drinking coffee, tea or smoking then you can try a whitening toothpaste to make sure your teeth look pearly white. Don’t forget to practice your smile in the mirror. You should also practice laughing in the mirror so you don’t laugh like a hyena on your date! You want to smile in a cute way and laugh in a fun, sexy style.

7 Straight or Curls?

Hair is very important to men, so you want to make sure you show off your luscious locks on your hot date. Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker always advises women to wear straight hair for going on dates as she says men want a woman with long straight hair. I have had some boyfriends who said they prefer my hair straight and others who said curly, but not my natural waves, they want my curls to be hair-dresser perfect with curling tongs and no hair out of place. During the preparation process for a date, I once curled my hair and then realized it looked a bit messy. So I washed my hair again and restyled it. I would really avoid going to this extreme as it is annoying and a waste of time. You need to decide from the very beginning whether you will go curly or straight. Whichever way you choose to go just make sure you put enough products in your hair so it doesn’t go frizzy! Also you want your hair to be touchable, so don’t over do it and have sticky or hard hair, it must be soft!

6 Be Bootylicious!

Whether you have a big or small ass, there are many ways to make sure you look bootylicious on your date. Men will always admit that they love the ass, maybe even more than breasts. Make sure you find a dress or skirt that makes your ass look good, so when you walk into the room he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Cosmopolitan ranked the butt as men’s third favorite body part, saying “Butts are the boobs of the southern hemisphere of the body.” If you want to perfect the shape of your butt, then there are many exercises you can do including squats. Men will say the bigger the butt the better, but the truth is you don’t need to look like J-Lo, once it is round and moves in a sexy way while walking, they will be more than eager. If you end up on the dance floor with your date, don’t forget to show him how you shake that ass!

5 Don’t Neglect Your Hands

You want to make sure that when you clink glasses, your nails are clean and fully painted. There is nothing worse than a man noticing your dirty, half-painted nails. Forget the fake nails and make sure you go natural with these because you don’t want to be eating dinner when one of your nails flies across the table and onto his plate. You just don’t want your fake fingernails to be the reason he never calls, so just take care of your real nails. Men also don’t want to see a girl with bitten finger nails, so take care of your nails and keep them out of your mouth. He will be completely turned off if he catches you biting your nails on the date! We sometimes forget about our hands, but make sure they are nice and soft, but not greasy with moisturizer as you want to give a nice handshake when you first meet. If he really likes your hands, he won't be able to stop himself from touching them. 

4 Make Your Skin Glow Like A Star

Don’t forget baths can make your skin look like a prune, so it is vital that you moisturize on a daily basis, and lather some lotion on your skin after the bath. Radiant skin reflects a healthy person, so good skin is one of the first aspects we notice when we meet another person. If you are prone to acne, then make sure you drink plenty of fresh carrot juice and treat your skin well during the run-up to your date and avoid any irritants like chocolate or oily food. You want to make sure that you are glowing when you walk into the room, so make sure you exfoliate, moisturize, and cover those blotches. Don't forget to put some powder on, so you don't look too shiny! Even if you end up not liking your date, who knows maybe your glow will attract some other man in the room.

3 Pimp Your Pins

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If you have a decent pair of legs then make sure you show them off in a skirt or dress. If your legs are not your best asset, you can have a skirt with a slit, as this can be just as sexy. Sometimes, just a peak is definitely more than enough to get a man interested. My favorite trick to pimp my legs, especially in winter are tan nylon tights. Don’t just grab any pair of tights in the store, carefully select a color that will match the rest of your skin, but will give that extra bronze glow in a natural way. Once you find that special pair, then make sure you save the box so you can buy the same ones in the future! And ladies, don’t forget your feet, many men have a foot fetish, and are at least easily disgusted by badly kept feet. So make sure your toe nails are painted if you choose to wear open toe heels. If you are going on a summer style date, and you have delicate ankles, then make sure you show them off by wearing an ankle bracelet as many men find this super sexy.

2 Don’t Be Caught Looking Hairy

Make sure you shave and wax all the required areas before your big date, the last thing you need to show your date are your hairy armpits, so don’t forget about this area. Men can often get freaked out by women’s facial hair too. Unfortunately this can often be the case for darker haired women, so just take a close look under a good bright light and make sure you get rid of any unwanted hair. Don’t be afraid to seek the help of experts as they will tell you exactly what needs to be removed. Going to a beautician or having your friend help with waxing can sometimes be better than shaving, unless you are a shaving expert. Just make sure you give yourself time and shave properly as you don’t want to have your legs cut and scraped because of your carelessness with the razor. If you don’t have a good shaving foam, then just try some moisturizer as it also does a nice job.

1 Relax And Refresh

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking some time out to chill before your big date. Having a hot bath filled with bubbles will help you relax and get rid of those first date jitters. You just don’t want to turn up on your date as a bag of nerves. Men like confident, fun, relaxed girls. So in order to look hot you must relax and feel confident. You can always have one glass of wine while you are in the bath, but do not make the mistake of getting drunk before your date. One glass of wine is definitely enough to ease your nerves, but the last thing you want is to turn up to the date tipsy. Play your favorite chill-out songs in the bath and then listen to your favorite party songs to get you in the mood, while you find your outfit. Put on your favorite pair of sexy underwear, so you truly feel fabulous! Don’t forget to tell yourself how beautiful you are in the mirror before you walk out that door. If you love yourself, then he will too!

Sources: Daily Mail OnlineWuhan UniversityEuropean Journal of Social Psychology, Cosmopolitan 

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