15 Ways To Live Like Your Fave Celebs

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15 Ways To Live Like Your Fave Celebs

It’s super simple to think that famous people have a much different life than you. And the truth is that they absolutely do. They have more money, more resources, more opportunities, and, let’s face it, they usually have a totally opposite lifestyle from you. It can be really fun to think about what your own life would be like if you were rich and famous. Sure, you get that your life is good and that you should be grateful for all your blessings. You love your job, your friends, your boyfriend, your family. But sometimes, you wonder what life in the fast lane would be like, and you can’t help but wish that your every day life could be a little bit more interesting. If you could have a bit more money in the bank, well, that would be pretty great too.

Here are 15 ways to live like a celebrity. A girl can dream, right?

15. Drink Green Juice


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You can’t be a celebrity and not drink green juice. It’s like a crime or something and it’s definitely frowned upon. The only problem with this is that although you wish that you were rich and famous and fabulous, you definitely hate green juice. Sorry not sorry. You especially hate kale juice. You just don’t want to drink this stuff and that’s the honest truth. If you were famous, you know that you would have to. So it might be worth it. But you might just fake it and take a million Instagram selfies holding a giant green juice so everyone would think that you’re super healthy and worthy of being called a celeb. But only you would know the truth (and your nearest and dearest since you wouldn’t want to lie to them about your green juice hate). Is there something about being a celebrity that makes them immune to how gross this stuff is?!

14. Say Goodbye To Gluten

via foodnetweork.ca

via foodnetweork.ca

And dairy. And eggs. And meat. And sugar and coffee and absolutely everything fun. Okay, not every celebrity is on some super weird and confusing diet, but you definitely know that a whole bunch of them are. If you want to live like a celebrity, then you definitely need to say goodbye to gluten. It’s really one of the first steps to being a true famous figure and not a fraud. Okay, so this might be more than enough to make you hide under your covers and cry hysterically. You can’t imagine saying goodbye to crusty white bread, delicious pizza, amazing pasta dishes and let’s not even talk about all the baked goods you would have to let go. You can’t even. But then again… you would be a celebrity. So there’s that. It might be enough of a trade-off, right? It’s probably worth it since you could hire a fabulous chef and have them prepare gluten-free versions of anything that you desire. There, you feel a whole lot better.

13. Travel All The Time


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Now this is something that you can get behind. If you wanted to truly live like a celebrity, you would travel all the time. You would never stay home, basically, and that would be just fine by you. You would make quick weekend jaunts to fun cities like New York and Chicago. You would never spend Christmas at home because why do that when you could be lying on a beautiful beach somewhere drinking a cocktail and eating chips and guacamole? You would be well-versed in every fabulous European city and you would definitely rack up the frequent flyer miles. If you ever want to pretend to be famous, you definitely go on a trip. Even if you are not flying first class and even if you are not shelling out for an absolutely amazing hotel room (because, well, that is way out of your budget), you still feel pretty cool.

12. Take Trendy Workout Classes


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Whatever the new workout trend is, you have to try it… if you want to live like a celebrity, that is. It’s impossible to try to be like your idols if you’re not going to do this. From yoga to pilates to barre to Crossfit to more unique classes like aerial yoga and any kind of dance, you have to keep your eye on the exercise prize if you want to live like a Kardashian. Just think how fit and healthy and hot you will be. Sure, you think that you look pretty good right now, but there’s always room for improvement. Just being real and honest here. When you head to a barre class at your local neighborhood studio, you feel like you’re basically Jennifer Aniston. Or is that yoga? Whatever. You always forget which celebs like which workout. Either way, you’re going to do this because you know that regardless of whether you feel like a famous person, it’s a good idea to look after your body and your mind.

11. Shop Until You Drop


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You imagine that you’re a Kardashian every time that you go on a shopping spree. Except, of course, you’re not spending thousands of dollars. You’re basically spending like $50 or $100. That’s basically your limit. But hey, it’s not the actual dollar amount that counts, it’s the thought, right? In your mind, though, you’re really dropping some serious dough on everything and anything that your little heart desires. You’re dreaming of replacing your entire shoe and clothing wardrobe. You want new leggings in every color (both for working out and for just hanging around). You want ripped jeans, normal jeans, black jeans, blue jeans, and yes, even white jeans (you’re such a rebel for wearing them after Labor Day). You want tall boots, short boots, heels, sandals, flats, and the list goes on. Sadly, your wants don’t match up with what’s currently in your bank account. But if you were a celeb, the sky would be the limit (well, until you shopped so much that you went broke, but that’s another story).

10. Indulge


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Finally, some good news, right? If you want to pretend to be rich and famous, go ahead and be like Gigi Hadid and indulge a bit. You will be super happy and you might even forget about that whole green juice and giving up gluten thing. You might. Probably not. Anyway. If you’ve learned anything from famous people like Gigi, it’s that you don’t have to diet 24/7 or even at all. You can enjoy your kale and your salad (or at least eat it if you don’t enjoy it, which is probably more the case, right?!) and still eat pizza and cheeseburgers and french fries sometimes. You have to indulge sometimes and you have to enjoy your life. What’s really cool about this new crop of young female celebs is that they are teaching everyone that it’s okay to live life and have fun and not worry so much about being super skinny.

9. Learn To Cook


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You can thank Chrissy Teigen for inspiring you to get your cute butt into the kitchen (well, if you have done more than order take-out recently). If you’re not cooking on a regular basis, you have to ask yourself why not? If Chrissy has taught you anything, it’s that there is really no reason to be afraid to get messy and have some fun. She is definitely not a stick and she wouldn’t have it any other way (and neither would anyone who looks at her because let’s face it, she’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and her curves are what make her who she is). She loves food and she loves cooking and getting creative in the kitchen and that is just really fun to her. If you want to live like a celebrity, you can start small and take baby steps and get into the kitchen. You might not become famous for your food or even for your Instagram food photos, but that’s okay. You can pretend.

8. Break-Up The Right Way

via pinterest.com

via pinterest.com

If you are going to dump your boyfriend, you need to stop calling it a break-up and copy Gwyneth Paltrow’s whole “conscious uncoupling” thing. It sounds pretty good (okay, it sounds super pretentious but hey, if it works for them, it might work for you too). It is definitely less depressing than an old-fashioned break-up, don’t you think? If you want to pretend that you are more famous than you actually are, then you should definitely refer to your recent bad break-up as a conscious uncoupling. Sure, you might get some weird looks and eye rolls and your best friends, family members and coworkers will definitely tell you that you are off your rocker. But that is okay. Let them judge you. You are going to have fun saying this hilarious term and you do not care what they think. You are just trying to make a break-up much less miserable.

7. Be Super Confident


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Ever look at a famous person and wonder why they are so totally and completely confident? Of course, right? You can’t help but think this on a regular basis, even if you really are a fan of that person. So why can’t you do the same exact thing? Act like you’re super confident and you might be surprised at how fast you actually become that way. It’s totally one of those fake it till you make it moments and it definitely works whether you want to be more assertive in your relationship or stop a family member from undermining you or be prouder of your success at the office. Hey, it works for celebrities, right? They definitely have to be confident in any and all situations since that’s literally their job. That might not be what’s happening in your life but it’s definitely a positive change that you can make in your life and you will have celebs to thank for it.

6. Change Your Style

via elle.com

via elle.com

When you see your best friend sporting a totally different look than usual — let’s say she dyed her hair bright purple or is suddenly wearing only black clothes — you’re kind of annoyed. You just don’t get why she would feel the need for such a sudden change and you might even be kind of mad that she didn’t tell you about it. But when you see your fave celebrity doing the exact same thing? You’re definitely not mad. In fact, you think it’s the coolest thing ever. If you really want to live like a celebrity, then change your style, whether you’re adding some new fabulous clothes to your closet or changing up your hair and make-up routine… and don’t feel like you need to apologize for even a single second. If people ask why you wanted to change so many things about your appearance, just laugh and shrug. You know that when Taylor Swift chopped off most of her hair or when any of the Kardashians or Jenners change what they look like, they honestly don’t care what other people think. Channel these women.

5. Rock Social Media


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There really isn’t a single celebrity who sucks at using social media. Seriously. Famous people are just so good at rocking social media. They love everything from Instagram to Snapchat to Facebook to Twitter and some of them even have pretty awesome YouTube channels with original content on a regular basis. Why not make your social media channels even better than ever before? Sure, you love Instagramming your avocado toast and you can’t go a day without speaking your mind on Twitter (even if just to talk about your latest TV obsession) but you could definitely take it to the next level. This is a pretty easy way to live like a celebrity. All you have to do is start taking it seriously. Take a whole bunch of selfies on a daily basis and put them up (but make sure you’re posting your best pictures and best angles). Post inspirational quotes and motivational statements. Act like everything you’re doing is totally social media worthy and eventually, you will stop having to fake it until you make it. You really will feel awesome.

4. Speak In Catchphrases


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One thing about famous people that is a.) fabulous and b.) absolutely hilarious is that they feel the need to have catchphrases. Think of Paris Hilton and her “that’s hot” statement. Why can’t you do the same thing? You’ll definitely be the light of any party and people will love how funny and entertaining you are. If you ever think that you’re being kind of ridiculous and like you should take things down a notch, just think of Paris Hilton. She never feels bad for being the center of attention. She wants to be special and interesting and definitely different from the average person, so you should totally and completely be like that too. Soon you will become known as the super cool girl who always has something hilarious to say. And you will be more popular than you could ever want or even dream of. Just make sure to come up with a really good catchphrase that will actually catch on because how cool would it be if other people started saying it too?

3. Do A Million Things At Once


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It used to be kind of unique if a celebrity was a double threat or even a triple threat. Now? Well, now, it’s pretty much totally expected. Call it basic if you will. Just look at any Kardashian. They definitely have all kinds of businesses and stuff going on at any given moment. If you want to live like a celebrity, then you need to do a million things at once, both professionally and personally. You have to basically start multitasking and loving it. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry. You can totally convince yourself that this is a good idea. Sure, you might feel kind of stressed out and overwhelmed at first and no one would blame you. After all, you don’t have the kinds of resources that famous people have and it’s not like you can hire people to help you out. But you will probably feel pretty good about yourself once you can get a lot of balls rolling, so to speak, and soon you will be super confident. Score.

2. Win At Snapchat


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Snapchat is fast becoming a really popular platform for everyone, but especially for celebrities. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Kendall Jenner to other celebs are becoming known for their funny and silly and amazing snaps. If you want to live like a celebrity, then you really have to win at Snapchat. There’s really no way around it. If you’re not comfortable with this social media platform, then you have to learn to deal because you just won’t be considered part of the fame game. If you can snap like your life depends on it, you’re going to grow your following and you’re going to be known as a master at Snapchat. Even if you’re not a huge fan yet, just wait. After all, there’s a reason that people love this social media venue and that could happen to you too if you just keep your mind open and try your best. Who knows? You could attract so many followers that you could become a famous Snapchatter (is that a thing? It should be).

1. Be A Selfie Queen


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The final way that you can live like a celebrity? Become a selfie queen just like the master selfie taker, Kim Kardashian. She is absolutely amazing at taking beautiful photos of herself. Seriously, it’s an art and she kills it every single time. Just look at her angles, her cheekbones, her hair, her makeup, her facial expressions… Yup, you’re bowing down to her. You know that you could take some serious selfie lessons from her and that you could learn everything that you need to know. Once you can get the whole selfie thing down, you can totally become a celebrity in your own right. Think about how many people become famous thanks to YouTube and Instagram and other forms of social media. It could happen to you too, right? Why not? Go for it and you just might end up playing the fame game yourself. And then you really will have to drink green juice and give up gluten. Sorry.

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