15 Ways To Keep Him Interested In You

Keeping him interested can be a bit of a conundrum. Guys can be more picky than we realize; and that, in and of itself, is reason for him to lose interest. It’s not easy when the standard for what men want in women in constantly changing and pushing us to extreme measures and the outer limits of our femininity. Their likes changes from one minute to the next. In one moment, guys will drool all over a girl with a curvy bod and the next they're hunting down the slimmest of slim girls. It’s no wonder we’re equally as confused in how to keep him interested. But there are some tried and true methods that can keep him wanting more from you. It will actually involve you giving less, so in the scheme of things you are willing something, too, darling. Study the following tips and see if they don’t help keep him interested in you. However, remember that playing too much of a game will leave things between you feeling inorganic and forced which is the opposite of what you want. Try to keep things flowing naturally in order to keep him interested in you –don't create an invention or distortion of yourself.

15 Be interested in him

What better way to say, "Hey, I’m into you"? By showing that you’re interested in him, you’re sure to keep him interested in you. Does he like sports? Watch a game with him. Does he like music? Go to a show with him. Does he like to cook? Cook with him. Just by offering to be involved can mean the world. He might not want to share some of his activities with you because he might be a solo type of guy, but just you offering says that you’d like to be more present in his life and that speaks volumes. Now, be sure that if you’re going to put yourself out there that he, too, is willing to participate in your interests. If he’s not willing to show up for your stuff, there’s no way you should be showing up for his.

14 Don’t be readily available

Guys like a challenge. So if you’re always ready, willing, and available he could lose interest real fast. He wants to see that you have a life of your own, he wants to feel his own living space, he wants to feel space, period. By being at his beckon call, you’re basically saying that your life centers around him or, worse, that you have nothing exciting going on in your own life that can keep you busy for a few hours. That’s not attractive and, additionally, that puts a lot of pressure on someone to be your entertainment and source of joy. Be your own source of joy. Don’t sit around waiting for him, get up and live life because you’ve only got one, honey.

13 Don’t play hard to get

Guys don’t like a huge challenge. It’s an oxymoron, no doubt. They want to chase you, but not too far and not for too long and not with too much effort. Men aren’t fair, but if you want to keep one interested, you’ve got to not only play by the rules, but also re-invent them to suit you. This means answer phone calls or texts when you want to, not according to some system or plan devised by him or by society. Do you and if he’s meant to be, he’ll come around. But keep in mind, if you’re too distant, he might lose stamina and he’ll get bored of the chase because, well, he’s not the right one. Truth be told, playing super hard to get might mean that, deep down, you don’t really want to be in a relationship. Consider that before you consider which type of chase you’ll put into play.

12 Take care of yourself

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Ladies, ladies, ladies –you gotta keep your self-care game on point. This does not mean getting your hair and nails done or having the dopest fits, however, if that’s how you roll, do you, boo-boo. While looking nice is, well, nice; there’s a self-care that happens beyond the surface. If you are taking care of your mental and spiritual life, he will be drawn to you. Why? Because you will be working with light and energies, things that can’t be bought at a store or purchased online. All that stuff comes without a price and is super duper special. If you can combine the outer stuff with the inner stuff, you will become a divine creature that will keep almost any man, of any substance, interested. However, beware the vampires as they will spot that high vibrational energy from afar and come to feed without any hesitation.

11 Give him freedom

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A man likes his space. So do women, but society tells us that men need space. Give it to him, then. Don’t be all around his neck. That’s wack, not just for him, but for you. You gotta have a life, too. His freedom means you get yours, too. Bonus-bonus, win-win. Don’t be calling to check in on him, when he’s ready he’ll call you. Keep yourself busy so that you’re not waiting around for that phone call, remember you have a life and it should be lived. Living is not waiting around for a guy and surely it isn’t making him the focal point. Society says men should have space, hence guy’s night out, bachelor parties, and man caves. Let them have it. Deep down we know that the world is ours, hence the whole Mother Earth thing. And we are so beyond that we don’t need a space to call our own, we are the divine feminine.

10 Don’t be jealous

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Jealousy is naturale and normal, but it should not be a general feeling you have all the time. If that’s happening, then you might have a trauma from the past that needs to be dealt with or the man you’re currently seeing is not the one and he’s giving you all those bad vibes. While experts say certain levels of jealousy are acceptable, but really, no they’re not. If you’re confident and things are on good terms between the two of you, jealousy should not come into play. If you display too much jealousy, you can be sure to lose him quickly. And if you realize you have issues with jealousy, you might want to share those with him. Overall, jealousy can destroy the relationship, and yourself, too. Better take care of that green monster, girl.

9 Have your own friends

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Being a social creature comes natural to most people. We are designed, after all, to be social beings. This means that you should have your own group of amigas with whom you share your time. Guys are super about guy time and kicking it with the boys and all that jazz. If you are busy with your girls, he’ll love that about you because it will mean he can do things with the guys. And you can both be content knowing that neither is waiting around for the other, at least not all the damn time anyways. If you are a loner and not really into the social scene, make sure you have other stuff going on –things that occupy your time and kill it up like friendship would. You can be your own best friend for what it’s worth, just make sure you’re not all over him.

8 Don’t be negative

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It’s hard to be around someone who is negative for a variety of reasons. One, it’s annoying AF. Two, it affects your own energy. Three, it can be impossible to have a normal conversation. Four, it’s exhausting. Five, it really is annoying. And some say women have a tendency to nag and complain and criticize, so it’s obvious that for men the best policy is the silence policy. If you’re not down with that, good for you and you might not be one who is into conventional relationships. However, if you are really into relationships, being a Negative Nancy will keep most prospective partners far from you or get them running fast once they get to know you. Regardless of romantic relationships, no one wants to be around someone who is negative, so if that’s something you struggle with, get it right, honey.

7 Have your own interests

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You should have interests of all sorts. My dear, if you don’t, you’re doing life wrong. You having interests, of any kind, means that you find yourself and your likes cool and worth your time. Whether it’s reading, baking, making music, animals, or art, you should have things to make your life lovely. Men like so see us occupied with things. While it might mean more freedom for them, it also means more personal development for us. If he sees that you don’t have passions or hobbies, you become arm candy for him or an empty shell that accompanies him to some events and parties. You should want to be more than that, he wants you to be more than that. Don’t settle for a lesser version of yourself.

6 Don’t be clingy

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No one wants to be suffocated. OK, well, some do, but that’s a whole other issue and that dependency doesn’t get solved in just one paragraph. Being clingy will have an adverse effect on what you’re trying to accomplish with your new beau. If you want him, let him breathe, let him go. Attaching yourself to him, the ole ball and chain style, is not cute and, quite frankly, is old school, patriarchy ish that has no room in today’s forward thinking society. If you are clingy it means you are insecure and insecurity is not sexy, not in the least. You gotta get your ish together, girl, and cling onto things that can make you a better human being. Clinging onto a man will only get you deeper into trouble and at some point you’ll realize you’re too far down the rabbit hole to even think about getting out; don’t get trapped down there girl, life is too precious.

5 Be strong

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Be strong, but not too strong. Remember, if you’re really into the male-dominated social role play, you’d better play down your strengths so that his outshine yours, but only by a smidge. Men like women to be strong in the sense that women manage things on their own, like multi-tasking and stuff like that. Be a good girl and a sex object and a Mother Teresa and an independent worker, all those things. They love us to be that. They really do. But don’t be too strong, don’t be afraid to ask for help once in a while. Not that we need it, but let them feel important. They love that ish, too. There is an art to this strength act. Once you master it, it will come like second nature; but until then, don’t be too domineering and don’t be bossy. Actually, be bossy. If he doesn’t like it, that’ his problem.

4 Be honest

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In any relationship, honesty is the best policy. Guys like a girl who isn’t afraid to say what she wants. Being honest about what you want or don’t want can be a huge bonus. And even more so when it comes to what you may or may not want in the bedroom. Studies show that men are way into chicks who know what they like in the boudoir; and it’s no surprise because men love bedroom stuff. So whether it’s talking about your likes or dislikes or what position you prefer or even what you want to eat for dinner, speak up, say what you want. But remember the previous point about being strong. Don’t shout or yell, that will get him running for the hills in no time at all.

3 Be confident

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Confidence is like the bestest thing you can do for yourself. It’s not about attracting him all the time, there are tons of hims out there, but for yourself, your life, your head and heart’s sake, add some confidence to your life. Now, that being said, confidence can get you what you want, and a lot of it. It can get you that job, it can get you a vacation, a raise, and yes, even that boy. Confidence means we’re tapped into deep parts of ourselves, parts that not everyone sees, but parts we surely feel and parts we love and adore. Love yourself, there’s only one of you. And in loving yourself, you can be loved in return. Whether it’s him or another, there’s plenty of love to go around, but start with self-love first, my dear.

2 Try new things

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Being open-minded bodes well for you and it’s not only related to keeping him interested, but also to keeping your life interesting. Guys are into trying new things, new foods, new sports, new whatever; and of course, in the bedroom they’re all about it. This is not to say that the only areas that we can satisfy a man is in the sack, but being open-minded in that arena can benefit you, not just for the moment, but for future occasions. Trying new things will show that you’re exciting, spontaneous, and ready for life. It keeps your light shining and gives you a glow. It keeps you young. It keeps you loving life. And it will add an element to your character, thus making you more attractive for whatever it is you want.

1 Be yourself

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There is only one you, so you’d better find out who she is and flaunt the hell outta her. Because you are so unique, you can use that to your advantage. That means using it to get the guy you want or keep him interested. Guys like a woman who isn’t too shy to be herself. Well, most guys or any guys who are worth any effort. Being yourself will feel so good that you won’t want to stop; and with all the attention you’ll get from various avenues in life, you will be hooked. Get down to basics, talk to yourself, find out your likes and dislikes outside of social concepts, be your own best friend, and really be proud of who you are and what you’ve become. Nothing feels as good as being yourself. And with the mental and spiritual benefits you’ll receive, you’ll be a little universe unto yourself –you will be a galaxy of the brightest stars.

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