15 Ways To Get Your Man To Last Longer In Bed

Are you still on your way when he is already there? Is out of sync sex dragging you down and leaving you unsatisfied? Men generally only last two to five minutes during penetration whereas women can last up to 20 minutes during the act. It doesn’t seem fair, at least for women, that we need more stimulation for a longer amount of time than the guys.

There is help to even out the time differences between the genders. First, we have to admit that this is not his fault. It is the way we are made. Women need more attention than the guys and there are solid ways to help our men learn what works best in the bedroom when it comes to getting it on, keeping it on, and reaching a magnificent finish together.

Some of the methods are aimed directly at him. Others can be worked on together as a couple. There are long term commitments to bring change into the bedroom and there are quick fixes.

There is no right and wrong method to lasting longer in the bed, but there is one singular factor that always influences bedroom action and that is eating healthy foods. Reducing saturated fats and sugars will have a direct impact on the magic time. Aside from trying out these magic methods, start eating healthier foods together as a couple to increase stamina and improve the overall performance for both of you.

15 Chill It With The Booze

For some people, the booze kills the bedroom action. For men, this can be the inability to perform or maintain an erection. Alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. It might help him relax after a long day at work, but it might also be getting him too relaxed. Offer him a massage instead or promise to mix him his favorite drink only after the two of you have had some quality time in the bedroom.

14 Be Shallow

Have him make his thrusts shallow and don’t let him enter you all the way. Deep thrusts can make him reach the big O faster than short, shallow thrusts. Going in only part of the way can help you reach an orgasm much sooner, especially if he is able to hit the g-spot. It also keeps him under control. He can alternate his thrusts from shallow to deep to shallow again as a way to keep his urge to reach the O under control.

13 Give Him A Tight Squeeze

If your man is starting to lose control on his way to the big O, wrap your thumb and pointer finger around the base of his member and give it a firm squeeze. Think of it like pinching a straw. If he is close to the O, you give him the squeeze and it holds back the ejaculation. You should also stop the in-and-out action while doing this so that he has a moment to regain control over his urge.

12 Exercise

Exercises like Yoga and Pilates will help him work his pelvic floor muscles, but all forms of exercise are good for his member. Make getting and staying in shape a priority for both of you. It helps improve the body’s blood flow, including blood flow to the genitals, and it will increase the sexual stamina for both of you. According to Glamour, losing weight can also help boost both of your sex drive. These are all perfect reasons to start exercising together as a couple.

11 Practice Breathing

To get your man to last longer in bed, Cosmopolitan recommends practicing deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing produces a relaxed state and helps him let go of any anxiety he may be feeling about being able to get it on. Both you and your partner can practice deep breathing together, before having sex or starting with the foreplay.

10 Practice The Kama Sutra Together

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu sex guide that people whisper about, but most people don’t take the time to study. The book is filled with numerous bedroom techniques for both men and women. When it comes to helping a man last longer in bed, the Kama Sutra recommends a slow method of building up the pleasure with slow thrusts that increase in frequency. When your man feels like he just can’t take it any longer, he is supposed to stop and rest a moment, still inside you, while he regains control over his urge to orgasm. Then, he continues again with the slow thrusts. Besides making him last longer, this method will also increase the intensity of his orgasm and prolong your enjoyment.

9 Pelvic Floor Exercises

Women have been practicing Kegels for decades to help strengthen their vaginal muscles, but men should be practicing the squeeze as well. In an article from Glamour, Dr. Laurence A. Levine reveals that, “Studies show that Kegel exercises can help men improve the strength of their erection and help with premature ejaculation.” For a man to discover his pelvic floor muscles, he should practice stopping his pee in midstream.

8 Help Him Overcome Anxiety And Doubt

When a man has problems lasting for as long as you would like him to, the worst thing you can do is harp on at him about it. Constantly insulting him and bringing up that he doesn’t last long in the bedroom will give him anxiety and will make the problem even worse. Even if you don’t bother him about his performance, he may still harbor a lot of self doubt and anxiety towards sex. Instead of letting him focus on his quickness, start building up his bedroom confidence by telling him what you do like about him in the bedroom. When he does something that feels good, let him know about it. Give him praises and talk him up. Replace his doubts with confidence.

7 Longer Foreplay

Since it takes women longer to reach an orgasm than it does for men, many experts suggest longer foreplay. Foreplay can be used to bring you close to orgasm so that when it comes time for penetration, you can climax at the same time as your man.

6 Slow The Action Down

Instead of riding him like you are bouncing on an exercise ball after a can of liquid caffeine, slow things down. Going too fast in the thrusting will make him finish sooner. Instead, move slower, but also use the slower pace to make eye contact with your man and to allow you both to explore each other with your hands and mouths. Lovemaking is more sensual when it is slowed down and experienced with the entire body and not just the genitals.

5 Numb It

One trick that Cosmopolitan recommends is the use of a numbing agent. Numbing creams have long been used on men to increase the time of their bedroom action. The trick is to not get any of the stuff on your lady parts because it can lengthen your going power, too. Promescent is a recommended numbing spray that can be sprayed onto the head of his member before doing the deed. It will give him more staying power while not numbing your lady parts.

4 Spooning

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According to Bustle, spooning is a great position to try out if you want him to last longer in bed. This close, intimate position does not allow for full penetration, which should help him last longer. It also allows him to explore your breasts and fiddle with your magic button while in the act, helping you reach the big O sooner than in a position with little to no direct stimulation.

3 It Is Time To Quit

If you and your man smoke cigarettes, it is seriously time to talk about quitting the bad habit. Dr. Laurence A. Levine told Glamour that, “A healthy vascular system is essential if your man wants to have a reliable and strong erection.” If you are a non-smoker, but he smokes, help him (don’t nag) overcome his addiction to nicotine. It is a difficult habit to break and can take a lot of trial and error to find the right quitting method for you or him, but quitting will ultimately help improve the sex life you have together.

2 Use Variety

Switch positions and stimulations often during sex. When he is feeling close to the brink of no return, have him stop and switch focus. Go from in and out to having him rub it against a sensitive part of your body. The two of you can take mini breaks to focus on other erotic body parts without directly stimulating his member. When he has control over himself again, try a different sexual position. Continue switching focus until both of you are ready to experience the magic.

1 Use A Condom

I have heard a lot of men complain that condoms can cut back on the stimulation the penis gets during sex, but this can be a good thing. In fact, if your man has problems with lasting in bed because of too much stimulation, having him wear a condom during sex may be the only trick the two of you need to try out. In fact, a quick search online about condom use to prolong sex reveals that many men who have used condoms during their relationships have discovered that they can’t last as long as they used to now that they no longer wear a condom.

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