15 Ways To Get More Energy When You're Crazy Tired

Everyone gets tired sometimes -- that's just a part of life. If you feel like you're always running around doing a million things, from your job to hanging out with friends to those pesky errands that have to get done eventually, that's a pretty normal thing. You're a young woman in 2016 -- who isn't super busy all the time?! But being exhausted 24/7 isn't normal at all, even though you might think it is. You're not supposed to always feel burnt out and like you can't handle your life -- that kind of overwhelming feeling is just going to depress you, make you miserable, and affect your health in the long and short run. So instead of accepting your tired state, you can try a few different things and see if you can get your old self back, along with all that energy you used to have. Here are 15 ways to get more energy when you're crazy tired.

15 Up Your Protein Intake

Yeah, you know you should be eating protein. Your mom pretty much drilled that fact into you from childhood, right? She was always nagging you to eat more protein in the form of deli turkey at a snack or eggs in the morning or salmon at night. Sorry mom, love you, and you were totally right all along. When you're dragging at the office, go ahead and eat some protein. Think turkey, chicken, peanut butter, almond butter, Greek yogurt, a handful of nuts -- whatever you want. Whether you're vegan or gluten-free or Paleo or you literally eat anything under the sun, you can find some protein that's going to work for you and make you feel much more awake and with it. If you don't fuel your body with enough protein throughout the day, you're going to feel tired, no doubt about it. There are 17 grams of the stuff in a 6-ounce portion of Greek yogurt, so that would make a great 11 a.m. or 3 p.m. snack if you're dragging.

14 Stop Inhaling Coffee

Of course, coffee is pretty much the greatest thing in the entire world. It's hot, it's got an amazing bitter flavor that somehow doesn't make it awful, and it gives you life and energy. But too much of a good thing is never, well, good, and that definitely applies to coffee, too. Sorry, Lorelai Gilmore, we love you but your caffeine obsession and your need to mainline the stuff is not the greatest thing for not being tired. If you drink too much coffee in a single day, you're actually going to feel more exhausted than before beaches you're going to totally crash. And a caffeine crash is pretty much the worst. So go ahead and enjoy your java in the morning -- but stick to one or two cups and then cut it out. Switch to water. It's boring, sure, but it's going to give you more energy than another Starbucks latte ever could.

13 Move More

Sitting at your desk from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. may be what your job is all about, but it's not going to do much for your energy levels. Anyone who sits for that super long period of time is going to feel exhausted -- there's no way you wouldn't. So make it a habit to move as much as you possibly can during the day. Walk to and from work if that's possible, or if not, then maybe park your car a few blocks away from the office so you can get some easy exercise in before your work day even begins. Walk at lunch or even fit in a yoga or workout class if that's possible. If not, you can at least walk around your office a few times every hour on the hour. Your coworkers might think you seem a bit weird at first, but you can just explain to them that you're tired and need to wake yourself up. They'll totally get it... and probably start doing the same thing.

12 Rest When You Can

When you're exhausted, you need to rest. Sounds pretty simple, right? But although this may sound super easy, you probably don't do this nearly enough... or maybe at all. Go to bed half an hour earlier than normal. Watch Netflix instead of going out at night after work. Maybe don't do that crazy dance cardio class that you usually love and go for a more calm and chill yoga or pilates class instead. Give your body and mind what they want and need, which is more rest than normal. It doesn't make you lame to stay home on Friday night instead of going out with your girlfriends -- it means that you're respecting yourself and what you need, and you're listening to the signs that your body is giving you. You're not going to get anywhere in life if you never take the time to chill out.

11 Forget Your To-Do List

Yeah, you're a busy person and you probably have a super long to-do-list, like most people. But just because you have that list of stuff to get done doesn't mean that everything has to happen at all once and that you have to get everything finished right here, right now. Take a good hard look at your list and think about what takes priority and what can be left until next week or even the week after. When you're crazy exhausted, you're not functioning at your normal levels, so don't take on too much and don't bite off more than you can chew as they say. When you're having a rough week, don't feel pressured to do even more than you already are, and forget the guilt. That has zero place here. You're not going to be much use to anyone if you spread yourself super thin, so you might as well only do the things that need to happen ASAP and leave the rest for later.

10 Remember What You Love

Do you love watching cheesy 90s sitcoms? What about bad horror movies, or baking chocolate chip cookies every weekend, or going out with your friends and laughing and gossiping and escaping from life for a bit? Make sure you're doing what you love -- you can't be working all day, all the time, 24/7. You have to make time for the people and things that you enjoy and that bring you lots of satisfaction. If you stop doing things that you have fun doing, you're going to feel a lot more exhausted because you're not getting that work/life balance that may be elusive and mysterious but is definitely worth chasing. So remember the pursuit of joy, even if it's just little things, like your morning cup of coffee that you enjoy in the quiet of your apartment at 6 a.m. or your fave podcast that you listen to on your commute to work.

9 Find The Joy In Your Job Again

You know that you love your job, and you were so thrilled when you got the offer months or years ago, depending on how long you've been in the same position. But then life happens, right? And work happens. You get burnt out, you get bored, you have coworker drama (the worst, right?), you have a difficult boss, you get used to the daily grind and don't think about how much you adore what you do. But it's really a good idea to think about why you do what you do when you're dragging and tired and having a tough week (or even month, as the case might be). You might be surprised at how much better and more awake you feel when you realize that, yeah, you're living your dream life, you've got your dream job, and you're doing really well.

8 Overhaul Your Diet

Sometimes eating the wrong things -- or things that are making you feel sick -- can be why you're so tired. When you're crazy exhausted all the time and can't figure out why -- you're not any more stressed than usual at work or in your personal life, you're getting enough sleep and working out and all that jazz -- it could be food allergies or intolerances. There is literally no one size fits all kind of diet that works for every single person in the world, so don't get caught up in trendy diets or the way that your BFF eats. Maybe try cutting out gluten and eating more healthy carbs (like oatmeal, brown rice, and brown rice crackers) and more healthy fat (avocado, coconut oil, salmon, almond butter). You might be surprised at how much renewed energy you have.

7 Do A Stress Check

Stress is one of those things that can really make you more tired than anything else. It pretty much depletes your energy and is never going to be a positive force in your life. Think about whether or not you're stressed about anything in your life -- at the office, at home, etc. Maybe you don't even realize what you're so concerned or worried about, and unresolved issues can definitely weigh you down and make you pretty exhausted. Deal with your stress ASAP or you're going to get tons of health problems and really mess things up. You don't want that to happen. So let go of anything or anyone that is causing you stress and making you unnecessarily tired. Think toxic friendships, bad boyfriends, bad bosses. Okay, maybe not the last one, because quitting your job and being suddenly unemployed might actually cause you, even more, stress.

6 Talk About It

Why suffer alone? If you're honestly burnt out and so tired you can barely see straight, tell your mom, best friend, boyfriend, a trusted coworker. Just tell someone. They're going to offer you some support and kind words (or at least they should, otherwise they're super toxic and you need to rethink your relationships). At the very least, the act of sharing your struggles and thoughts and feelings is going to give you a bit more energy. It may sound silly but you're literally lifting a weight off your shoulders by not keeping anything inside. Don't go anything alone, basically. It's never going to be a good idea and will never make you feel any better. Chances are, the people in your life have gone through this rough spot too because everyone gets exhausted and burnt out from time to time, and they might even have some good help, tips, and advice for you, and then you'll be especially glad that you chatted with them.

5 Blast Some Fun Music

Your definition of fun music might be totally different from the next person's, but that's totally okay because differences and being original is what makes the world go round. You might love old-school Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, you might go for Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, you might be more into classic rock or indie/alternative music. Whatever your chosen genre, just own it and go for it. Blast some music when you really need an energy boost and find your feel good songs and playlists. You might not feel a million times less tired, but you will definitely be a bit more awake, which is pretty much all you can ask for when you're overtired but can't exactly check out of your life, quit your job and move to a desert island.

4 Plan A Future Vacation

Of course, you can't just pack your bags, put on your beige fedora and bikini and head to the beach when you feel like it. Wouldn't that be amazing?! But when you need a little boost on a tired day, go ahead and book a future vacation... or at least make a real plan for a future trip if you don't have the dough to spend at the moment. Just the act of thinking about a time in the future when you're going to be able to have fun, enjoy every moment, chill out and basically do nothing except read books or magazines and drink cocktails and eat your fave junk foods is going to make you feel much more awake. Seriously, try it. Thinking of a future trip is pretty magical and inspiring. It can really make you happier in the moment -- anticipation is such a crazy powerful thing.

3 Don't Make Any Major Life Decisions

Sometimes when you decide to do something new or make a huge life decision, it lifts you up and gives you energy, but for the most part, you really don't need to be thinking about anything massive right now. That's just going to make you even more stressed, anxious and exhausted and that's pretty much the last thing that you need or want right now. So don't worry about anything too big. There will always be time to make decisions, whether that's about switching jobs or even fields entirely, moving to a new apartment, deciding to date again after a super dry spell. Just remind yourself that you don't have to decide your entire life today. If someone is pressuring you to decide something, whether that's at the office or in your personal life, you can go ahead and say you need a bit more time to mull things over. That's not a crime and as long as you're polite and professional, they're going to totally understand.

2 Eat More Food

The thing is, when you're exhausted, your body needs more fuel to get going and feel normal. It's just a fact. That's why you get so starving when you're more tired, or why you crave more junk food than you normally do when you're hungover or you didn't get nearly enough sleep the night before. So go ahead and eat more food (within reason, and healthy stuff) when you're really tired. Have an extra snack, or add some extra calories to your lunch or dinner in the form of something healthy like brown rice, crackers, avocado, vegetables, etc. Eating a bit more one day when your body really needs it is not going to make you gain a million pounds or do anything, so don't stress about it. When you're hungry, you have to eat.

1 Know It Will Pass

The thing is, you're probably not going to be tired 100 percent of the time, day in day out. Unless you have a serious health issue, of course, that is. But besides that, you can remember that this will pass. You can go to bed earlier, get more rest, finish that big project and then you won't be so tired and you'll have your life and your energy back. So don't make your exhaustion a bigger deal than it really is. You can do everything perfectly -- eat healthy foods, exercise a few times a week, get enough fresh air and walks in every day -- and still be tired sometimes. No one's perfect and no one is immune to being tired. No, not even your healthiest BFF who always seems to have all her stuff together. So give in to begin tired, try your best to get over it, find your energy once again, and get over it. You're going to feel better soon, and then you'll forget all about your crazy exhausted week.

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