15 Ways To Get Him To Cheat WITH You

Okay ladies, the time has come. Let’s talk about the thing that’s on everybody’s minds, but none of us want to talk about. Out in the world there’s lots of things that we think but never say, one of which is cheating. Whether you’ve been cheated on before, been a cheater in the past or want to entice someone to cheat, cheating is something that most of us know and think about. What’s less common? Talking about making it happen. It happens ALL THE TIME! Why not try and get something for yourself? This article outlines the process of getting someone to cheat with you, and tells you the ways that you can make it happen. Keep in mind, this should only be used if the guy you’re going for is a known cheater. They’re the ones that are going to be most open to the idea. Never try to break up a relationship that’s happy and healthy. That’s just going to breed resentment. Use these tips at your leisure, but be sure to use the power for good… Not evil.


15 Be the Best

We hear it time and time again: Be your best self. Love yourself, and treat yourself the way you would treat somebody else that you really care for. It’s a wonder that more people don’t take this to heart. We believe that the best way to get someone interested, the best way to get revenge, and the best way to fulfill your own full potential is through being your best self. Whether that means refining your alfredo recipe or doing that 10 mile run in under 45 minutes is totally up to you. We support you in however you want to be your best self. Generally, this means showering regularly and keeping yourself healthily groomed. Not only will you feel good doing all this, but that inner goodness will shine, and will get the guy you’re going after super excited at the thought of being with you.

14 Flirt It Up


Once you get his undivided attention, the natural next step is to return that attention. Careful, though. You don’t want to go too overboard. People like to have a little push and pull (which we’ll talk about in more detail later), but they don’t particularly enjoy an overwhelming body throw. If he’s starting to feel a little something for you, highlight it when you two hang out or talk. While you might be feeling that he’s reluctant, we still suggest you aim high. Always go for the gold; if you’re being your best, there’s no reason why not! Send off some subtle signs with gentle touching, flirtatious laughter, and a few well-placed hair throws. Toss your tresses and your caution to the wind, and maybe… Just maybe… He’ll give you a little something something back!

13 Make It Irresistible


No matter how badly you might want it, he still needs a little convincing. If he’s got a partner already, you’ll find that he might be less inclined to get close to you. Which is totally fair. We’re not giving you advice on how to steal a faithful guy; we’re giving you tips and tricks to help you get a cheater’s attention, so he’ll cheat with you! It’s a fine line, but one that you’ll find is fun to straddle (just like something else). Maybe the next time you are talking, get close enough so your perfume sticks to him. Or give him a compliment that means a lot to him. He’ll be sure to remember it and to remember you. Making things memorable is the key to making yourself irresistible. If he forgets about you when you’re not around there’s no chance of this cheating succeeding. But, if he finds himself remembering stolen moments with you, you’ll be sure that he’ll come back hoping for even more.

12 Plant the Seed of Possibility


You’ve expressed your interest. You’ve gotten him interested. You’re following the path of intimate connection pretty much exactly. What more is there to do than to start spewing seeds? Get that possibility out there! There’s nothing to lose. It’s important to drop these seeds in after you’ve already established mutual interest, though. Make sure he’s returned a few flirty messages before you actually approach the topic. And don’t worry about out-and-out suggesting you sleep together. There’s a lot of power in the subtle suggestion. Low-key suggest a Netflix and chill session. Or, suggest he show you his favorite movie that you two talked about one time. Letting him know that you’re DTF is the perfect way to get that possibility planted, and to have him thinking about what could be… And will be!

11 Make Progress at a Party

Social settings are the perfect place to get things going. While this might be sticky business if his partner is there, it’s also the best place to try and get closer to your guy. No doubt you’re both going to be totally swept away in the heat of the moment, dancing and fooling around with your friends, that you’re going to be able to forget about the outside world. If he’s already not super faithful to his partner, this is the perfect way to get him focused on you. He’ll no doubt conveniently forget about his significant other and will let his guard down when you two are together. Maybe he’ll find himself wishing for more from you. Maybe he’ll get caught up in some gentle flirting back! Luckily, it’s only going to be a win-win. He’ll love the attention and will be totally focused on you, and you’ll get closer to your ultimate end goal.

10 Make Your Mission Known


On the topic of getting to your ultimate end goal, you really do need to be clear about what you want. If you’re only weakly suggesting a hangout or two, if you never text him first, and if you get shy when the flirting starts to go down, you’re never going to get with him. He needs more of a push than that! Some guys are painfully oblivious to picking up on subtle signs. It’s just in their nature. While a few might be all eyes and ears towards you, we definitely recognize that clear communication is the path to success. Be blunt about what you want. Establish a strong, friendly relationship first though! This will give you a safe foundation for testing the waters before going further. Drop hints, and when the hints start to work… Go for it! Tell him point-blank what you want and what you need.

9 Push Him Back...

If he doesn’t like people coming on too strong, telling him outright may not be the best plan of attack. Some people really don’t like those that are lacking tact and subtlety. He might prefer that you play it cool for a while, letting him come to you. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to tone it down. Flirting is fun, but there’s only so much that can be done. Eventually, he has to make up his own mind. This might mean that he needs to feel like he has the decision making power. He’ll try and try to get things calmed down, but in the end, he’s really only looking for one thing: the motivation to throw himself right back at you. The best way to do this is to push him back a little; make him wait between text messages, or keep some distance at a party. Do this and you’re going to find that he misses (and starts to crave) your attention.


8 ...Then Pull Him In


After letting him come to the decision on his own terms, he’ll have all the more reason to want to be with you. As someone who’s probably already been unfaithful to his partner, it’s not going to be a hard task to get him to put his money where his mouth is. All you need to do is nudge him a little and you’ll have him on his knees, back or climbing on top of you… Whatever floats your boat. Pull him in for the home stretch of this mission and relish in the fact that you’ve achieved your goal. There’s nothing wrong with being happy about this; you two are doing what you want to, and are having fun doing it! Don’t take on any guilt about the fact that he might have a partner, as well. He had the choice to stay faithful or not, and if he’s in bed with you… Well, let’s just say that he chose.

7 Keep it on the DL


Because there’s probably another person involved with your newfound hookup buddy, it’s important to be very careful. Practicing being safe is one of the best ways to ensure that no one gets stuck with any long-term consequences. Make sure you two are using proper protective measures, and get tested! This will keep the rumor fodder to a minimum and will allow you two to hang out in peace without any stress. Not to mention the fact that there won’t be any explaining to do when one of them (or you!) comes out with a little itchy something. Safety is the name of the game when it comes to relationships, folks. Don’t do it if you don’t feel safe, and don’t give anyone any reason to spread any nasty rumors. This also means that it’s super important to make sure you...

6 DON'T Tell All Your Friends


It’s awfully tempting to brag to your BFFs about hooking up with a hottie. Anytime we strike a success like that we know we want to brag about it. Unfortunately, bragging is the last thing you should be doing. While it’s alright to celebrate, gossip, and gasp with one or two people don’t go spreading it around. Cheating is a touchy subject. Even if you and the couple are in an open-relationship situation, there’s still the possibility that people are going to catch wind of a hookup and go “CHEAT!”, running straight to the partner to tell them about this horrible sin. If you’re actually going behind their back, that could end very poorly for all parties involved. We think the best bet is to keep things quiet. Don’t get caught up in the commotion of celebrating a conquer. Stay grounded and keep the hookups going.

5 Give Him Something He Can't Get


Maybe this is a little too optimistic, but we believe that the more you can be your unique self, the more he’ll love you. He’ll appreciate the independent sparkle and the fun-loving vibe that he can’t get anywhere else. It’s important to give your true self since that’s the only thing that you’ll have to work with. When you’re intimate and getting in touch with each other, you don’t want to find yourself caught trying to keep up a mask or a fake version of yourself. Give him you; your likes and dislikes, your bedroom quirks, and your special brand of excitement. No doubt he’s looking for that if he’s on the prowl for someone to cheat on his partner with. And if you’re willing to give yourself in that way, we don’t see why you shouldn’t get that special reward.

4 Keep It Fun


Part of being yourself is also preserving the ability to keep it fun. Sometimes when we start a casual thing with someone it can turn into a bigger and deeper connection than anyone expected. While we’ll talk a little bit about that in our next point, the advice we want to focus on right now is dealing with anger and jealousy. When that green-eyed monster starts to wrap its filthy hands around you, you might start to find yourself forgetting who you really are. You’ll feel jealousy start to roll itself over your body, and you might not know what to do other than to fight it. Oftentimes this means you’ll say some stuff you don’t mean, and do some stuff you wouldn’t otherwise. DON’T! Do all that you can to stop yourself! Keep things fun and fresh, and keep that jealousy out of your head.

3 Know Your Limits

Remember how we started talking about casual things turning into deeper and deeper connections? People getting to know each other a little bit and then having it turn into a lot? Well, it’s sometimes inevitable. Remember what you set out to do, though. You wanted him to cheat with you, not fall in love with you. While it’s always a happy surprise when that happens, it often doesn’t end up working out that way. You end up with the short end of the stick, loved and left when he decides to try being faithful to his partner. Our suggestion? Know your limits. If you feel yourself falling, pull back. Call it off. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and better to deal with ending things than to deal with a surprise broken heart. The same can be said if he’s falling for you, too! If you just want a hookup, make that absolutely clear.

2 Be What Each Other Needs


It’s all about being what each other needs. This means that you two fulfill an aspect of each other that’s unsatisfied. There’s only so many ways we can say it. Whether you’re the one who wants to turn it into a long-lasting relationship, or he’s the one that wants to, doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you two work together to keep things working out only for as long as it does. You two came together because you had something the other one needed. Keep those needs met and you’ll be okay; it’s also okay to recognize that needs change over time. Your needs three months from now might be different from your needs of today. That’s okay! If he was filling a need at first, but he’s not filling a need now, you have total permission to…

1 Let It Go

YES! When all's said and done, you’re still going to come out on top. You’re going to let yourself have an awesome affair with a guy you’ve wanted for months, or maybe years. What’s more satisfying than that?! What comes up must go down, though, and your relationship will inevitably change with time… Especially if this affair is a long-term thing rather than a one and done hook up. Letting things go can be the most satisfying thing you’ve ever done; trust us! Get your fill and then let things go. Unless he actually does decide to leave his partner and pursue you. While it has happened, it’s usually not healthy. Better to keep it the way it was meant to be: A passionate romance, a fiery encounter, and a few sexy meetings to satisfying your senses.


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