15 Ways To Decorate Your First Grown Up Apartment

Among the many thrills that come with your young adult years, decorating your first place is high on the list. Compiling just the right pieces for your dream pad comes with some detailed planning, but when you figure out exactly how you want your space to look, adding the right furniture and décor will come with ease. It’s an exciting endeavor that may seem daunting at times, but this list will act as a guide to ensure you have the bases down pat. And don’t worry, you don’t need to spend your life savings on your home decor. Some items are totally worth the splurge (an extra comfy mattress), but there are so many affordable (and quality!) pieces you can get your hands on these days.

You’ve finally grown from decorating your room to decorating your very own place. Adorn your abode with pieces that reflect your personality and flair and create a space that is comfortably you. From a chic bar cart that does double duty to DIYs that make your apartment stunningly unique, here are 15 ways to decorate your first place.

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15 Creative storage options

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Having your first grown up apartment is a huge step, but with today's  housing market prices, it’s likely not going to be a huge space. No problem, it’s time to get creative with storage! Wooden baskets are functional and they look great either under your coffee table or out in the open; hooks can be put on the back of your door or above your dresser to hang everything from bags to jewelry; and book shelves don’t just have to be used for books, but can store a printer, picture frames and even more storage bins!

14 Start neutral; mix in colours

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Beginning with neutral colours for your furniture is a great starting base for your apartment décor. A white or glass coffee table, a grey couch, a wood side table – these are all furniture pieces you can add to as your taste and style develops, and as the seasons change. Once you have your neturals, you can mix in colours with throw pillows, rugs, lamps, blankets and other accessories. This will give your apartment a high-end look that follows you as you grow.

13 Area rugs

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A chic, patterned area rug is a great investment for your first apartment. They add texture and colour, and a touch of sophistication that comes from a multi-layered space. Choose a bold colour or stylish pattern that will give personality to your space.

12 Bar cart

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A styled bar cart is a quintessential piece to have in your first grown up pad. Stock it with your favourite liquor, plus essentials like wine and shot glasses. You can place it anywhere in your apartment from your kitchen to living room to dining room, incorporating it into the style of your space. Another great way you can use this décor piece is for storage. You can store books and notepads, or bowls and glassware along with you bar necessities.

11 Light fixtures

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Switching up the light fixtures in your apartment is a small change that makes a big impact. Go for fixtures that suit your space’s style. If you have a bohemian abode go for a hanging lantern; if your style is modern chic try geometric wooden pendants. There are so many options you can choose from and it will make a major difference.

10 Colourful dining chairs

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Put some personality into your space by investing in colored dining chairs. This will give your dining area a unique look that differs greatly from the typical wooden, white or black chairs. You can find them already painted, or buy wooden chairs and paint them yourself as a fun activity. The contrast with your kitchen table will look amazing.

9 Bedroom splurges

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Pretty bedroom linens and a comfortable mattress are totally worth the splurge. You deserve to go to bed in a comfortable oasis after you work so hard all day, so spending money on cozy sheets and a chic duvet cover is more than worth it. Also, investing in a more expensive and really comfortable mattress will ensure it lasts you for years to come, and nothing’s better than a good nights sleep.

8 Window dressings

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Plastic blinds be gone! Fancy curtains will add a sense of sophistication to your space and make it look complete. When chosen correctly, window dressings can make a room. Pick a fabric that’s durable and functional, such as linen or faux silk, and a colour or pattern scheme that fits with your furniture and décor.

7 Coffee table books

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Coffee table books are an eye-catching addition to your living room. A coffee table should be viewed as the center piece of your living space where you can display some of your favourite décor pieces. There are a plethora of interesting coffee table books covering everything from DIYs to baking to entertaining and style. Good reads that look luxe? Count me in.

6 Fancy candles

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Fancy candles look and smell amazing, and allow you to give a distinct scent to your new place. Some favour stronger scents, some more subtle - whatever your preference, find a scent that appeals to and suits you.

5 Throws

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You can never have too many blanket throws – they’re cozy, soft and you can wrap yourself up in them as you watch the latest Netflix series. In the winter months, invest in a faux fur or plaid flannel throw for extra warmth, and in the summer opt for brighter colours and lighter knits.

4 The perfect sofa

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Your living area sofa will likely be the main statement piece in your pad. There are so many different styles, colours and fabrics to choose from, and most importantly, make sure it’s one of the comfiest you can find. Decorate it will throw pillows and patterned blankets to add a chic and cozy touch.

3 Gallery wall

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A gallery wall is a unique way to make a space your own. There’s a wide array of prints available on the virtual shelves of the Internet, as well as major bookstores and small boutiques. Create a theme you want to follow, purchase some frames and create a gallery that says “you.”

2 DIYs

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Thanks to Pinterest, the options for home DIYs are endless. The greatest thing about them is that they are completely unique and no one else’s apartment will have exactly the same DIY you do. You can make your own headboard, put together a desk from different materials, or stencil your bedside table. Each of these are fun creations to take on to personalize your new abode.

1 Mix in vintage finds

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You can find totally reasonable vintage pieces at thrift stores around the city. These pieces, whether a distressed mint side table or a timeless tea set will mix perfectly with modern décor. There’s something so satisfying about giving old pieces new light, and in return the pieces will give your new place a comforting feel.

Sources: housebeautiful.com, refinery29.com, popsugar.com

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