15 Ways To Compliment Your Man The Right Way

Guys have big egos. That’s just a fact. So you definitely need to feed your boyfriend's ego in order for him to walk around with a smile on his face. Sure, he probably can live without it but the truth is that he thrives off of the little compliments that you give him on a daily basis. Although many guys just won't show how much these compliments mean to them, they take them seriously and saying the wrong thing can make a huge difference in their self-confidence and their attitude toward you. So here's the real question... don’t you want to make your boyfriend happy?! If you’re struggling to find ways to make your man feel good about himself, then read on because we are totally and completely here to help you out. Here are 15 of the best ways to compliments your man and leave him feeling as amazing and purposeful as his inflated ego would suggest. Using these ways to compliment your man the right way will be sure to make his day.

15 His Strength

If there’s one thing that men pride themselves on more than almost anything, it’s their strength. No matter how many days your boyfriend spends in the gym, he still wants to know how strong he is. He could be a big beef head that works tirelessly in the weight room in order to be strong or he could be the type that doesn’t really care about pumping iron. The thing these two types do have in common, however, is that they both love hearing how strong they are. Since men are hardwired to be the “leader” and “protector”, they feel super awesome when you just tell them how strong they are. This can be both physically or mentally. Just a small comment about how much stronger they are than you when they move furniture around or open a jar for you is enough for them to feel great, so keep that in mind.

14 How Safe You Feel With Him

This is another compliment that speaks to your man on a primal level. He's pretty much programmed by his DNA to keep you safe and take care of you no matter what. By telling your boyfriend just how safe you feel with him around, you’re going to make his whole day. This doesn’t even have to be said in a complimentary way for it to work, either. All you have to do is just mention how you want him to spend the night because you worry less with him there. It’s a really simple way of making him feel great without having to outright compliment him. However, if you would prefer to compliment him in an obvious way when he throws his arm around you on the couch during a movie night, you can just tell him how much you enjoy it because it makes you feel much safer. Mentioning feeling secure and safe around your man is the perfect way to compliment him.

13 His Sense of Humor

Something all guys have in common when it comes to what makes them feel good is their sense of humor. Each guy has a very unique sense of humor that is unlike any other. It can be dark, cynical, dirty, or just very strange and out there. The point is that no matter what, guys are pretty proud of their sense of humor. It’s something that makes them different than other people and when you tell your boyfriend how much you appreciate and enjoy his particular sense of humor, that's going to mean more to him than you could ever know. So the next time he makes a joke that you genuinely find really funny (not just the jokes you pretend to laugh at), tell him just how much you appreciate his certain type of sense of humor and how unlike anyone else’s it really is. He may not show his joy at first, but believe us when we say he’ll be smiling on the inside for days to come.

12 His Friends

We know it may seem weird to compliment someone on their friends, but hear us out, because we have something here. Sure, it’s nice for us to hear when our boyfriend likes our friends, but if you say the same to him it will honestly mean so much more. A guy’s friends are basically an extension of himself. Sometimes they’re even more meaningful to a guy than his actual family because he chose them himself. Therefore, after meeting his friends and having a good time with them, tell him that you think they’re really great people and that you honestly like being around them. He will be smiling ear to ear after knowing that his girlfriend approves of all his guys... not to mention the fact that it’s really attractive when you get along with his friends. Guys take it personally when a girl doesn’t appreciate how cool or crazy his friends are. So it's a good idea for the health of your relationship to let him know that you like them a lot.

11 His Taste In Music

Music speaks to people on such a deep and emotional level that if you talk about how much you like someone’s taste in music, it means a lot to them. Guys aren’t very emotional people (and that's an understatement, right?) but they do have a lot of feelings. They can get their emotions out when they listen to music, so needless to say, music is pretty important to most of them. That being said, if you really want to compliment your boyfriend the right way, you should be telling him that you genuinely enjoy the kind of music he listens to. This will tell him that not only do you like him as a person, but you like the true him, the more emotional him. And he’ll be really relieved and happy to know that. This is the type of compliment that will resonate with him for a really long time.

10 His Clothing

Guys are definitely not all that stylish. Well, most of them aren’t. But they still put in the effort for their ladies and they like to know just when they look great and when they impress you. Sometimes they also just want the compliment because they have no idea if they’re dressing well or not and need some guidance. Other guys find great pride in the clothes they wear because it’s like a symbol of who they are on the inside (like music). So, in order to compliment your man the right way, you have to notice the type of clothes he wears and comment on something that you really like. If you do this right, you’ll notice that he wears the items that you’ve complimented a lot. Sometimes you might even notice your boyfriend wearing the same outfit on a regular basis because he knows how much you love it.

9 His Banging Body

Girls aren’t the only ones that want to hear their body looks amazing. The difference here is the way you talk about how great his body is. Even if his body needs work, you should always mention that you like it because guys are self-conscious about their bodies just as much as girls are. Instead of telling him his body is really nice and appealing, slap his butt or whistle as he walks by you shirtless. He can totally relate to these kinds of compliments because this is, after all, how he would compliment you. He knows what you mean when you do these things and it’ll make him feel like a million bucks to you. The best way to do this is to make sure you’re not being overly obvious about trying to make him feel good. Semi-hidden compliments about his hot bod are all you need to make his ego swoon, that's for sure.

8 How Great He Smells

If he has any good scents flowing off of him, chances are that he put some effort into smelling really nice for you. It would just be rude to ignore this completely, don't you think? So obviously you have to tell him when he smells really good if he just put cologne on because he’ll appreciate you noticing. However, that’s not the only time you should compliment how he smells. We're sure you know by now that men and women have natural scents that smell good to one another called pheromones. When he just got back from a workout or is sweaty after getting it on one night, tell him how great he smells at these times. He may look at you like you’re crazy at first, but when he walks away he’ll be smiling at the fact that even when he’s all sweaty and should be smelling bad, he smells great to you.

7 His Weird Little Quirks

Everybody can be weird at times. We all have little things we do that are quirky, or we have weird things that we're afraid of or just habits that are unique to us. Some people have to have their food piping hot in order to eat it or they can’t drink their coffee unless it’s room temperature. Things that make us unique are often things we find insecurities in. However, they’re usually the little things that our partner’s fall in love with us for. That being said, tell him how much you love that he can’t wear socks with his shoes even if it seems weird to you. When you compliment the things he doesn’t like about himself or is afraid to tell you about himself, it makes him feel so ridiculously happy that he won’t know what to do with himself. It also helps him feel more secure in the relationship knowing that you like even the strangest things about him.

6 His Size

This has always been a sensitive subject when it comes to guys and that’s why it’s such a powerful compliment if you do it correctly. Getting hot and heavy with your man is just something that goes along with the relationship but we can guarantee you that when you first do it, he’s nervous about one thing: his size. He’ll be worried about any other ones you’ve seen and may like more than his and even if it’ll be enough for you. This is basically the guy’s equivalent of having cellulite or girls feeling as though they’re too heavy when getting naked for the first time. He needs to hear that it’s perfect for you. The best way to go about complimenting him in this way is to not act surprised whatsoever and just say how much you liked it and how great it was for you. That’s all he really needs to know that you like it.

5 His Intelligence

This may come as a surprise to you, but guys like to be told they’re smart. Even if your man isn’t intelligent in the traditional sense, there’s always something that he will be particularly skilled or smart with and that’s what you need to compliment him about. Chances are if he has taken a lot of interest in a certain topic and has even done his own research about it, he’s proud of the knowledge he’s acquired about it. This means that when you tell him just how smart he is when it comes to that, he’ll be overjoyed to know that you appreciate the work he’s put into getting to know more about that subject. And even if your man IS intelligent in the traditional sense, he’ll always like hearing just how much you like that he’s smart. Obviously, you should never do this so much that he ends up getting a big head and becomes a know-it-all.

4 His Driving Skills

This one may seem a little out of place and even kind of strange, but here's the thing: for some reason, guys love to hear about their driving skills. It’s like they take personal offense in the fact that they’re not good drivers and by telling them they are, you’re validating them in some way. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if they’re good drivers they’ll be able to keep you safe. However, it could also have to do with a man’s reputation to be the better driver. Either way, guys love when you compliment them on their ability to drive a car safely. So when you’re driving down a road or on a road trip somewhere, just tell him that you appreciate how well he drives because it allows you to relax and not worry when he’s in charge. It’ll make him happier than you could know. He’ll also volunteer to drive more places after you give him this compliment. It’s a win-win.

3 His Unique Features

Believe it or not, most guys want to hear they’re “pretty” just as much as us ladies do. Have you ever been told that a guy likes your freckles, your little button nose, or even the dark specs in your light eyes? These are some of the best compliments you’ve probably ever received and I’m here to tell you that your man wants to hear things just like it. In order to make them feel special and attractive to you, compliment them on their unique facial features. It can really be anything from his naturally flawless skin to his adorable dimple. Anything that makes his face one of a kind is what you want to use to compliment him in this way. Just tell him how much you admire those aspects of his and how much you think they make him look all the more attractive. That’s the right way to compliment your man, so what are you waiting for?

2 How Reliable He Is

This could be the fact that he always does what he says he will, or that you know you can count on him no matter what. This compliment will mean a lot to your boyfriend. Guys like to know that you trust them and can depend on them in any circumstances because it’s something they pride themselves on. They work hard to earn your trust and to be there for you when you need it and they enjoy knowing that their effort is always appreciated. So don’t forget to tell him just how much you like that you never have to worry when he goes out with his friends or that you love him answering his phone late at night when you can’t sleep because of your nightmares. It’s really easy for you to do and it’ll mean more than you know to your man. If you want to make him feel like the best thing in your life, compliment him this way.

1 How Happy He Makes You

If you're in a committed relationship, then that means that your boyfriend is definitely putting in the effort to make you happy every single day. Even if it’s just sending you that “Good morning, beautiful” text, he’s trying to put a smile on your face. He would love nothing more than for you to tell him just how happy he is making you. When you confirm that you really are happy with him it makes him feel as though all of his efforts aren’t going to waste. It makes him feel special when you point out that he and he alone is causing you so much happiness in your life. You can say this at pretty much any time and it’ll be just as meaningful. If you notice that he just went out of his way to do something nice for you, tell him that he makes you happy when he does those things and just watch his face light up.

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