15 Ways To Become A Contestant On The Bachelor

Does the idea of finding true love in front of the world give you a personal thrill? Are you willing to make a fool of yourself and have your dirty laundry aired to the public? If you are nodding your head yes and are one of the millions of people who watch The Bachelor on tv each week, then now is the time to get your game on and get ready to become the next contestant on The Bachelor.

If you have never watched The Bachelor, you have no idea what fun you are missing out on. The basic idea of the reality dating show is that there is one man, a bachelor, and a house full of attractive young women who are all seeking the love and affection of the bachelor. Some women turn out to be too shy for the show and they rarely make it past week two. Other women are like a train wreck in slow motion. You love them, hate them, hope they get booted off the show, or hope they grow up sometime soon. Eventually the bachelor will be down to two women as more and more women get removed from the show each week. Out of the two women, he has to choose one of them to be his true love and wife.

Why do women put themselves through this ordeal? There are many reasons why women clamor to get on this show. A few may actually be looking for true love. Some want the cash prize for "winning" the bachelor. Others are looking for public exposure or a way to boost their personal careers. It doesn't matter what the underlying motive is, many of the women walk away from the show with public exposure that they could never have gotten on their own.

Do you think you have what it takes to get on the show? Let's find out.

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15 Valid Passport

Before you begin either the application process or attend a casting call for The Bachelor, make sure that your passport is up to date and valid for at least one more year. Contestants on the show do travel out of the country and there is no way they will accept you onto the show unless your passport is in order.

14 Be Prepared to Answer Personal Questions

The Bachelor’s casting crew will ask you personal questions about your past love life. They will want to know if you have ever been married and they will want to know why you are no longer married or in a serious relationship. They will also ask you, “Are you genuinely looking to get married?” Of course you will answer yes to that question because any other answer will probably disqualify you from the show.

13 Be Interesting

The show will want to know about your hobbies and any unique talent you may have. Now is the time to figure out an interesting hobby and talent. You have got to separate yourself from the masses on this point and break out the old flute from your high school band days or learn to juggle lit torches. Casting directors are looking for women who will make the show eventful, fun, and interesting. Don’t make something up that you won’t be able to back up. For instance, if you tell them you eat bugs, be prepared to eat a few bugs if they call you back.

12 Have At Least One Accomplishment

Put at least one accomplishment under your belt, such as winning first place in a skiing competition. If you can’t think of any major accomplishments in your life, try and come up with a small accomplishment such as learning how to be grateful for what you have. Provide a background for the accomplishment and explain why it was such a life changing accomplishment for you. In other words, make a mountain out of a mole hill. You aren’t lying. You are just stretching the truth rather thinly.

11 Show Enthusiasm

Whether you are filling out The Bachelor’s Girl Application, making a casting video to send in, or you are at one of their casting calls, show enthusiasm. Be polite to everyone involved in the casting process. Remember to smile and show a lot of energy. Be bubbly like the girls on the first night of The Bachelor because how they act and smile is what the casting crew is looking for.

10 Supply Recent Photos

When you are getting ready to submit a paper application, make time to do a photo shoot. Your application must be sent with 5 to 15 photographs of yourself. Any applications without the photos will be thrown away. The casting crew wants close up photographs of your face and full body photographs. The photos don’t need to be professionally done. You can have a friend help you take the photos or you can set up a tripod and take the photographs yourself. Have the photographs printed (don’t put them on a disc) and send them along with your application. Any photos that you send in become the property of NZK Productions, Inc. and they will not be returned to you.

9 Make a Video of Yourself

Your paper application to The Bachelor should also contain some video footage of yourself. While it is not mandatory to send in a video of yourself, doing so will show the casting crew that you are willing to go the extra mile to get onto the show. It will also give them an idea of how you look on camera. When making the video, they ask that you do a few simple things. Make sure you are well lit from the front so that they can clearly see your face. Smile and appear enthusiastic. Avoid a white wall for your background because it will make you appear washed out. Choose a colorful background. Eliminate all background noises so they can hear you clearly. Dress classy. Finally, have a friend read you a sample of questions they supply you on their site and respond to each question. The video should be 10 to 15 minutes long and send it to them on a DVD.

8 Attend a Casting Call

Casting calls for The Bachelor are listed on their site periodically. Before attending the casting call, fill out the application and supply them with photos and a video. Some people say that doing this before attending the casting call makes the casting call go much smoother and faster. If there are no casting calls in your state, you will need to rely on sending in the material by mail. Be prepared to have your photo taken at the casting call, answer a questionnaire, and have another short video made of yourself.

7 Dress Comfortably


When you go to a casting call, you will see a lot of well dressed women. That is great and you should also dress your best, but aim for comfort, too. You may be standing in line for a few hours before making it in through the doors. Wear comfortable shoes to the casting call. If you want to wear heels, bring them along with you and change into them quickly before entering the building. The outfit you wear should be comfortable and slimming. You want to look in shape. Avoid bulky clothing and clothing that makes you look slutty or desperate.

6 Get In Shape

The moment you begin to entertain the idea of getting onto The Bachelor is the very moment you need to think about getting yourself in shape. Do the research and check out the bodies of the final contestants on previous seasons. All of them appear to be slender (not scrawny) and healthy looking. Make a solid plan to get your body in shape and get yourself on a healthy diet that includes a lot of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

5 Consider Modeling Classes

Another thing you should seriously consider doing before trying to get onto The Bachelor is taking modeling classes. Bettering yourself is far from cheating. In fact, taking modeling classes will help give you the confidence you need to present yourself as a well rounded and classy individual. Modeling classes will teach you how to walk properly and how to walk in heels. You can also learn about how to apply makeup and how to pose yourself for photo shoots. Models command attention, and that is exactly what you want when you make a video of yourself for The Bachelor and when you attend a casting call.

4 Must Meet Minimum Age

You must be at least 21 years of age when you apply to become a contestant on The Bachelor. If you are younger than that, don’t despair. Unlike other potential contestants, you now have the time to prepare yourself for the show and perfect your looks.

3 Be a Risk Taker

To get onto the show, you must be a risk taker. You must be willing to risk injury when asked to take part in physical activities, such as sports and hot air ballooning. You will have to sign a release form in case of injury and even death, accepting all risks as part of being on the show.

2 Don’t Give Up


Many women have attended multiple casting calls to get on The Bachelor. The important thing is to be patient and to keep on trying. You may not get in on the first casting call or even the fourth casting call. Keep at it for as long as you want to be on the show.

1 Be Yourself

Casting director Lacey Pemberton told ABC11 that applicants just need to be themselves when they come out for a casting call. She said that many women have a hard time simply being who they are when in front of the camera. Before going to a casting call, spend some time sitting in front of a camera and video tape yourself. Watch the tape and give yourself an honest critique. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable in your own skin and are able to portray yourself as a desirable woman full of confidence, warmth, and cheerfulness.

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