15 Ways To Be Zen AF

Who doesn't want to be zen? Of course, you would love to be this cool, calm and collected person. Your apartment is a great way to get there. Your home is your special place and your escape from the world. It needs to be a sanctuary so you can recharge and be the best you can be. A zen environment can be quite easy to master once you know a few tips to get you started. Maybe you don't know where to begin when it comes to transforming your home into a clean and precious place to be able to fully relax. With small lifestyle changes, decor, and planning, you’ll be well on your way to a new milestone in your life. You’ll be happier and have more time to focus on what really matters.

I’ll admit that it was hard for me to de-clutter until I just forced myself to get started, and here’s what I learned. Hopefully, it can help you get everything in order for the coming new season, a fresh start and place to de-stress so you can be your best! Read on to find out how to be zen AF -- it all starts with your home.

15 Think About A White Space

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A color that has been known for years as the color of purity. A color that reflects light to open up a room, making the space seem larger and more airy than it actually is. The perfect way to create a zen environment is to create a space with white walls and minimal accessories. This is a color that represents peace, serenity, and calmness, so it naturally helps you make your home something that can help you focus on clearing your mind for the day. You will also be able to calm your nerves after a stressful day at work. White walls can make your space expand and create an open feeling that will take stress off your back and help you relax. It is a blank slate you can start fresh with and create the vibe you want using this base as your canvas! Trust us you will instantly feel zen!

14 Do Yoga

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Even if you are a beginner to the art of yoga, or if you just want to do it to find a piece of mind rather than having the goal of losing weight, yoga is the perfect thing to include in your healthy lifestyle. What's awesome about yoga is that you can practice it anytime, everywhere. Well, almost. You can head to a class or just practice at home. You can start each morning with a simple yoga practice and make a flow that is full of happiness. Yoga has many benefits, but if you’re not ready to jump head first into the culture of yoga practice, you can start easy and just do it for fun. Having a small space where you can lay out and work on your breathing will create a safe and calm environment and your friends will envy you. Soon they’ll bug you to come over just to take advantage of the peaceful vibes!

13 Get Some Plants

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To create a bit of color in your freshly painted white canvas of an environment, get some plants! Plants can totally liven up any room. They should be in every room too, even the bathroom. Yes, really! Taking care of plants is a healthy hobby to have. They create better air circulation in your environment, they’re beautiful, and plus, caring for something can be pretty fun! Plus they’re very low maintenance if you’re into that kind of thing. With a range of plants from big to little and pot holders to match, you’ll always be on-trend with these little house friends. Have funky designs to liven up a room and scatter them everywhere to make your house be visually appealing and feel fresh all day long. My favorites would have to be a bunch of little and cute succulents and cacti. They always help me work productively and brighten my day.

12 Create A Zen Corner

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Just like you want to have a space in your home for yoga, having a small area where you can sit and relax away from your bed and desk can really help clear your mind and fully embrace the zen you’re trying to create in your house. The flow of your energy will triple when you have a small and calm space to fully think out your day and your goals. You’ll be surprised at how easy this can be! Just simply take a small end table and cover it with your favorite books, plants, and other small items that produce positivity unique to you. Have a small chair or stool, comfortable enough to spend time there and not be bothered, you’ll be clear headed in no time, you’ll feel relaxed and renewed every minute you spend creating your own meditation ritual. And if you think that meditation is hard, don't worry. You can't do it wrong!

11 Stay Natural

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Accenting white rooms with rustic wood brings a natural feeling that you will definitely love. Natural wood furnishings not only last a very long time, but they are always trendy and comfortable if you add a few minimally designed cushions. This brings color into a room without drawing away from the clean and pristine space. It creates something in an area that is not just blank and allows emotion and thought to continue to be organic and not forced. You will totally feel super calm and at peace. If this is a design you have always wanted to try, go for it! You will be decorating your whole home like this in no time. Just add a splash of wooden untreated wood as shelves against a white wall for bright contrast and a comforting feeling throughout your home. Add touches like this and you will be a pro, we promise.

10 Have An Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans are totally the way to go! Having a more open floor plan in your house and having designated areas for certain activities can be a perfect way to keep balance and flow throughout a home, yet make sure things don’t get messed up and all over the place. Having an area to work will keep your mind focused when you go to that area to get stuff done. And when you head to your bedroom, you'll feel tired since your bedroom is for, well, sleep. So by keeping areas separate you’ll find that there will be a natural order to how your house flows that feels natural and unique to you. People sometimes find it hard to live with an open floor plan, but it’s quite simple once you start organizing and making sure everything is in perfect order before you jump in and become strict about where things go. You can't force the flow of your home, you have to work with it, and before you know it you'll be pretty zen.

9 Embrace Natural Light

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Having natural light instead of light bulbs on all the time in your home will keep you bright-eyed! Natural light creates an effect like no other. It helps you focus and be productive and gives your house a more open feeling. Combining this tip with the first one we mentioned about white blank slates is extremely important to get the full effect. When you have clean white minimalist walls and you open large windows in your apartment to let the morning sun rush in, you will notice how much space seems to open up during the day! Creating a warm environment with open space is the perfect condition to motivate you to work hard and keep improving! Natural light is good for your health and your home, do not miss out on this opportunity to incorporate it into your design plans. You will not regret it! This is one of the best tips to instantly feel zen!

8 Light Some Incense

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Don't you just love walking into a room that smells so amazing?! Incense can be the most beautiful way to make a room smell fragrant, creating beautiful billows of light smoke while making your house smell like a meadow.  Incense can be found almost anywhere and while it might seem like a little tiny detail that does not really matter, you are wrong! It is all in the details when curating a zen environment to flourish in. There is such an array of scents to choose from and it is a great way to experiment and see which ones work for you, which scents will lift your mood or drop them, and which will help energize you! I always light a cone of incense when I start working. For me, it is the best. It is a way to enjoy strong smells that will flow through your entire house and this is something that you could definitely embrace.

7 Stay Warm

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Like I mentioned above, warmth from natural light is a great way to feel comfortable in your zen influenced home. On the weekend, opening a window to let in the breeze and turning the AC off and getting under the covers with a mug of hot chocolate or steaming dark coffee can be a simple pastime that is so effective. It will always save you a few pennies by choosing the natural way instead of the electrical way! You will not know what hit you and soon you will be so relaxed, you will feel like you are on vacation in your own home! Sometimes the simple things are what make the biggest differences in your space, from the decor that you choose to how you live in your place. Be sure to try to incorporate this aspect into you home, it will truly make your house feel like a home and you will remember that feeling for decades to come.

6 Get Some Art

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Being surrounded by art is probably one of the most inspiring things I could possibly think of when it comes to my home. Art books, art prints, sculptures, the pillows I choose sewn by local artists -- these all have a story that exists within my space. This art reminds me everyday that there’s no day like today to unleash my creativity. Art is a beautiful way to spruce up a room just like plants. It can bring color and another dynamic to your bare walls rather than shelves that just seem to gather clutter and dust over time. Bring your home space to a new level by presenting a sophisticated and chic dynamic that others will be sure to notice when they enter your home. Most importantly, do it because you love it. Choose art that fits your style and lifestyle and choose something that will remind you to be creative and yourself every single day.

5 Surround Yourself With Books

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Just like having lots of art around you that can seriously help to zen you out, being surrounded by actual books can be a great way to remind yourself of your favorite things while also decorating your space. Literature on shelves, your coffee table, in the kitchen, literally putting it everywhere! This is a perfect way to present an old and rustic vibe in your home while also maintaining the zen flow of the layout. Going to your local antique shops to find classics you have always loved can be a great way to find old and beaten books that create a more authentic feeling in your home. Most books from old shops will be hardcover with beautiful metallic embossing on the covers, and these will be filled with so many stories you can’t help but wonder who owned the copy of the novel before you. And you can pretend you've read them all (we won't tell).

4 Write More

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Writing is another way that you can really change the environment you are living in. Here is how: you will find that having your journals around you full of thoughts and creative, positive vibes will influence every single person who enters your humble home. When you write you create worlds out of nothing just like how you curated your home. It is a wonderful outlet to express yourself and expand your consciousness. And you will definitely learn and grow and become more calm and zen in the process, which is a great bonus. Writing can be a tool that helps you get your life in order, in turn helping you perfect the environment you live in, making sure you are ready to embrace the world as soon as you leave your safe space. It prepares you for what is out there in the world. Even if you don't know what you're writing, just go for it!

3 Keep Things Clean

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This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised! Having a clean home and getting chores done sooner rather that later gives you more time to really focus on what matters in your space. Now I’m not just talking about doing the dishes, dirty laundry, and cleaning the floors. I’m talking about decluttering, making sure everything is always put back where it belongs, and making sure things aren’t just laying around in random places. Over time, this will create order and help you form the habit of keeping it up so it never gets out of hand and pushes you in a stressful direction. Making sure your house is clean will give you more time to focus, it will help you be less stress, as well as achieve your goals sooner since you’ll have extra time. If you keep up this simple habit, you’ll, in turn, have to do it less often and less intensely instead doing little cleanups here and there!

2 Eat Healthy

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Having a clean bill of health to the best of your abilities can really boost your living space. Having a kitchen and home stocked full of healthy snacks can not only save time but it can make you want to balance your lifestyle and home, too. Super zen. Healthy and organic food will nourish your body, allowing you to work harder and be more productive. When you work on these aspects of your life you’ll build up a strong platform in your home that you can build off of with confidence. You’ll discover yourself and what you like and you’ll be able to put that knowledge towards the future connection between yourself and your special home. And that's what you want, right? Seriously, eating tons of junk food is not a way to create a zen environment in your apartment and also in yourself, which brings me to the next point...

1 Be Zen Yourself

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The most important key to living and curating a zen environment is being zen yourself! All of the items on this list center around yourself, your body, mind, and spirit. They all come together and create what we call home. Home isn’t just a physical place, right? We make homes our home because of us, our feelings and memories. We can take those with us and learn to live in other space and make them feel safe over time as well. We’re never connected to one single place. We're always going out and traveling, exploring and making sure we take the time to take care of the home that exists in us is what makes humans so great. We are the home we love, and it's a good idea to protect that our space and create a home that is so zen, it totally centers us and calms us down no matter what.

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