15 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He's Ever Had

I think we all want to be the best girlfriend that our boyfriend has ever had. We want to be extra special to him and basically the one that he compares all his exes to. We want to set ourselves apart from any other girl he’s every dated before so we can ensure that he won’t want to leave us. That’s basically the number one goal of all girlfriends everywhere. As much as we’d like to be super confident and not care at all about all those other girls, we're not really that secure in ourselves or our relationship. I take great pride in the way I treat my boyfriends. I really believe they deserve the absolute best and I also love the way they brag to all of their friends about how fantastic I am as a girlfriend. Although I pride myself on my behavior now, I wasn’t always the best. I made mistakes and definitely regret some of my choices in my past relationships. Thankfully, I've learned from the past and have learned how to be the best girlfriend ever. Lucky for you, I'm totally willing to share my secret ways so we can all have boyfriends that are ridiculously happy that we’re their girlfriends. Here's the official 15-step process to being the best girlfriend ever.

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15 Be Understanding

If there’s one thing that will make him put you on the “bad girlfriend” list, it’s being super judgemental when it comes to his feelings and opinions. If he always feels like he has to hide how he truly feels because you’re not an understanding person then he’ll never confide in you at all. You also have to be an understanding person when it comes to the way he acts and when he messes up. Every guy is going to make mistakes and you have to understand this and put yourself in his shoes from time to time. This will not only make you the best girlfriend he’s ever had, but it’ll help your situation when you make a mistake, too. Having the kind of relationship where you share how you feel and do your best to communicate will allow him to open up and feel free to say and do things because he knows you’ll get him and won’t react negatively.

14 Don’t Nag Him

I think we can all agree that being nagged is pretty much the most annoying thing ever. I get nagged by my mom all the time and usually respond with an eye roll and don't listen to whatever she's just said. Unfortunately, us girlfriends have a tendency to nag our boyfriends to do certain things from time to time and believe me when I say they hate it. If you want to be the best girlfriend they’ve ever had the fortune of having then you have to learn how to carefully craft your requests for him to do something. Ditch the nagging and opt for some motivation. Give him a reason to do the things you want him to. Tell him it’s sexy when he does the dishes. Tell him he looks so manly when you see him cleaning the counters. These are all subtle ways to get him to do what you want without annoying him with your nagging.

13 Tell Him How You Feel

Us ladies are pretty confusing... at least when it comes to our feelings. We could be perfectly fine one minute and in a sour mood the next simply because our boyfriends said something that set us off. The trouble with this is that they don’t always know when they’ve done or said something that was insensitive. Our triggers make zero sense to them. So instead of moping around for the rest of the night, deeply sighing every time he comes around, just tell him how you feel. The minute he does something that upsets you just speak your mind and tell him that it makes you mad when he does that. Chances are he’ll be surprised and then relieved that you told him so he could make it better right away. Guys hate the guessing game when it comes to your feelings so be straight up with him if you want to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

12 Encourage Him To Have Guy Time

Man, oh man, boyfriends love this. When you specifically tell him that he should take a Friday night and hit the town with his boys instead of taking you on a fancy date he will practically shower you with affection. Guys have a special – and sometimes just plain weird – relationship with their friends. It’s as if their friends are actually a life source of theirs and they can’t live without seeing them. Since he has now devoted so much more time to you and so much less with his friends, he values time with them much more. By encouraging him to go spend time with his friends you are showing him that you understand the need for his friends and are willing to give up your time with him so he can be happy. This move will ensure that you’re the best girlfriend he’s ever had and it will also make him want to take you out on more dates.

11 Leave Him Alone When He’s Mad

We always feel the need to try and make people feel better. While this is definitely how you should treat your friends when they’re upset, you just can’t do this to your boyfriend. Boys don’t like talking about their feelings. In fact, it’s probably their least favorite thing of all time. So when your boyfriend walks in the house stomping his feet and cussing up a storm, never ask him what is wrong. Never try to pry into his feelings and figure out what’s wrong. The best thing you can do when this happens is to simply ask him if there’s anything you can do for him and then leave him alone. He needs to be able to process his anger in private and will only be agitated more by your consistent prying. If you always do this, he will not only be grateful but he’ll confide in you more since you don’t force him to share.

10 Surprise Him

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of lavish things in order to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had. In fact, that will only make him feel guilty. What you should do is surprise him with small things that mean a lot to him: tickets to his fave band's concert when they come into town, ordering chicken wings for him and his friends to enjoy when they're having a guys' night. These small things will make him feel loved and will show him that you care about his happiness and are willing to put in the work just to see him smile. It will also give him something to brag about with his friends. When his friends voice their jealousy over him having such an awesome girlfriend it also makes you seem even better in his eyes.

9 Appreciate When He Does Nice Things

I have found that the biggest reason relationships have ended in my past is because I never really appreciated when my boyfriend did nice things for me. Guys don’t have the natural ability to think of other people and their feelings as much as us women do and therefore it’s harder for them to do sweet and kind things for you. It takes a lot more planning and effort on their part to do something that will make you happy and you should always appreciate them and make a big deal about it when they do so. I know that boyfriends should always do things that are nice for you, but if they feel that you don’t appreciate what they do they’re going to feel unhappy and like they’re not fulfilling your needs. Make sure he knows just how much you love all that he does for you and always make a skeptical of his efforts.

8 Compliment Him Like Crazy

Don't take it so far that he doesn't even believe you, of course, but definitely, compliment him a lot. Guys actually need more assurance than you might think. Just think about how much you want him to tell you that you’re beautiful and that you make him happy. Now turn that up a notch and that’s how much you should be doing the same for him. By complimenting every positive aspect that he has and even those characteristics that he isn’t fond of himself, you’re reassuring him that you care for him and you’re also feeding his ego – a powerful thing that can determine a guy's mood and well-being. If you really want to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had you will find a way to compliment him every single day.

7 Ask Him For Help

Have you ever noticed that guys always feel the need to fix everything? Whether it’s the garbage disposal or your sad mood, they always want to make everything better because they feel like it’s their duty. You should definitely go to him for help and advice when you need it. You can ask him to open the pickle jar (even if you don’t actually need him to -- of course you're strong enough!) or ask for his opinion on an important matter in your life. No matter what he’s helping with, he's going to get a great ego boost and his self-esteem will increase a ton. He’ll feel like he truly has a purpose in your life and he’ll see you as the best girlfriend ever because of this.

6 Do His Chores When He’s Had A Long Day

We've all had one of those days: a super long, super rough day that leaves us completely exhausted by the end of it. But we have to go home and do a bunch of chores... and then see that someone else did them for us. It's amazing, right? Remember that feeling and do the same for your boyfriend. If you help him out, he's going to definitely see you as the best girlfriend he's ever had. Not only will he be relieved that he doesn’t have to do those chores after such a bad day, but he’ll actually be in a better mood knowing that you did all of them just for him because you wanted him to have a better night. I bet that not all – if any – of his previous girlfriends ever did anything like that for him and you will stand out in his mind.

5 Have Your Own Opinion

One of the worst things you can do in a relationship is changing the way you think. It's not cute to copy your boyfriend's opinions, even if you think that it is. He's just going to rest you and think you're a totally spineless person. It's so much better to actually have your own opinions and voice them all the time, too. He'll get to know the real you and you can have real conversations about your feelings and thoughts. Guys love to argue and engage in some friendly debate. They'll have more  respect for you when you tell them that you agree or disagree with what they say. This is also the easiest because we all have an opinion; you just have to voice it.

4 Let Him Have His Guy Time

Just as much as you need time to do your nails, primp your hair, and apply those alien-like face masks, he needs to have time to himself to do whatever it is that guys do when they’re alone. In the case of my boyfriend, that’s play video games. While you definitely can sit beside him while he spends hours defeating his arch nemesis via video games, you’d be surprised how much he enjoys doing this also more than when you’re right next to him. Guys need to have time to themselves to recuperate from being all boyfriend-like with you. They need time to fart without being judged, belch like an animal, and just be a dude. In order to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had, recognize these moments and make yourself scarce so he can have his alone time. This will also make him appreciate his time with you more because he won’t get sick of you. So really, it’s a win-win for everyone.

3 Have An Inappropriate Sense Of Humor

We all know that guys have such an inappropriate sense of humor and love to joke about gross, often inappropriate stuff. The funny thing? We can also have the same sense of humor, but we tend to hide this so our BFs think that we're lady-like. But your boyfriend would honestly be thrilled to learn that you are just as hilarious as he is. He's going to feel secure in your relationship and like he can truly be himself around you, and he'll also feel more connected to you.  He’ll realize that you’re an easy-going girl that can most definitely take a joke and this takes SO much pressure off of him. So let your hair down and have a sense of humor if you want to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

2 Don’t Pressure Him

Don’t pressure him to open up to you, don’t pressure him to make your relationship official too soon, and most definitely don’t pressure him into committing to long-term plans with you. If you do, you're going to seriously put your relationship at risk, and you'll make him think that he's not good enough for you and that will basically make you his worst girlfriend ever, not the best. You have to give him space and freedom and time to come to conclusions and decisions on his own. Sometimes it takes guys a really long time to commit to something. If you practice all of these tips on how to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had, you won’t have to pressure him into anything because he’ll want to do it.

1 Encourage And Support Him

Guys have strange hobbies and interests. Some of them even jump from one hobby to the next without ever really diving into it or finishing any one project. No matter what your BF wants to do, you have to support him and always encourage them to do the things that they love. Unless it’s murder. In that case, I would just call the police. But under normal circumstances, guys are just like us -- they want their partner to be super supportive and to stand beside them, no matter where their life takes them. He's going to feel pretty awesome knowing that if he fails, you'll still be there. You're always going to be cheering I'm on. This will certainly make you be the best girlfriend he’s ever had and he’ll be bragging to his friends about you for a long time.

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