15 Ways To Actually Tell You're The Best He's Ever Had (Without Asking)

So, how can you tell if you’re his #1 without being totally lame and just flat-out asking? Well, like everything in life, there are signs.

If you really, really like a guy and you’re in a passionate relationship with him, it can make you crazy. And not in a good way.

Yes, being in an intimate relationship with a guy you’re total into can be fun and exciting. It’s wistful and romantic. It’s new and adventurous. That's the good crazy feeling. But it can also make you go insane.

The worst part is that a new intimate relationship and partner makes you wonder where you fall on his list, y’know that secret list he has in his head of all his best lovers. Obviously, you want to be his #1. Actually, it would be nice if you were every guy’s #1 ever, but let’s not get greedy.

So, how can you tell if you’re his #1 without being totally lame and just flat-out asking? Well, like everything in life, there are signs. There are things he’ll do before, during and after the deed that are dead giveaways that you’re the best sensual partner he’s ever had. There’s also certain things he may go the morning after, y’know like make you breakfast in bed. You can even tell you’re the best he’s ever had by certain things he’ll scream out in the heat of the moment. And we have that all below.

That’s right, below are 15 real ways you can tell if you’re the best lay he’s ever had. So now, you don’t have to ask because that’s awkward AF.


15 He’s Curious About Your Personal Track-Record

If you’re the best he’s ever had, he’s going to start wondering how you got some damn good at sex.

Where did she learn to do that thing with her hips?

How does she know to grab me there right when I’m about to finish?

Who taught her all of these moves?

He may go a little bit insane trying to think of your sexual history and how you got so good in the sack. So, if he’s suddenly interested in your ex-boyfriends, it could be because you're the best he's ever had. If he’s asking if you’ve had any one-night stands, it could be because you're his best.

A sudden interest in your sexual history means he’s wondering how you learned these moves. He may also be feeling a little self-conscious because of your skill level and wondering who else you’ve been with.

14 He Goes To Bed Afterwards

Sometimes the best part about sex is what happens after the sex. And no, I don’t just mean the cuddling, though cuddling can be pretty great. Instead, I mean the hanging out in bed together. Maybe you get dressed, maybe you don’t. Maybe you watch something on Netflix, maybe you talk about your dark secrets. Maybe he falls right to sleep and you’re really bored.

Wait, WTF was that last one? He goes to sleep? Well, take his snoozing as a compliment. It’s not that he doesn’t want to hangout with you. It’s just that he’s so tired from the workout you just gave him. This dude needs his rest if he’s going to try to keep up with you. So let him rest and bask in the glory of your sexual prowess, you sex goddess.

13 He Can’t Get Enough Of You

If you’re the best sex he’s ever had, he’s going to want to have sex with you. A lot. That’s pretty much a given. I mean, this is a new level of sex for him. He’s going to want to experience it all the time. It’s almost as it sex with everyone else was one thing, and sex with you is a whole new thing that he has to try again, and again, and again.

If, with you, he’s the type to try to go several times in one night, that could be a sign that you’re the best he's ever had. If he’s the type of always be up for morning sex – even if it will make him late for work – that could be a sign that you’re his best. If he’ll meet for a quickie during his lunch hour, that could also be a sign. In fact, any time a guy picks sex with you over food is a sign that you might be the best he’s ever had, because eating is the only thing that rivals sex in men's minds.

12 He Makes… Uh… Noises

The primal noises we make during sex are involuntary. Noises just fall out of us. There’s heavy panting and breathing. There’s grunts and moans. There’s even screams. Hell, some people even cry during really good sex.

The way your body reacts to that intense amount of pleasure is really out of your control. It’s just the body doing its thing. So, if you’re with a dude and he’s making noises you’ve never heard before, you may be the best he’s ever had. If he makes noises that worry you, don't worry. You're just the best he's ever had. That, or he's dying during the sex. It's always a toss up. If he brings up his absurd noises after sex, that’s a sign that those noises are not the norm, and so the sex you two just had was not the norm for him - it was better than the norm.

Basically, if he sounds like he’s going through an exorcism, it may not be the sexiest thing in the world, but it could mean you’re his #1.

11 He’s Said 'I Love You' During It

Noises coming out of one’s mouth during sex are just the tip of the iceberg. People also say insane things during sex. We curse, we scream for god, we… well, we say a lot of weird things that I'm sure no one wants me bring up right now. In fact, we are so out of control of what we say during sex that in an episode of Sex and the City, Charlotte breaks up with a guy who involuntarily calls her a slut every single time he reaches climax. Like I said, we can’t help what falls out of our mouths during sex. That said, if he’s dropping L-bombs during sex, it could mean you’re the best he’s ever had.

To be clear though, if he doesn’t say I love you outside of the bedroom yet, I wouldn’t take this as his big 'I love you' moment. Instead, just consider it to be a really big compliment to your sexual skills in the heat of the moment.

10 He Credits You For Making Him Better

In talking about your bedroom skills, he may compliment you. He may really compliment you, and one of the best compliments you can get is for him to tell you that you’ve made him a better lover. This is a sure sign that you’re his #1. I mean, he’s saying you made him better at sex. Say that again in your head: You. Made. Him. Better. At. Sex.

You're a queen. That means you’ve pulled him up from his sad pre-you existence and welcomed him into a world of new, better sex. He’s learned tricks and moves simply from sleeping with you. It’s like being the best sex teacher in the world.

Of course, better-at-sex thing also has to do with chemistry. Sometimes our bodies just work well together. So he can’t necessarily take his new moves with you and translate them to someone else. He should know that you’ve made him better, because it’s the sex he’s having with you.

9 He Gives You All The Compliments Ever

These compliments could be given in one of two places. He could compliment you excessively in the bedroom. He could sing your praises after a round together, literally repeating back to you everything you’ve done – um, as if you didn’t know exactly what you were doing, am I right girl?

Obviously if he spends the whole hour after sex complimenting all your moves, you know he thinks your skill level is legit. However, if he compliments you outside of the bedroom that could mean you’re his best ever too. Us humans aren’t the most communicative with our sexual desires. He might be too shy to tell you he likes when you did that round-about thing with your hips. Instead, he’ll compliment your apartment, you outfit, your hair, you eyes – literally everything he can.

If you’re showered in compliments, there’s a good chance you’re the best he’s ever had and he's too shy to say it.

8 He’s All About Giving Back To You

Another way he could be telling you that you're the best he's ever had is by treating you really, really (I mean, REALLY) good in the bedroom. If you notice that he’s extra attentive to your body, it could be his way of trying to make you feel as good as you make him feel. Sometimes us ladies are shy about receiving pleasure, but let him do it. I mean, if you’re putting on the works for him in bed, you might as well let him return the favor.

I’m obviously talking about foreplay, which he could do before or after, but there’s also the way he attends to your body during the deed. If he’s especially affectionate with your body – kissing, rubbing, touching you – that could also be his way of giving back to you in the moment too. Also, if he offers to massage you or rub your feet after, this could be another sign you're his best.

Just be aware of him trying to make your body feel extra good, because that's the biggest clue.

7 In Fact, He's All About The 'Warm-Up'

Foreplay could be his way of giving back to you, as I pointed out in the previous entry. It’s his way of making your feel as good as you just made him feel. However, if he’s all about the foreplay on all accounts - y'know, himself included - that could also be a sign. You know what I’m talking about. If he loves when you go down on him, it’s likely you’re a rock star in that department.

To be quite honest, sometimes all you need to know how to do is a solid BJ and you’re set in the sex departments. I mean, if you make his head explode with some first class foreplay, her may not even remember the sex afterwards. Hell, you could probably just lie there and not do anything and he’d still think you’re a superstar because of the foreplay.

What I’m saying is never underestimate how much men enjoy a BJ. If he’s really into the foreplay, it could be that you’re a BJ queen. In which case, props to you.

6 He’ll Bring You Treats To Bed

Men make breakfast in bed for women who blow their mind in the bedroom. It’s a fact. He’s simply not going to wake up in the morning after a night a shitty sex and think, ‘Hm, let make make this girl some eggs, toast and bacon.” Nope, he’s more wondering when you’re going to leave.

If he’s getting up and making you breakfast in bed, he’s trying to entice you to say for another round. He’s also trying to give back to you for how well you treated him the night before. And there is nothing a guy considers more of a treat than food.

He also may not be that fancy. It may just be a slice of pizza the night of. Whatever the case, if he’s bringing you treats to his bed, he’s hoping you’ll stay a while.

5 He Made It Official Out Afterwards

Much like the whole blurting out 'I love you' during the deed, some guys will suddenly what to make the relationship official after a good time together. I mean, once he’s gotten intimate with you – and you’re the best he’s ever had – he’ll want to lock it down. He won’t want to lose you to another man. So, if you’re hopping into your jeans after sex and he’s basically proposing, then you may have hooked him with your sexual skills.

Sudden attachment to you after engaging in sex could mean you’re the best he’s ever had. I mean, if you have the best sex ever, you want to lock that down. That’s the girl you want to marry, right? Unfortunately though, getting married to someone may be a sure sign that you’re his #1. You definitely could be his #1, but it's not a given just because you're his wife. For some of us, our #1 is some f**k boy or girl, who is 100% not the kind of person you marry.

4 He’s Down For It Wherever, Whenever

He never, ever, ever turns down sex with you? Yeah, you could mean you're his #1.

This scenario applies to the type of guy who will drive through rain, snow, sleet, and whatever else nature can throw at him to have sex with you. He’ll do it anywhere, even the bathroom of a Chili’s – though, you shouldn’t get busy in the bathroom of a Chili’s, because ew.

Sure, it’s a common joke that most men won’t turn down sex. They’re up for it whenever, right? Well yeah, but this point is about the guys who go to extremes. You text him at 3:46am and he wakes up to come over? Yeah, that’s extreme and that’s a sign that you’re his #1.

3 He Has To Really Recover

Does he look like he just got beat up after having sex with you? Well, that could be a good thing. Actually, that could be the best thing, because it could mean you're the best he's ever had.

If he’s panting like he just ran a marathon, drenched in sweat to that point that you’re kind of grossed out by him – yeah, that could mean that you gave him a workout. He may have to guzzle water or Gatorade. He may need to rest. He may need to take a shower, smoke a cigarette, or make himself a cocktail. He needs to relax and gain his strength, girl. Seeing him in this state of distress is actually a good thing. You want him to seem like he’s dying after sex. It means that he’s trying to keep up.

The more tired he is, the more likely it is that you’re his #1.

2 He Compliments Your Body All The Time

Like I said, us humans have a hard time talking about intimacy. It’s just awkward to be like, ‘Hey, you’re great at sex and I really like the way you grab me here.’ No one wants to have those conversations. It makes us blush and feel goofy. Instead of straight up complimenting your sexual skills, he may compliment your body, which he mentally links with your sexuality. And this doesn’t just need to be in the bedroom. He could compliment your legs while you’re walking down the street. He could compliment your tight stomach while you’re out at a bar. He’s just very aware of your body, because he loves it and what you do with it.

If he’s always complimenting your body, the way you walk, the way your dance, and anything related to your body, it may be because you’re his #1 and he just can't bring himself to say that.

1 He’s Straight Up Told You

The most obvious sign that you’re the best he’s ever had - without you having to ask him - is that he straight up told you. No asking required, he just blurted out that you're the best.

It may not be a huge conversation either. Instead, it could just be in the heat of the moment. When you both lie back on the bed, all sweaty and panting, he may just be like, “You’re the best I’ve ever been with.” Even a simple, “You’re the best,” could be his way of telling you that you are, indeed, his favorite sexual partner.

Him telling you that you're his #1 sexual partner is obvious the easiest and most direct way to tell if you're his best, but the other clues are helpful too. Yes, it’s totally awkward to be like, “Am I your best sexual partner?” So, probably don't ask that. Instead, find out by context clues like these.

In using these 15 ways, you can tell if you’re his #1 without even asking, and then you can keep doing what you do best.

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