15 Ways To Actually Get Him To Propose To You Without Him Knowing

If you're like a lot of women, you've probably thought about your wedding day since you first learned what marriage was. Since people are always saying it's definitely the best day of your life and since so many weddings look like straight-up fairy tales, it's hard not to get caught up in all the excitement. If you're in love and in a serious relationship, it's safe to say that you've had marriage on the brain for a while now. This is especially true if you and your partner have talked about tieing the knot at some point down the line.

You could come right out and tell him that you want him to propose... but, well, you probably want him to do it on his own. Right?! You've been dreaming of the moment that the love of your life would propose to you since you were a kid, so you might as well make sure that it's as special, romantic, and magical as you want it to be. Instead of telling him what you want, you can be super subtle and get what you want anyway. Yup, it's pretty cool. Read on to find out 15 ways to get him to propose to you without him knowing!

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15 Casually Bring Up Marriage During Conversations

If you really want your boyfriend to propose but absolutely never talk about marriage, well, he just might not get the message. Yes, you want to be fairly subtle, but not so subtle that he has no clue what you want.

Casually bring up marriage during your conversations and you'll be well on your way to making him see how you feel and what you want out of the relationship. Whether you mention that the couple that you guys know who have been together for five years are finally engaged, or you want to say that his parents have such a great marriage, that's up to you. It'll definitely get the job done, though, and marriage will be on his mind, which is the end goal here.

14 Be The Perfect Girlfriend

The perfect girlfriend might look different to everyone, but there are a few things that you can do that are generally considered to be pretty flawless.

Don't get mad about little things that are too silly to even talk about. Don't berate your boyfriend for leaving his socks on the bedroom floor or forgetting something at the grocery store. Remember that he's only human and that you don't need to treat him badly just because you're in a bad mood or have low blood sugar. Be your sweet, cool, amazing self and he'll realize how good he has it and think of you as the most special and important person in his life. Why wouldn't he want you to be his wife when he knows that you're perfect for him?!

13 Get Close To His Mom

You've most likely heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... and his mom.

You can't expect him to propose to you if you hate his mom (and let him know that you hate her) or if she's not a big fan of you. It's just probably not going to happen. A man's mom is super important to him and her opinion of you matters so much. If you want him to propose, then you have to get close to his mom. No excuses. It's really the only way. Hopefully, you really do like her and she's cool, so this won't feel like a chore, and you tow can bond and spend time together. That's really the best case scenario. He'll love that you care about him so much that you want to know his mom.

12 Tell Him How You Feel About Him Daily

If you never tell your boyfriend how amazing you think he is, he's never going to know. Don't assume that he "just knows" because you're dating him. He might be insecure about you and the relationship if you never tell him how you feel.

Getting him to propose to you will be a lot easier if you're always obvious about how much you care about him. Tell him that he's the best boyfriend that you've ever had, that he makes you so happy, that you just can't believe how lucky you are. He'll adore hearing this because, well, who wouldn't, and it'll get him thinking about how you fit into his life. He won't be able to stop thinking about how amazing you are, which is the point, of course.

11 Make Every Day Romantic

No, you don't need to wake your boyfriend up with an elaborate breakfast on a Thursday morning, or cook crazy dinners every single night, or wear an LBD even when you're just watching TV. But you should definitely try to make every day romantic if you want him to think about marrying you and actually propose.

While romance will look different for you than your best friend and her boyfriend, making it personal is actually what makes it so special. Text him your best inside jokes when he's at work. Cheer him up when he's having a hard week and cuddle with him while you watch the TV show that you're currently getting through together. He'll reciprocate for sure and before you know it, you two will have such a sweet, special, romantic relationship.

10 Spend Time With His Family

You can't expect a guy to want to marry you if you don't get along with his family or if you never want to spend time with them. That's basically impossible.

If you want him to propose and you don't want to come right out and say those words, then spend time with his family and he'll figure it out soon enough. He'll see you as part of the family, which is exactly what you want to happen, and you'll be on the right track. Plus, if you really do enjoy being with his family, this will be really fun for you. Things are seriously so much easier both during the year and during holidays when everyone likes each other and there is no drama.

9 Make Him Go Out With His Friends More Often

Everyone needs time with their friends. This is true if you're in a serious relationship, and it's even true if you want your boyfriend to propose.

If you tell your boyfriend that you really want him to see his friends more often because you know that he loves them and it's fun for him, he'll be amazed at how unselfish you are. He'll love that you're looking out for him and that you want him to have a social life. It will seriously mean so much to him and will make him think about marriage since he'll realize that you're the kind of girl that he can see himself with long-term. You're never going to get mad just because he wants to see his friends. He'll see that he can have a real life with you, and that's really important.

8 Get Him To Watch Romantic Comedies

Sure, you probably think that guys hate romantic comedies and that there's nothing that you can do to change that. And that's true. Well, kind of.

The thing is that if you're dating a really great guy (and of course you are, right?!), then there's a time and a place for romantic comedies in your relationship. If you tell him that you really want to watch something romantic with him and make sure that you pick something that isn't too cheesy, he'll most likely agree. Hey, it's just one movie and one evening. Once you watch some romantic movies with him, he'll think more about romance if he's not already a super romantic guy. And if he sees big proposals or weddings, well, that might get his mind churning in that direction. Mission accomplished, right?!

7 Show Him That You're A Great Team


When people say that marriage ruins relationships and that you're going to get bored with each other once you settle into domestic life, they're just proving that their own relationship wasn't all that great to begin with. Basically, if your relationship is good and happy and healthy, then your marriage will be the same thing. You'll just have officially committed to each other and are now husband and wife. It's different for sure, but it's not like you're going to ruin anything.

If you want to get him to propose to you without him knowing, why not show him that you're a great team? Straight-up tell him this on a regular basis but also use a lot of "we" statements like, "We're so great at dividing up the chores" or "When we cook together, it's just too much fun." You'll get the point across for sure.

6 Do Domestic Couple Things

Cook dinner together some nights out of the week, make brunch at home on Sunday, redecorate your apartment. These are just some of the domestic activities that the two of you can do together.

This will definitely get him to propose to you because he'll realize what a great couple you are and what you really get each other and have fun hanging out together. Sure, you hope that he's realized that before, and hopefully, he has if you're at the point where you want to get married. But this will drive that point home even more since you're proving that even if you're not going anywhere fancy and dressing up, the two of you just enjoy each other's company. And that's what marriage is all about, really.

5 Hang Out With His Married Friends Or Yours


You probably know at least one married couple and so does your boyfriend, so why not spend time with them? This is a super subtle thing to do since if you're already friends, it makes sense that you would want to hang out together and catch up.

But you're also proving that, hey, that couple is married and it works for them and that's pretty cool. He might not get the hint from this thing alone, but coupled with the other ideas on this list, he'll definitely realize what's going on and pop the question. How could he not when he sees how much you care about each other and how good you are together? Yeah, exactly. He would be a total fool not to ask you to be his wife.

4 Mention How Cool Some Married Couples Are

You want to do this so your boyfriend knows that you don't think that marriage has to be super boring. You want him to know that you don't want to be a traditional wife and that you don't think that marriage has to spell the end of your passionate relationship.

If you mention that some married couples are super cool, you'll be putting the idea in his head that it's possible to tie the knot and still be cool. You can talk about people that you know, or some older relatives, or even some celebrity married couples. You can even mention some married couples in movies that the two of you have loved watching. It'll do the trick and make him realize that marriage is just another step in an already loving, good relationship.

3 Celebrate Your Monthly Anniversary

Sure, most couples do something big and romantic on their anniversary, but what about your monthly anniversary? Whether this was your first date or the day that you decided to make things official, there's no reason that you can't make a big deal of this every month.

You'll prove that you really love each other and can also take the opportunity to talk about your first date and how much you two have grown since then. You can chat about the journey that you have both taken together. It'll be impossible for him not to get super romantic after that, and he'll definitely start thinking about your future together. Marriage won't be far from his mind, which is exactly what you want, but you won't have to come right out and say it.

2 Do The Opposite Of What His Ex Did

If your boyfriend is like most guys, he has one ex-girlfriend (maybe his most recent one before you) who really messed things up. Maybe she was super unhealthy and insisted on eating junk food all the time and was just a slob in general. Maybe she made him feel bad about himself and insulted him and was just the worst.

Whatever his ex-girlfriend was like and however she behaved in the relationship, you want to do the total and complete opposite. If he was nervous about marriage because of her or wondered if a commitment is really a good idea, your behavior will totally crush that and make him think of marriage as a positive thing. It might seem subtle, because, well, it is, but it'll work like a charm.

1 Compliment Him Often

Guys love compliments. Sure, girls love them too, and you definitely enjoy hearing what your boyfriend likes about you, both physically and personality-wise.

Return the favor and compliment him on a regular basis. If you can do this on a daily basis, that's even better. You want him to know how much you love him and how amazing you think he is, and you want him to realize that you feel like the luckiest girl ever for being his. Once he knows that for sure, he'll be more confident thinking about your future, and he'll be ready to pop the question. And then you two really can live happily ever after (but first you have to plan the wedding, which is a whole other story...).

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