15 Ways The Kardashians Prove Family Is Everything

The Kardashians are many things... and one of those things is a super tight-knit family. You can say whatever you want about the robust Kardashian clan but they certainly do put a ton of importance on the family unit despite the fact that they have drama in their personal and combined lives. The interesting thing about this family is that no matter what goes on they never move very far from one another. Many family members out there don't even have an interest in sticking with their blood relatives, while others do but various life circumstances keep them apart. Not the Kardashians. Who, of course, in this case, also include the Jenners.) They're more likely to pick up stranglers along the way and welcome them into their home as well. Not to mention the fact that a lot of these people choose to work together, which is its own kind of family tightness. While some of us are out there dodging calls from mom, the Kardashians choose to call their manager. Here are 15 ways that the Kardashians prove that family is everything.

15 They Stand Up For Each Other.

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Like anyone else in the world, this family isn't exactly going to get along 24/7, but when it comes down to it, the Kardashians will always stand up for each other. Especially when it comes to defending one another from exes, cyber bullies, or the media in general. Khloe Kardashian has been extremely outspoken about defending her family when it comes to social media. For one thing, she defended Kylie's underage relationship with Tyga when Kylie was only 17 to Tyga's 25. Khloe has mentioned that "I think at 16 I was probably f----king someone that was in their 20s, for sure. I wouldn't say I was even dating, probably just sleeping with them. But again, Kylie is not a normal 17-year-old. You're not gonna say, 'Hey, so what are you doing this weekend?' and have her say, 'Having a slumber party at my girlfriend's' or 'Going to prom.' That's not what Kylie does." Makes sense when you put it like that.

14 They Willingly Live Together

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Let's be real, the Kardashian/Jenner clan are rich AF but sometimes they still end up living together by choice and act like it's out of necessity. We get that things can get complicated in life, and it takes a while to buy or build a house or whatever, but let's be honest, any of them could afford to rent an apartment somewhere nice in the interim if they actually wanted to. But they don't, because they secretly like to hang out and bug each other even if they end up complaining all the way through it. Kim and Kanye lived with Kris for a really long time when they had North, which probably sounds like a total nightmare to most newlyweds. Of course, they're sharing a house that is a little bit larger than your average one, but if you watched any of Keeping Up with the Kardashians you might have noticed how Kim was always taking over Kris' closets and even her office while they lived there, which naturally drove the matriarch insane.

13 They Show Up At Each Other's Events

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The Kardashians always turn up to support each other at their various events, but then again their events are usually pretty cool/fun anyway so it sort of makes sense why they would all want to attend. It's not like we're talking about bake sales or something here. But still, being so busy with their own careers, it's pretty cool that they manage to make it out to support one another at the rate that they do. Even the extended family counts. When Kanye West premiered his controversial video for his song "Famous" tons of them showed up. Of course, Kim was there, along with Kris and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga, Kourtney's ex Scott Disick, Khloe's ex French Montana, and a ton of their respective friends. You could say that they roll pretty deep, and it's nice that the exes get to hang out even when their relationships with the Kardashians are no longer. That's pretty cozy actually, not everyone could pull it off.

12 They Always Say Sorry

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In a close-knit family of big personalities, you can expect that there is going to be some stepping on toes here and there, but no matter what happens, every issue always seems to end in apologies. For example, this year Rob posted some memes on Instagram that poked fun at the healthy food that his mom had stocked the house with. When he was confronted about the whole deal, he said he was sorry. Often Kris is the one on the receiving end of getting some major attitude, because after all, she's the mom and that unfortunately happens a lot. She might be a cool mom who hangs out with her kids all the time, as well as go out to events too, but she's still the mom and she really puts in a lot of work to keep up the work and personal relationships with all of those people. It's not that anyone is ever that mean, but when they get an attitude with her and/or threaten to fire her as their manager they always come back around and apologize because she's actually a great momager.

11 They Share The Cutest Family Photos

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Obviously, the Kardashians have based their entire career around their exposure in the media, so they do a lot of sharing to social media. Along with the event photos and the plethora of selfies they also share a lot of pictures of each other and their children. This includes throwbacks and a lot of love and support. For some people, the Kardashians do a bit of oversharing, but they certainly don't see it that way. You can tell they actually enjoy spending time together by the fact that they post so many photos of each other. Kendall might post a photo of her snuggling Kourtney's son Reign, while Khloe might post photos of her hanging out with cousins and besties North West and Penelope Disick. You might see a throwback of the Kardashian's late father or throwbacks of Khloe and Rob hanging out as kids. It doesn't seem like they've ever really spent much time apart, and they've been documenting the journey the whole way through.

10 They Always Forgive Each Other

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Not only do the Kardashians always end up apologizing to one another, they also accept each other's apologies. This doesn't always happen in life, especially when big egos or stubborn people come into play (and if there are both of those things involved, you can pretty much never expect forgiveness). But no matter what the wrong was it seems like the Kardashians are pretty good at forgiving and forgetting since they move on pretty quickly and just keep life moving. For how busy they must be there might not be many other options than to forgive and forget, but part of their success might also have to do with the fact that they're capable of letting things go and moving forward no matter what happens. There's nothing like holding grudges and old baggage to weigh one down. I can't think of a single circumstance where anyone stayed permanently mad at anyone. Even when Caitlyn Jenner dissed Kris in her Vanity Fair article when Kris talked to her about it, she apologized and they worked it out.

9 They All Want big Families

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The Kardashians grew up in a big family, and instead of being tired of that dynamic, they all seem to want to have big families of their own. Kim is supposedly stopping at two kids but Kourtney has three and it seems like she would consider having more children. Rob and Blac are on their first child but he has already said that he would want her to have three more and bring their total to five including Blac's first child King Cairo, who she had with Kylie's boyfriend Tyga. Kylie has already mentioned that she thinks 30 is too late of an age to have kids and that she would like to be popping them out by the age of 25. For a lot of people this would be an unreasonable thing to say at the age of 18, but then again Kylie is not your average teenager. She's not only been living alone for a while but she owns her own house and is a pretty successful business woman. Not to mention that she was dating an older guy when she was underage and has made a lot of other grownup decisions already, such as changing her physical appearance.

8 They Take Family Vacations

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The Kardashian family vacations aren't just any old family vacation since there are quite a few members to coordinate and plan for. Some of us only see our parents a few times a year but the Kardashians manage to go on elaborate family vacations together despite their insane schedules. Seriously how do they manage that with all of the other commitments they must have going on in their professional and personal lives? It's hard to imagine that working out, but since they're so committed to each other it seems like they make a real effort to put family first. The crew has taken family vacations to: Bora Bora (who could forget Kim losing her diamond earing in the ocean and acting like the world was ending), Thailand (where Brody Jenner walked in on Kim having some naked photos taken), Greece (where they jumped off a yacht), Las Vegas (many times), and Montana (where there was a bit of a car accident situation).

7 They Give Each Other Some Tough Love

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The Kardashians are not opposed to giving each other tough love. In fact, it seems like sometimes they feel like it's their familial duty to provide it. Before Rob came out of hiding and knocked up his fiancee Blac Chyna he was MIA for a long time, and he wasn't just hiding out from the cameras. Rob was dealing with depression and weight gain issues which can be pretty serious. But Kim always felt like it was the best plan of action to give him tough love about it and not coddle him or try to respect the fact that he wanted to be left alone. During that period of his life, Rob ended up skipping out on a lot of family functions, including Kim's wedding to Kanye West. You can imagine that she wasn't real thrilled about that choice. Other times certain family members will actually play pranks on one another in an attempt to teach each other a lesson, which is another (more entertaining) form of tough love.

6 They Love Each Other's Kids

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The youngest offspring of the Kardashian family sure do get their share of love. I mean the Kardashians are the aunts and uncles of the littles, but they seem to spend an awful lot of time with them for how crazy their lives are. Blac and Rob have already said that they would choose Kylie to provide the babysitting for them if they were going to call upon a family member. Which is interesting since she is the youngest, but seems to be pretty stable and responsible. Khloe is always posting photos of her Kim and Kourtney's kids with captions like "my babies" or things that show how invested she is. In fact, sometimes it seems like Khloe prefers the company of the little ones which is really quite sweet. When the family took a trip to Cuba Khloe did some salsa dancing with Penelope and North which was alarmingly adorable. Partly because Penelope had her little baby midriff showing.

5 They Keep Open Hearts And Open Minds

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There have been some pretty complicated things that have gone down in the Kardashians' love lives but the family seems to roll with the punches and keep their hearts open no matter what happens. Scott Disick and Kourtney had years of drama in their relationship before finally calling it quits, but since they did Scott has continued to hang out with the family. It's not even like he's there with Kourtney -- there are a ton of times when Scott shows up to hang out with Kris Jenner or something. This really shows a lot of openness and compassion. Yeah he's the father of Kourtney's kids but not everyone is so willing to see their ex that often or let them chill with their mom when they aren't around. When everything went down with Lamar Odom (which was a lot), the Kardashian family continued to be there for him during his times of ill health even though he had beyond done Khloe wrong in their marriage. They're not just going to turn a cold shoulder on someone who has been close to the family.

4 They Seem To Lie For Each Other

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The Kardashians are so loyal to one another that it seems like they'll actually lie for each other to the press to protect each other's privacy. When Kylie first got her lips injected, everyone found it pretty obvious, but for a while, she didn't feel ready to discuss the transformation so she claimed to be making the effect with makeup alone. This seemed unlikely, but she stuck to her story and while she did her sisters did as well. No one was going to spill the beans until she was ready. Of course eventually she had to stop avoiding the question and once she was ready to admit to getting lip injections then the rest of the family was fine talking about it as well. Who knows what else they might cover up for one another, because we might never actually know. They certainly always seem to support each other's career choices however questionable they might seem to the rest of the world, which is how an ideal family should be.

3 They've Been In Business Together For Years

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The Kardashians didn't just start working together when they were getting famous and trying to build their brand. They were in business together long before that. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe opened their Calabasas based DASH boutique back in 2006. That was literally ten years ago! They followed that with a location in Miami in 2009, one in New York in 2010, and a pop-up shop in 2010 in Southampton New York. In 2012 they relocated the original store to a spot in West Hollywood where it remains today. (The employees that work there even got their own reality show Dash Dolls. The Kardashian reality fame knows no bounds.) Khloe recently revealed that their first store didn't actually turn a profit for years because they "had no idea" what they were doing. She actually said that Kourtney forced her to start working there so that she would quit “partying all the time, drinking a lot and sleeping in every morning.”

2 Even The Young Gen Are Buddies

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Kourtney and Kim are the Kardashians that already have children, with Rob and Blac's first on the way. And you know Khloe would have a few already if things had worked out with Lamar and her getting pregnant. Kourtney and Kim's kids not surprisingly spend a lot of time together, and it seems like North West and Penelope Disick are the best friends that ever were. They're pretty much the cutest and they've been hanging out since they were really little. They get snapped by the paparazzi just like the rest of the family, and a particularly cute moment that was caught on film was when the two girls were leaving ballet practice and seemed to be engaged in some sort of hot debate. Except they were toddlers so it's hard to imagine what over. Which of course makes it even cuter! Kim has even posted about the fact that North and Penelope seem to have their own language that they've babbling to one another, similar to how twins do.

1 They Have A Lot Of Fun

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One of the most inspiring things about the closeness of the Kardashian family is that they always seem to be having a lot of fun. Well, okay not always, because of course there are a lot of tears, stressful moments, and some fights here and there. But for the most part, when they're hanging out together, there is an element of fun that can't really be duplicated. We all have our friendships and our chosen family, but the family bond of the Kardashians feels deep and unbreakable. We're sure it's crazy to have that many people around all the time getting up in your business, but at the same time, you would also know that you can't fall too far with so many people around to catch you. There's always someone to talk to, someone to eat a meal with, or someone to plan something outrageous with. They seem to inspire one another in a business sense, fashion, lifestyle... pretty much anything. It's not that having such a close family would fix all of your problems but it would surely offer up some solutions and at least provide some nice distractions. And that's just another reason why we love this famous fam so much.

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