15 Ways The Kardashians Completely Ruined Blac Chyna's Career

One of the most explosive Kardashian dramas that went down in the past few years was when Blac Chyna appeared to announce her relationship with Rob Kardashian via Instagram. The reason why things got so crazy was due to the rocky past Chyna had with the Kardashian-Jenners. Basically, it was about to go down...

Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, is Kim's former BFF and she even attended her wedding to Kanye with her then-fiancee/baby daddy, Tyga. Then Tyga hooked up a 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and Kim basically ditched Chyna. To return the major shade, Chyna took Rob under her wing and became his baby momma. Of course, they landed their own reality show Rob & Chyna on E! but the show was pulled after just one season.

Then Chyna decided to lawyer up and basically sue the Kardashian family for 'destroying her career' as she claimed that she would sue the family for defamation, interference with contractual relations and interference with prospective economic relations. Kim, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were all named in the suit. Things got very ugly, and these are all the reasons why Chyna's legal team believes she deserves justice and why the Kardashian/Jenners tore her career to shreds.

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15 They Tried To Make Her Look Like An Unfit Mother


Chyna already has one son with her ex-fiancee Tyga, 5-year-old King Cairo, then in later 2016 she gave birth to her and Rob's daughter, Dream Kardashian. Not long after Dream's birth, Rob and Chyna split and he took his accusations that she was an unfit mother public.

He accused the working mother of using substances around the children and ditching them to go to nightclubs.

In the court documents filed last Christmas, Chyna denies all of these allegations and that these were made public just to ruin her image. She claimed the night when she made the appearance at the nightclub; Dream was at home with a nanny - safe and well. It's not the first time Chyna's parenting has been criticized, as the media rumors were that Tyga had also accused her of bad parenting, but this time she's adamant to clear her name.

14 They Played Her As The Villain For Their Show


There were many scenes in Keeping Up With The Kardashians that really painted Chyna as the villain - yet another reason why she is suing. During season twelve, the sisters are discussing Rob's engagement to Chyna (the couple had only been dating for four months) and Khloe called the news "f***ed up" on camera. Then Kim could be seen screaming down the phone at Rob, "You make sure your girlfriend doesn't publicly bash your sisters!"

Chyna was clearly being played as the villain as the show needs drama to keep drawing the viewers in. The show hit a rating slump for the past few seasons - with only 1.35 million viewers switching on compared to 2 million viewers during the first seasons - but now in its 14th season, with all the added baby mama drama they have seen the ratings improve. The show's ratings only benefit the family directly, and only Chyna's reputation is suffering.

13 They Hired Detectives To Find Any Dirt On Her They Could

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Setting out to destroy Chyna's relationship with their brother, according to one insider, the family even went as far as hiring a private detective to dig up anything on her. The source told Radar Online, "They want vengeance because she insulted the family and dragged their name through the mud. Kris is organizing the thing with Khloe and Kourtney’s help and Kim’s support."

"It was Kris’ idea to hire private detectives to tail Chyna’s every move, take pictures and damaging video."

Adding, "They’ve got the inside track of what Chyna’s doing 24/7 and won’t rest until they see Chyna go down in flames." Kim has already revealed in previous episodes of KUWTK that she is an expert at voicemail hacking and she has done this to several boyfriends in the past. If you're in the Kardashian's universe then just expect no privacy at all.

12 Looks Like Kylie's Business Ideas Were Stolen From Chyna


Before there was Kylie's Cosmetics there was Chyna's Lashed lip kits and before Kylie's short-lived Cooking With Kylie show there was Cooking With Chyna. Things were a bit too similar for Chyna's liking, and she pointed this out on Instagram, but then Tyga was quick to shut her down. Her ex posted on Snapchat, "Mother f***ers need to stop acting like they invented every mother f***ing thing out here."

To add even more to the upset, Chyna had arranged a Ferrari themed birthday for her son's fourth birthday but it was completely ripped off by Kylie. Chyna spent months planning the birthday for her son only to find out Kylie had thrown King the same party but with a huge budget - including a ferris wheel and giant inflatable car - in her own back yard. TMZ reported that Chyna had said it was a huge "slap in the face."

11 They Tried To PAY Her To Disappear For Good

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Kris wanted Chyna out of the family circle so badly she even tried to PAY for her to walk away. A source told People, "They don’t support (Rob and Chyna's) relationship. Some of his family members want Rob to split up with Chyna so they can say, 'We told you so Rob. You deserve better.'"

It was revealed that Kris was willing to pay $5 million to Chyna if she left Rob, handed over custody of Dream to the family and vowed not to come back into his life.

The source said, "$5 million is about all Rob is worth, so Chyna would be smart to consider Kris' offer. Everyone knows she doesn't love him - she could cash out now and get on with her life." The offer would have been all the more tempting as Chyna's net worth is estimated to be around $4 million so she would almost double her worth. But there's clearly not enough money in the world she would give up her daughter for.

10 They Sabotaged Her Own Reality Show 'Rob and Chyna'

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In the Blac Chyna vs the Kardashians lawsuit, Chyna's legal team claim that the famous family used all their "power" and "influence" at E! to make sure there was no second season of Rob and Chyna. Lisa Bloom, Chyna's attorney, told US Weekly that the Kardashians had "decided to start a war by trashing her online repeatedly." However, Kim and co said in their defense that the show was actually canceled due to poor ratings.

Bloom argues that the interest from E! was there for a second season of Rob and Chyna but the cancellation - which led to a loss of income for her client including endorsement deals, promotion of her products and appearance fees - was all a result of sabotage by the family. Chyna was earning $100,000 an episode on the show and she landed a $1 million payday for the birth special where she invited cameras into the delivery room.

9 They Never Let Her Forget Her Night Dancing Past


The Kardashians have always told their brother "you deserve better" when it comes to dating Chyna - they just wouldn't shake off her past. Chyna started out earning her money as a nighttime dancer in Miami before getting a college degree and opening her own salons. She then started rubbing shoulders with celebrities when she appeared as a 'video vixen' for the likes of Tyga and Nicki Minaj.

According to many articles online that slam Chyna, she has returned to her roots and is making $10,000 a night at Ace of Diamonds nightclub in L.A.

However, a close friend revealed this isn't the case as they revealed, "She's just hosting. She used to do this all the time, even when she was pregnant and she loves it."

8 Then She Was Shamed For Not Putting Up With Rob's Abuse


When Chyna had enough of Rob's behavior, she did what any self-respecting woman and mother would do and she left him. Rob then took to Snapchat to air out all his dirty laundry in public making it very clear that Chyna had left him and "took the baby." He showed his fans a video of the house appearing empty, with the cupboards and rooms emptied, and he came across as tearful in the clips, repeating: "I can't believe she's done this."

Then when the truth finally came out, it was revealed that Chyna was having such a tough time with Rob that she was actually granted a restraining order against him. She had also accused him of being physically abusive. He was ordered in court not to contact or come within 100 yards of Chyna or their daughter, Dream. Talk about Rob crying wolf.

7 They Didn't Support Her During The Brutal Picture Leak

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When Rob leaked private, intimate photos of Chyna online - the Kardashians could have called out their brother's disgraceful and illegal behavior to their millions of followers. Instead, they chose to keep quiet on the matter - maybe through personal choice or because the family lawyers advised them to.

Using intimate pictures as revenge online would mean facing up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Rob's attorney Robert Shaprio said in a public statement, "(Rob's concern) is the health and welfare of the baby and both parents are going to work toward that goal. I, personally, on Mr. Kardahsian's behalf apologized and offered our regrets as to what happened in the past couple of days. Now, we move forward to do one thing and one thing only, whatever is in the best interest of the child."

6 They Wouldn't Let Her Appear With Dream On The Christmas Card


The Kardashian's proved they have really turned their back on Chyna as she didn't make an appearance in their annual Christmas card beside her own daughter. The Christmas photo shoot was arranged by Kim, as she wanted to show off "four generations of the family" but skipped out on Chyna. Appearances were made by Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloé - who is expecting her first child - grandmother Kris, and great-grandmother Mary Jo “M.J.” Houghton and even Kanye. The candid photos were then uploaded to Kim's 106 million Instagram followers.

Chyna made her own Christmas card showing King and Dream in matching red outfits with the caption: "Santa - Let Me Explain." A great way to show she can overcome any obvious snub from the family and just do her own thing.

5 They Blocked Her From Legally Changing Her Name


When Chyna was set to marry Rob she wanted to legally change her name from Angela White to Angela Kardashian - like any married woman would be entitled to do - but then Kim, Kourtney and Khloe successfully blocked Chyna from the name change.

TMZ reported they had filed legal documents to prevent the name change, claiming it would "create confusion in the marketplace."

The sisters believed the name change meant that Chyna was "deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity of the Kardashian name." Around the time this made the news, Chyna took to her Snapchat to rant, "And they wanted to see me fail! lol And 2 grind from the dirt!" Which we can only assume was about the name blocking without her directly saying so.

4 They Leaked Stories About Her To The Press

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Chyna knows that the Kardashians leaked stories about her to the press in a bid to destroy her career and she can prove it in court too. When Chyna wanted to have the right to her own publicity when it came to announcing she was pregnant with Rob's baby, things didn't quite go to plan, which was a special announcement planned for Mother's Day, as the Kardashians had already leaked the story - so she had to rush into it.

One insider told Just Jared, "(Chyna) would have preferred to have announced it on Mother’s Day herself, but her hand was forced. Allegedly the other half of her family leaked her story. The only people that knew from Chyna’s side was Amber (Rose). Her mother didn’t even know. (Chyna’s) moment was taken from her, which is really sad. It’s the business. There’s a TV show to promote."

3 Rob Body Shamed Her By Posting Surgery Pictures Online

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We all know the Kardashians have a questionable love for surgery but if the rumors are to believe, they've kept their nip and tuck secrets very much top secret. Chyna didn't have that privilege as Rob leaked photos of her online as she had gone under the knife. In another one of his vengeful rants, he wrote,

"Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and she lies to everyone but no I'm such a great Husband that on our anniversary I paid 100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could."

He added, "And then guess what she did after she was all healed when I was by her side the entire time. She left me and my baby which she had out of spite to get back at her other baby daddy. I can't believe u would disrespect me like this." It's another incident that is mentioned in her lengthy court case against the family.

2 Was Rob The "Anonymous Hacker" On Chyna's Instagram?


When Rob and Chyna first split, her Instagram account was hacked by someone who "clearly has a lot of anger towards" her. Private messages she had sent to Jaden Smith, rapper Young Thug and also to her lawyer were leaked online. One of the leaked conversations was captioned with: "This is one convo between Chyna and her lawyer Walter about getting married in order to trademark the Kardashian name. This has all just been a game to her as you can see in the next post…"

Now it's believed that the hacker could have actually been Rob all along, especially as the hack finished with a post directing people to Rob's Snapchat to see how "alone" she had left him. Chyna took to her Snapchat to explain the posts were not from her and she ranted, "I’M DONE. This entire year I have done nothing but help Rob! It’s so SAD & PATHETIC how low he’d stoop to cover up HIS PERSONAL ISSUES! I have done nothing but help & loved him from the beginning!"

1 They Used Their Millions Of Followers To Spin Their Own Narrative


No matter what Chyna does to try and survive within the Kardashian family, they will always have the upper hand, as their popularity is global. According to her legal team, they have been trying to crush her as a competitor since the beginning as the lawsuit states,

"The famous family was flexing their muscles so as to destroy (Chyna's) career so that she was no longer able to compete against the Kardashian-Jenner women as an entrepreneur and social media influencer."

She claimed they used their "fame, wealth and power to take (her) down, including getting a (Rob and Chyna) television show canceled if you fall on their bad side." This messy drama looks like it will long continue for awhile and we're can't be sure who is going to come out victorious - but we do know Chyna is willing to fight the family all the way.

Sources: people.com, radaronline.com, dailymail.co.uk

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