15 Ways Single Women Are Taking Over The World

Take a look at any history book and women have always lived in the shadow of men. The idea that men are better than women has dominated most cultures throughout history and we are still paying the price for this ridiculous idea today. We aren’t as prevalent in the job market and we aren’t even getting paid as much as men for performing the same jobs. It’s annoying, we know. However, lately there's been a huge change, and it's a pretty amazing and inspiring thing. We're actually taking a stand and proving ourselves to be just as hardworking and dedicated as men. It's not all women doing this, though -- it's definitely mostly single women. That's because those of us who are single have drive and are passionate about making our lives better. We work hard for ourselves and our families, too, in certain cases. Single women are taking strides in the world to become equal to men and, well, let's be real here: we're actually taking over the world. We promote feminism via social media and take part in physical rallies for equality. The time of the male reign is coming to a screeching halt. If you don't believe us, well, just look at these 15 ways that single women are taking over the world.

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15 We’re Taking The Jobs

Is it a ploy to enforce equality in the workplace or are women just beating out men for jobs? Whatever the reason, we're graduating from college more than men are and since we pretty much need a college degree to get the majority of good jobs out there, it only makes sense that we're getting offered jobs. But the key factor in all of this? We're the majority of college grads and we're putting our careers first. It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes, some women get pregnant accidentally in college and this affects their future career. But not single women!

14 Our Brains Are Wired Better

By better, we're just saying that we have a longer-term, goal-oriented way of thinking while men tend to only think about the here and now. When 1,000 teenagers had their brains scanned, the results showed that men had more connection within each hemisphere whereas women had more connections between the two hemispheres. This means that it's pretty likely that men were created more for their motor skills and ability to physically do things and women are suited better for analytical and intuitive thinking. This definitely means that we're better at creating long-term goals and doing whatever we can to reach those through reason and logic. Men are more about doing things in the moment – which has worked for them thus far but we're starting to change that as the world sees what we are truly capable of. Since women are better at thinking logically about situations and can see the overall outcome better than men, it makes for better leaders in the world.

13 Our Ideas Change With The Times

We can all agree that men are extremely stubborn people. They’re basically hardwired this way in order to protect what they have whether it’s a woman, a family, or their livelihood. However, it just so happens that women are generally more open-minded than men. We’re able to see that the world is changing and we have to change with it otherwise we’ll be stuck forever in a world that is ruled by men. We know that’s not fair nor is it a pleasant way to live. We've been able to see the world for the evolving thing that it is and we’re able to change our ideas to fit the needs of the world. Men have a harder time doing this and it means that women are becoming better leaders and becoming more powerful in the world than men are nowadays.

12 We're More Motivated

This is basically because men are stuck believing that they're better than women and also do things much better and easily than women. Um, what?! We have to work so much harder than men to prove ourselves and get the same respect, and that's been the case for as long as time can tell. Sure, we didn't have to go out into the dark night and hunt for our dinner and then haul it back with our bare hands, but we did have to birth children (epidural-free for many years), cook, clean, watch the kids, and make sure everything was in order for when our men did get home. Call us crazy, but we think balancing all of that is harder. Not to mention the fact that in recent years women have had to bust their butts in order to have the same things that most men get handed to them. This has created powerful, motivated women that the world needs to fear. Once we put our minds to something, well, there’s nothing we can’t do.

11 We're Good Role Models

Single women are making a name for ourselves and are basically amazing role models to young women. Girls need good examples in their lives so they see what's possible, what they can be capable of, and what their futures can look like. Everyone needs something bright to look forward to. Up until recent years, all young girls had was the idea of being a mom and housewife, as if there was nothing else in their futures and they couldn't possibly have a career. Since single women started focusing on their careers and waiting to have children until as late as their 30s, it has shown young girls that they can do anything they want to! Young women who are getting this example are following suit. Soon the world will be filled with powerful women that have grown up believing they can do anything they want to thanks to the examples set by single women everywhere. The world should fear women who grow up knowing exactly what they’re capable of doing with their lives.

10 We're Getting Political

The best example of this is Hillary Clinton. But she isn’t the only woman making history for her political know-how and aspirations. Many people don’t believe women would make good politicians based on the fact that we tend to be creatures powered by emotions. However, the fact that we're emotional actually makes us very analytic and logical people. Women are naturally better at thinking in the long term, as we mentioned above. The women that are able to do all of this and put in the work necessary to find a place in politics are generally single women because they can put their focus into their career rather than a family. Single women are taking over the world one political position at a time and with this, we’ll be able to change the course of history. Women will be having very powerful positions in politics in the near future.

9 We're Challenging Men

If you've loved challenging men and being super equal to them in every way ever since you were young, you're not alone, and more and more of us are acting this way. Single women are doing this today in spades. Since we have the same lives as single men (no kids or family to think about), we can put in the effort to challenge men when it comes to just about everything: jobs, politics, even the sciences. This isn’t just great for women, but it’s also great for the men in the world too. We are challenging them to work harder and actually earn their position in society versus just handing it to them because of the "parts" they have and we…well we don’t. Single women are giving men a run for their money and although some will find this intimidating, it is ultimately the best thing for the world to better itself.

8 We Don't Need Men

That’s right, we said it! Women don’t need men. It may be contrary to everything we were told growing up, but we don't need men at all. Well, maybe to procreate... but even then, we can find another way to have a child. Most of us grew up believing we needed a guy in our lives to be happy and feel super secure in our lives. Single women are changing this ideology and showing the world that women can be powerful, wealthy and happy, all on our own. We're proving more and more that men are accessories to our lives. We're making the presence of men a lot less significant, for better or for worse.

7 We're Financially Stable

Hello! Women don’t need men to make a living. Single women – especially single moms – are making a name for themselves. We're showing the world that we don’t need to be in a relationship in order to have our finances taken care of. Single women who are working hard to fund their lives are taking over the world because they’re finding unique and creative ways to go outside the box and do things that men aren’t doing in order to get ahead financially. They’re able to be financially stable and show young girls everywhere that they don’t have to get married and be with a man just to make a healthy living. This is giving us the confidence and drive we need to work just as hard as men.

6 We're Emotionally Stable

A lot of us think that the only possible way we could ever be happy is if we're in a relationship, and we often think that only women think this way, too. But once we're single for even just a little bit, we realize that, hey, we can be perfectly content on our own, too. Our lives and our happiness is totally up to us, and that has nothing to do with guys. We need to find our own joy and then share that with a guy. But when we're happy on our own, well, we're pretty terrifying and we never need someone else to make us happy. We're becoming more and more emotionally stable and that stability offers us room for growth in our lives and careers.

5 We're Doing What We Want

Society has a big mouth. Society is very opinionated. And you know what? Single women don’t care what it has to say. Society has been telling women how we should look, act, walk, talk, and even eat for ages now. We’ve felt the pressure to be ladylike... until now, that is. We're so stable in our lives now that we have the freedom and confidence to do what we want: we can change our style, hairstyle, jobs, etc. Now we're forcing society to change their perception of what being a woman is now. We're so influential and are totally responsible for the changes in equality that we're all seeing around us.

4 We're Making The World More Equal

Since single women have been forced to work harder, become financially stable, and be emotionally stable, we're gaining the respect that we deserve and are being treated fairly, too. We're seen as equals in our jobs and careers and we're making the world more equal in the process. There's even a woman running for President! Just 30 years ago, that would have been unheard of, and 50 years ago, it would have been considered a total disgrace. This change isn’t only due to enlightenment and the ignorant becoming informed, it is because single women have been taking a stand and working hard to make it happen. Single women are even making it easier for women with families to find equality in things like maternity leave in the workforce. We're honestly taking over this world.

3 We're Encouraging Each Other

This may be the biggest and most important thing single women are doing for the world today. Society has pitted women against each other all our lives. We’ve been told that we have to look better than each other in order to find happiness and success in life. Well, single women don’t agree with that – and neither do most women out there. However, single women are the ones who have taken it upon themselves to acknowledge other women’s beauty and they are building each other up. They are encouraging each other to reach for their dreams, work hard, and find success in their lives. The most fascinating period in history definitely will be the time when women stand together instead of against each other in order to make each other successful. That time is now and single women everywhere are making it happen.

2 We're Waiting to Have Kids

The main reason single women are finding so much success in their lives at a much younger age is because they’re waiting to have a family. Single women are the people who are putting their career above their desire for a family and this is allowing them to take on harder jobs with longer hours and push past the men to take over the world. I hope that one day women won’t have to put their family desires on the back burner in order to feel equal to men who have big families but for now, it’s a reality. The people we all have to thank for working hard to make sure this fantasy can become a reality are single women who are sacrificing what they want in order to make things easier for their future daughters and granddaughters. Women who are waiting until their mid-30s and above to have children are the women who are taking over the world and building a better life for women everywhere.

1 We Realize Our Worth

This is honestly the best, most influential thing that we can do for ourselves and each other. When a woman realizes her worth and can remember it. she can overcome any obstacle in her life. Single women are ahead of the game with this mindset. They are pushing more and more to understand their worth and for other women to see it, too. When a woman finally understands her worth she can be without a man and can build a life for herself no matter what happens in her life. She can get through the tough times and come out even stronger. We are truly thankful for all the single women who are making their voices heard and spreading the message that women are amazing, powerful, and influential creatures that deserve just as much as men in this world. Single women are raising our voices and the world is being forced to listen.

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