15 Ways Halloween Is Totally Overrated

The days are getting colder, we are breaking out the scarves and jackets and boots, and we are watching the leaves turn and become beautiful colors before our very eyes. Yes, it is officially fall and as we near the end of October, it's almost time for what many consider to be the best holiday ever: Halloween. After all, what could be bad about a day that celebrates dressing up and eating candy (lots and lots of candy)? The thing is that Halloween is not actually the best day ever, no matter how many people seem to think that, and there are some legit reasons why. Don't believe us? Here are 15 ways that Halloween is totally overrated. Just try to say we are wrong. Sorry Halloween, you're not that amazing and you're just not all that you're cracked up to be. We're saving our excitement for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

15 Costumes Are Super Hard

This is just a sad fact of life. We want to dress up for Halloween because a.) that's what we do and b.) our best friend always has a huge Halloween party every single year and we obviously can't miss it. But hey, we just can't pick a costume to save our life, and that's an understatement. Every year, we pull something together super last minute. We promise ourselves that we won't procrastinate and we'll figure something out way ahead of time. We don't want to end up like last year. But, of course, we do. We always put it off because we hate costumes. We never have a clue what to wear and we just would rather wear normal clothes and celebrate with our friends. Since they won't allow that and will tease us mercilessly, we put together a lame costume. And people never know what we are. Sigh. It's just not much fun.

14 It's Expensive

This is another sad fact of life: things cost money. And costumes cost a lot of money... if we want a good one, of course. Year after year, we pull together a costume about an hour before we're supposed to be at our BFF's apartment for her annual epic party, and we always regret not shelling out for something more fabulous. The thing is that costumes are only great if we buy one from a costume store. But again, that's a whole lot of cash, and we don't exactly want to drop $100-$200 on something we can only wear once. Because, of course, if it's a really good costume that impresses people and makes us seem like we're in the Halloween spirit, then we can't repeat it. We just can't. So really, that ruins the entire thing and defeats the entire purpose. Come on Halloween, why are you so expensive?! Don't you care about us?

13 It's A Sugar Rush

We're all adults here and unfortunately, grown-ups can't consume as much sugar as kids can. We just can't. We may think that we can, and we definitely tend to eat a ton of candy on Halloween, since it's a pretty good excuse. And, of course, candy is half off at most drugstores the next day, so we tend to go sugar crazy on November 1st, too. But the truth is that we get a sugar rush every single time and we know it's just not worth it. We're not used to eating this much sugar in a single hour, let alone a single day, and no other holiday involves so much candy and chocolate. Thanksgiving is all about pumpkin pie which has sugar in it, sure, but not pure sugar like candy. And Christmas cookies are in a totally separate category because we all know that we can eat those to our hearts' content. It's just the law of holidays.

12 It's A Hangover Waiting To Happen

Halloween and parties go together like peanut butter and jelly as we get older. We always have a Halloween bash to go to, whether it's our best friend throwing it or a co-worker. And yeah, we tend to drink a bit more than we normally would since hey, it's Halloween, and everyone is in a super good mood. It's just that kind of day. But Halloween is a hangover waiting to happen. Seriously, there is literally no hangover like the day after Halloween hangover. It's like we've never had alcohol before in our lives and we didn't even know what being drunk was like until this day came around. We forget how to hold our liquor and space drinks out and drink some water and eat enough at the same time. It's like we're learning to drink all over again... and learning the art of the not so fun hangover.

11 It's Competitive

Why is Halloween so competitive? Why is this a thing? We all have that one friend who is so into Halloween it's pretty much her all time favorite day, let alone her favorite holiday. We end up feeling so much pressure to have a good costume and be a ton of fun at the party that we're invited to. Why can't this just be a normal day? We would be going to a normal party and wearing normal clothes. So much simpler. So much better. But no. We have to get all stressed out about having an amazing costume so people can respect us or like us more or something crazy like that. It's like we're super insecure all of a sudden because we just want people to approve of our costume choice. And we end up getting competitive because we want to have the best costume ever, even though no one ever knows what we're even dressed up as or even thinks that we did a good job at all.

10 It's Only Fun For Kids

The thing about Halloween as an adult is it just isn't the same. When we're growing up, it's a super special and magical evening. We get to go out past dark, collect all kinds of candy and have pretty much the best time ever. Plus our parents let us stay up late, like way past our bedtime, and we get to eat candy. So yeah, it's not a normal night and it's absolutely amazing. So how does celebrating Halloween as a grown-up compare? Oh yeah, it totally doesn't. It's not even the same thing at all. Case in point: we stress over the right costume. We don't want to dress up at all and we force ourselves too so we can seem cool and go to our friends' party. Then we have to suffer through party guests not knowing what we're dressed up as. Then we get sick from eating too much candy since our pure adult stomachs just can't handle it. Then, of course, we get hungover the next day. Nope. It's not fun for adults, only for kids.

9 Our Fave Childhood Movies Are Never On

We all have that one favorite Halloween movie that we always watched as a kid. And unfortunately, we can never seem to find it on cable again. We search and search and search and yeah, sometimes we think that we've found it, but it ends up not being the same one at all. Okay, so this is partly our fault since we can never seem to remember the name of the film or even any big storylines or characters. Hey, it's not our fault that we were kids back when we first saw the movie, or that we were super sugar high when we were watching it. We still expect to be able to see this movie in all its glory even though years and years have passed and now we're so much older and wiser. But although we only have a vague recollection of this movie, we know that we loved it as kids and that it was a special part of our childhood Halloween experience. So we still hold out hope that we can find it once again.

8 It's Not The Best Holiday

Let's just be real here. It's time to face facts: Halloween is not the best holiday. It's not even remotely close to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanksgiving is the number one eating holiday, that's for sure, and we have to bow down to it. We get to eat turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, sweet potato casserole (hopefully with marshmallows or the whole holiday is totally invalid), green bean casserole (hopefully with crisp fried onions because the same thing), pumpkin pie, and maybe pecan or apple pie. OMG is all we can say about that. We look forward to this glorious meal every single year and it's super special. And Christmas, of course, needs no explanation, but here goes: we love the wintery scenes outside our windows, the magical and cheesy TV movies, and oh yeah, spending time with our family and friends and giving presents (okay, and getting gifts, too). Sorry, Halloween. What do you have? Candy? Big deal. We can eat candy whenever we want.

7 It Makes Us Feel Lazy

So we show up at the fancy Halloween party wearing something we just literally threw together. It's not the best costume, and it's probably not even the worst costume, but it's still pretty bad. It could even just be all black so we're a witch, but even we know that we're being a super lazy witch. So that's another reason why this holiday is so overrated: it makes us feel lazy. It acts like we should put tons of effort and time and even money into it when we really don't want to. And it's not like we're lazy in any other aspect of our lives because we're really not. We have ambition and dreams and goals. But this is just not our dream and we're just not into this day at all that much, sorry to say to all those Halloween obsessives out there. We just don't appreciate that just because we don't want to shell out for a costume we can only wear once, we're suddenly super lazy.

6 We Feel Like Outcasts

It would be awesome if everyone we knew felt the same way about Halloween and we could all sit around drinking wine and eating something other than candy and not making a big deal out of the day. Oh yeah, and wearing normal clothes, thank you very much. But of course that's just not possible and that's just never going to happen. Because our friends are Halloween People. They are addicted, obsessed, whatever we want to call it. And yes, we all have that one friend who is Our Halloween Friend. They pretty much live for this holiday. They live and breathe it and oh yeah, they're the ones throwing the party every single day, and it's pretty epic. They usually have the best costume of all, and if they have a boyfriend, then it's definitely a couples costume. But our friend wins even more points because it's a really good couples costume, like the best one ever, and not a lame one. So we kind of hate her for that... while secretly being kind of jealous.

5 It's Not Even Scary

The weird thing about Halloween is that we always seem to expect it to be scary... but that just never ends up happening. Sure, when we were kids we would be marked out by some mask, but then the mask would come off and it would be a sweet teenager who apologized to us. So we never were scared for too long and it never seemed like too big a deal. But now that we're adults, we kind of want to be scared... and unfortunately, that never ends up happening. We think that Halloween is more cheesy than scary, and that's even obvious by the fact that people use the term "spooky" so often to describe this day of the year. Sorry guys, stop trying to make spooky happen. It's not going to and it's not scary even in the least. Even if we break tradition of the big party and have a horror movie marathon with our best friends, we end up watching the same old movies that never freak us out in the least.

4 It Promises Too Much

What is really going to happen on Halloween? We're going to dress up in lame costumes, pretend that we like it, drink, talk to the same people we would hang out with anyway, and go home and wish we could do the holiday over since it wasn't that much fun? Sounds great (not). The thing about this day is that it promises us too much. It swears that we can have the same special and magical experience that we did when we were kids. But of course, that's totally impossible because a.) it's a much more complicated time and b.) we're not kids anymore. Oh yeah. People always seem to forget that super simple fact when talking about how glorious Halloween is. It's honestly a holiday that is built for children, not adults. It's just not for us. Again, we shouldn't be consuming that much sugar, it's not good for us. We're old enough to know better, right?!

3 It's Embarrassing

We have to admit that it's kind of embarrassing that we care so much about Halloween when we're not little kids. We're dressing up as if it's still cool to do that and we're pretending that no time has passed and like this holiday still belongs to us. But it doesn't. We're not trick or treating, are we? We're not counting our candy when we get home and begging our moms to let us stay up just a bit later? And eat just one more piece of candy? Oh that's right, we're old enough to live on our own, and we make our own decisions. When we think of it that way, it's kind of ridiculous and even a bit humiliating that we care so much about a day devoted to children. So maybe we can all agree to take the Halloween obsession and excitement down a notch. We can still celebrate it, but let's just agree to stop acting like it's such a big deal because it really doesn't have to be.

2 It's Unfair

Okay, so we get that we're too old to complain that anything is unfair, and we get that things happen and that in the grand scheme of life, Halloween is not a bad thing. It's just a day and it's pretty fun, too. But the thing is that it is kind of unfair that we're expected to be so into this holiday... or even think that it's a holiday at all. What if we just want to skip it? But if we do, we get the judgment of our friends (and especially that one Halloween obsessed friend that we mentioned before) and we have to explain why we're not attending her super epic party. And of course, we won't have a legit excuse because hey, it's Halloween and everyone is supposed to be super free on Halloween since everyone is supposed to love this day as much as everyone else. It's a super vicious cycle and it's unfair.

1 It's Always A Bit Disappointing

The thing about Halloween is that we honestly and truly expect it to be absolutely fantastic. Sure, we get that having super high expectations for anything in life is a bad idea and can even pretty much guarantee that the thing sucks since nothing can really live up to those ideals. And yeah, we understand that we're setting ourselves up for disappointment when we think that Halloween is going to be this amazing. And yet we still do this to ourselves, year after year. We tell ourselves it's going to be the best one yet and then of course that doesn't happen. We drink too much, eat too much candy, and have the worst hangover the next day. And again, no one knows what our costume is, yet again. We honestly don't know why we even bother. Oh yeah, because everyone tells us that we should love Halloween. Maybe this year will be better...

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