15 Ways Guys Trick Us Into Thinking They're Way Hotter

Have you ever had that experience when you are with a guy and you cannot get over how hot he is? You are in awe of how everything he does as it just seems to make him hotter and there is no wrong he could do. He wasn’t just born that way. Sure, he may have attractiveness on his side, but the truth is that he is tricking you! There are certain things guys can do to make them appear way hotter than they actually are. Just as women use makeup to enhance their features, there are strategies men use to trick us into thinking they are hotter.

Of course, them becoming hotter is not a problem, but how is something to note! Is he doing it to impress you or is he doing it to get what he wants? Beware of the selfish guy using all his tricks and moves to fool you into thinking there is no man better than him. On the other hand, if he is genuinely trying to impress you with his tricks, then no harm done!

Make sure you know what he is doing so you can identify what is a trick and what is real! Maybe you can find the true beauty behind all the tricks. Here are 15 ways guys trick us into thinking they are way hotter! These 15 items are good to know so that you can prepare yourself when he does any of them the next time. Don’t let him take your breath away and leave you stunned. Be aware of the things he is doing!

15 Tanning/ Fake Tanning

You finally get to sit beside the hottie you have been staring at all day. Once you are sitting beside him, you are able to get a good look at his skin and admire the perfection of it. His skin is so perfectly tanned that you cannot believe you found one so naturally bronzed. Heads up! One way that guys can trick us into thinking they are way hotter is by fake tanning. Many guys are unable to get that golden complexion from the sun (whether it is because of sensitive skin or they just can’t seem to tan!) so they have to resort to other methods. They fake tan and then when someone asks about their skin, they can lie and say they naturally tan really well. Who doesn’t love to look at a sun-kissed hottie? Just know that he probably is tanning to make you think he is way hotter than he actually is!

14 Bad Friends

In many cases, you don't quite know how good you have it until you see what else is out there. In this case, guys will trick you into thinking that you have it good with them. They will do this by letting you observe other male behavior and it will help you realize that your man is so much hotter. Guys can trick you into thinking they are hotter by having their friends act like total idiots -- and that's not necessarily an act. His friends put on their worst behavior to make you understand that your guy is so kind, sweet, and normal! Why would you ever want to leave such a hunk when only terribly bad options are available outside of him? You gaze at him among his terrible friends and think that you have really caught the diamond in the rough. What could be a more attractive trait then knowing you got the best?

13 Workout Pictures

We have all seen the pictures that guys upload as their profile picture, Snapchat story, or on their Instagram accounts. It appears to be just a casual selfie with their shirts off, muscles bulging, no big deal. This is just one of the things that guys can do to trick you into thinking they are hotter than they are. Most times, these pictures have been taken right after he has hit the gym. His body is buff, his muscles are swollen, and he is looking pretty great. Who doesn’t like bulging muscles? He will use these pictures right after a workout to show you what he looks like “normally,” but it is actually a picture of him at his best! Don’t let the “casual selfies” fool you. Sure, they look great, but they are puffing it up a bit to make them look better than they do on an average day!

12 Tipping

An attractive trait that women like to see is a man who is generous with his money and who has money to spend. This doesn’t mean every woman is out looking for a gold mine, but it makes men more attractive to know that he has values and works hard to make a living. Tipping is one way that guys can trick us into thinking they are hotter than they are. If your man tips really well in front of you, you will probably be thinking how generous he is and that he must have quite a bit of money in the bank to be tipping that waiter so well! Watch closely the next time you are out. If he is paying and the cashier asks if he would like to donate to a cause, most times if he is with you, he will say yes! He knows it will look good in your eyes!

11 Accents

Okay ladies, everyone knows that accents are one of the most attractive things a guy can have going for him. If you happen to find a guy with an accent, know that he will use it on you to make you think they are hotter! He will start to amp up the accent slang (for example: “g’day” for an Australian or “love” or “darling” for a British accent) and will put it on thick when he wants to impress you! No matter what type of accent you like, the guy will trick you into thinking he is hotter by accentuating his accent. He will be sure to say words that will have your heart stop beating in the blink of an eye! Be aware that he knows his accent is sexy, and he will use that as a way to make himself appear way hotter and have you caught in his trick!

10 Delicious Smells

Nothing is better than getting close to a guy and noticing how great he smells! No matter the scent, if he smells good, that is attractive to women. It indicates that they take the time to make themselves smell good and therefore are aware and manage personal hygiene. Women hate it when men smell of body odor. There is no bigger turn-off. Smelling amazing is only one of the ways he can trick you into thinking he is more attractive. Whether he uses Old Spice, Calvin Klein, or any other manly and beautiful scent, he knows that women will be drawn to him. Another thing that he will be aware of is how much to use! If he knows what he is doing, he will be sure to make it a subtle smell and not strong or overpowering. Keeping it subtle is a good trick so that you only will smell him when you are close to him, and the closer you, are the better!

9 Full Attention On You

Everyone appreciates when someone gives them their full attention. It makes us feel loved, appreciated, and respected. When guys keep their focus on you the whole time you are talking, you will probably get butterflies and feel amazing afterwards. This is one way that guys trick us into thinking they are hotter! If you were at a party with a ton of friends, and the whole night he stayed by your side and gave you his complete attention, your attraction to him would probably increase! If he ignores everyone else or tells his friends he will catch up with them another time, he is purposefully working to keep his eyes on you. He knows you want to be heard and he is giving you just that. You will be floored by how hot he has become in your mind afterwards and you will not realize that he has used one of his tricks!

8 Smiling

One of the easiest ways that guys can trick us into thinking they are hotter is by smiling. It sounds simple, but it is actually a great way to show you how attractive he is! It is human nature to be drawn to a smiling face versus a grumpy, down-cast, angry face. Therefore, when he remembers to continually smile no matter the situation (of course as long as it is socially appropriate), he will have you wrapped around his finger. No matter if his smile is a small grin or a big toothy smile, the happier a guy is, the sexier he is! No one wants a grump and therefore he knows you will be more attracted to him if he keeps his mood up and a smile on his face! You will feel the happiness spread to you and as such, any time you spend with him will be remembered as a great time!

7 Facial Hair

Facial hair is one of those controversial subjects for women: some can’t get enough of it, where others prefer none at all. No matter what your preference is, well-groomed facial hair is something that can make a guy more attractive. If a guy takes good care of his beard and trims it so it isn’t a scraggily mess, the hotter he will be. Even if he doesn’t have a beard or mustache, he is sure to shave often for you, and he will look that much better. Guys know this and will use their well-maintained facial hair to trick you into thinking they are hotter! Even if he has no facial hair, you will know if he hasn’t shaved in a while because you will see patchy hair on his face. But if you see only a 5 o’clock shadow, you can be sure that he is grooming for you!

6 Dressing Well

His wardrobe is one of the biggest things that can change a girl's mind when it comes to the attractiveness of a guy. If your guy has nice clean clothes that fit him well, you know he is tricking you into finding him more attractive. Clothes are one of the first things we will see when identifying someone as hot. If you see someone with baggy, ripped clothes, most times, you will look away and not think twice about the guy as being attractive. On the other hand, if he dresses up or has well-kept clothes, you can be sure to try and sneak in a second glance. Women are attracted to a guy that looks good, especially if his clothes are not only nice, but clean as well! If he takes care of his wardrobe and isn’t wearing his dirty laundry, he will appear to be that much hotter!

5 Keeps A Clean Face

Although getting pimples is something that happens to everyone, it seems that the cleaner your face is, the more attractive you are. If you have a guy whose face always seems clean and has no or few pimples or blemishes, he will most likely be considered even hotter in your books. There is a reason that our society uses clean-faced models and actors/actresses. It is human nature to be attracted to the beautiful and pure kind of look. Not only will his clean blemish-less face show you that he looks great, but it will tell you that he takes care of himself. Clean skin is definitely an attractive trait to most women! One of the tricks that guys use to make us think they are hotter is to take care of their skin and ensure that when you see their face, you are drawn into their pure and clean looks!

4 Dark Lighting

It is a romantic evening and you are with your hunk by the fire. The sky is dark and only the flames dance on his face, revealing his attractiveness. In dark lighting, our pupils dilate and it is said that things feel more romantic. Guys will trick us into thinking they are hotter by using dark lighting. When you are on a date or spending time with him, notice where he takes you. Is it in a bright restaurant or is it a dimmed room with candlelight? When in the dark, you will search for his face and you will appreciate the little you can see when the light hits him. He is tricking you by darkening the space and creating a mood! Next time you go out, if the lights are dim, see if your heart flutters every time the light catches his face and he looks at you!

3 Fresh Breath

Bad breath is possibly one of the worst turn-offs besides bad body odor. It is a terrible experience to have someone lean close to you and all you can smell is bad breath. If your guy has wonderful fresh breath, this is one of the ways he can make himself hotter to you. You will be entranced by the fact that he smells like peppermint or spearmint or whatever breath freshener he uses. His fresh breath doesn’t have to be fresh only for kissing! Simply talking to you closely is enough to make you want to lean in closer because his breath smells so good! He will know this and will be sure to lean in more to talk to you so that you can wonder at his amazing mouth hygiene! What can be hotter than a guy who takes care of his teeth and mouth in order to impress you?

2 Talk Lower

Sometimes guys will talk lower when with you, both in the depth of his voice and the volume. When he lowers his voice, you will be straining your ears to hear him and will be hanging off of his every word. You may even notice that you have begun to lean in closer to him and can’t seem to take your eyes off of him. This is one of the tactics that guys use to make themselves more attractive. He has now captured your attention and has your eyes glued to him. What more could he need? The lowering of his voice to something deeper also creates the manly effect -- a rough sound that wraps you up and seems to comfort you in its protective tones. Guys use this trick to ensure you think they are way hotter, and then will leave you always hanging on to every word they say, whether you realize it or not!

1 Being Extra Polite

Who says chivalry is dead? No matter how much some people are against it, many women still enjoy the feeling of being taken care of by a total gentleman. Some men know this and increase their manners and become extra polite. They open doors, say please and thank you, apologize even if it isn’t their fault, and are sure to wrap you in their coat if you are cold. No woman wants someone who is rude, and if your man is a gentleman instead, you will be amazed at how hot he is! This trick can be used to make you think he is way hotter and will also leave you feeling appreciated by him. You will know that he is there to take care of you! As long as he isn’t faking it just to impress you, you will be taken by how attractive your man is to you when he is polite!

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