15 Ways Coke Can Solve Your Everyday Problems

We have all probably heard about all of the detriments of Coca-Cola – how it will strip the enamel from your teeth or even devour a tooth if left in a glass of the acidic liquid, how it will leech calcium out of your bones and burn holes through your stomach. You might not know that you can use all of that corrosive power to your advantage and revolutionize your life in positive ways.

With all the things you can clean with Coke, you can remove the forbidden fruit from your house without having to run it down the drain – though it might be good for cleaning that too.

While some may argue that Coke doesn’t belong in your body, it definitely should still stay in the house. Here are some ways that this famous beverage bottled in Atlanta can solve your household problems in a snap. Behold the power of Coke.

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15 Get out the grease


Replace your own stain remover and use Coke to tackle your toughest grease stains on clothing and other linens. Just use it as a presoak before you pop it in the washing machine. Don’t be alarmed if the stain becomes slightly discolored – that means it is doing its thing. Coke works best on fresh stains. Wash in hot water for best results. You can also use it to clean up oil stains on your garage or shop floor. Let the stain soak for an hour or so. It should start to bubble and fizz. Then blast it away with a hose rinse.

14 Remove rust


Just dip your sponge or any fabric in Coke and rub the rust away. It is also great for loosening stubborn, stuck rusty bolts. An overnight soak in Coke will assure that the phosphoric acid has enough time to do its work. After a little stiff brush action, your nuts and bolts will be as good as new. It can also clean your engine or swimming pool. For pools, just pour a couple 2-liter bottles into the water to clean out rust.

13 Blot out the blood


Coca-Cola may not be able to stop a bloody nose, but it can clean up after it. Take a tip from crime scene cleaners (and criminals, for that matter). Just soak the stains with the brown beverage and extend the life of your garments. Not only that but the carbonic and phosphoric acid found in Coke will deodorize your clothes if you pour it into the wash with your detergent. If you have been sprayed by a skunk, you can also use some Coke in the shower to take out the stink.

12 Pulverize pests


The acid in Coke is strong enough to kill bugs in a snap. There is no need to spend money on expensive and toxic pesticides. Just fill a small bowl of Coke and wait. Bugs are attracted by the sugary solution, but drinking Coke acts like a poison in their system, and your pest problem will be taken care of in no time flat. The liquid also works for flying fiends. Leave a cup of it out, and the wasps will drown themselves. Even anthills can be pulverized by pouring Coke on them. It is also been reputed to spray away cockroaches.

11 Get the grout out


Is grout leaving your tile looking less than desirable? Coke is your friend in the shower and on tile floors. In just a couple minutes, the acidic liquid will take care of the grout, leaving your floor and shower shiny – though you may want to rinse the sugar off afterward. It also works on lime buildup in the shower and tub, as well as on granite.

10 Unstick gum


If you accidentally get gum in your hair or find some under a desk or table or on your shoe, a little Coke will go a long ways. There is no need to get an unwanted and unnecessary trip to the barber. Just soak your strands or the gum itself in a small quantity of Coke and then wipe the gum away. For desks and shoes, a little action with a blunt knife will quickly remove the loosened gum.

9 Adjust your hair color or style


Did you accidentally dye your hair too dark? Coca-Cola can fade or even remove hair color depending upon how long you leave it in. Jealous of a friend’s curly hair? A bit of flat Coke and a few minutes, and your locks will quickly get a bit of bounce and new life. It works by constricting your hair cuticles. If you want to give your printed photos or paper a vintage look, dip it into a dish of Coke, rinse and leave to dry. Model Suki Waterhouse, has shared with her fans that she uses Coke in her hair to get her locks looking voluminous and sexy. 

Some women who've tried this method claim that the hair must be properly styled, that same day, after washing with Coke.

8 Clean the toilet bowl


Nobody likes a dirty toilet, and toilet bowl cleaning is not the easiest task in the world. Coca-Cola takes the scrubbing out of toilet cleaning. Just pour some in the bowl, leave it for a while and flush for a bright, shiny toilet. If you want some extra shine, leave it for an hour and then scrub with a stiff toilet brush. The fizz of the pop will work through unsightly stains and other disgusting fecal remnants.

7 Strip paint


If you have metal furniture that is painted, you can uncover the metal by rubbing a Coke-soaked towel on it. It also works for removing stains from other furniture. Just pour on and leave for an hour or so. In any case, you will want to wash with soapy water afterward to get rid of the stickiness. It can also remove the tarnish from silver objects like jewelry, leaving them shiny and sparkling.

6 Defrost your windshield


Those who live in cold climates should be happy to know that they can get to work a bit quicker with a splash of Coke. Just pour it on, and your windshield will be clearer quite quickly. Don’t have to worry about winter? You can use it to keep your windshield clean. Soak in Coke and clean it off with a round of wiper fluid. Coke is also good for removing debris like bug guts from your grill and bumper. It takes a liberal amount to clean off a large quantity of bugs. Don’t forget to rinse of the Coke afterward. If you don’t, the acid could damage your car's paint job.

5 Speed up the composting process


Environmentalists should hold a can of Coke with their green thumbs. By giving your compost pile a weekly dose of Coca-Cola, you promote the composting process. Beneficial microorganisms feed on the cola’s sugar, and the acid speeds up the decaying process. It also apparently makes an impressive fertilizer, particularly for gardenia and azalea flowers. Put it in a spray bottle, and you have an environmentally friendly pesticide. It’s already caught on in India.

4 Clean away corrosion


If your battery terminals are corroded, you can clean them off by pouring a bit of Coca-Cola on each one. It is acidic, so there is no danger of it reacting with battery acid or becoming diluted. It’s also great for making pennies shiny again after the copper has oxidized and turned green. If you have copper-bottom pots, you can make them shiny again by soaking them in a Coke-filled pan. This method requires no scrubbing and will leave your pots and pans looking as good as new. You can also use it on any other copper accents in your home.

3 Brush away burnt offerings


You know those baking sheets that are covered in black specks, grime and any number of baked-on surprises? You don’t have to toss them out. Just give them a Coke bath, and you will have clean cookie sheets and cake pans for all your baking needs. It's also a great method for removing burnt-on bits on your oven grates and stove drip plates. If the inside of your pots have a black film in them, pour a can of coke in and put the stove on low heat. Let Coke’s corrosive chemicals go to work for you.

2 Neutralize pain


The chemical make-up of Coke is perfect for taking care of pain. Whether you’ve been stung by a bee, nabbed by jellyfish or bitten by any other kind of bug – even mosquitoes, there is no need to panic. Pour it on your wound for 30 seconds. and the sting will be gone in seconds. It can also be good for stomach trouble. A glass of flat coke can cure nausea or an upset stomach. It’s also been prescribed to patients with gastric phytobezoar, a stomach blockage that can lead to bowel blockage if left untreated. Doctors have found that it is a good non-invasive option to avoid surgery since it is similar in acidity to gastric acid.

1 Wipe your windows


The citric acid in Coca-Cola does wonders on windows. You can throw your old window sprays out, or better yet, pour out the old liquid and replace it with coke. It works in the same way that other citrus-based cleaners do and will leave your windows clean and streak-free. Rinse with water afterward to assure you aren’t left with any sticky residue.

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