15 Very Unattractive Things You're Probably Already Doing

Attraction doesn't have a lot to do with love or even lust. Attraction is what gets you that first glance. It's what makes him hunt down your number or search you up online. Sometimes it's what causes him to stop seeing you as a friend or his buddy's little sister. This is that feeling that makes a guy go out of his way to chat but there are a few things that can stop attraction dead in its tracks. They can be visual or mental but for any man these things can be hard to get over. Do you find you are clicking with a guy but your casual convo just never makes it to the next level? Do you have that amazing friend who just can't get a hot date? You don't need a makeover or plastic surgery! Just pay attention to small things that men notice. Here are some ways you may be sabotaging your own attraction factor.

15 Masculine Haircuts

It's really tempting to chop all your hair off every summer. Most of us at least get a trim. Some of us will fall into the big chop trap. You walk into the salon and see that uber cool stylist with her super modern chop and you think how awesome it will feel to do the same. Please refrain! Stylists are amazing and immune to all the typical rules when it comes to normal girl haircuts. You won't look as amazing or trendy no matter how much you swear you are going to style it daily and keep up with trims. When your pixie falls flat it can end up looking pretty military and guys are not into this. Make sure, if you go short, that you keep if soft and feminine. Short hair doesn't have to be choppy at all. Go for a smooth style or some natural curl that leaves you looking like a lady and has men turning their heads to snag a second look at your new do!

14 Overdone Makeup

A super glam made up look is really on trend right now. We are seeing stars like Kim K and Adele sporting the flawless make up with winged eyeliner and false lashes. These starts look amazing, but how does this translate to real life? It doesn't. Thick heavy makeup is intimidating and makes a girl look to high maintenance. Many men claim to like women au naturale but really what they are into is the kind of makeup that looks like you're not wearing any. I'm not saying ditch your smokey eye for evening, but make sure that he sees you most of the time with less. It is a big turn off when a guy doesn't recognize you at the grocery store if he sees you every day at work. Gobs of makeup leaves a man wondering what exactly is it she is hiding? A good rule of thumb is to save your bold lips for a sexy date night, not a trip to the dog park

13 Hairy Legs


There is an increasing movement online for women to get rid of those razors and defy the social norms that say we must be a slave to shaving. The problem with this is that men generally prefer a nice smooth-shaven leg. As much as we hate to admit it, our natural look just isn't as attractive as a sleek smooth hairless limb. I really really hate shaving and rumor has it men do too! Unfortunately they have had years of conditioning to find the smoothest, sleekest, legs the most attractive. For ladies with blonde leg hair this isn't a huge issue but our dark-haired divas are suffering! Shaving is always your choice and you shouldn't make yourself miserable trying to stay perfectly smooth all the time. You can always alternate pants or maxis and shave less often. One thing is key, if you think the man of your dreams will be in close proximity, it's shaving day!

12 Bad Breath

Nothing will halt conversation quicker than bad breath. This goes beyond unattractive and is not gender exclusive. Nobody likes bad breath. The problem is, sometimes you don't know you have it. If you see a hottie approaching, skip the onion on your burger or lay off the garlic chips. If you are a smoker, try to quit! At a minimum, brush after smoke breaks and make sure you are getting regular dental check ups. For most people avoiding bad breath is simple and easily cured with some gum. For others, it may be a more complicated matter. Some health problems cause bad breath and so do many infections. Dry mouth is a common cause of bad breath so make sure to drink lots of water and stay well hydrated. If you notice a lot of white on your tongue, this may be a sign of a yeast problem. Yeast is another common bad breath culprit. Thankfully it is easily treatable with medication.

11 Negativity

Men can't stand when a lady complains about everything. This can be hard for some of us who are glass half empty types. You will benefit in life if you can get over this way of thinking and focus on the positive. Nobody is saying you should be super happy and fake all the time, but if there is a silver lining, try to focus on that. Mention the great weather instead of the heat. Most people try to eliminate negativity in their lives, so don't be something a man would seek to get rid of. Attract him with your positivity and great attitude. People with positive attitudes have a longer life span and have lower rates of depression. Optimism is contagious and people love to be around it. Even if you fake it for a bit, you may find yourself feeling better about life anyway. Don't turn in to Buddy the Christmas Elf but do smile and complement others in a sincere way!

10 Swearing


It may feel like a big release to throw out a few curse words. It definitely feels good to let someone know exactly how you feel about them. Sometimes you just can't help it. You get startled, you fall, you make a huge mistake. Whatever the reason, swearing does not make you look good to guys. Nobody is excited to take the potty mouth out to a nice restaurant or bring them home to mom. The biggest way to control your verbal diarrhea is to watch what's going in. Are you blasting gangster rap on the way to hang out? Is your favorite show full of cuss words? What goes in must come out and it's bound to happen at the most embarrassing time. I'm not talking about offending somebody. Unless you are swearing around kids, we are all grown ups and the offended can move elsewhere. When we are talking about being attractive, that is different. Guys aren't going to let you know your potty mouth is a turn off. You just won't get asked out on a date.

9 Nagging


This might be the most unattractive quality of all. Men loathe nagging! If you ask a man to do something, you just can't expect him to do it right away. Asking over and over is like running your nails over a chalkboard. If he hears you nagging others before you have a connection, forget about it. Whether you nag a coworker, a kid, your mother, or your dog, this is a red flag for all men to stay away. He will run as fast as possible. If you have something to nag about, do your best to bite your tongue. Nagging isn't very effective anyway so it will just make you appear unattractive. They find it frustrating and a frustrated man is always trying to exit the building. Instead of nagging your man,try leaving a note or shooting him an email. These don't come off as bad as a whiney, repetitive voice.

8 Neediness


Nobody likes to feel suffocated. If you are frequently getting dumped, perhaps it's time to self evaluate. Are you a cling-on? Do you profess undying love after the first or second date? Do you constantly track his cell or check up on where he is? If you are newly dating, or not even dating, a good rule of thumb is to expect a hangout twice a week. Seeking him out more often makes you look needy. This doesn't mean you need to take things slow forever, but too much too soon may leave a bad taste in his mouth. If a man feels like you need more from him than he is prepared to give, there is going to be a problem. You want a guy to know you're interested and enjoy having him around without making yourself look like a spy or an attention whore. Neediness comes off as insecurity which is not attractive.

7 Crazy Nails


Guys tend to like simple, manicured women who look like they take care of themselves. Most of them do not want over the top nail art. What even is that? It's just too much. Rank this one right up there with candy colored hair. Men just don't understand why you need a bellybutton ring on your thumb nail. In reality, men don't notice your nails at all....unless they're gross. Having super long, glitter, curling nails will make them notice but it certainly may scare them off. If your nails aren't visibly diseased, men will probably think they are great. Fake nails look high maintenance and are known to carry bacteria. Claws are nice for back scratching but beyond that they are just scary. 3d nails are even worse. The last thing they want to do is spend money on this craze so the next time you are tempted to make your nails look like a kindergarten classroom please refrain.

6  Glitter

Glitter is the makeup trend that just won't die. It was great in middle school but it's time to let it go. When guys see a girl with a face full of glitter, he is more worried about getting it all over himself than he is about how hot you are. Body glitter is just as bad. You are not a unicorn. When a man is looking for an attractive mate, he doesn't think she needs to sweat glitter. I suppose the goal is to attract him by being something shiny? It's not working. Anything that makes you look less than human will only work for vampires. If you must wear glitter because you just feel so much like a unicorn on the inside, that is ok. Skip it on first dates and interviews. Let him learn about your glitter obsession later once he is already smitten. As an adult who must wear glitter, do it in a sophisticated way. You can add a small dab to the center of your eyelid or try a lipgloss with a little sparkle. Make sure not to use any glitter products that will shed onto your man. He will spend a week trying to get rid of the glitter in his life and he may get rid of you in the process.

5 Mascary

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lashes and all things we do to them. The problem is that men don't share the love. Adding a fab mascara, falsies, Younique lashes, or even lash extensions makes me drool. This is one beauty trend guys just don't understand. They prefer clean subtle lashes that look like they could be natural. To a guy this is a much longer than natural lash, but still. If you are planning to go all out with winged eyeliner and a super glam lash set up, think again. Your girlfriends will be impressed and no doubt you will receive compliments. If it's men your hunting then tone it down. Make sure your mascara isn't cakey and no part of your face resembles a spider. If you do go for a small false lash, make sure there is absolutely zero chance of it falling off. Nothing could be more of a turn off than a part of your face flying through the air.

4 Overpowering Fragrance

Fragrance is a 5 billion dollar per year industry so obviously people like fragrance. Guys love a woman who smells nice and vice versa. What they don't like is to leave an encounter sneezing. They tend to be repulsed by super strong scents like heavy musk. When men were polled many said they enjoyed Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. It has a light crisp scent like something clean. They tend to categorize Rose scents as "grandma" and nobody wants to snuggle up to grandma at night. Flowery scents in general did poorly amongst men. Men loved sandalwood scents like Creed and Tom Ford. Many also responded positively to the fruity scents sold by Victoria's Secret. Whatever scent you choose, remember that less is more. Combining scents is the worst! Any scent can be repulsive if you use too much. If someone can taste your scent in the air, it's a deal breaker.

3 Greed

Nothing is more unattractive than greed. Constantly expecting a free meal or gives is just gross. Most guys admit they prefer to pay but it's still nice to offer and be prepared to fork it over every once in a while. Definitely don't be dropping hints that you want/need xyz when you know he can't afford it. If you are just looking to see what you can get....well, Kanye said it best. Golddiggers aren't getting much love these days. If you have a problem with personal greed try to keep that in check. Remember to show that you aren't only focused on money but you care about family, friendship, and whatever else in your life you love. A guy will want to know that you are gonna have the time to invest in him. It's awesome if you are earning cash and working hard at it, just make sure you don't come across as someone who cares about little else.

2 Huge Fake Lips

Guys want kissable lips but a giant set of inner tubes on your face may be a little intimidating. If you are having trouble snagging a man, lay off the injector and fillers for a while and see if that helps. Many men prefer a large pucker, that's true. What they don't want is an artificial add-on to your face. Kylie has really popularized the look lately but don't be tempted to go for this trend. If you have small lips, try a plumping gloss. Injectors can leave your mouth lopsided or immobile and that can be awkward. Some men are repulsed by the awkward facial expressions made by a big fake lip. If it's obvious you had something done, it doesn't look good. Men want the real you and having a fake part on your face can come across as deceitful. If you must go fake, keep it as realistic as possible and never ever admit it!

1 Greasy Hair

Hair that smells or is visibly dirty is not attractive to men or women. Having clean hair is a must, even if you didn't have time to do anything with it. Cleanliness shows you care. Simply put, nobody wants to date someone who is gross. No matter how beautiful you are, oily smelly hair is going to overshadow that. It isn't grunge or hipster, it's nasty. The same goes for the wet look. It can be difficult to differentiate wet from oil, so stay away from this trend. If you don't have time for a shower, snag some dry shampoo. The stuff is a miracle. It helps difficult hair become more manageable and it helps dry up any oil that is hanging around. No poo is really popular these days and lots of people get stuck in an oily adjustment phase but when it comes to your dating life , this is a drag. Wait until you have really suckered him in before you get started on the poo free journey.

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