15 Vacations You Need To Take With Your Friends In Your 20s

Your 20s are the greatest growing period of your life. You're at this perfect meeting stage where you're not committed to anything seriously enough to be tied down by it and you're old enough to go out and explore the world to learn and grow and mold. As a crucial time when you're shaping yourself as a person, there is no better period in your life to pack your bags with your closest friends and travel the globe. Not only will you bond so closely with your best friends, but you will also learn so much about yourself. If you're in your 20s, be sure to take at least one, if not all, of these epic trips with your favorite group of people.

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15 Culture Shock

In my humble opinion, I think it is critically important for every single 20-something to explore and immerse him or herself in a culture that he or she does not know or understand. From my own personal experience, I have found that nothing has taught me acceptance and tolerance with greater magnitude than culture shock. Visit a foreign land with your best friends. Eat food that you don't know. Listen to and learn a language you’ve never heard. Follow customs that seem bizarre. Experience completely different dress, attitudes and society. Draw yourself out of your bubble and experience a different side of the world. Maybe you'll love it, or maybe you'll hate it. But you will undoubtedly learn from it.

14 Camping Trip

The great outdoors, a campfire, your best friends exchanging stories and a starry night…the recipe for a perfect trip. Camping with your closest friends is a great bonding experience and unbelievably fun and inexpensive trip. So if you only have the money for marshmallows and graham crackers but you're aching for a trip to get away from “reality,” grab your best friends and embark on a simple but super fun mini-vacation. Build your teamwork and laugh your socks off as you try forty times to pitch your tent or light a fire. Share life changing stories over wine or beer under the moonlight. And eat all the roasted marshmallows your heart could desire (you're on vacation after all!). A simple but wonderful getaway, camping is a must-do for every group of 20-something friends.

13 Cross-Country Trek

Whether you come from a massive country like Canada or a tiny little one like Andorra, you should absolutely grab your friends and explore your own homeland. You already speak the language, use the same currency and (likely!) have friends’ couches to crash on along the way. So really what excuse do you possibly have for not taking this epic trip? Go explore the vast and beautiful country that you call home and see it with fresh eyes and a rejuvenated perspective. Appreciate the beauty that exists right in your own backyard and cherish these moments of fun with your best friends. Visit that quaint little town you've always wanted to or see that big site that you read about. Stop at all the cheesiest, wildest and crazy points along the way to really soak up every bit of fun with your favorite people in the wonderful land you're lucky enough to call home.

12 Foodie Tour

Who doesn't love food? And, even better, who doesn't love a trip to a special land specifically geared toward eating your way around? Hit up Italy with your favorite fellow pizza junkies. Explore China with every Chinese food lover you know. Visit India for the world's best dal or experience the delicious street food of Thailand or Mexico. Whatever flavors you love, soak them all in in your country of choice decided solely by your favorite cuisine. Take the grand tour through all the best restaurants and finest wineries to taste and sample the best that this world has to offer. Neither your taste-buds nor your memories will be disappointed by this tour through foodie wonderland.

11 Out Of Your Comfort Zone Ride

One of the best parts about travel is that it forces you outside of your bubble of comfort. Sometimes stepping away from your comfort zone can be downright uncomfortable, so taking your best friends along for the ride will give you a small piece of home, a feeling that “we're all in this together” and it will also allow you to grow and build lasting memories with each other. Visit a foreign land that you don't know much about or that makes you think twice about the society you live in. Take a walk on the wild side without the modern luxurious comforts of your everyday life. See how the rest of the world lives whether that's sleeping in Bedouin tents in the Israeli dessert or spear fishing in the oceans of Indonesia. Rip off your security blanket and see the world with eyes wide open and good friends by your side.

10 Language Lesson

Pack your bags and grab your besties to embark on a trip of learning. Ship off to a foreign land where you don't speak a word of the local language…and learn it! Study Spanish in Latin America or Japanese in Japan. Take a trip to the French Riviera to learn the language of love or study Italiano in Milano. Whatever language strikes your fancy, take your friends and head off to a new land to fully learn and embrace its foreign culture all the way down to the tongue they speak. Pick a good language school and move in with a local family to really hone down on your language skills as you practice from day to day. Make a pact with your friends to only speak in the foreign language of choice while you're away on this incredible trip of a lifetime.

9 Luxury Island

The warm ocean breezes, waves gently rolling into the shore, a perfectly blended strawberry daiquiri in your hand and your closest friends sunbathing next to you. Sounds like heaven, right? That's because it is. And every group of 20-something friends should experience it. Pack your cutest bathing suits and find the perfect Caribbean or South Pacific or Mediterranean island that suits your fancy. Book the villa suite of a luxurious resort (split with all your best friends) and spend a week or so vegging out with massages and cocktails. Load up on SPF and catch up on some serious rest and relaxation on a beautiful, luxurious island with white sand beaches, endless sunny skies and the people you love most of all to star in all of your photos.

8 Spring Break

It's a 20-something right of passage. Spring. Break. Whether it's Cancun, Mexico or the south of Florida or any other great party, beach destination, whatever you and your friends prefer best, you have to go. Live it up in style and party like you're young and reckless to create memories that you can tell your grandchildren about. Dress up all fancy, dance your ass off, drink good drinks and bask in the sun and glory of your young adult years. There is no better time in your life to be wild and young than now so take advantage with your favorite people. Enjoy this right of passage into the 20-something years and try to do it with a bit of class and style. Spring break doesn't have to be messy, it just has to be epic.

7 Wine Tour

A slightly classier endeavor but an equally fun one is taking a wine tour with your favorites. Take a trip to wine country and be totally high class as you drive through and visit beautiful vineyards learning about different grapes and varieties and proper wine care. See, swirl, sniff, sip and savor all the finest wines and compare and share with your closest group of friends. Go out for fine dining and pair each course perfectly with the perfect wine. Spend a weekend or more being nothing but high class and cultured as you stroll through wine country and learn the art of wine-making. Find your new favorite white or red and savor each sip and each moment with your friends on this classy wine tour through beautiful wine country.

6 Exotic Land

Exotic is such a wonderful term. Enticing, unusual, “from another world,” these definitions embody exotic in all its glory. What could be more exciting than visiting an exotic land with your loved ones in tow? Embrace all the magic of the unknown as you explore things that seem foreign or even unnatural to you. Taste insects in Asia, swim in sinkholes in Central America or trek through the Arabian desert on a camel’s back. Find an exotic land that appeals to you. Maybe it's for the cuisine, maybe it's for the beautiful people, maybe it's for the outlandish culture…whatever draws you to this place, run at it with full force and all your favorite friends. Bond in a new way with your oldest buddies to create memories that will last a lifetime. Respectfully embrace each new culture and new land as you embark on a life-changing journey through the unknown.

5 Yoga/Diving/Surfing/Skiing/Hiking, etc. Getaway

Whatever you and your friends enjoy together, go away on a holiday together doing just that. Whether you're yoga junkies or diving fanatics or surfing fiends, pick your collective favorite hobby and make a whole trip of it! Find a place that does what you love best and savor every moment of your bonding time together. Spend your days focusing on your favorite thing. Climbers, find the highest peaks and conquer the mountains hand-in-hand. Hikers, trek the greatest and longest, most breathtaking trails encouraging each other all along the way. Fishers, pack your best bait and wait for the perfect catch. Photographers, bring your best lenses and hit the open road to capture the very best images. Whatever it is that you and your friends cherish together, do it together on the trip of a lifetime.

4 Region Grand Tour

If Latin America catches your fancy then tour Central and South America. If Southeast Asia is more your speed, then travel through the jungles and beaches of that beautiful end of the world. Prefer the South Pacific islands? Then spend some time sailing across the seas. Eurotrip on your mind? Explore the major sites and beautiful cities of that grand continent. Whatever place you and your friends are dying to see, pack your bags as lightly as you can and take a long, epic trip through the whole region. Spend weeks or months visiting every major point along your route. And plan some extra time to relax and enjoy in unexpected places along the way too. Take the ultimate, epic trip taking the time to travel through and explore the entire region of the world to soak in all the sites, cultures and energy of the particular region of your choice.

3 Off-The-Beaten-Path Loop

The beaten path is great. It is beaten for a reason. Beautiful sites to see, famous world wonders and many other attractions draw people to the same places again and again. And while they are wonderful, they often tend to be touristy as well. And when places are touristy, they often lose a piece of their authenticity. There is no better way to truly see a country, culture or land than to step off the beaten path and out into the truest side of the place you're visiting. Take a wild adventure away from the tourist traps seeing the authentic and unique side of a new land. Talk to the locals who aren't trying to sell you anything. Ride the local transportation. Eat at local, modestly priced restaurants. Visit a traditional village or holy house. However, it may look to you and your friends, step off the beaten tourist path and out into the wild and unknown of a foreign land just waiting to be explored.

2 Beach Break

Because, honestly, who doesn't love the beach? Find the perfect oasis for you and your friends to relax and release in the sun. Sit under an umbrella as you lazily read your favorite books or giggle together about that story that happened ten years ago. Get messy in the sand before dipping your feet into the great blue. Lounge in your sun chairs and simply decompress on this perfect break from your busy life. Picnic in the sand and embrace your constantly salty hair. Savor the warmth of the breeze and the beauty of the view. Cherish this relaxing time with your closest allies who know literally everything about you and still enjoy your company. Soak up some much-needed Vitamin D from the sun, and some constantly needed Vitamin Sea.

1 Road Trip

Honestly, who doesn't love a good road trip? Packing up a car or van and hitting the open road is invigorating and enticing, to say the least. On a road trip, the possibilities are endless. You can turn in any direction and end up in any quirky land. You can plan ahead or be whimsical. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can explore on a road trip. The options are endless and the single biggest expense is gas. With the windows down, your favorite band blasting on the radio and your best friends by your side, why would you ever not take an epic road trip?

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