15 Unusual Ways To Pump Up His Ego

Although they hate to admit it, guys are just like us. They get insecure, doubt themselves, and even question how their partner's feel about them. Of course, most men won't just come out and say, 'hey baby, I'm feeling really down on myself and could use some reassurance," but that doesn't mean they don't ever think that. That's why it's important to pump up your man's ego from time to time, to make him feel like the greatest man on the planet, and to make all of his doubts go away. You probably know all the old fashioned tricks to making your boyfriend feel great about himself, but now it's time to switch things up. We've been doing our research and we found out fifteen new ways to make your man feel like he's invincible. What's better? You probably had no idea about most of them. Read below to find out 15 unusual ways to pump up his ego.

15 Compliment His Intelligence

If you're young, chances are, you and your boyfriend are doing your best to "make your way" in the world. Maybe he has an entry level job or maybe he's working a job that he doesn't want to make permanent. Either way, he's probably not feeling as secure as he would like to be when it comes to his professional future and he might even be terrified he'll never live up to his potential. To help him out, try complimenting him on how far he's come since you first met him. Not only will be he be humbled by your attention but he'll also gain self-confidence. Let him know that you think he's smart, that you admire his persistence and are inspired by how hard he works. If he's not working in the career field he wants to be, encourage him to make changes by telling him you know how capable he is of doing whatever he puts his mind to.

14 Make Him Feel Heard

You're his girlfriend. You listen to him all the time. We know that and you know that. He, on the other hand, might not know that. We know what you're thinking- you're the best listener in the world- and you might be. Still, in order to make someone feel heard, you must do more than just listen. If he tells you something, remember what he says and then bring it up in the future. For example, let's pretend he tells you a story about picking grapes with his mom when he was a kid. When you're in the grocery store a few days later and see grapes, bring up the story again. We know, it sounds simple... and it is. However, there's a high chance that the stories he tells you are probably highly important to him. In short, it's his way of opening up to you or getting closer to you. Therefore, he'll feel like you cherish him, things that happen to him, and feel closer to you if you prove you remember.

13 Appreciate His Quirks

Again, you're probably thinking- of course, I appreciate his quirks- and we believe you. Still, we're here to remind you how you can go above and beyond. If you just met him and have only gone on a few dates, play the part of the "observer." Notice things about him that are strictly unique to him. For example, maybe he smiles out of the side of his mouth or perhaps he's always extremely friendly to the waiters. Whatever it is, say something about it. This way, he'll know that you're seeing him as someone more than a "guy you just went on a few dates with" and he'll feel as though you appreciate him for who he is. If you've been with someone for a long time and feel like you know everything about him, do your best to notice something new. When you point out things about people that other's don't, they feel special.

12 Show Up

If he has a work party, carve out the time in your busy schedule to go with him. If he needs a ride because his car's in the shop, wake up extra early before work to give him a ride. If he's planning a family reunion, help him. If he has a birthday, celebrate him. In any way that you can, let him know you're there for him. Of course, we believe you should put yourself first, but that doesn't mean you can't put his wants and needs before yours from time to time. Showing up for him and going out of your way for him proves to him how much he really means to you. If you make him feel guilty when he asks you for a favor or if you make him feel like you don't want to be there for important things in his life, he'll start believing he's either a nuisance or not worthy of your time.

11 Remember Sweet Nothings

Sometimes, it's easy to get comfortable in relationships, especially if you've been with him for a long time. You've told him a million times how much you love him, what he means to you, and how great he is. Now, you're beyond that point and have so much trust in each other you don't feel the need to constantly reassure one another. We get it. However, there are still certain times when reassurance is an awesome way to make the bond with your partner even stronger. For example, if he has a big work meeting that he's worried about, let him know just how brilliant he is when he leaves the house. If you're at a party with a bunch of good looking men, whisper in his ear how handsome you think he is. If you're out and about and see something that reminds you of him, buy it and give to him to let him know he was on your mind. Find new ways to make him feel cherished and appreciated.

10 Avoid Certain Behaviors

It's okay to admit it. Sometimes, when you're in a fight with him or he's done something to disappoint you, you tear him apart. Maybe you're a bit condescending or perhaps you insult who he is as a person. Well, it's time to stop. Not only is doing this borderline emotionally abusive, but it's also not going to make the two of you any closer. On top of that, it completely destroys all the hard work you put in to boost his ego. The next time you get in a fight, do your best to take some time and calm down. If he did something that upset you, explain it to him maturely and have a conversation about it. If you want to freak out, do it on your own time, not in his presence. Remind yourself that he probably didn't mean to hurt you or your feelings and that the two of you are going to end up resolving the problem.

9 Bring His Family Into The Mix

Chances are, he is very proud of where he came from. Whether he grew up in a rich neighborhood, a poor neighborhood, with a single mom, or with ten other siblings, he still has a huge attachment to the way in which he was raised. After all, it is a major part of who he is today. What most people don't realize, is that when you appreciate where people come from, they feel a sense of appreciation themselves. The next time you're talking about his family, compliment both him and his family members at the same time. For example, you could say something like, "your mother did a really great job raising a son like you," or "your dad was such an awesome role model." Not only will saying things like this make them feel proud of their family, but it'll also reassure them that they've made their family proud.

8 Adore Him

Just like us, men get insecure about their appearances and do everything they can to look good for us. They go to the gym, diet, and even spend hundreds of dollars on grooming products and new clothes. Of course, they pretend like they don't, but we all know they do. Instead of playfully teasing him for being vain, embrace it. Let him know that the work he's been doing in the gym has really paid off and you've never seen him more fit. Tell him his new haircut accentuates his jaw line and gives him a new sort of edge. If he wears a new outfit, congratulate him on how fashionable he is and appreciate his sense of style. If he gets a new cologne, bask in how great he smells. Let's be honest: It's adorable when men put a lot of effort into looking good for us. Why shouldn't we adore them?

7 Let Him Take Care Of You

We understand that you are an independent woman who's used to taking care of herself and doesn't need a man to do it for her... and that's great. That being said, though, if you let your man take care of you, it doesn't mean you aren't capable of taking care of yourself. All it means is that you trust him to have your best interests in mind and know he's man enough to treat you right. If you don't let your man take care of you, he's going to start wondering why you can't seem to trust him and in turn, he'll start doubting himself. The next time he wants to buy you dinner, let him. If he wants to wash your car for you or spoil you with a shopping spree, don't resist. Remember, men feel manly when they're allowed to be men. Don't take that away from him.

6 Take Care Of Him

Contrarily, it is important that you take care of him just as he takes care of you. After all, in successful, fulfilling relationships, there should be an equal balance. If he is having a bad day, go easy on him. Do not expect that he has to "be the man" and take care of you all the time. Instead, pick up on when he needs you. If he is upset, listen to him when he talks without preconceived notions or expectation. If he needs help, help him in every way that you can. Be extra supportive of his emotions and embrace his sensitive side. Let him know that it is completely safe to say anything he needs to say or do anything he needs to do in your presence and that you would never judge him. This way, he will feel more secure in your relationship and confident being himself overall.

5 Laugh

Laughter is perhaps one of the best things in a relationship. If he tells you a joke, laugh your butt off even if you don't think it's that funny. Chances are, he told it to make you smile. If he embarrasses himself, help him recover by simply laughing at the situation. If he's had an awful day, cheer him up by laughing at all the ironic things that happened to him. If the two of you get into an argument, stop it before it escalates by cracking a joke. Like us, men get worried that they're not making us happy enough or that they're too much work for us to handle. If you can find ways to bring more laughter into your guy's relationship, you'll be able to ease his distress and make him feel more secure. If nothing else, you'll also have more fun and be able to take things more lightly than you once could.

4 Compliment The Fun

We know, bedroom talk can be a little bit uncomfortable for some people. You never know what to say and aren't sure if your partner is going to be receptive. So, what's the solution? Start out slow. Talking in a sexier way doesn't have to resemble what you see on certain sites or in movies. When we say to try some bedroom talk, we only mean compliment him both in and outside of the bedroom on his performance in the bedroom. If you like something he does, let him know. If you find something about him beyond sexy, tell him. Men like to know when they're pleasing you just as you like to know when you're pleasing your man. If you're shy, you could send him a simple text message after he leaves your house to let him know how great of a time you had. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just acknowledging it will boost his ego.

3 Try

As we've stated earlier, it's easy to get comfortable in relationships, especially when you've been with him for a long time. However, we're here to remind you to get a bit uncomfortable. How? By making more of an effort for him. We know what you're thinking: Why should you make an effort when he's told you a million times he doesn't care? Well, because you care and taking the time to show him how much you care will make him feel important. The next time the two of you go on a date, spend a little extra time fixing your hair or doing your makeup. If you two go away for a romantic weekend getaway, get a wax beforehand and invest in some sexy lingerie. Prove to him that you're still the same girl that did everything she could to tie him down years ago and that you don't take his love and affection for granted.

2 Do What He Likes

Are you the show runner in your relationship? If so, it is time to take a backseat from time to time. The next time you and your man hang out, ask him what he wants to do instead of always making plans for the two of you. If he wants Italian food, go to an Italian restaurant. If he wants to go bowling, go bowling. Heck, if he wants to go furniture shopping, go furniture shopping. Sounds easy, right? Yes. However, here is the trick: When you are doing whatever it is he wants to do, enjoy yourself. Find a way to stay involved and have a good time just as he does for you when you make the plans. Make conversation, laugh, and do not complain about having to do something that was not on your itinerary. Just being there for him will make him feel appreciated and supported.

1 Love Him Unconditionally

Appreciate his quirks. Embrace his flaws. Forgive his outbursts. Have short term memory when it comes to his petty mistakes. Let pointless arguments go. Do your best to understand where he's coming from and take the time to walk in his shoes. Listen to him even when it's inconvenient for you. Go out of your way to make him feel loved. Compliment him when he's at his worst and support him when he's at his highest points. Encourage him to be the best version of himself by showing him how much you cherish all parts of him. Stand next to him when he's feeling unworthy and guide him if he's feeling lost. Remember everyday how much you love him and why you love him, then tell him. Make time for him and never forget that he's worth it. Trust us, doing this will certainly boost his ego. If an amazing woman like yourself loves him unconditionally, how could it not?

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