15 Unreal Things Caught On Security Cams At Disneyland

Much like Walmart, a lot of wild stuff happens within the gates of a Disney resort or theme park. Seriously, these aren't just the places where kids go to ride rollercoasters or take pictures with their favorite characters. They're also a location where some of the most debaucherous activities, frightening events, and odd scenarios have taken place whether you know it or not. This is one of the many reasons why there are countless security cameras monitoring the activities in the park. This list has included some of the most outlandish and inappropriate things that have been documented on Disney cams. Some of them may make you want to reconsider ever going back to the Magical Kingdom. Without further ado, here are 15 unreal things caught on security cameras at Disneyland.

15 There's A Little More "Magic" In The Magical Kingdom Than Necessary


There may be a bit too much magic in the Magical Kingdom. After all, security cameras often catch people in the act all around the park. Seriously, the whole place is basically a playground for couples who want to be intimate with one another. Every single day the security camera operators find at least two or three people engaging in inappropriate activities in dark corners, in bathrooms, on rides, or even right out in the open. But it's understandable, who wouldn't feel randy after taking a picture with Mikey and Minnie?

14 That Sure Isn't Dirt Being Spread Around The Park


One time, Disneyland security cameras spotted a couple spreading what looked to be dust around the Haunted Mansion ride. Fearing a biohazard, the park officials shut down the ride and evacuated every person. What they found was the powdery particles were actually the remains of the couples' relative who wanted their ashes spread on the famous Disneyland ride.

13 Poor Tigger! There have Been Some Full-On Mascot Fights


Disneyland security cameras also have spotted some pretty unreal altercations between park guests and mascots. It's not just the kids who cause issues for workers dressed as our favorite Disney characters, it's also the adults. In one very publicized incident, security was called to intervene when a father punched Tigger in the face.

12 Princess Jasmine Versus Snow White And All Of The Seven Dwarves


Not all the mascots get along, that's for sure. Although it's rare that mascots from completely different Disney universes will come into contact with one another out in the open, security cameras have spotted odd pairings getting into fistfights with one another. Unfortunately, it's not just fighting that goes on between the people in costumes. Sometimes they've been photographed getting it on with one another. This usually leads to immediate contract termination.

11 The Ghosts Of The Disney Theme Parks


Over the years, multiple security cameras have picked up strange movement and flaring lights that lead people to believe the theme park is haunted. While some of these stories feel totally outlandish, some footage that's found online does point to the unexplainable. Some believe that the ghost that's spotted the most is the spirit of Walt Disney himself.

10 The Haunted Mansion Handy


It's downright savage to break up a couple in the middle of a handy. But it just so happened that Disney park officials had to after spotting the couple in the midst of the act in the Haunted Mansion. Okay, sure, the mansion is dark, but it's also populated by tons of people, not too mention security cameras. Unfortunately, the couple could have been arrested for such an act. Although it does make for a great story to tell their friends.

9 Down And Dirty With Drew Carey

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The Haunted Mansion isn't the only place that couples like to get down and dirty. There was once a ride at Disneyland called Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right and from Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show. It's not exactly the most romantic place on Earth. Not to mention, Drew Cary doesn't precisely inspire most to get all backed up. But, nonetheless, night vision cameras did spot and stop a couple going all at it during a dark portion of the ride.

8 Please Keep Your Arms And Legs Inside The Ride At All Times

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Billy Corgan here is definitely the type to keep his arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Actually, he looks like the type who doesn't want to be on a ride, to begin with. But some people don't listen to this message. In fact, security cameras at the park sometimes find people getting off the ride while it's still in motion. This can cause major safety hazards as well as be a heck of an inconvenience for those abiding by the rules.

7 A Maintenance Worker Had A Ghostly Visit

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There's another ghostly visit found online thanks to the publishing of Disneyland security footage. In the video, a maintenance guy is doing a routine check-up in the Tower of Terror. As he does, a ghostly image of a woman seats herself behind him. Moments later, a flare of light goes off four chairs to his left. This could be totally explainable, but it's also very creepy.

6 It Wouldn't Be Splash Mountain Without A Flash Or Three


The security team at Splash Mountain has one of the toughest jobs in the park as every day they have a bunch of young women who end up flashing the world on their way down. This is such a big deal for the park as there are always a bunch of kids by the monitors where these images are shown. Still, some security camera operators must be thrilled as they get to see far more than they signed up for.

5 As Many Major Child Tantrums As You Can Imagine... Including Celebrities


As you can imagine, a park filled with children hoped up on sugar and excitement is often going to lead to disaster for parents. Apparently, the security cameras catch children throwing tantrums almost every minute of the day. Sometimes these tantrums are quite normal. But other times, the outbursts are far more intense and even involve the children attaching mascots or throwing food at other customers. Oh, and sometimes these children belong to A-List celebrities...

4 Proposal on Splash Mountain Ride


Security cameras at Splash Mountain don't just catch moments of debauchery. Sometimes they manage to see some pretty unreal proposal likes the one pictured above. Proposing on Splash Mountain is a surefire way of creating a memorable moment. But it doesn't exactly mean that you'll get a "yes". After all, it's pretty hard to tell someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them when you're battling the desire to upchuck.

3 A Bunch Of Handsome Teens Taking A Cool Dip In The Disney Moat


Okay, so not every young person caught swimming in the Dinsey castle moat was as attractive as Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse, but we can imagine, can't we? Yes, security cameras have caught skinny dippers and waders in the castle's moat, as well as in other water features. None of these places are okay for a swim for both health and safety reasons.

2 Your Face... Anywhere, At Any Time, No Matter What You Do At The Park


Okay, here's something really creepy... Disney security cameras have the ability to track faces around the park. The software used in these cameras can re-identify people, making sure that security knows precisely where everybody goes at any time of the day. This means that the cameras can see a pretty wide variety of unreal events during the course of any visitors time at the park.

1 A Kid Who Was A REALLY Big Show-Off


Some Disneyland visitors are well aware of the cameras that follow their every move, so they take advantage of it. In one case, a young man really wanted to show off for the cameras. So, he started doing a series of backflips. He landed every single one of them perfectly... except for the last one... Let's just say, an ambulance was called...

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