15 Unknown Scandalous Snapchats That Celebs Deleted In Minutes

Just like the rest of us humans, celebrities are not immune to posting questionable photos on their snapchat. So we are basically one in the same except that when it comes to bad snapchats, the consequences for celebrities can be a lot worse. Whereas we only have to worry about our eyebrow-raising snapchats reaching hundreds of people, stars face millions. Naturally, this makes the scrutiny for celebs a lot more intense than just receiving a text from conservative Aunt Mildred to remove a particular photo immediately. Celebrities have to deal with fans, gossip sites, family, friends and worst of all trolls commenting on their photos. So it is no wonder that some of them pull their snapchats down as fast as they go up. Unfortunately for them, all it takes is for the photo being up for five-seconds before hundreds of people have had a chance to screenshot it.

The truth is, all celebrities and their friends should really be given social media training before being allowed to post anything. Whether they are posting an inappropriate photo of themselves like Usher did while sitting on a toilet, there needs to be some control practiced. Although it would have been better if the celebrities below did not post these images, for our own juicy enjoyment, we have to admit we are kind of glad that they did.

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15 Tyga claims he's Kylie's baby daddy

A few months ago, rumors started swirling that twenty-year-old Kylie Jenner was expecting her first child. Naturally, when media outlets got a hold of this story, they were rife with speculations. Not only is Kylie quite young but she had not been dating boyfriend and assumed baby daddy Travis Scott for very long. As the story broke, it seemed that everyone had their two cents on the matter and that included ex-boyfriend Tyga. The same day that the story became news, Tyga took to his Snapchat to comment on it. According to the rappers post, he claimed that it is his kid with four devil emojis beside it. Apparently, Tyga is still bitter about his breakup with Kylie, so what better way to be relevant in her life again than by stirring the pot on social media? It wasn't long before someone talked some sense into Tyga and he removed the post.

14 Gigi Hadid is caught in a questionable position

In March 2015, Gigi Hadid was captured by her former boyfriend, Cody Simpsons in a somewhat dubious position. The then 19-year-old was dating the singer at the time and the two were partying together in Miami at a VS party. Well according to the snapshot video it seemed like they were partying a little too much as Gigi had her head bent over the table. Although the video was quickly deleted from snapchat, it wasn't before media outlets got their hands on it. Gigi was faced with some backlash from fans and promptly took to her Twitter to defend herself. Gigi posted a tweet saying "If you actually watch the video there is nothing on the counter .5 secs before you see that image..It is not only impossible but insane to me."

13 Kim Kardashian becomes shy over busty snap

Kim Kardashian has never been shy about baring her body on snapchat, but it seemed that she had a change of heart with this one snapchat. Kim posted a particularly busty video of herself as her glam squad worked on her but then seemingly became shy about it. Perhaps she finally realized it was overkill as she posts far too many selfies or she just spotted something in the photo that she didn't like. Given that she captioned the snap with "I will stop being annoying now,' chances are she realized that the snapchat was already super annoying and unwarranted. We are not sure how the inner workings of Kim's mind work, but we can only guess that even she's as sick of posting so many selfies as we are of looking at them.

12 Bella Thorne suddenly becomes modest & deletes thirsty snap

For anyone that follows Bella Thorne on snapchat, you know that she's not exactly shy when it comes to what she posts. From posting half-naked photos and videos to posting footage of herself kissing people, she's a free spirit. However, in June of 2017, she appeared to regret one of her snapchat posts when she deleted it just as quickly as it went up. Bella posted a topless video of herself talking into the camera before taking it down. It turns out she does feel modest from time to time, and this video removal seemed to be just that. Perhaps Bella was just tired of the attention that week from the media as she had just ended a somewhat embarrassing stint as Scott Disick's arm candy. Before the post, there were photos of Bella and Scott canoodling all over Cannes. Just the next day though, the playboy was seen doing the same thing with another woman.

11 Blac Chyna accuses Rob of assaulting her

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had a rather tumultuous relationship as we watched part of it play out on social media and the other part on their short-lived reality show. Rob and Chyna the show almost lasted as long as their relationship, and that's not saying much. The pair would continuously fight and display their antics and the drama of their relationship very publicly. From Rob posting racy images of Chyna claiming that she cheated on him to Chyna posting snapchats such as the one above. Although Chyna quickly took this snapchat down, it was up there long enough t to stir the drama even further. Chyna posted this snap alleging that Rob beat her after he posted the racy photo of her claiming that she cheated. This also all came on the heels of Rob saying that he spent over 1 million supporting her.

10 Gigi Hadid deletes a racially insensitive snap

Model Gigi Hadid has not had an excellent track record on snapchat as she has had controversy surrounding it twice now. Earlier this year Gigi received massive backlash from her fans in the Asian community after posting this racially insensitive snap. The model brought a small Buddha head up to her face and then squinted her eyes beside it. After posting this, Gigi was quickly accused of mocking Asian eyes and received a lot of negative press. So much so that it affected her modeling career. Gigi did apologize for posting the snapchat but to no avail. Gigi was scheduled to walk in Victoria's Secret show this past November in China but thanks to the controversy surrounding this snapchat she was not able to.

9 Kim Zolciak encourages daughter to show her goodies

Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle Bierman have a very close and sweet relationship, but it seems that Kim sometimes forgets that Brielle is her daughter. Kim received a ton of negative press after Brielle posted a video on snapchat of the two of them and Kim was overheard encouraging Brielle to lift her shirt up. In the video, Kim addresses Khloe Kardashian and says to her daughter "show Khloe how big her b**** are going to be." Brielle then flashes the camera. Although the post was quickly deleted, people began to question how a mother could encourage her twenty-year-old daughter to do that. In her defense, Kim claimed the video was solely intended for Khloe Kardashian but was accidentally posted on Brielle's story.

8 Dani Mathers cruel body shaming snap

There are limits to what you can and cannot post and former Playboy model Dani Mathers definitely crossed the line. Dani was at the gym when she spotted a naked woman in the changeroom with her. Instead of giving the woman her privacy, Dani posted this cruel photo on her snapchat. Although she deleted the post, it wasn't quick enough, and Dani got into legal trouble because of it. Dani was facing jail time for her snapchat post as the judge on the case presented her with two options. He said that she could either spend forty-five days in jail and thirty-six months of probation or do community service. Dani chose thirty days of removing graffiti and thirty-six months of probation as her punishment.

7 Kylie Jenner lets it slip that she's faded

Kylie Jenner does not shy away from showing her personality on her snapchat account, but perhaps she revealed a little too much in this snap. Kylie posted and then subsequently deleted this post where she explains that she may be under the influence of something as she eats a snack. Fans quickly started to share the video, and some people were quick to point out that Kylie should know better as a role model to so many young girls. However, Kylie was not going to take the negative criticism laying down, and she spoke up about the video on her Twitter. She wanted to clarify exactly what happened in the video and says that she was referring to the Popeyes chicken she was eating and not herself. Apparently, all she really said in the video was this is "good AF."

6 Kaitlyn Bristowe ruins the Bachelorette finale

One of the most fun parts of watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is trying to guess who the main star of the show is going to pick. During Kaitlyn Bristowes season, in particular, there were so many questions leading up to the finale that not everyone knew the way the season would turn out. Some sources claimed she winds up alone; others said she would end up with Nick Viall and others believed the winner would be Shawn Booth. As the season neared its end, fewer people thought it would be Sean as Kaitlyn famously hooked up with Nick Viall before the overnight dates. So it would have undoubtedly been entertaining for viewers when the big reveal came at the end, and she selected Shawn. However, she ruined it for everyone by posting a video with him on her snap before the finale.

5 Waka Flocka makes a terrible judgment call while trying to joke

In complete poor taste, rapper Waka Flocka put a little girl in a dog cage on Instagram in an attempt to make a joke. The rapper thought he was being funny when he put the little girl in the age and could be heard saying in the snapchat video "I'll bond you out." Waka quickly removed the video as he started facing backlash and then tried to explain it. Waka claimed that the little girl is his three-year-old niece and that she put herself in the cage. Once she was in the cage that's when he had the idea to joke about her "being in jail" and how he would "bond her out." Waka says that he thought it was just a sweet family moment that he wanted to share with his fans and had no intention of upsetting anyone. Perhaps next time he can give his snaps a little bit more thought to avoid this drama in the future.

4 What's that in the background, Kim?

The Kardashian's are accustomed to oversharing and facing controversy, but in July of 2017, Kim got a little more than she bargained for. Kim posted a video of herself on her snapchat, but fans were far more interested in what was behind her. In the background of Kim's video, it looked like there was a white substance that closely resembled drugs. As soon as Kim realized what it looked like she quickly deleted the snapchat but she still had to spend plenty of time defending herself. Kim released a statement to the media saying that the alleged illegal substance was in fact candy. Kim issued a tweet saying, "I do not play with rumors like this, so I'm gonna shut it down real quick. That's sugar from our candy mess from Dylan's candy shop."

3 Tyler Posey pretends to be gay

Plenty of teenagers look up to Tyler Posey as the star of The Teen Wolf, but it seems he did not consider this when he posted this snapchat. In the video, Tyler cheerily announces to his fans that he is gay. However, after being flooded with an outpouring of support, Tyler deleted the video as he admits he was just joking. Fans were disappointed in the actor for joking about something that millions of people have struggled with. Coming out can be extremely difficult for some, and it seems that Tyler did not understand the breadth of this. Tyler wrote on his social media, "I am a big proponent of love over hate and standing together during divisive times. Although I'm not gay, I fully support the LGBTQ community. This was a moment intended to reflect that."

2 Caroline Flack bares her ta-tas "accidentally"

The British X Factor star Caroline Flack posted this photo on her snapchat before deleting it and claiming it was accidental. Although, fans were not buying that her nip slip was accidental and think that the star just wanted a little bit of extra attention. Fans were shocked by the image, and perhaps it was that reaction that made Caroline remove the image. Based on her Instagram posts, if we had to wager a guess, we think that it was intentional. Just weeks after posting this picture, Caroline posted another topless photo but on Instagram this time. So it seems that Caroline just wants to show her body off and does not care what people think. At least the second time around she didn't try to pretend that it was an accident and owned it.

1 Usher's slight case of oversharing

Sometimes people just want a little extra attention and this appears to be one of those times. In June 2016 Usher posted a naked snapchat with just an emoji covering his lower region. In the snapchat Usher claims that he is only "blowing off steam." While getting naked and taking photos of ourselves is not necessarily how we blow off steam, we suppose whatever works, Usher. The singer did not keep the post up for long but long enough that it made all of the major media outlets. So there you have it, folks, if you want mass attention just get naked and put it on your snapchat. Of course, it also helps if you are Usher. Despite the naughty nature of Usher's post, he got some pretty positive attention from all of his fans.

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