15 Unbelievable Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Other People

When you think of plastic surgery, you may think of the fountain of youth. Or you may think of celebrities with deep pockets that don’t seem to age like the rest of us. Most people have plastic surgeries to try to maintain their youth or become a “new and improved” version of themselves – but not everyone.

These are more than simple nose jobs or tummy tucks, nor are these ordinary people trying to erase a few wrinkles with a bit of Botox. These extreme personalities decided to become their idols by spending thousands of dollars or more and undergoing countless surgeries to have their bodies completely remade to that of another. It’s not easy to make a fantasy come to life. For some, it takes years, in addition to the financial capital. From queens and Barbie dolls to superheroes and dogs, the sky is the limit to these mad makeovers.

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15 Don’t Mess With the Devil


It’s not just women who have crazy cosmetic fantasies. Security guard Gavin Paslow wanted to intimidate any trespassers and become a devil in the flesh. His transformation included more than $5,000 worth of operations including forking his tongue, two implants on either side of his forehead to resemble horns and lastly making his ears pointed. He also had his canine teeth grinded down and had crowns attached to look like fangs, in addition to covering his upper body in tattoos. Paslow also enjoys wearing lizard-like contact lenses and a coroner’s long tailcoat to complete his look.

14 Soccer Mom Turned Egyptian Queen

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It took Nileen Namita 51 cosmetic operations to become a spitting image of Queen Nefertiti. Namita is a 50-something artist and mother. I can’t help but wonder what her three kids and their friends might have thought when they realized that mom was having a permanent Halloween celebration. Nefertiti is the spouse of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, and Namita has needed a pharaoh’s salary to achieve her new look, which has already cost her more than $350,000. This wannabe Egyptian royalty isn’t done yet either. She has more surgeries planned to put the finishing touches on her look.

13 A True Superhero Complex

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Herbert Chavez doesn’t just want to be a superhero; he wants to look like one too. However, it took a bit more than a spin in a photo booth for him to make the transformation. His surgeries have included skin whitening, abdominal implants, lip liposuction, jaw realignment and nose jobs to look like his superhero, who he has idolized since starting to watch the show at age 5. The Filipino man has undergone 19 operations over 16 years to look like a real-life Clark Kent. Chavez is a dressmaker and has Superman’s look mastered down to the cleft chin and well-manicured hairstyle. He likes to go parade through the streets in Superman garb and teach kids lessons in morals.

12 Great Grandma Hops Away

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Annette Edwards had always idolized Jessica Rabbit, one of the characters in the film “Who Killed Roger Rabbit.” Although she is a young great grandmother at 60, she did not hesitate to transform her image into that of her favorite animal and cartoon character. The Brit had her surgery performed at Harley Street, a famous plastic surgery clinic in London. It took surgeons more than a week to make her body bounce – including work on her breasts, brow and a whole lot of Botox.

11 A Female Caucasian MJ


If you always thought Michael Jackson looked like a white woman, you were probably spot on. A British woman who goes by the moniker Miki Jay decided to undergo surgery to look more like Michael Jackson. Jay’s obsession with the late moonwalker began when she one a 1991 talent show. Since then, she has become a professional impersonator of the King of Pop. Apparently, the Jackson look-alike earns about $240,000 thrilling audiences each year, enough to justify the $16,000 or so that she spent to slice her nose, chin and cheeks to look more like Jackson’s.

10 A Spitting Image of Her Daughter


It is not unheard of for parents to live vicariously through their children, and while moms taking a few fashion tips from their daughters are fairly normal, trying to become them isn’t. Janet Cunliffe didn’t just borrow a pair of heels and a dress from her daughter Jane’s closet; she tried to become her twin. Janet is 22 years older than Jane, but it is hard to tell the difference between their long blonde locks, lengthy limbs and hourglass figures. Their eyes don’t lie, though, and Janet’s blue eyes distinguish her from Jane’s brown eyes.

9 Jaws of Steel

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An aspiring actor thought that adjusting his jawline would get him more acting jobs. The Ryan Gosling wannabe spent $5,000 to undergo a two-hour operation to look like the star of “Drive.” His surgeon said that he didn’t perfect the look but that the squared-off jaw is definitely the most important feature in the Gosling-look. Others have scoffed at the money that Nicholas Ryan spent just on a jaw bone, but Ryan says he has already been mistaken for Gosling and thinks that his “more heroic face” will get him the roles he’s been hoping for.

8 The Inseparable Twins


Some twins look less alike as they age, and Jo and Kerry Burton weren’t about to let that happen. When Kerry decided to have a nose job, Jo was just a nose behind. The identical twin sisters have been acting in tandem ever since, having all the same operations performed by the same doctors. The sisters are so indistinguishable that the doctors have had to write their initials on their abdomens so that it is clear which sister is which. The sisters haven’t even hit 40 yet, and they have already had a series of eye lifts, Botox, breast enlargements and permanent makeup tattoos.

7 Octomom Not Trying to Be Jolie


Angelina Jolie is one of the world’s most celebrated mothers with her multicultural brood of six children. Even though she has more than twice as many children as Jolie, Nadya Suleman seems to have a secret obsession with the star. Suleman denies trying to resemble the superstar, who is currently with Brad Pitt, but the resemblance is uncanny. It is speculated that Suleman underwent rhinoplasty and lip augmentation to look like Angelina. In addition to looks, Suleman and Jolie are also both the same age. How she has the time and money for such a procedure with her 14 children, nobody knows.

6 The Walking Dead

via neatorama.com

When Zhao Gang lost his first wife, he lost the apple of his eye. He only had eyes for her, so when he went looking for love, he went looking for a woman who looked like the one he had lost. For Gang, love only was skin deep, and he asked his new bride to get plastic surgery to resemble his deceased lover. The wife agreed, but it is unknown whether the surgery was performed or not, as the surgeon urged them to get counseling before she went under the knife. Either way, it gives the term “walking dead” a whole new meaning.

5 Wannabe Barbie


Cindy Jackson is the current world record holder for the most cosmetic procedures. The Barbie wannabe has spent nearly $100,000 on all of her operations, 47 total. Her quest to become a real-life Barbie doll started in 1988 and has continued ever since. She has had two nose jobs, three facelifts, two eye lifts, liposuction on all parts of her body, work on her knees, abdomen, thighs, waist, jawlines, implants for her lips and cheeks, reduction of her chin bone, chemical peels and semi-permanent make-up. She is a Barbie girl if ever there was one.

4 What Ken is to Barbie

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More than one woman has spent thousands to look like Barbie. But who would Barbie be without Ken? It took Justin Jedica 90 plastic surgeries to become a spitting image of Ken. It cost this New Yorker about $100,000 to complete his dashing look, and he started young. His first operation was a nose job at the age of 18. It is estimated that the 35-year-old has had upwards of 90 surgeries to complete his look. His most impressive modifications are his pectoral implants and silicone bicep inserts. Jedica claims that his plastic surgery habit is just an extension of his creativity and won’t stop, equating it to “asking Picasso not to paint.”

3 A Demi Moore Death Wish


Lisa Connell was never satisfied with her looks, so when she was diagnosed with what she thought was an inoperable brain tumor, her dying wish was to look like her favorite movie star Demi Moore. In order to make her dream a reality, Connell had liposuction, a brow lift, breast enhancement, as well as dental and skin work done at the age of 29. Connell outlived expectations and have auctioned off dates for cancer charities. She has gone on at least 30 dates and raised more than $27,000 for cancer research. It seems that looking like Demi has given Connell new life.

2 Man’s Best Friend Turned Human

via cloudfront.net

An unnamed Brazilian man has an uncanny obsession with man’s best friend. So much that he decided that he needed to become one in the flesh. The man paid an undisclosed large sum of cash to have his face transplanted with a canine face. The disturbing operations involved actually taking parts from a deceased furry friend to give the man dog like features. His ears, lips, eyebrows, and lips are all fashioned with dog parts. The Brazilian is thought to be the first man-dog in the world. It’s unclear whether he has won over men or dogs with his new look.

1 Trying to Keep Up With the Kardashians


Myla Sinanaj is obsessed with Kim Kardashian, and she is doing all she can to keep up with the sexy star. Apparently, Sinanaj was being mistaken for a plumper version of Kardashian and decided to take matters into her own hands – or into the hands of her surgeons. Sinanaj spent around $30,000 to get liposuction, a boob job, and lip injections. Sinanaj also seems to be obsessed with Kardashian’s love life, claiming to have dated Kim Kardashian’s ex Kris Humphries. Her love for Kim only goes too far. Apparently she made a sex tape called “The Anti-Kim K.” to fund her operations.

Sources:  slice.ca

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