15 Types Of Women You Meet At Sephora

Sephora is not just a store, it’s an experience. If you ask groups of girls what plans they have for the weekend, some might actually say they're going to hit up Sephora. It’s that serious. It’s about seeing and being seen. It’s about being up on the latest, greatest products. It’s about keeping your makeup game foolproof. Sephora has become a place where women, from all walks of life, can share in their passion for beauty. And the real beauty of Sephora is that it has everything you’d ever want and imagine a beauty store to have, plus some more. Sephora exceeds supply and demand.

If you’ve ever paid attention while shopping, you might have noticed that Sephora has specific clientele. Of course, you will see all sorts of women, but there are those returning customers who can’t stay away. Whether it’s related to profession or obsession, addiction or conviction, Sephora is the one-stop beauty spot. Women from far and wide know the name and if that’s not enough, girls reference Sephora like it’s going out of style. Sephora is like the new MAC, although MAC still has its following. If you love Sephora, you’ll love this list about the type of women you see there. Some entries might hit close to home and others show the type of customers you might not have seen before. But if you keep your eyes peeled, you’re sure to run into one of more of these ladies.

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15 The chick way too on fleek 

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You know who she is because she floats through the store. She floats like clouds and angels and unicorns because she is some sort of ethereal creature, plus she’s one hundred percent on fleek. It’s not just her eyebrow game that’s on so tight that it hurts and, in some cases, embarrasses you; but with those eyeliner wings, she takes flight. Perhaps she was blessed with the gift, a steady hand and naturally curved brows; or maybe she worked hard at what she’s got. Whatever the case may be, you can spot her a mile away. She’s got a fresh face and brows lined for the goddesses. Her hands are full of liquid liner and brow brushes and she’s friends with all the employees because her YouTube channel is pretty popular. Don’t worry, you, too, can learn from her; walk up to her and ask her how she got herself so fly.

14 The girl that doesn't even need makeup! 

No matter what, no matter where, no matter the situation –she will be quick to tell you she doesn't wear much makeup. And it’s not like one of those girls who says it like, I’m pretty clueless around all of this stuff and I’d like to learn, but I enjoy watching all my friends get into it instead, so I’m cool. Nope, this girl is not so nice. She’s like throwing it in your face. She’s all like team natural and organic and I don’t need makeup and God made me this way and blah blah blah. While her points on chemicals are spot on, her attitude is way off. Her bragging gets in the way of the fun everyone is trying to have; and she might even make fun of some products or people, not because she’s trying to be rude, but just because she doesn’t get it. We all have that one friend. Next time, leave her a$$ at home, please. It’s best for everyone involved.

13 The newbie

You’re not sure which look she’s going for; all you know is that her face is like overdone and kind of makes your head hurt. She’s a newbie, she’s a baby; she might be a Sephora virgin. Most of her makeup skills come from the old school, those tips that say more is better and less is a waste. She tries all the new styles and tips. At the same time on her same face. She’s trying really hard, too. But it just so happens that makeup is not her thing. Unfortunately for this poor soul, until she actually goes into Sephora she may never get the help she needs. With fingers and toes and eyes and hearts crossed, one of the lovely Sephora employees will teach her how to apply makeup in a more natural way and in a way that’s suited to her features.

12 The goth child

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She’s unmistakably unique. She’s not afraid of her desire to be unlike the rest of the Sephora lot. She’s got her own thing and she’s very much into it. She’s emo or goth or punk or artistic or part of some non-descript group; whatever she is, she’s owning it. Her idea of makeup is dramatic, but not as in colorful dramatic, as in the less color the better. Pale skin is her preferred canvas; and eyes as dark as night, as coal, as death. The goal is to blend with the ghosts and spirits, to become one of them, to belong to the non-living world. She harks back to an era when Robert Smith of The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees were all the kids could talk about. She’s both witchy and occult; but she is not evil, she’s merely looking the part. No one is better than she at the smoky eye and the black lip; that’s her trademark. While you might feel afraid of her, be advised that beyond that makeup, she’s just another chick like you or I. The only difference is that she’s more into exploring a darker side of life and herself.

11 The Colorful Queen

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So where the goth gal is trying to shun color and light and, perhaps, life, this Sephora shopper is all about color, all the time, all year round. She is flamboyant and not afraid to experiment with color. You might see her with a rainbow of colors on her eyelids to her mouth. You might see her do a face of monochromatic brilliance. Color does not scare her, she welcomes color because it represents her and her take on life. The more color the better, she seems to be saying. The tones might suit her mood or the season, they might match her outfit, they might even pair with a theme or a festivity. She will be the one to create intricate drawings on her lids; and they will be holiday-themed. If you want to look, go ahead, look. She knows you’re looking, she wants you to look. Why else would she select such captivating colors, why else would she spend hours in front of the mirror getting the shades and designs just right. Attention is what she craves, so go ahead and look, but don’t stare because that’s rude. Admire her understanding of color and drama from afar.

10 The guy who can apply makeup way better than you 

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Yes, you will see more and more men in Sephora because, well, girl, boys wear makeup, too. And they’ve been wearing makeup since like forever. Some boys might even be better trained than we are in the art of makeup. Don’t be surprised should the boy at Sephora know more than you about makeup. He knows how to blend to perfection and can even straddle androgyny or cross all the way over into über feminine territory. He does not play with his makeup skills. Should you be curious, ask him how he does it. He’s likely to give you stellar advice while at the same time using the samples to give you examples of what you should do; before you know it, your face is on fleek and you leave the store at your fiercest level ever.

9 The kid that can apply makeup way better than you 

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The clientele at Sephora gets younger and younger these days. Makeup is no longer for grown-ups or girls who think they’re grown, now straight up children are popping into Sephora like, Mama, I need this setting powder and this sponge, please. I got school pictures and I’m trying to slay. Like what in the world! These children are coming for us. They are starting younger and honing those makeup skills. By the time they reach grown woman status, they’ll be able to blend in the dark and draw on eyebrows in their sleep. Young girls wearing makeup is also not new as the beauty pageant scene has made it quite popular in the past few decades. However, this can be dangerous because it gives young girls a false sense of self and beauty. Sometimes, we need to let little girls stay little girls; and sometimes, we gotta teach them that they are so much more than a pretty face. But until that day comes, you will see babies bouncing around Sephora with more makeup knowledge than the average adolescent.

8 New to contouring

So, she’s recently learned what contouring is and is about that life like it’s her calling and mission. She’s not bad at contouring, it’s just noticeable that she’s new to it. In the store, she might ask a lot of questions and debate between this highlighter and that. You can identify her through her extra highlighted nose and cheekbones. It’s not that she’s done a bad job, not at all, but she needs some practice in blending. The look of contouring doesn’t have to have so much contrast, but in her mind it’s the contrast that makes it contouring. She’s not wrong, but she’s also not right. Again, it’s about that blending sponge and making those brushes work for and not against you. She could take her makeup skills to the next level if only she paid attention to the details. However, until then, you will see lots of this kind of chick walking around Sephora working with shades that cast too much shade and give off too much light.

7 The know it all

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Whether or not she actually knows what she’s doing is not the point here. The point is she thinks she knows and that’s enough for her. This is the girl who wears makeup like it’s going out of style. She does not differentiate makeup for day or night time or for office or party looks; she has one look and that look is all the makeup, all the time. Basically, she can’t be told anything about her makeup. What she does may or may not be flattering for the general population, but she feels good about herself when she looks in the mirror. She buys way too much, even when her shelves are over stocked at home. New product, gotta buy it. New look, gotta try it. She’s up for experimenting at the cost of going broke. And she’s willing to experiment at the risk of looking a little foolish. Let her be, to say anything would only be to start a war that you ain’t gonna win. Stay quiet, look away, and let her do her thing.

6 Human doll

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Anime is huge. It started in the 80s, but really built momentum in the 1990s with Sailor Moon. Since then, girls have been trying to become cartoons and dolls. It looks pretty but some girls take it too far. The Asian aesthetic is for doll-like eyes, and some women will even go so far as to have surgery to achieve the look. But with makeup today, these types of looks can be achieved without going under the knife and without spending all that cash. Makeup does have the ability to work miracles and can give anyone that porcelain doll face. Study YouTube videos like crazy, take notes, then buy all the required materials and tools. Should you be persistent, you can obtain an Anime look that will have you feeling both angelic and bada$$ at the same time.

5 The layered look

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Underneath all that makeup, she’s probably much prettier than you realize, but you gotta get through all those layers, first. Someone taught her that makeup was like paint for the face and she ran with that concept. And since she started young or started without the proper guidance, she will continue to sport this look until she has a makeup intervention. She needs to leave Sephora, step away, and get a make-over immediately. She might be clueless and looking at how she applies her makeup, she is. She buys the wrong shades, she hasn’t been taught the power of blending, and she smiles despite such mistakes because no one has had the guts to tell this poor soul that she’s doing it all wrong. Please, someone, be a friend to this dear child. Oftentimes, it only takes a kind word and some encouragement. Teach this Sephora addict to minimize in order to optimize.

4 The experts

The experts are not the girls in the aprons, no dear child, those are just the staff. But you know that they act like they know all the things that have ever happened with makeup even though they were born in the late 90s. Now, they talk their heads off like as if working at Sephora makes them a professional makeup artists. But you know and I know that’s not the case, what-so-ever. The experts are the girls who ask if something is in stock and not much else. And just by talking to some of the staff, the experts get themselves into a whole mix of trouble. The door has been opened, the employee has been spoken to and, as a result, wants to talk and talk and talk. The talking is just blabbering, but she swears she knows what she’s talking about. Meanwhile, the expert is staring like, okay, girl, that’s a cute story, but did you know that your eyebrows are too close together and that wing is totally jacked AND btw, the contouring palette you use is not even close to your shade. They don’t say this, but they think it –all the time, like seriously all the time. You know them by their quiet demeanor behind classic looks and dark sunglasses.

3 Blossoming friendships

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You see two girls who don’t know each other, makeup on fleek, or not. They are drawn to each other. It might be the universe, it might be destiny, it might be their astrological charts; whatever it is, they are magnetically pulled towards each other. As fate has it, they are even looking at the same highlighter at the same time in the same store –hello, that’s surely a sign. It’s as though the planets align and they look at each other and one compliments the other or they do it at the same time because deep down they are makeup-twin-sisters. And it flies, the friendship flies into glitter dreams and rainbows and they are feeling all the vibes and they would cry if the tears wouldn’t mess up their on-point makeup job. They are one and the same and they have just bonded, over makeup, in Sephora. Friendships often do begin when one least expects it; and in Sephora one does not expect to find her makeup Goddess twin flame.

2 The compulsive shopper

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Sephora can never have too much in stock. When she hears of a new product, despite having one that’s nearly identical, she’ll go out and buy it. She’s really into all the brands and all the contouring and the lashes and the powders and the kits; she’s into it all, really. She’s what you might call –obsessed. This is what she does. She swears that she’s just gonna get one thing at Sephora. If you are with her or have been invited, never believe her. She says the trip will be quick. It will never be quick, don’t believe her. She says she'll be in and out and it's easy as that. Not true, don’t listen, she’s straight up lying. You will spend at least an hour with her in Sephora while her one thing turns into many. As the cashier rings all the items through, somehow, some way, she’s always surprised by the total. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last. She spends too much every single time. Her buyer's remorse is quickly forgotten in a matter of minutes.

1 The seasoned shopper

You might be young now, but girl, don’t hold onto all that youthful beauty because one day it will, poof, disappear. It will happen without warning and it will happen before you know it. Better make sure you realize you’re more than a pretty face. However, should you be so attached to your looks, you’ll become the older lady who’s stuck in the past, who cakes on the makeup and other accessories holding onto those last few years of what she calls her thirties or even forties. This seasoned shopper is into all the fads and latest trends because she’s on the heels of all the young things because she sees them as competition. The seasoned shopper goes overboard and might not realize it. The seasoned shopper is trying really hard to hold onto something that she thinks makes her beautiful. She’s actually cool af and has a great sense of style and was once a beauty expert, but then she let consumerism tell her that her style and her ways weren’t cool enough. Now she’s buying whatever lands on the shelf at Sephora because it gives her hope.

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