15 Types Of Neighbors You'll Have in Your Life

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you can't escape your neighbors. That is just a fact of life that you have to accept. Even if you are not best friends with them, which you probably are not unless you're super lucky, these people still live pretty close to you. So you'll definitely see (and hear them) a lot... probably more than you want to. This is especially true, of course, if you happen to live in an apartment building which most of us do when we're young and busy working to get rich. Some of these neighbors will be much better than others, but you probably know that already. Of course, you can't pick and choose them. But how amazing would that be?! Here are 15 different types of neighbors that you will have at some point in your life. You can definitely relate, for better or for worse.

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15 The Cat Lady

The cat lady is a real thing. She may be a total stereotype but she exists, we swear. She's generally a bit older and usually lives alone with all of her cats. Occasionally, she has a pretty good green thumb and will be the only person in the apartment complex that can figure out how to grow plants that survive more than a week at a time. Sometimes these cats are allowed to roam freely outside of her place, in which case they might make a stop over at your place to hang out with you whether you like it or not. When they aren't allowed to leave her apartment they will line up in the windows to stare at the passerby and wish they could. Pets might not even be allowed at your apartment complex anymore, but hers are basically grandfathered in so they can't be asked to leave. The cat lady isn't going anywhere anytime soon which you can tell by the way she seems to be an extension of her unit. The lady and her cats are one.

14 The Know-It-All

There's always one neighbor, generally an older man, who thinks that he knows everything about the town and everything about your profession even if he doesn't work in it. Well, especially if he doesn't work in that field. The know-it-all neighbor does have some legit knowledge to drop about the area since he has lived in your apartment complex for 30 years, but according to him he could afford to move out anytime but doesn't since his rent is controlled and so cheap. Fair enough. It isn't clear however why he thinks he knows so much about what you should be doing with your life. You can pinpoint this kind of neighbor because you always feel like groaning and running every time you see him. It's never a passing "hello, how are you?" with this guy because he always has to give you a lecture or try to teach you a lesson. Ugh.

13 The One Who Wants To Date You

At some point, you will have a neighbor who obviously wants to date you. The odds of the feeling being mutual are low, but even if that's the case, you have tread lightly since this person is literally your neighbor. Sure, that's convenient while it works but if anything goes wrong you'll be seeing each other all the time...not to mention seeing each other with other people. Yuck. Double yuck. More than likely the neighbor who wants to date you is not also the object of your affection, so you either feel the need to be nice to him since you've turned him down 50 times or run from him because he's not sweet about it. The neighbor that wants to date you might even start to get a little weird and suspiciously be in the parking garage every day around the same time that you always leave for work. And then, yeah, you'll probably want to move ASAP.

12 The Cool Kid

If you live in an apartment building, you may or may not see a lot of families around, but there always seems to be at least one cool kid hanging around the building. If she's female, she will probably dress better than you, and if it's a boy, he probably looks like the type you would have crushed on... back when you were twelve years old, of course. Sometimes you can manage to have a conversation with the cool kid neighbor but sometimes they're so busy skateboarding and growing their social media status that they don't even have time to talk to an adult like you. Try not to let it get you down when you find out that they're child modeling salary is running circles around yours. After all, you've already survived puberty and they still have a ways to go. So be glad and grateful for that... and think of them as super cute and charming.

11 The No Eye Contact One

At some point in time, you will have the experience of having a neighbor who just refuses to make eye contact. Or maybe you'll have a lot of them. It's not just that you've never been in a situation where it made sense to have a conversation with this neighbor, it's literally that  no matter how many time you pass them with a smile ready to go on your face, they just refuse to look at you. It can be a little unnerving, and if you're prone to paranoia you might even start to seriously consider what you could have done to this person to make them hate you so. There's nothing to fire up some insecurities like someone who can't stand to look at your face. It's possible that you woke them up one time or something but more than likely they're just weird and it's not your problem. At least they aren't overly chatty, so we guess that's a plus.

10 The Neighbor Who Never Works

Personally, I have a ton of these, but I live in L.A. where it seems like literally no one works a normal 9-to-5 job. Although to be fair, it probably looks like I also don't have a job when I'm doing my laundry in my pajamas mid-weekday morning but I'm a writer, guys. But these kinds of neighbors seem even less employed than others. While some people just seem to have a flexible schedule based on the way they pop in and out, other don't seem to have anything going on based on the way that they sit at the pool all day drinking beer. Unless that's a job that I haven't heard of in which case someone sends me the deets because it seems pretty chill. Does the neighbor who doesn't work just have money saved up? Live off mom and dad? Is currently unemployed and depressed about it? Who knows.

9 The Complainer

You usually have at least one neighbor who complains about everything, whether that is in general conversation or reporting things to the landlord. The complaining neighbor will have a problem with the slightest noises coming from your apartment, even though you can't figure out what they are talking about because you are as quiet as a mouse. The complainer neighbor is somehow insulted by things like the sound that your shower pipes make as if there is anything that you can do about that. The complainer neighbor also likes to stop by and bring up grievances about the place at large in the hopes that you will jump on the complain train and like sign a petition to get new rose bushes or something. They can be effective when they have a good cause in mind, but otherwise, they will drive you crazy, so be careful about this one.

8 The Friendly One

There's always a neighbor who wants to be besties and doesn't get the hint that you're not interested. She saw something in you from day one and perhaps even tried to get you to lock down some plans for six months in advance while she carried in some of your boxes on moving day. You tend to brush her off without being a bitch about it but she thinks that the door is always open and continues to ask you on friend dates. She also found you on all of your social media right away so you can't even lie about what you're doing without assuming that she will find out. You don't like her to know that you're home because she likes to stop by to chat when you are but you can't really hide out in your place either because you've got to live, you know. So this one is pretty annoying, although probably harmless.

7 The Loud AF One

There are a few different types of loud neighbors, and they are all pretty puzzling. One is the loud neighbor who is always yelling whether it is on the phone or at their boyfriend. She needs a serious chill pill, and you can't figure out why she doesn't think she's disturbing anyone let alone why she isn't worried that everyone is eavesdropping on her drama. Then there's the loud neighbor who somehow creates the most bizarre sounds in the apartment upstairs from you. Like you know it's just one normal sized person but it sounds like a herd of tap dancing elephants are dragging around soggy couches all night. In fact, it's so weird that you've wondered if something illegal or creepy is going on up there even though that makes you feel like a paranoid weirdo because you know it can't be. But what are they doing up there?!

6 The Neighbor You Actually Like

Occasionally the sweetest thing happens... you find a neighbor that you actually like! But generally, if you become real friends with a neighbor they do not always end up sticking around forever because that would be too awesome. The neighbor that you actually like is super convenient to call over for TV nights but since they are normal they would not be inviting themselves or popping over unexpectedly when it is not convenient. They are the perfect solution for grabbing a buddy to walk the dog with, and sometimes you can even get them to be your workout buddy. The neighbor that you actually like also has cute get togethers that serve nicer wine than you buy for yourself, so they can even class up your life a bit. Plus you can get as drunk as you want when you are over there because you can just walk back home.

5 The Really Nosy Person

While you are safe to watch and make judgments about most of your neighbors from a safe enough distance, this is not the case with the really nosy neighbor. The nosy neighbor does not only spy around the neighborhood, she also reports things to you that you would really rather not get involved in. Especially when she's trying to get information about things that involve you...like who you're having over. She has to know that these things aren't her business at all, and yet it doesn't stop her from pretending like they are. The nosy neighbor also sometimes crosses over into the tattle tale neighbor, since she will go to the landlord with the smallest grievances and won't feel bad about pointing her finger directly at whomever is at fault this time. While the rest of you let little things slide, the nosy neighbor is a real stickler for the rules.

4 The Cigarette Smoker

No really, this girl can't possibly have a job because every single time you leave the building, she is outside smoking a cigarette and looking a little forlorn, to be honest. It is like smoking is her full-time job. Sometimes she is even using some weird contraption to hold her cigarette at a distance because clearly, she is a professional. This girl is not kidding around here she means serious business. It is safe to assume that she doesn't have a job, because even if she worked at home she spends most of her hours outside smoking so she couldn't possibly be getting anything done. What's a little confusing though is the fact that she doesn't seem to have any hobbies to fill her non-working life with... besides smoking, of course. No wonder she always looks a little bummed out. Every single apartment building seems to have one of these.

3 The One Who Cooks Weird Food

I don't know what it is but there is always a neighbor around who seems to be cooking some really intense-smelling food. This sort of makes sense around dinnertime since dinners tend to be a little more elaborate, but for some reason, this neighbor seems to pull out all the stops and cook some giant meals at odd times during the day like say 10 am. There you are walking out to go to yoga and something serious is going down in the kitchen of unit 105 making you all kinds of hungry/and or appalled. You never actually get a glimpse of this neighbor since they seem to spend most of their time cooking, so you don't know how you feel about them otherwise. You have also never noticed people coming and going so there's either one hungry person in there or a whole family, you can't quite be sure.

2 The Free Spirit

Of course, some of your neighbors who are more free-spirited than you perhaps, from time to time, depending on the age ranges in your building. But for some reason, there is always a neighbor in your life who is just living in another era to the max. The type of neighbor tends to be home a lot with his or significant other, and they usually have the door open to circulate some air in there which practically gives you a contact high every time you walk by their door. The type of neighbor may be a little cliche and either have the TV blaring at all times when they are not hosting a jam session of some sort. Your neighbor, however, is generally pretty generous with the goods so if you ever needed anything in the smoking department they would probably cover you with no questions asked. Just watch out for the baked goods while you're over there.

1 The One You Can Count On

There will occasionally be a neighbor around that you can count on for normal things, and oh yeah, who isn't crazy. The neighbor you can count on isn't trying to be buddies but you two have a mutual understanding that sets you apart from the other neighbors in the building. The neighbor you can count on will hold your packages for you until you get back into town, or they will water your plants when they notice that you've failed to. The neighbor you can count on might even be the person who holds onto your spare keys in the event that they ever go missing. The neighbor you can count on is perhaps the best neighbor that there is because it's like having a piece of home home with you no matter where you've chosen to make your current home. They're trustworthy, and they hardly ever stomp around or slam their doors. You really love this neighbor and hope they never leave. Which of course guarantees they're about to give their two months notice.

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