15 Types Of Men You Should Never Get Involved With

It has never been easier to hook up with guys. With social media at its peak, new dating apps launching every week and plenty of cool new places to hang out - the only thing left to master is finding the perfect guy for you. In 2014, IBISWorld analyzed the dating market and estimated it's worth at a staggering $2 billion.

There is no one set type of person that we are all attracted to - some women like tall and handsome whereas others prefer shorter-than-the average and witty. However, it can be agreed that there are some personality types that should be avoided at all costs.

Usually when we are dating, we tend to show a glorified version of ourselves and don't let our bad side shine through. Some guys however will struggle to keep up this act and if early on you spot one of these personality types - then it really is time to get out of there and quick.

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15 The Guy Who Never Dates Sober


There is a known rule that you should never have more than two drinks on a first date. But if by the second, third or forth date you are both meeting each other and constantly getting wasted then you might have a problem. When we're drunk, we are just an exaggerated version of ourselves, so you both are not getting anywhere close to knowing the "real" you.

Another harsh reality you might have to face is if you even fancy each other without having a drink. We all like a few glasses to help us unwind on the weekend but when you start becoming dependent on alcohol to help you socialize this should sound alarm bells.

14 The Guy Who's Always Serial Dating 


You'll be able to spot a serial dater as they are unwilling to move past the "honeymoon phase". They don't want to settle down because they fear things may get stagnant, so instead they flitter about between dates and as soon as it begins to look serious they are gone.

You can also place these guys in the same category as a "commitment-phobe". In the long run you are only going to fall head over heels and then become disheartened when he won't move past phase one. Time to let this one go and save yourself the eventual heartbreak.

13 The Only-For-Sex Guy  

No girl ever wants to feel as if she is nothing more than just a sexual conquest to a guy. Emotionally it can be incredibly damaging as scientists have discovered there is no such thing as just casual sex. We always end up getting attached.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher for the Center of Human Evolution, told Big Think magazine, "Any kind of sexual stimulation of the genitals triggers the dopamine system in the brain and can push you over that threshold into falling in love with that person. And in fact, with orgasm, there’s a real flood of oxytocin and vasopressin, other chemicals in the brain associated with the feeling of deep attachment."

12 The Guy With No Ambition 


An old saying by novelist Mark Twain once read, "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." Those who surround you with negativity and lack of ambition will only eventually slow you down.

Always look to date someone who shares your future goals and aspirations. We achieve more when we work together and even if the date doesn't work out it may open the door for some great networking opportunities.

11 The Guy Who's All Work No Play 


In contrast to the guy with no ambition, there are those who have a bit too much. When you first start dating a workaholic there are a lot of harsh realities you will have to face up to. They will be constantly running late or rescheduling dates, always tied to their phone and you will never be able to see them truly relax.

For those who are constantly set in work mode this can also really heighten their stress levels. Occasionally you will feel as if you're being snapped at or brushed off quickly. Unless you are willing to always take a back seat to his boss then get out of this one early.

10 The Overly-Mothered Guy 


Not to be confused with someone who cares deeply for their mother, a real "Mommy's boy" are the types you need to avoid as they don't make ideal long-term partners. Those who are too mothered will never put your needs first and this can gradually become very frustrating.

If he is spending the weekends constantly running errands for her, always taking her away for long vacations and refuses to move away from home then he is definitely not ready to live his own life yet. It's common for any relationship to gradually move on to the next level together but with this guy you will always be stuck in the same place.

9 Your Best Friend's Guy  


It's ridiculous that some girls would even go this far but unfortunately it does happen. Whether it's down to the fact that your best friend's boyfriend is just a total sleaze bag or that the two of you have undeniable chemistry together, you should never over-step the line and initiate anything with this guy.

No matter what happens, you will get found eventually and cause a lot of heartbreak. Friends should always come first, but if you do think you are both meant to be, imagine how paranoid you will feel when you introduce him to your own friends. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

8  The Guy You Think Will Change  


If you spend your lifetime waiting for people to change then you are only going to end up disappointing yourself. If you think he is going to change his ways overnight then just forget it. The hard truth is you have to either accept people exactly as they are or move on.

Actress Lorraine Bracco explains, "You can’t change other people. You can only change yourself. Everyone’s got problems. You learn from them, you live with them, you move on. It’s a choice you make if you want to have a happy life. Nobody’s perfect. People are different and that’s what makes them so interesting."

7 The Guy Who Won't Meet Your Friends 

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Everyone in a relationship wants to have that moment where your friends finally get to meet this guy you've been constantly talking about. Taking this step isn't something you should introduce early on when you are both dating, but if it has been a matter of months then this is completely natural.

There might be a few reasons why he is unwilling to meet your friends - perhaps he is just shy and will need coaching round to the idea. The worst case scenario is he could be in another relationship that you don't know about - especially if he won't go public on Facebook either.

6 The Guy You Don't Lust After 


If you have landed yourself a guy who makes you laugh, treats you kindly and enjoys your company then great - but remember that's what friends are for. When dating you should be looking for the guy who ticks all the right boxes.

If there is zero sexual chemistry between you both then unfortunately it might be time to be honest and let him know you would like to be just friends. Sure the time flies when you are together but it will never last without you feeling frustrated and as if you're missing out.

5 The Clingy Guy 


Nobody ever wants to be told they are too clingy but sometimes it has to be said as they may not even realize it themselves. Quite often when we have to deal with clingy people we tend to neglect many other aspects of our life as they demand so much of our time.

Make it very clear when you first start dating each other just how much time you need to yourself. That doesn't mean when you do finally get to be on your own that he can keep calling to talk for hours. There might be underlying issues as to why he can't ever seem to let you go and these need addressing before it comes too big a problem to handle.

4 The Self-Obsessed Guy 


Self-obsessed narcissists will drain you emotionally and should be avoided at all costs. If he has too much me, me, me going on then there will be no time for you to speak. Arrogance is not an attractive quality and those who have too much of it will often end up very lonely.

If you have made your decision and want to stop dating a narcissist they will more than likely use manipulation to win you back (after all they do have giant egos to attend to.) Stick to your convictions and make it very clear that you don't want to see them again.

3 The Controlling Guy 


If you notice your date is already starting to show controlling tendencies early on then you need to break it off as soon as possible. Controlling relationships can be emotionally damaging if continued long-term.

Psychologist and author Andrea Bonior told Psychology Today, "Controlling people use a whole arsenal of tools in order to dominate their partners— whether they or their partners realize what's happening or not. Sometimes, the emotional manipulation is complex enough that the person who is being controlled actually believes that they themselves are the villain, or that they are extremely lucky that their controlling partner "puts up" with them."

2 The Broke Guy 


During your single years when you're dating you should be made to feel valued. If your date is "between jobs" or "trying to save" then you really shouldn't have to feel obliged to always pick up the bill for him. Dates should be split 50/50 and he may just be viewing as someone who will throw cash at him all the time.

Make it very clear that you aren't looking to financially support anyone else and cut ties with the loser before you get even further into debt.

1 The Married Guy 


We don't need to go into details about just why dating a married man is something you should never do as hopefully you are smart enough to know this already. Usually it's the man who makes the first move using the typical "I'm just not happy" line to draw you in. The bitter truth is - he is using you for sex and you are probably not the first.

Very rarely will a married man actually leave his wife for you, even though he has probably filled your head with fantasies that indulge the opposite. You will only be left heartbroken or even worse branded a home-wrecker. This is one man to avoid dating at all costs.

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