12 Types Of Men Women Try To Avoid

It happens to all of us. We meet a guy at a bar, at the gym, at work, or even on a dating site. At first, he's handsome, charming, and sweet. For a while, conversation is interesting and we start to like him. Then, the more we get to know him, we realize he's not the person we initially thought he was. Perhaps he says something awful, rude, or downright misogynistic. And, as soon as he became interesting, he becomes completely uninteresting. Why? Because with a single action or sentence, he showed us his true colors. Let's face it: There are certain types of men all women try to avoid. No matter how much they may want to be in a relationship, we know these guys simply aren't worth it. In fact, they make us want to run for the hills as fast as we can. Read below to find out 15 types of men all women try to avoid.

12 The Egotistical


At first, when you start dating this guy, you think that he spends hours talking about himself because he wants you to get to know him. You like that he's not hesitant to talk about his past, his future, his family, his feelings, his likes, his dislikes, etc.. However, it's not long before you find out the only thing he can do is talk about himself. You start realizing that every conversation you guys have somehow becomes about him. In fact, he's talented. He can make even the most pointless or boring topics relatable to himself. He truly believes the whole world revolves around him and he's not embarrassed about that. He might not even be aware that it's wrong for him to think that way. The only time you can get a word in is if you're talking about him. He's a complete egomaniac and has no interest in hearing about anything or anyone else besides himself.

11 The Rebounder


When you first start talking to this guy, you like how interested he is in you. He wants to hang out with you all the time. He asks you questions about your life and shares with you a bit about his. He seems shy and doesn't confess much, but that doesn't bother you. Before long, you sleep with him and start thinking you two could make it work. After that, he opens up to you about his past relationship. His past relationship that ended right before he met you. His past relationship that he's clearly not over. It's not long before you realize he's been spending so much time with you in an attempt to avoid how hurt he is about this recent break up. Why? Because once he starts talking about her, he can't stop talking about her. You realize exactly what you are to him: A rebound. Of course, you feel like a fool because you thought he was seriously into you, not just using you to try and get over someone else he obviously thinks is more important that you.

10 The Degrading


The first couple of dates you go on with this guy, he's extremely flirty. He teases you and makes you laugh. You don't initially pick up that his jokes are sarcastic and actually mean, but then, you start realizing they are. What's worse? You realize that you're the butt of every joke. In time, you find that the more you hang out with him, the worse you feel about yourself. Why? Because he's degrading. Even if he doesn't realize he's being degrading, he is. If you stay with him for longer than a couple of weeks, you notice more and more how unsupportive and cruel he is. He makes everything you do small and doesn't take anything you say seriously. Long story short: He's an insecure guy. He doesn't respect women and he certainly doesn't respect you.

9 The Desperate


This guy. This poor, poor, sweet man. You meet him and at first, you like him because he's so sincere. He's attentive and kind. He goes out of his way to do nice things for you and always answers your calls. However, before long, you realize that this guy is way too clingy way too fast. He wants to hang out with you every time you're free. He falls in love with everything you do, even if you're not doing anything lovable. It seems as though you've been dating for years after the first month because he's so attached. Why? Because he's desperate. He wants so badly to be loved and give love that he'd practically take anything that walks his way. In time, you realize you're not actually special to him, you're just the first girl that paid him any attention in a long time so he latched on as fast as he could.

8 The Immature


The immature guy is always fun at first. He wants to go out drinking every night, he wants to stay up late talking, he wants to try new things in the bedroom. He's fun, really fun, for a little while. However, after a couple weeks of "fun," you see that this guy is completely immature. He talks to his friends about things you two do privately. He makes jokes at your expense and doesn't realize he's being rude. He asks you to pay for dinner and treats you like a "bro." He never goes out of his way to do anything special for you because he doesn't know that he should. You start questioning if he's ever been in love before or if he's ever even been in a relationship. He's clueless when it comes to what women want and/or need and you really don't want to be the girl that has to teach him. Of course, you're not mad that he's not ready for you, you're just glad you realized it before it was too late.

7 The Player


Chances are, you met this guy at a bar or on a dating site. Why? Because whenever the opportunity comes along for this guy to meet women, he takes it. He's smart, witty, charming, and handsome. When you first start dating him, you think you can keep up. You sense he's a player, but you know you're woman enough to transform him into a one woman kind of man. However, it doesn't take long for you to realize that he's not interested in only having one woman. In fact, he's interested in having as many women as he can. He's a total player. He flirts with girls in front of you then has the perfect, most charming things to say to calm you down. He blows you off for dinner then calls you at midnight to see if he can get lucky after he spends the night drinking with his buddies. Of course, once you realize what kind of guy he is, you don't even bother to answer.

6 The Liar


When you first meet this guy, you don't pick up on the fact that he's a liar. How could you? You don't even know him. However, after a few months, it becomes very clear. Why? Because you start catching him in his own web of lies. It's as if he can't even help himself and he's even convinced himself of the lies he spews. When you first met him, he told you made 80,000 dollars a year, but now that you've been dating him, he told you he makes only 50,000 a year. He also said he lives alone, but when you went to his house, you met his roommate. He lies about things that don't matter to you- they only matter to him. Of course, you could forgive him for these slip ups, but you don't. After all, if he's so immature that he has to lie about facts in his life, what else is he going to lie about down the line?

5 The Manipulator


The manipulator. This guy has been manipulating women for years, therefore, he's good at it. When you first meet him, you don't pick up on how slick he is. He'll do anything to get you to go on a date with him. For example, he might say, "I'm in your neighborhood, come grab a drink with me," when he was really across town. If he wants to stay the night with you, he'll pretend like he drank too much and can't drive home just to get closer to you. If he wants you to like him, he'll put on an act and pretend like he's only interested in you. He never hesitates to play with your emotions in order to get what he wants. He's completely manipulative. You're smart, though, so you don't fall into his traps. However, that doesn't matter. Even if you call him out on his games, he'd never admit to them. Instead, you just stop answering his calls and wish him all the best in life.

4 The Alcoholic


We love the alcoholic. At first, he's such a great time. He wants to go out all the time and whenever you're with him, you always have fun. He's crazy, irrational, and has a wild side. In time, though, you find out that his "wild side" is actually a disease called alcoholism. You realize that the two of you can't have fun together unless there's drinking involved. If he's not drunk, he's miserable. Or, if he's not drunk, you become like "alcohol" to him and he becomes extremely needy. The more time you spend with him, the more you see how unstable he really is. His life is in shams, he lies, he makes excuses for his behavior, and he's completely immature. If you were to get in a relationship with him, you know that it'd be way more work than you bargained for because you'd constantly be worrying about him and/or taking care of him.

3 The Inattentive


When you first start seeing someone, you expect that they pay attention to you when you speak and at least act like you're the most interesting thing in the room to them. However, the inattentive doesn't even bother. After the first date, you blame his quirky, air headed, behavior on "being nervous." However, on the fifth date when he hardly remembers anything you've told him so far, you get the point: He's completely inattentive. He can't even remember how many siblings you said you had, let alone the location in which you grew up. Chances are, like the egomaniac, he only cares about what he has to say and his wants/needs. He's so absent minded you can't fathom why he even asked you on a date in the first place so you assume it must be only for his own entertainment or maybe because he just wants to get lucky. Sorry buddy, not happening.

2 The Controlling


The controlling man. Depending on the type of girl you are, he can be dangerously attractive at first. He's assertive and tough. He acts like he knows what he wants and never hesitates to share that with you. However, in time, you start to realize that he's way too controlling. Whenever you hang out, you do whatever he wants you to do. In bed, there's no question that he's always the boss. It's as if it's an unspoken rule. As more time goes on, the dangerous side of him comes out. He's possessive. If any guy looks at you, he freaks out. He invades your privacy. He tells you what you should and shouldn't do and he gets mad at you when you make decisions on your own. He needs your life to revolve around him and throws a fit if it doesn't. He's the kind of guy our fathers warned us about, therefore, we leave the relationship as soon as it began.

1 The Deadbeat


When we first meet this guy, we probably pick up on the fact that he's a bit behind in the scheme of life. Perhaps his parents' names are on his credit cards or he tells us that we can't go back to his place because he still lives in his family's home. He lacks motivation. Most likely it's because he was given everything his whole life, however, that's no excuse. Even if he tells you his plans for the future, you can tell right off the bat that this guy has never finished any project he's ever started. For some reason, he just can't seem to get it together. As kind and sweet as he might be, you know you could never be with someone like him. It's hard enough taking care of yourself, you don't want to add the responsibility of taking care of him to your full plate.

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