15 Types Of Men: Which One Do You Prefer?

Like a number of other things in life, men come in all different shapes and sizes. From your Brad Pitt's, Will Smith's, and Leonardo DiCaprio's to your Ben Stiller's, Danny DeVito's, and Sylvester Stallone's, females preferences on their perfect man can vary depending on just about anything. In fact, anything from a guy's hairstyle to the way he struts down the street can impact those who are seeking to find the man of their dreams. With both appearance and personality just as important as the next, it seems Mr. Right can be extremely difficult to find. Yes, it may be difficult to categorize all men into a certain type of box, however, it doesn't mean that it can't be done. The truth is, we all have a type, so to make it that little bit easier, here are the 15 most common types of men. Which one do you prefer?

15 Mr. Sensitive

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Not to be confused with the Marvel character creation of Mister Sensitive, this Mr. Sensitive is seemingly rather different. With sensitive men usually getting a bad rep, it can actually be a refreshing change to have a man clued up with his emotions. Able to spot what's wrong with you within seconds, Mr. Sensitive can draw upon his own experience when trying to identify what's also getting you down. I mean isn't that something women have been wanting this whole time? However, with those of a sensitive nature tending to over think things a lot, it can sometimes get a little frustrating having to constantly explain yourself, especially when you seem to be constantly pushing his 'triggers' by accident. But, with sensitive men tending to care more about animals, emotions, music and most importantly, you, more than the average male, it seems those of delicate nature are actually rather perfect after all.

14 Mr. We Used To Be Friends

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Falling in love with your best friend, or at least an acquaintance of some sort, is much more common than one would think. In fact, such an occurrence is so frequent, that there have been a number of articles written on why it's the best thing in the entire world, or why it's the worst mistake you could ever make. However, there are a number of positives, especially if you have been friends for a while. With your friend most likely knowing the ins and outs of your dating history, he probably knows exactly what you want and exactly what you don't need. He knows your issues, and the things that make you tick, and best of all? What you like in bed. That's right, Mr. We Used To Be Friends is clued up when it comes to what's best for you, therefore the odds of him making the best boyfriend ever, are extremely high.

13 Mr. We Should Have Stayed Friends

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Speaking of friends. With there always being a downside to getting with someone who you were originally friends with, the possibilities of a destroyed friendship are extremely high. However, with there always being a silver lining within the longevity of love, having an ex as a friend that used to be your friend, can actually have some benefits. For instance, upon staying friendly with each other, he is the perfect guy to go to for advice, with it likely that he'll be extremely honest without suffering those scary repercussions. As relationships all play some part in our personal growth and path through life, the fact that you went from being friends, to romantically involved, back to friends, shows some serious grown up adult sh*t and deserves a pat on the back. Plus, with exes usually displaying a certain amount of chemistry, the friendship you now have will always have that extra special something added on top.

12 Mr. Player


We have all been there, no matter how much we try and deny it. But why do so many women throughout the world, fall for such jerks? Even after you tell yourself you want Mr. Sensitive, you end up with Mr. Player, destined to break your heart once more. However, with researchers suggesting that there actually might be a scientific reason behind it, it seems that women actually can't help it, even if they wanted to. That is right ladies, with alpha males tending to have a stronger count when it comes to their little swimmers, scientists have claimed that women's bodies are automatically drawn to those who like to mess around, with the womb, unfortunately, attracted to that narcissistic obnoxious attitude. So, next time you find yourself fawning after Mr. Player, tell yourself it is your body speaking, and not your eyes. Although, they do always tend to be the best looking............

11 Mr. Young

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Everybody likes to date a younger man once in a while, and why the hell not? With younger men usually in the prime of their lives, they are almost definitely extremely eager to experience new things, especially with those who exhibit an older disposition. That's right, with younger folk also seemingly much more open-minded, chances are that anything goes, in the bedroom as well as outside. That's right, with younger men a million times better at communicating than those who are a few years older, things just suddenly become a whole lot easier. Plus, much like Mr. Player, Mr. Young also tends to have been hit with the pretty stick, displaying boyish good looks and an attractive charm. Therefore, with a positive attitude, an eager to impress and also sporting some serious handsome vibes, it is no wonder so many ladies like to get down and dirty with the younger side of life.

10 Mr. Old

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Speaking of age. Although younger men have a number of positives, it seems the older side of life also sparks a keen interest among a variety of women throughout the world. That's right, with experience and attitude said to be much more attractive than those who are eager to please, older men are seemingly the way forward. With researchers suggesting that older men display a certain sense of maturity and dignity, it can be extremely attractive to women who have become fed up with the narcissistic and childish ways of the men their own age. Plus, with older men also comes a certain amount of confidence, which can be appealing in the bedroom as well as outside of it. In fact, Mr. Old is such a common choice, that a number of popular television shows have also adopted the frequent trend. I mean we all remember Tom Selleck as the mustachioed Richard in Friends right???? Hmmm grown up facial hair.

9 Mr. Good On Paper

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Gorgeous, check, tall, check, decent profession, check, secret vampire, huh? OK, so he might not be a blood thirsty evil beast, intent on sucking you dry all while turning you into a fellow vamp, but he is leading a double life of sorts. That's right, with Mr. Good On Paper displaying all the things you could possibly want, it will then later become obvious that he's actually the kind of thing you don't want. Or do you? With some women liking that certain kind of mystery, Mr. Good On Paper could be anyone from your next door neighbor, the local mailman, or the guy who sits next to you on the subway every morning. In fact, you may have already pictured your future together, settling down with two little kids with a dog and cat to match. Whoever he is, the focus on the facade can be just exciting as finding out the real truth, and who doesn't love a good fantasy huh?

8 Mr. Rebound 

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We've all done it, with even some men and women seeking it on purpose. Rebound relationships are as much a right of passage as they are an actual relationship, with the rebound maneuver becoming an actual form of scientific thinking. Described as romance designed to mend a broken heart, rebound relationships are extremely common, especially for people looking for an easy distraction. Mostly thought of as a negative thing, rebound relationships are actually beneficial, I mean the best way to get over someone is to get under another right? In fact, researchers claim that those who seek a diversion are actually more likely to feel less attached to their previous partner, thus moving on quicker. That's right, with it nice to feel loved, the feeling of hopelessness that often comes with a breakup is quickly overshadowed by the new and impending love that a new romance introduces. There has to be at least one positive thing to come out of a separation right?

7 Mr. Possessive 

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This guy. We all know him, we've all had experiences with him, and we've all probably been him, at least once in our lives. Usually thought of as a negative thing, Mr. Possessive has a number of dismissive and opposing connotations, especially with regards to controlling and asserting power in the relationship. However, with researchers recently claiming that women are actually secretly attracted to the possessive male, it's not difficult to see the positive attributes that can be found within such a guy. In fact, with jealousy, albeit in moderation, sometimes seen as exciting and very appealing, it can often be interpreted as caring rather than being overly possessive. Often thought of as extremely appealing, the alpha male can also be very stimulating. I mean who doesn't like a bit of assertiveness once in a while? Confidence is key, and when not confused with arrogance, it is most definitely one of the most attractive personality traits a man or woman can possess.

6 Mr. Hilarious

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Up there with the bad boy, Mr. Hilarious is most definitely one of the most sought after qualities that women look for in men. With a sense of humor usually regarded as the most important aspect of a man's personality, Mr. Hilarious often wins every time. But why? What is it about funny guys that suddenly turns them into irresistible creatures? Dubbed the 'science of laughter', women are drawn to those who make them laugh due to the positive connotations the emotion evokes. That's right, with laughing forcing your body into a state of pulsating pressure, your breathing becomes faster releasing a number of endorphin's, just like exercise does in similar circumstances. However, with studies also suggesting that women purposefully look to funnier men for flings, a comedian as such can often be seen as a one night stand rather than someone for the long term, let alone worth marrying.

5  Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous

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For those lucky few who possess gorgeous good looks, intelligence, a hilarious sense of humor and the ability to charm the pants of anyone, life can indeed be extremely easy. However, with the average man or woman usually owning just one of the above qualities, it is likely that you will find yourself at least once in your life, putting beauty before anything else. I mean come on, you'd be lying if you hadn't. That's right, with most women admitting to having chosen a man based solely on the basis of how they look, dating beautiful men can be a huge confidence and ego boost. Yes, it may be shallow, but a trophy boyfriend is essentially a right of passage if anything, plus what's better than your man being the envy of all women you just so happen to come across. Don't worry, it's not a bad thing, with most men admitting to doing the exact same thing.

4  Mr. In Love With Somebody Else

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The unavailable man seems to be a running theme within a number of relationships, especially if they are still in love with their ex or harboring crushes on other women. But why? Why do so many women feel drawn to men they can't actually have? Dubbed, 'emotional chasing', women usually find themselves attracted to those who are already in relationships or those who have yet to get over their significant ex. Usually holding some insecurities of their own, women who fall for these unavailable men are also guilty of displaying an incredibly low self-esteem. However, on the flip side, it has also been suggested that women find these types of men as a bit of a challenge, intent on changing their minds and falling in love with them instead. That's right, much more like a game than a relationship, Mr. In Love With Somebody Else is seen as a pawn in a game of chess, with the ultimate checkmate being that of defeating the ex-girlfriend and gaining his underlying love for yourself.

3 Mr. Absolute A-Hole

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Usually, the first to tell your friends that they are dating an absolute a-hole, it is actually extremely likely that you have or are currently seeing one too, yet somehow, you just refuse to accept it. Not to be confused with Mr. Player, Mr. A-Hole usually acts like an idiot in all scenarios, ready to put you down in an instant, as well as flirting up a storm with any woman that comes into his eye line. But why are women so readily attracted to these guys? Men who enjoy treating you like dirt, messing with your emotions, and pretending like they just don't care. Much like Mr Possessive, Mr. A-hole is also very appealing, with the alpha male role firmly in position. However, rather than acting jealous, they usually never act at all, causing it to become even more frustrating. And, despite all the warning signs, the painful experiences and even your own realization that this guy is just not worth your time, you just always seem to choose these guys, no matter what you do. Alas, as the saying goes, a few frogs need to be kissed before the real prince charming arrives.

2 Mr. Freak Show

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Who doesn't love a bit of crazy right? With it being boring to constantly go after the same guy, some women often like to explore the darker side of life, seeking out those who don't give off that typical boy next door vibe, whatever that is. But what exactly makes a guy creepy in the first place? From displaying some odd tendencies in the bedroom to just giving off that weird and creepy vibe, strange men can be extremely endearing. Often fond of cutting out the crap when it comes to dating, Mr. Freak Show will happily stare at your boobs, to the point of it being ridiculously obvious and incredibly awkward. Mr. Freak Show is also that guy who doesn't understand personal space, with him being so close that you can smell what he ate for lunch on his breath. He is also that guy who says random things during conversations that have no relation to what you were, in fact, talking about, and that guy who talks about inappropriate bedroom desires at dinner. Yes, you may not understand Mr. Freak Show, but for some reason, you are ridiculously attracted to him, and can't help but thinking about what those desires might be like when you get to experience him between the sheets.

1 Mr. Right

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Whether you believe in narrowing down your choices or not, men, just like women, all display a certain type in how they are perceived. Whoever or whatever your Mr. Right might be, he is certainly one of a kind, that only you and nobody else is looking for. From Mr. Big to Mr. Small, Mr. Right might actually be somebody you never knew existed at all or something you had no idea you were looking for in the first place. In fact, Mr. Right might not even exist, with men, as mentioned above, coming in all different shapes and sizes. Whatever the case, it is important to find a man that suits you, someone who you love and someone who loves you for you. From creeping you out and making you laugh, to making you swoon and making you fall deeper in love, Mr. Right is out there for everybody, you just gotta find them first.

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