15 Types Of Women Men Try To Avoid

Just as there are different types of men that us ladies would never want to end up dating (like the player, the liar, and the narcissist), there are also certain types of women that men never want to date. Yes, we know, it sounds harsh. However, it's true. Why would a man want to be in a relationship with a woman that's constantly jealous or a woman that he knows is going to cheat on him? Well, unless he's got issues of his own, the answer is: He wouldn't. And, can you blame him? Men want happy, fulfilling relationships just as we do. Therefore, it makes sense that they'd run the opposite direction the second they realize the girl they're falling for is going to end up driving them crazy. At the end of the day, no one wants to waste their time. Read below to find out fifteen types of women men try to avoid.

15 The Overly Sensitive


Every man likes a girl that can laugh at herself and take most jokes that come her way. Therefore, it's no wonder they're turned off by the girl that's completely unable to handle a bit of teasing and/or takes everything too personally. Everyone loves a playful girl that they can make laugh and that'll also make them laugh. Why? Because humor is important in successful relationships. The overly sensitive girl gets offended by even the slightest remark and has a hard time laughing embarrassing situations off. For example, she says things like "that's not funny" if the guy she's dating makes a light hearted crack at her. Or, if by accident, she stumbles a bit and falls in front of a group of people (and doesn't get hurt), it takes her days to get over her embarrassment. She'd never just stand up and laugh off her tiny mistake. Everything is a big deal to this girl and the last thing she relies on is her sense of humor.

14 The Clinger


The clingy girlfriend or even the clingy date is perhaps the most annoying type of women for men to date. Why? Because everyone need their own space. The clingy girl focuses all of her attention on her love interest immediately. It doesn't take long for her to latch on. In fact, she was probably already attached before the first date. Personal space means nothing to this girl. She constantly calls the guys she's seeing, plans the next date during the current date, and doesn't leave his arm the whole time she's with him. When she's away from him, her mind goes crazy wondering what he's doing and of course, she doesn't hesitate to text him a million times until he answers. She's nosy, jealous, and a bit obsessive. All she wants all of the time is his complete, undivided attention. Long story shot: She's a lot to handle, especially for men who already have a full plate.

13 The Competitive


This girl is sexy, assertive on the outside and well... insecure... on the inside. She always looks her best. Why? Because she has to look better than everyone around. She always knows the perfect things to say. Why? Because she needs everyone's attention on her constantly. She always has her guard up. Why? Because the worst thing in the world for her would be for her to come off as inferior to someone else. Sure, to an outsider, it might seem as though she "has it all." However, men aren't dumb. In time, they see through her act and realize she's extremely competitive only because she lacks real confidence. They know that if she talks poorly about other people, she's simply attempting to make herself feel better. They pick up on the fact that the only reason she needs everyone's constant attention is because she feels like she doesn't matter. They see right through her childish games. In fact, everyone does.

12 The High Maintenance


This girl has never left her house without spending at least an hour in front of the mirror before she went out her front door. She has the newest of everything and she's always "on trend." Chances are, this girl grew up well off and hasn't worked a day in her life (something she prides herself on). She's used to getting what she wants and throws a fit every time something doesn't go her way. She's entitled. She doesn't understand concepts like money, time management, and hard work. Guys can tell this from the first look at her. They know she'd never go on a camping trip with them. They know she'd expect that they spoil her even if they didn't have the financial means to do so. They know that she'd bitch about wherever they take her out to dinner if it wasn't the hottest restaurant in town. Basically, from a mile away, they can tell this girl would be nothing but hard work and the farthest thing from "grounded."

11 The Scaredy Cat


This girl doesn't ever want to do or talk about anything that feels out of her comfort zone. She knows her boundaries and she sticks to them. If a topic her date tries to talk to her about makes her uncomfortable, she changes the subject. She rarely wants to go out or try anything new. Heck, she hasn't ever even tried sushi. She lives in fear of the world. This girl wouldn't take an opportunity she gets to travel the world even if it was free. She wouldn't leave on a moment's notice if a friend needed her. And, she'd never quit her boring, unfulfilling job. It's hard enough for her to say "yes" to a man that asks her on a date. Of course, the men that date her pick up on how fearful she is, however, they brush it off as "shy" and hope she'll open up. Time and time again, though, after many unsuccessful attempts to open her up, they always leave disappointed and exhausted.

10 The Immature


The immature girl still lives in high school. She changes her mind every day. One day she likes a guy, the next day she's on to the next one. She even changes her opinion on things that matter: Like her political and religious beliefs. She has no idea what's going on in the world and does nothing to try and educate herself. She doesn't take responsibility for anything. She gossips, she tells little white lies, and she lives as though rules don't apply to her. She doesn't think twice before hurting a man's feelings, however, if she feels rejected, she throws a fit. Every relationship she's ever been in has been on her terms. For example, she "falls in love" with men for how they make her feel, not for who they really are. Of course, she's probably never actually been in love, but she'd never admit that to anyone. She's prude, inexperienced, and always tries to act older than she is.

9 The Liar


The liar. Sometimes men have a hard time picking up on whether a woman is a liar or not. Why? Because usually, they know nothing about her when they first meet her. And, if she's a good liar, she probably won't give herself away. However, in time, men find out and run for the hills. She lies about little things- like what she did a few weekends ago- and she lies about big things- like important aspects of her childhood. Of course, she doesn't do it to hurt anyone, in fact, she may not even realize she's lying. So, why does she do it? Because she's uncomfortable with who she is and most likely, feels inadequate. Therefore, in an attempt to feel better about herself or to prevent people from truly seeing her for who she is, she lies (which really benefits no one, including herself).

8 The Strictly Business Woman


This woman never takes a break. Everything is business, business, business with her. On the first date, she checked her email and then went outside to take an important phone call. If you want to bond with her, you must ask her about her "office life" or deals she's in the middle of making. She doesn't ask the men she dates many questions as she's too concerned with other things on her mind. However, if she does, she analyzes their answers. Her thoughts are very black and white and she's the farthest thing from a "romantic." Men can tell after the first date that it's been a long time since this woman truly let loose. She has a hard time being in the moment and rarely jokes. Her demeanor is serious and whenever you're around her, you feel a bit on edge- as if she's trying to intimidate you. She's not, though, that's just how she is. She's had her life planned out since she was ten years old and every man that dates her knows he doesn't want to be a part of the plan.

7 The Gold Digger


Men can spot this woman from a mile away just as she can spot them from a mile away. This woman wants nothing more than to be with a rich man. She wants an exclusive lifestyle. She wants to be spoiled, not loved. She doesn't care about whoever she's with, she only cares what they can give her (and we don't mean emotionally). In fact, she knows that love wouldn't make her happy, the only thing that'd make her happy is money. And, chances are, she's not shy about that and doesn't even try to hide it. The second she meets a rich man (or, a seemingly rich man), she starts complimenting everything he has- like his watches or his cars. She asks about his occupation, where he lives, and what he likes to do. Why? Well, certainly not because she's interested in him- simply because she wants to know if he's as wealthy as he looks.

6 The Self-Involved


At first, it can be tricky to tell if people are self-involved. After a few dates, though, a self-involved person's true colors tend to show. This woman talks about herself constantly. She takes twenty minutes to tell the guy she's seeing about the morning she's had without even asking him how he's doing. She doesn't pick up on hints or social cues that she's being a blabber mouth. She thinks that the world revolves around her. She doesn't hesitate to ask people for favors and believes it's completely fine to inconvenience people. If someone shares an opinion with her, she doesn't hear it. If she asks for advice, it's only so she can find another way to keep talking about herself for a little bit longer. Her wants and needs are on the top of her list, which is great for her. However, men can tell that there's no room for anyone else but her in her life and quickly move on.

5 The Lazy


This girl doesn't do anything with her life. She wakes up late, keeps a messy house, and wastes most of every day laying on the couch. Chances are, she still lives off of her parent's money, if not in their own home still. She's flakey. She's started a million different career paths but hasn't stuck to anything. She drinks a lot and goes out all of the time. She doesn't take herself or her life seriously, therefore, the people that she knows don't take her seriously either. For some reason, this girl can't seem to get it together. And, sure, she's a fun time, but at the end of the day, any guy that starts dating her gets bored after a few months. Why? Because he can tell she's never going to change and he doesn't want taking care of her to become his job. No one likes a deadbeat.

4 The Controlling


From the second you meet this girl, you know that she's a control freak. If a guy asks her out to dinner, she changes the restaurant that he chooses because she's on a diet and doesn't want to eat unhealthily. She's uptight. In fact, she may even go as far as order for both her and the guy she's out with. Everything must go her way, including what other people do. It makes her crazy if things feel out of control. She has a strict schedule that she sticks to everyday and is anything but flexible. If men do stay with her for more than one date, they feel as though their girlfriend is not only their lover, but also their boss. She tells them what to do, what to wear, what to say, and how to act. She's always on top of her game. In her opinion, there's no such thing as "too bossy," and she's never afraid to let anyone know that.

3 The Free Bird


This girl will never settle down. She's beautiful, bright, and a bit wild. Most likely, she has a few daddy issues she hasn't worked out yet- just as she hasn't worked out which guy she wants to be with. She's flakey. She'll like a guy for a couple of weeks and then move on without warning. If she had a dollar for every heart she broke, she'd be absolutely loaded. She feels entitled to everything because no one has ever told her no before. She uses her appeal to get what she wants but knows exactly what she's doing. She's never been ashamed or embarrassed for who she is. If she makes a mistake, she laughs it off. Of course, deep down, she's most likely insecure and sad, but on the surface, she's witty, charming, and humorous... well, unless things get too serious. If a man tries to get too close to her, she pushes him away. One of her biggest fears is being "trapped" and she'll do anything to avoid being put in a situation like that. Chances are, she'll be playing the field 'til she can no longer walk.

2 The Bride


Unlike the free bird, the bride is the girl that's looking to settle down as soon as possible. She's been dreaming of her big beautiful wedding since she was ten years old. And, at this point, she's only interested in being with a man that's ready to make her his bride. The first chance she gets, she asks men about their future. Before she starts dating them, she needs to be certain they want the same things as her, otherwise, she wouldn't waste her time with them. She's not shy when it comes to talking about what she wants either. In fact, she scares most men away because on the first date, she'll tell them she's ready for kids or to settle down. She may come off as desperate but to her, she's on track when it comes to her life's plan. She's innocent, has a decent paying job, and has basically made herself into "wife material."

1 The Airhead


This girl is the type of girl that most people have a hard time talking to. Sure, you can call her the "dumb blonde" but this girl is more than that. She doesn't just make silly mistakes from time to time, she only makes silly mistakes. Whenever you say anything to her, it goes in one ear and right out the other. It's as if nothing sticks in her brain, especially the eighteen years of school she endured. She's absent minded and has very little common sense. Of course, it may partially be an act if she thinks for some reason men like women who are dumb or think they're "cute." However, whether it's actually how she is or something she's pretending to be, it's more annoying than anything else. When she talks, the guys she dates think to themselves, "just smile and nod," because they don't understand or relate to anything that comes out of her mouth.

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