12Aries: The Older Guy

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Aries, you fall hard and fast for older guys. You’re confident, passionate, and brave, making an older guy much more your speed. Boys your own age are too immature for you. They don’t have ambition or drive that you do. They don’t even text when they say they are going

to. An older guy is more likely to have his shit together. He’ll have a good job and high career aspirations. Even if he doesn’t actually have his life together, something about this older guy just makes you think he does have his life together.

You’ll fall hard and fast for the older guy, happy that he’s not like all the younger boys you've dated in the past. However, the fact that he’s older could be the downfall in your relationship. He may not put up with you impulsive behavior. You’re short-tempered and impatient. You can be childlike whenever you don't get your way. You may like dating an older guy, but he may not be down for dating someone who can act both so very mature and yet so very immature.

Your impulsive, childish behavior could push him away, and leave you heartbroken. Sorry, girl, but older guys will not put up with your temper tantrums.

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