15 TV Siblings That Are Too Close In Real Life

We sometimes see it unfolding on the screen, even though we try desperately not to: the chemistry between two siblings. Of course, we all know that the actors who are playing these siblings are in no way related by blood in the real world, but we still can find it somewhat icky as we watch. Of course, the HBO series Game of Thrones has made “lovin” your close relative a trend (but eww, never do that in real life please and thank you) and even some of those famous names on that show (of course) made this list, but there are more who share the spotlight. Sure, some TV show siblings end up dating in real life (which is pretty weird for us, the viewer) while others are just close in general, but these 15 TV siblings tend to stand out to us and have us wondering if there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

15 Game Of Love

Game of Thrones is literally one of the most famous television shows of all time right now, so much so that hackers have taken to breaking the computer barriers at HBO and releasing episodes before they air. As any good fan would know, it’s been a LONG time since Stark sisters Sansa and Arya paraded around together (they separated after the death of their father during Season 1) and only just reunited this last season. But real life besties Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have been paling around all over the place and documenting their every move on Instagram. Their fans know all too well that the duo is practically inseparable and tend to have absolutely no boundaries when it comes to each other. And, as you can plainly see – they really enjoy each other a little too much.

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14 Written In The Story

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter played a dynamic brother and sister duo on Showtime’s Dexter, a drama about a serial killer who worked as a blood splatter expert for the Miami Police Department. Because they played brother and sister (even though Hall’s title character was adopted) it was super awkward when they ended up getting together in real life and eventually married. What was even MORE awkward was when the show runners decided to have Carpenter’s character Debra actually fall in love with her brother AFTER the couple separated in real life. It was completely weird all the way around the block. Sure, they had chemistry as siblings, but when the show took that dark turn, things started going downhill fast. It was just plain icky for fans.

13 Getting Handsy


Yes, I know these two are sisters in real life, which just makes it more disgusting in general. We see elements of Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s closeness pop on the screen in Keeping Up with the Kardashians and we tend to cringe hardcore even then. But when you add their Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories to the mix, it gets WWWAAAYY worse. A while ago, Kylie posted a Snapchat video of her and Kendall “goofing around” a photo shoot set and featured the younger Jenner actually sticking her hand down the front of Kendall’s pants as Kendall laughed it off. They’re constantly twerking on each other and giving each other lap dances. Let’s not forget they simply adore French kissing each other when they appear bored. I’m sorry, but that’s a tad too close for comfort and make people vomit a little. It’s not cute, ladies – it’s called incest.

12 A Lannister Affair

So what if both their characters are both totally dead on the show? It’s still icky enough to mention. They’re also apparently just like their characters’ parents too… similar in that they’re actually dating in real life. Nell Tiger Free, who played Myrcella Lannister actually started dating her brother on the show, Dean-Charles Chapman (Tommen Lannister) in real life while their characters were still alive. Every fan of the show actually had to giggle a little bit since it’s insanely common for siblings on the show to be involved in taboo relationships with each other. Of course, both characters were killed off in dramatic fashions (Myrcella was poisoned by the Sand Sisters while Tommen simply jumped out of his palace window), which made it easier to digest seeing the two actors openly date in public.

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11 Wizards Of Awkward Kiss

Even though they played siblings on Disney’s Waverly’s Place, everyone knew that Selena Gomez (who played Alex) and David Henrie (who played Justin) were extremely close during the filming of the show. And when you’re close off the set, your chemistry shines when the cameras are rolling. Even after the show wrapped years ago, Henrie happened to be Selena’s very first Instagram story back in January. The two reminisced about their days on the Disney show and were making each other laugh hardcore and even discussed the possibility of a Wizards reunion. Since leaving the show, Selena has gone on to be one of the most recognized faces in the world while Henrie… well.. Henrie played the son on How I Met Your Mother – you know, the kid you see at the very beginning of the show.

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10 Loreli And Her TV Brother

For the longest time, no one really knew that one of Parenthood’s primary brother and sister were actually dating in real life. That’s right, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause who played Sarah and Adam Braverman are actually together and are even talking about marriage these days. Their relationship managed to thrive thanks to them keeping it very private and under wraps. The two wouldn’t even walk the red carpet together at premieres, but their chemistry was undeniable on the small screen, even though they played siblings. “He’s really my favorite person to talk to and he always makes me laugh,” Graham told Good Housekeeping during a candid interview. “He’s really, really funny.” The two actually met in the late 90’s on the set of Caroline in the City, but they didn’t start dating until years later.

9 I've Got 90210 Problems

We get it, Shannen Doherty didn’t have the best relationship with ANY of her co-stars on Beverly Hills 90210… hell, she didn’t have a good relationship with any of her co-stars on any project she worked on. However, during most of the filming of 90210 when everyone was turning on Doherty, her brother on the show Jason Priestley, stood by her side and remained close with her… at least that’s what we thought. A couple years ago, Priestley wrote a book and claimed in it that Doherty was no more than a massive diva while on the set of the teen drama. Doherty, all peeved, went off and claimed that Priestley was suffering from memory loss that stemmed from a car accident he had in 2002. She didn’t really understand why the only ally she felt she had on the set was turning on her years later.


8 Unnatural

Man, you can love your brother, but loving on your brother? Yikes. This appears to be the case for Sam and Dean Wichenster, super close brothers on the show Supernatural played by real-life best friends Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Now, these two guys aren’t afraid to let you know that they’re rather close in real life and very touchy feely with each other. Just take a look at their Instagram timelines. They appear to love going on long road trips, long walks, and just simply lay in bed together and cuddle. Both appear extremely secure in their own masculinity so it doesn’t bother them that at one time fans assumed they were in an intimate relationship with each other off screen (Nah, they’re both straight and married, unfortunately).

7 Brotherly Love

Okay, so we know NOW that Jon Snow is not the bastard son of Ned Stark, but rather his nephew, making Robb Stark his cousin and not brother. But still, when fans assumed that Snow (Kit Harington) and Robb (Richard Madden) were brothers, their off-screen chemistry seemed, well, off. Judging by all the photos snapped of the close buddies, it almost seemed like the two were in a relationship. And a very cute one at that. Look how adorable they are just holding hands as they walked down the street! Both handsome men were extremely playful both on and off the set, even though the brothers seemed at odds with each other on the show itself. As we know now, Robb was heinously murdered during the Red Wedding while Jon is now busy doing his aunt (okay, so he doesn’t know that she’s his aunt YET).

6 The Other Lannister

On the show, it’s twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister who enjoy a little too much twin-cest for their own good (which resulted in three children), but the real off-screen bond happens to be between Cersei (Lena Headey) and little brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). On screen, they hate each other with every fiber of their being, but in real life, these two are closer than your average friends. Sure, he may have shot their father while he was taking a dump and she may have tried to have him killed after believing he killed her son on TV, but they’re too busy sitting in each other’s laps and hugging all over each other during award shows. Dinklage appears like the type of guy everyone gets along with, which is why all his co-stars tend to flock to him while Headey is just basically a giant goof-ball herself, so their close off-camera friendship is admirable.

5 13 Reasons Why...You Shouldn't

Some of us don’t even remember the hit show Parenthood, but Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer, who played brother and sister on the show, certainly do. Yes, of course, they were close on the show, but in real life they actually became roommates. And not only were they roommates, but THEY EVEN GOT BFF TATTOOS TOGETHER. Their Instagram and Twitter posts are filled to the brim with them simply having a blast together, whether they’re going on vacation or pulling pranks together, they are simply downright cute as hell and know it too. Some would say they’re closer than two people in a relationship if you followed their careers after Parenthood, you would completely agree. I always wished I too could have a close personal relationship with a male who saw me more as a sister figure than as of a girlfriend. Sometimes the friend zone isn’t such a horrible place to be.

4 8 Simple Rules

Sure, everyone knows Kaley Cuoco from her tenure as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but before that, she actually played one of John Ritter’s daughters on 8 Simple Rules alongside Amy Davidson, who played her younger sister. Even though the two were close at the start of the show, their lives were thrown into chaos after the passing of their show father, who tragically died on the set of the show. Going through something that traumatic together bonds you for life, and Cuoco and Davidson show that in their friendship, even though the show ended 12 years ago. Recently, Davidson had a baby and Kaley was all for it. She posted a bunch of selfies with Amy and her baby when they went out for breakfast and couldn’t help but look completely enamored with both the baby and her best friend.

3 Sisters On Screen and Off

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We grew up watching them, and now our children are going to grow up watching them too. Yes, DJ (Candace Cameron) and Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) are back in the Full House Netflix sequel Fuller House (they really didn’t stretch too far for that title, huh?) and yes, they’re still ridiculously close. Everyone always knew that off screen, Cameron and Sweetin were close in real life, but no one really knew HOW close. Cameron actually helped Sweetin through some serious rough patches in her life including a drug addiction and an abusive husband, so it makes sense that they’re extremely close in the real world. But, yes, it really does some weird when they’re all touchy-feely with each other (a little like the female versions of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). But, this helps with their chemistry on screen as sisters, so it works.

2 Modern Family

On the show Modern Family, sisters Alex and Haley Dunphy apparently hate each other. One is extremely intelligent and witty while the other is a diva and slightly air headed. But off screen, the sisters (played by Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland) prove that your best friends make the best family members. Winter has been targeted in tabloid magazines lately for all the wrong reasons: they keep focusing solely on her body. The girl can’t help it if she hit puberty at a young age and became the focus of some wandering eyes. However, thanks to the help of her Modern sis, she has more body confidence. Winter was only 11-years old when she and the then-18-year-old Hyland started playing sisters, so Hyland took the younger girl under her wing. “I tried to be a good role model for her, and a true older sister for her because she’s a sweet little girl,” Hyland said during an interview.

1 More Than Just Friends

You know we all thought it and felt it when we watched Friends – that weird, ick feeling whenever brother and sister duo Monica and Ross Geller would wrestle around, whether it was playing touch football or just showing off for their other friends. Sure, whenever it was alluded to on screen, both siblings would cringe and we were left wondering “please cringe a little more before you two think about play wrestling again”. No wonder they looked up to Donnie and Marie Osmond while growing up. In real life, Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer were seriously close during the filming of the popular NBC series, but once all was said and done and the final episode aired, it was said that they drifted apart. Cox even claimed that it was Schwimmer who has been the lone holdout during all this reunion speculation. Such a shame.

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