15 True AF Memes About Travel

If you are not a big travel person, you are probably outnumbered by people with tons of wanderlust. Whether you’re getting on a plane to venture to the other side of the planet, a car to trek across a country or a train to embark on a cross-continental adventure, traveling is always going to have its ups and downs. The highs and lows of travel have been perfectly encapsulated in the following memes, and though they’re a mixture of hilarious, cheesy, and downright beautiful, they are all totally true! Traveling is one of those things whose idiosyncrasies you tend to forget until you get back on the road (or back in the air!), so it’s good to reflect on these memes and remember exactly what it is we’re missing out on when we’re not gallivanting to new places. Here are 15 memes about travel and vacations that are accurate AF.

15 Not Letting Life Escape

Let’s start off with a serious one! It’s true that travel does have a lot of challenges, like missing the creature comforts of home, missing the people in your life, letting go of a lot of money and having to take a few risks on the way. While people may believe that the point of all that is to get away from your 9-5 office job for a few weeks, traveling is more so about really living your life while you can! You know: you don’t want to wake up one day many years from now and realize that you never really enjoyed life. That would definitely suck! The truth is that there are endless places to see and people to meet, and a kind of traveling experience for just about every type of person, so booking a trip is really about chasing those experiences, learning something about the world, and having a good time.

14 Collecting Memories

It’s widely thought that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy experiences which in turn can generate happiness! It can be hard to part with a large sum of money that you worked hard for, and sometimes the smart thing to do is to set yourself up for the future and work towards something like a house. But every now and then at least, it’s good to put your enjoyment first and put that money towards creating some awesome memories that will actually enrich your life! Look, we love overpriced souvenirs that you’ll never actually use as much as the next person, but it’s the memory of the time you spend in a place that will bring a smile to your face years later. The hilarious moments you have getting lost on the streets of Pisa will mean much more than your Leaning Tower shot glass in the future. Trust us!

13 Travel Over Children

This is at least true for some of us! Having a family is an amazing thing (although not for everybody of course!), so if you do want that kind of life and haven’t had the opportunity to go down that road yet, focus on the fact that you’re saving yourself a significant amount of money for the time being! Babies are gorgeous, but they’ll definitely cost you. Unless you’re totally winning at life, you probably won’t be able to look after a family and travel as much as you want, so at least by not having one you can have the other! And monetary costs aside, babies also take time and effort and 24-hour commitment. Traveling with babies is possible, but a different experience. So if you do want to get some traveling done your way, the time where you haven’t got your family life settled yet is as good a time as any.

12 Travel Companions

This isn’t so much a meme and more of a Hemingway quote slabbed onto a pretty picture, but we’re rolling with it because it's pretty great. Sometimes life forces us to travel with people who aren’t that close to us or are even complete strangers. Hey, your best friends aren’t always available for that trip to Europe. Traveling with strangers in a tour group might be one of the best ways to make friends ever, so we think these words are more about never making the mistake of traveling with people whom you specifically don’t like or don’t get along with. There’s nothing worse than spending the entire time away arguing with someone who just doesn’t see your point of view. You might get along with someone when you see them once every six weeks at home, but just make sure you enjoy the same things and are compatible before you hop on a plane together.

11 Space Issues

Planes are a huge part of travel, so any meme dedicated solely to the experiences you have mid-flight are fine with us. Until we’re rich enough to fly first class with spacious lounge chairs, we’ll have to deal with the discomfort of flying in coach. People are entitled to recline their seats back of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying for the person behind! Especially if you’re stuck in the last row on a plane and you can’t get yourself any more room by extending your own seat backward, this situation can definitely mean it’s going to be a long, long flight. Have you ever tried pulling down your tray when the seat ahead is moved back, and you literally don’t have the space to scoop up your corn flakes with your spoon? Fun times. Being behind a reclined seat is also doubly as bad for somebody with long legs!

10 Heart Over Head


You have to love the "me to me" memes, which are really about the conversations your head has with your heart. Sometimes your brain will go over all the reasons why it would be a bad idea to travel right now, but somehow, your heart wins and you still end up booking the ticket. It doesn’t matter how much common sense you have to back up why you should not be traveling this year! You could have a ton of commitments at home, nobody appropriate to travel with, and next to nothing saved up, but your inner hooded Kermit comes out and you just end up in a bit of a YOLO moment on the airline website. This kind of thinking can lead to you having to take on three jobs at a time to pay for your recklessness, and with some whopping credit card bills. We’ve all been there and it's not really all that fun.

9 Priorities Though

Choosing to follow your heart over your head when it comes to travel might get you into some trouble, as we mentioned above, and it also might make you the target of judgment from people who just can’t relate. It doesn’t look like the smartest thing in the world when you’re broke all the time and can’t afford to hang out with your friends when you’re at home in your own city, but then somehow manage to fit a trip in more often than everyone else! Your family and friends may not get it, but we do! It’s all about priorities. If traveling is important to you, you’ll find a way to make it work, even if that’s never leaving the house when you are at home or working crazy hours when everybody else is relaxing. As long as you can find a way to fund it, all the power to you, and you should definitely do what you want.

8 Packing The Essentials

Wow, we don’t think we’ve ever found a meme that speaks to us like this! It might not be a big deal to some people, but if you’re an animal person, it can be totally devastating to leave your furry friend behind when you set off. Of course, you miss your family too, but you can ring humans and Skype with them. It’s a lot harder to Facetime an animal, and if you let it get to you, you could find yourself sitting in a hotel room feeling guilty because your fur baby doesn’t know where you are! In our experience, bringing a fluffy toy to sleep with makes things a little easier, but just accept that you’re going to miss them like crazy until you get home. Yes, we've also thought about packing them. After all, it’s clear that your cat would enjoy fine dining in Paris just as much as you would, right? She might even like it more!

7 Cost Factor

Not everybody has the carefree personality that’s required to listen to your heart, go out on a limb and book tickets that you can’t really afford. Some of us, particularly the worry warts amongst us, just won’t travel unless we can absolutely afford it. And that’s where this meme becomes a sad reality! One of the worst feelings ever is wanting to get away more than anything, especially after seeing photos of your friends eating sashimi in Tokyo, then getting your hopes up and deciding you just have to go away this year, and then checking your bank account and crashing back down to earth. Sometimes working as much as you can and saving with the discipline of a warden just isn’t enough. Plus, you don’t want to just have enough for the plane tickets and accommodation, without enough money to actually experience the place the way you want. Hang in there!

6 Boredom Issues

The plane issues go beyond having limited personal space, unfortunately! When you have a long flight, the boredom can definitely be overwhelming. Having all your devices charged certainly makes things better, but sometimes even an iPad with all your favorite movies can’t speed up time. Seriously, if you’re doing 24 hours from Sydney to London, you should probably just accept that all the devices in the world can’t save you! When it comes to long flights, traveling at night is more often than not the way to go so at least you can try and sleep. Especially if you’re traveling in coach, it can be pretty hard to find a comfortable sleeping position when you’re sandwiched between two other people. And then, of course, there’s the disappointment when you wake up praying that you’ve slept through most of the flight, but check the map and find that you’re barely an hour in.

5 McDonald’s

This is never intentional, right? You obviously don’t book a trip to Rome and plan to eat McDonald’s. But before you know it, you sat in a foreign McDonald’s ordering the same meal you get at home! It can happen when you’ve had a bad experience at a local restaurant, and you just want something that is as quick, safe, and easy as possible. Even though we’ve been guilty of this before, we still love trying local food. After all, that’s what traveling is all about! Let’s be honest, you can sample delicacies that make you want to hurl, but at least you’ve left your comfort zone and know a little bit more about the world! Heading to McDonald’s can be tempting when you’re low on cash and can only seem to find expensive restaurants, but at that point, it’s also good to head to a supermarket and fashion your own cheap meal out of local favorites!

4 The Importance Of Selfies

Is it just us, or does this actually go through some people’s heads when they’re traveling?! In any given place that is slightly touristy, you will see people ready to go to extreme lengths just to get a good selfie. We’ve seen people standing in front of some of the most magnificent structures in the world, majorly concerned because they can’t get a good Wi-Fi connection. People have even died while trying to get that perfect travel selfie, so it’s safe to say that the purpose of travel might have become a little lost with the advancement of technology! Seeing the world means different things to different people, but it seems like today it’s becoming more about slapping your snaps all over social media so people know you’ve been to the Stonehenge, rather than actually enjoying the Stonehenge when it’s right in front of you. It’s kind of sad, but true!

3 Babies On Planes

We can’t get enough of these plane memes! Look, we have nothing against parents who bring babies on planes. They have a right to travel just like everyone else, and if it’s hard for us to cope with a crying baby on a flight, imagine what it’s like for them! They have to deal with calming the child and getting annoyed looks from everyone, not to mention, that mind-numbing scream is probably an everyday feature of their lives. Gosh, we’re tired just from thinking about it! It is still annoying to be stuck on a plane with a sleeping baby, though. Especially when you’re just getting to sleep and then a piercing scream jolts you out of it and you know you’re not going to get comfortable again. Or when you’re feeling nauseous from turbulence and your head is spinning and you just want some quiet. It’s nobody’s fault, just one of those annoying things!

2 Sleeping And Looking Terrible Always

As we’re planning a trip, we picture ourselves dressed up in a chic outfit that Serena would wear on Gossip Girl, looking fresh-faced and beautiful as we explore a foreign city. That’s the dream! Unfortunately, though, in reality, traveling is long, grueling flights, sore limbs after standing for hours, blisters and sweat from walking, jet lag, and having to dress for convenience rather than style. So you plan to look like Serena but end up looking like, well, Britney in this meme. It’s never a good idea to stand out as a typical foreigner when you’re overseas, so it’s not the best idea to dress in designer clothes as you’re navigating your way through a new city. And somehow, we don’t think that Serena has to worry about strapping a money belt to herself or blow-drying her hair with a dryer that is so weak it may as well be blowing out cold air.

1 No Regrets

It’s clear that traveling comes with its issues (it costs a few pretty pennies, you have to leave your comfort zone, and oh yeah, plane rides are never super comfy). But in the end, it’s worth it. Even if your trip doesn’t go as planned and you get lost or your hotel is terrible, or you have an argument with your travel buddy, it’s all about the experience you gain! If you didn’t enjoy the destination as much as you thought you would, you know where you won’t be going next time, and you have more of an idea of what you are looking for on your next trip. It’s a learning curve, whether you loved it or not! You might not see how working like a dog to pay for your trip is worth it before you go, but this meme is totally true. It’s super rare for people to come back and say that they regret going on that trip!

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