15 Trends You Need To STOP Doing Before 2018

Ok, readers round up because we’re about to stir the pot a little. 2017 is coming to an end and much like a yearbook, we’re showcasing some trends 2017 brought us, but there’s a twist. In this article we’re going to tell you about the top 15 things we’re NOT about to do in 2018. 2017 saw some great trends from athletic wear on the runway to a velvet comeback, but the trends on this list just straight up have to go, either from being offensive, overplayed or downright ugly.

Now, you may look at this list and see some trends that you might not have expected to see on the list, but keep reading and we’ll tell you just why these obnoxious trends have got to go. Besides, out with the old and in with the new is what we like to say! Perhaps by getting rid of some of these dusty old trends, new and better ones will come in and take their place, making us forget all about the 2017 ones in the first place. Think about it, aren’t you glad the 2007 Ed Hardy trend is over? Or the thin eyebrows from the 90’s? Or let’s not forget the pair of jeans under the skirt we remember so well from the early 2000’s. So, grab a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and we’ll tell you what 2017 trends to leave at the door.

15 Faux Freckle Faux-Pas

Saddle up readers, because we’re coming for your faves and we’ll tell you why! First things first, we’re definitely not referring to those of you who have been blessed with cute and cuddly natural freckles, those will definitely never go out of style. We’re also not necessarily talking about those of you who can convincingly fake freckles every-once-in-a-while for a more dramatic cutesy look, what we’re referring to is the bad, the un-blended and the scary faux freckles. Trust us, once we get up close, we can tell when you’re faking the funk and the freckles are fake, and once it’s seen it’s a sight that can’t be unseen. If you are into the faux freckle look, we definitely recommend using a lighter brow pencil to draw them in and then going over them with a Beauty Blender to diffuse the dark edges. Definitely stay away from the black eyeliner pencil if you’re going to still do the faux freckle trend… just trust us on this one.

14 Oompa Loompa Foundation

While it’s true that makeup is all about preference, we do encourage you to look your best! So, our next trend to ditch in 2018 is the infamous orange foundation. We’ll teach you what causes this beauty faux-pas and how you can avoid it so in 2018, your foundation matches your neck. We’ve all been there, we swatched the foundation in store on the back of our hand and it looked perfect… under all those fluorescent lights of course. We get home, we put it on for a lunch date and we are snatched, we’re ready to go, but we catch a glimpse of ourselves in sunlight and suddenly we’re orange! To save you from having to blend that foundation down to your neck to match in this type of emergency, we’re going to get you familiarized with the word “oxidize”. This means that your foundation’s true color doesn’t show through with some foundations until it is completely dried down. Some foundations will go even shades darker or warmer on your skin once it’s dry. We suggest swatching the foundation in store and letting it dry down completely before taking it home!

13 Who Wore it Best?

Ok we get it—some trends are just too cute to pass up, and for a while the Adidas superstars were the relic for mainstream fashion, however, for 2018 we’re thirsty for the comeback of personal style. In present day trends are so big, they might as well be news, and for good reason but we’re sick of everyone looking like Kardashian clones. We’re nostalgic for the high school days where school was a fashion show—cue the Gossip Girl theme song please! Remember the days when family members would laugh at our cooky crazy personal style, because it was unlike anything they’d ever seen before? We want a little bit of that back, we’re tired of seeing every cutie dressed in distressed denim, Adidas superstars, a halter tee and a bomber jacket, for this tall order we’re praying to a higher power and trying to channel Blair Waldorf.

12 Love Affair With Lip Injections Goes Too Far

Now, we here at the Talko are not ones to ever sneer at plastic surgery, if it’s broken, why not fix it? But can we all agree that sometimes the lip injections get just a little out of control? Of course, big, plump, pouty lips will never go out of style, and if you’ve been endowed with them naturally, you’re one of the lucky ones. And to be clear, we’re not one to judge lip fillers—in fact we’re all for them, until they get plastic-y…. and we think you know exactly the kind of lip we’re talking about. If your lip injections make you look like you got stung by a bee and are having an allergic reaction, consider toning it down just a little. Lip injections are just like chocolate, good, but only in moderation.

11 Nails That Show Your Crazy Side... a Little Too Well

Ok wait—don’t click off yet! We’re not here to bash the acrylic gods, we all love a good mani. We’re talking about the times when this fashion staple, turns into a major faux-pas. Don’t worry we’re here to guide you through it, we’re all for sparkles, glitter, matte action and a pattern or two, but if your fake nails have some 3-D action to them, it might be time to step away from the chair, very very slowly. Pictured above are these seemingly strawberry shortcake inspired nails that make us do a double take, and not in a good way. Looking at this pic we can’t help but think “how does she text?” Fake nails are the staple, the final stage in your ensemble, in 2018 we’re saying ditch the overpowering mani and let them accessorize your personal style rather than overpower it.

10 Tanning Overload

As Kylie Jenner famously once said this really was the year of “realizing things” and fortunately, a great point that has gained traction on social media and even in some mainstream news media is the problematic darkening of one’s skin. Obviously, we’re not bashing a little sunkissed moment, but if you’re tanning yourself into another race, you may want to ask yourself if that’s appropriate. The tanning craze has always been popular, and we’re not saying dramatic tans are even necessarily wrong, but when it borders on “blackface” is when you are much much darker than you could ever be naturally. Rachel Dolezal… we’re looking at you. Don’t worry, if you’re a little unsure how tan is too tan, above we’ve attached some reference photos.

9 Make the Unicorns Magically Disappear

Alright readers, if you won’t say it we will: ATTENTION BEAUTY BRANDS PLEASE LET THE UNICORN COLLECTIONS STOP. The trend was a little outdated when it first hit the airwaves at the beginning of the year, but we love a good revival, so we’ll admit, we were interested at first. Unicorns are cute, with some pastel, neon and glitter, we were feeling the concept, until… every mainstream brand came out with a unicorn collection or product at some point. Too Faced and Tarte just to name a few, and very many other brands in between keep pushing out the unicorn inspired makeup. In 2018 now we know unicorns are REALLY played out and we’re ready for some fresh new makeup, concepts we haven’t seen before. Keep the rainbows and sparkles, 2017 gave us plenty.

8 Cropped Knit Sweatshirts

When this trend first hit the airwaves, we’ll admit we were kind of here for it, however, as the trend began to grow roots into the mainstream and set up shop we took a second look. Cute at first, but seemingly part of every brand we know, leaving us to wonder “do they make sweaters that aren’t cropped anymore?” At first a fun twist on an old favorite, by this time the cropped sweater look is a little high school, reminding us that the ever so daring crop-top should be locked up for only very special occasions, and it’s even more in your face little sister: the sweater crop should just stay home in 2018 all together. Sassy at first, but now tired and juvenile, we’re ready to add much more practical pieces to our wardrobe.

7 Huge Glasses With No Perscription

To all our girls in glasses—this one is for you! In 2018 we’re over the Harry Potter frames, unless there’s a prescription hidden somewhere inside. We get that the clear frames to look kind of studious and sexy was a thing for a while, but in 2018 we’re saying skip it and stop playing dress up. If you don’t have any vision impairments, stick to strictly sunnies and leave the clear frames for our girls who actually need them to see. Think of it like this... you wouldn’t brandish a cane as a fashion accessory, or put on your favorite feather boa to go to the grocery store right? We didn’t think so.

6 Let the Mermaid Hair Sleep With the Fishes

Just like the Unicorn collections before us, we’re coming for mermaid hair next. We get the colorful concept, but much like the Unicorn collections, we’re just over it. Simply put, it’s hard for us to take you seriously with the multicolors, in our opinion a solid color, while still bright or avant-garde is much more effective. A sleek and sexy auburn chestnut, or a plum are perfect examples of crazy hair done right, the mermaid hair almost always ends up looking like a little bit of a bad dye job—and should we even mention how trashed it looks when it begins to fade? Even in the off chance that the mermaid hair is smashing on the first go, we know that won’t be the case two weeks and ten hot showers later, and need we remind you of the roots—which aren’t blue of course.

5 Stop With The Crazy Eyebrows

Quite frankly was the crazy brow trend ever really anything other than a flop? Well, either way we’re saying leave to too bold brows for the runway and photoshoots, in everyday life leave it at the door. There is a wise and widely known notion that brows shape your face, they accentuate natural features, don’t let them compete with your perfectly blended smoky eye only to steal the show with how weird they are. Instead we urge our readers to stick with the perfectly groomed brow that has become the norm for the past few years, because if it’s not broke—don’t fix it! All in favor of ditching the crazy brow trends and sticking to our perfectly lined bold brows say “I”… “I”!

4 Paying For The Name... Cue Eye Roll

Readers, you knew this one was coming. After Kylie Cosmetics controversial drop of their first set of brushes for the holidays was nearly comical, that’s right readers, you can get a whopping 16 brushes for $360 just because they have the word “Kylie” on them. We love a good Kylie Cosmetics haul, but we’re a little shook at the price of the brushes for the quality. Upon looking at the brushes the bristles seem sparse, low quality and frankly kind of cheap, nothing like the luxe brushes we see at Wayne Goss and Smith for the same price point. This means you’re paying for the name, and trust me the Kardashian-Jenner clan knows just how to make you do that. Keeping it in the family, Kim K’s makeup brand, though seemingly somewhat higher quality than Kylie’s with far less skews, we saw as the mega star got mixed reviews on both her powder and cream contour kits. Most people remarked that you could get the same product, with better quality for a fraction of the price. In 2018, we’re tired of paying for the name, we want price to finally equate quality.

3 Leave the Cultural Appropriation in 2017... Please, We're Begging

Last and most certainly not least, we’re looking at the celebs to stop culturally appropriating. Simply put, if a style or a trend originated from a race and had a negative stigma attached to it, until it was put on a white celeb, we’re over it. It’s 2018, do better. We saw the internet call Khloe Kardashian out this year for brandishing bantu knots, a traditionally African-American style, that the celeb had no business wearing. Too often have minorities been categorized as “ghetto” for a hairstyle like Bantu knots and dreads only to serve as inspiration to celebs attempting to look trendy and being rewarded with positive reinforcement from the media who regard the look as “avant-garde” or “unexpected”. We’re tired. We saw the same thing the year prior, when Marc Jacobs infamously put dread locks on his white models, another traditionally African-American hairstyle. Simply put, in 2018 we’re looking to respect people’s culture, drawing inspiration is one thing, but to rip-off a cultural facet isn’t something we’re going to go for in 2018.

2 Forever 21 Fashion Fiascos

Ok, like we mentioned before, we love a good bit of balling on a budget, and let’s be honest Forever 21 is the go to spot. Their cute styles for less have been relevant for decades. But we all know that feeling, we’re shuffling through Forever 21’s 1,000+ skews of clothes and we think we see something we like, it’s got a cute shape and it’s a cool color for a little basic tee, we pull it out from the rack to get a closer look and BAM! Staring us back in the face is a weird quirky little saying that ruins the entire shirt, leaving you to scratch your head and think “who approved this?” All love to Forever 21 but we think the slogan tees in general are a little 2000s. We can assure you Forever 21, a very select few people want a shirt that looks cute from the back but says “pizza is my life” on the front.

1 Girl on Girl Makeup Haterade

We here are big fans of the beauty industry, in all its spectrums. If you love the filled in eyebrows, overdraw and a half cut crease, we’re here for it! If you prefer some sheer coverage and a little bit of mascara we’re also here for it! But what we’re not going to do is drag other women for “too much makeup”. We inserted a pic above of a tweet that perfectly illustrates just what we mean, inserting an opinion that no one asked for is definitely a trend that needs to die come 2018. If you’re at the keyboard about to type “my maaaaaan said I don’t need all that makeup!” we encourage you to consider thinking about pressing send. In 2018 we want to see each other gassing up each other’s dramatic eyes and bold wings with that red lip, look at it as fun and fierce, like a little work of art! Bashing others for “too much makeup” is counterproductive, because say it with me Talko fam... who run the world? GIRLS!

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