15 Traits A Man Is Looking For In "Another Woman"

When most men end up cheating on their significant other, people naturally assume it’s because of the other woman’s looks that drove him to do such a heinous act. But think again. In Greek mythology, a common story was one about the Greek Sirens, mythical creatures who were able to lure sailors to their islands with their voices, only to have them meet their demise by crashing to death on the rocks of the island they occupied. It was never their looks that attracted the men so very violently, but rather their talent. When a man goes astray, it’s because of a couple of things: A) it’s because there’s something wrong in his own relationship that he doesn’t want to confront and/or B) there’s a siren in the picture that he can’t stop thinking about. Here are 15 traits that a man finds irresistible in “another woman”.

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15 Just “One of the Guys”

In the book-turned-film Gone Girl, the antagonist talks about how men seem to gravitate toward what’s known as “the cool girl,” meaning a girl who can hang with the guys, cuss like a sailor, eat whatever she wants and yet still maintains her slim figure. This isn’t what I’m talking about. A girl who can hang with the guys is a woman who doesn’t actively TRY to be one of the guys, she just is. It’s not about competing in burping contests; it’s about her easy-going nature and the fact that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her being comfortable around people. Yes, she does cuss like a sailor and interested in sports to a heavy degree, but it’s about the comfort she projects which make men comfortable around her. She’s not afraid to get in the dirt and talk shop and then proves it with her actions.

14 More Sarcastic Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is attractive in any relationship, whether you’re a man or a woman. However, there are many different types of humor that are often categorized. There’s a difference between “dad jokes” and “slapstick” comedy. Men and women look for a sense of humor in a partner and if they’re the entire package, that’s even better. Though, there’s just something about a woman who has a sarcastic sense of humor. Men can’t quite seem to put their finger on why’s it’s so appealing. Sarcasm takes a quick wit regardless of what people say. You need to be snappy and intelligent in order to come up with the perfect sarcastic retort to almost every situation, and that combination of wit and intellect can be staggering to a man already in a relationship.

13 Creativity

Creativity in a woman could mean a slew of different things in general. Is she creative in her work? In her mind? In the bedroom? Usually, it’s all the above and then some. A creative woman can find solutions to problems people didn’t even know existed, and that creativity can dangerously spark inspiration in other people, which will make a man who is already committed to someone else turn his head to look in the other girl’s direction. She doesn’t try to use her creativity in order to reel a person in, it just happens naturally. She’s almost like another Greek figure in that respect: the muse. The muses were able to inspire creativity in others in a passionate way, which can be richly intoxicating to someone who is on the brink of falling for them.

12 Serial Dater

Men who are in a troubled relationship often seek comfort in a person who isn’t looking for a commitment. Chances are, that the other girl who catches his eye will be a serial dater who really doesn’t invest too heavy in relationships. She almost dates like a man and doesn’t apologize for it (I mean, heck, men don’t so why should a woman?) and he sees this and responds to it. She’s even more of a lure if she happened to be friends with the man first and he’s well aware of her dating history. She probably had her heart shattered in a previous relationship so she just jumps from casual relationship to casual relationship without really thinking. She’s doing it to protect her heart and a man looking for an exit strategy will be extremely attracted to her nonchalant attitude toward love.

11 Outspoken

Here is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell is as it is. She’s the type never to hold back her thoughts just to be agreeable. Sure, it makes some people uncomfortable, but that doesn’t stop her nor phase her. Some men tend to marry those who are more agreeable (to an extent) with them so that every single thing doesn’t lead to a fight. But this other woman isn’t interested in keeping the peace for peace’s sake, she’s interested in getting to the point – not making a positive impression. Sure, she knows when exactly to hold her tongue (in case the situation turns rather dangerous), but she lets you know what’s on her mind when it counts. The whole “agreeable” thing doesn’t suit her, which is why the attraction is so strong.

10 Overly Intelligent

This is the type of woman who is so very intelligent that it’s frightening – to you and to other men. She’s brilliant and while she knows it, she’d rather prove it to you with actions rather than words. Her mind is so startling that it can create new worlds and inspire. It’s also so intoxicating to find someone who can argue Carl Jung’s theories, quote Aristotle, and read Pushkin on a whim. She’s able to read carefully between the lines and can startle you with her problem-solving skills. Because of her intellect, she isn’t interested in something (or someone) that would weigh down her mind, which is probably why she prefers someone who isn’t openly available to her all the time. Her world is her intellect, and that’s all she really has room for.

9 She's Fearless

A fearless girl is an intriguing girl. She isn’t afraid of much, and if she’s independent, unattached and on her own, she prefers to keep it that way for a reason. Nothing really scares her because she doesn’t have anything to lose – nothing is weighing her down, so she’s able to be as daring as she wishes. She a wild child at heart and enjoys doing wild things. This also goes for being rather fearless in the bedroom, which is also alluring for men who are in committed relationships. It’s not that she’s actively trying to steal someone else’s man, sometimes it’s just like drawing a moth to a flame – they know they’re going to get burned, but the allure is too overwhelming. This also means she can’t be “tamed” to say the least and prefers to stay wild instead of settling down. She sees it as being caged, and that doesn’t appeal to her in the least.

8 A Girl Who Is Aloof To Her Own Emotions

If a man is in a committed relationship, he and his partner are obviously open with one another about their feelings. But this woman who has caught his wandering eye doesn’t really know how to express her emotions or is just aloof to them altogether. This is someone who, again, was probably hurt in the past so just found it best to put up walls around her heart for a reason. And she feels if she becomes involved with a man who is already in a relationship, she won’t have to deal with the task of “where is this going” or wrestle with her own emotions. However, this is playing a game of chance and while it might be fun at first, the man better not fall for her hardcore, because he’ll only end up getting hurt.

7 Busy

This is a woman who is so busy that she doesn’t really have the time to see the man who so desperately wants her attention. And she’s not doing it on purpose in order to make him miss her, she truly is busy and doesn’t have time for his missing nonsense. He’s attracted to this at first because he doesn’t have to worry about growing sick of her being around all the time, but soon he will grow antsy because “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and he’ll want to see this particular woman more often. This is destined to lead to more heartbreak because a woman like this will always choose her work over a man – she doesn’t care who he is, he will always come in second to her busy life.

6 Dangerously Ambitious

Ambition is attractive in any person, I don’t care who you are. A person who isn’t driven to succeed in their given profession and has little to no goals set in their lives is a dull mess. I’m sure the girl he’s already with is ambitious to a point, but the OTHER woman is ambitious to the point of madness and for him he finds that to be a massive turn on. She has set goals and is dead set on achieving them and will let no one stand in her way, not even a man who is falling for her. Especially a taken man. A man will find this attractive in another woman because he’s watching her accomplish something she sets her mind to and is blown away by the fact that if she says she’s going to get something, she goes out and gets it.

5 She’s Just Plain Happy

If someone strays in a relationship, it’s for a reason – whether he’s unhappy or she is. He will be drawn to a woman who is just naturally happy and projects happiness where ever she goes. She’s like the sun who warms everyone around her whenever she steps into the room. It’s not just that she’s luminous and shows it, but that she’s sincerely happy and brings out happiness in other people. No one likes to be around a Debbie Downer or Eeyore all the live-long day and if they are, they’ll going to cling to a woman who radiates happiness. It’s like coming into a warm house after being trapped out in the cold for a long period of time. Normally, this is the type of girl who wouldn’t entertain the idea of being with a taken man – that would just dampen her own happiness, so sorry all you cheaters.

4 Unwavering Confidence

Everyone, and I repeat, EVERYONE is attracted to someone with an abundance of confidence. That means confidence in their looks, their career, their intellect, just pretty much everything. People who are comfortable in their own skin radiate confidence and tend to be extremely charismatic. They aren’t afraid of taking a risk, whether it’s asking for a promotion at work, or wearing a daring new outfit – they’re going to do it despite what people say. And men tend to gravitate toward a confident woman because he knows that she doesn’t need him, but rather just wants him. It’s a give-or-take situation when it comes to women with confidence and she’s always the one that holds all the cards, which can be something he finds incredibly stimulating. Though a woman with a certain amount of confidence won’t go for someone who is already taken. She’ll leave that to women with low self-esteem.

3 Down To Earth

She lacks pretentiousness and is incredibly easy to talk to. She doesn’t judge and she has this “girl-next-door” appeal and doesn’t have her head constantly in the clouds. She can see things as they are and shrug off any problem with a particular amount of grace. Normally, if a man is in a relationship with a self-absorbed woman, rather than finding the courage to break up with her (wimps), he’ll be drawn to the sort of woman who is more grounded and sees everyone and everything around her and treats people with kindness instead of thinking “what’s in it for me?”. And if a girl is down-to-earth and relatable, she will not think about getting together with someone who is willing to cheat on their partner. That’s just not a part of her personality. But that won’t stop him from trying.

2 Modesty

This is a woman who is intelligent but doesn’t gloat about it (she prefers to prove it with actions), who is beautiful but not showy about it, who is charismatic but not boastful. She’s basically the entire package but truly she doesn’t know it. There are some women who are able to ACT modest, but her self-centered personality usually can’t hide behind veils for too long – it will eventually come out. A truly modest woman will seek to surround herself around other modest individuals while a woman who attempts to hide her own narcissism will surround herself with “yes” men and people who will constantly praise her so she doesn’t have to do it herself. A real modest woman doesn’t need that praise and that can draw men into her orbit.

1 Challenging

And last but not least, this woman he’s suddenly drawn too is not simply a “challenge” for him to nab, but she’s actually someone who challenges him and keeps him on his toes. Even though he’s in a relationship, he’s captivated by the fact that this daring woman enjoys challenging people because she learns new things from those she challenges. A man in a seemingly stable and ordinary relationship will believe things have gotten boring, so when he meets a woman who challenges his very nature, it will enrapture him and he will become drunk off this very human being who is changing the way he sees the world. A challenging woman is the ultimate siren because if a taken man falls for a strong woman like this, he will only end up crashing on the rocks for good.

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