15 Tips To Look And Feel Even Sexier Naked

Some of us do not feel our sexiest naked, in fact most of us want to ensure we alway have the lights dimmed or have a sexy bra and underwear on as it helps us feel attractive. Feeling sexy while naked may take time as you have to feel confident. In fact, let it motivate you now to make a few positive changes in your life that will not only benefit your appearance, but also your overall health.

The fact of the matter is, we have to work on our figures to look great naked. That doesn't mean starving ourselves or swallowing laxatives to look skinny. It means we actually have to get off our butts and work out, eat right, drink better, and make actual plans. Perfection doesn't happen by accident, as it does in the steamy love novels we love to read, but we can take charge of our lives right now, at this very moment, and make those necessary changes in our lives so that we can give ourselves the best moments and the best times we know we deserve.

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15 Do Cardio


I hate to admit this even to myself, but there is no quick and easy way to a sexy, fit body. It takes work. If you want to look your best without any clothes on, then it is time to get serious and start doing cardio exercises. Cardio will raise your heart rate, help you burn off calories, and it will give you a leaner body. Start off small with just a 15 minute cardio routine once a day, and build up to a full 30 or 45 minute routine. To give yourself an extra boost in confidence and motivation, photograph your figure before you start a cardio routine and then once a week afterwards. If you are keeping with the routine, you should start seeing real results in your photos.

14 Good Posture


As soon as I assume the slouch position while sitting back on the sofa, out pops my gut and the belly roll. I’m not fat or overweight by any means, but there it is - the slouch belly. If you want to look and feel slimmer, practice good posture. As soon as you straighten your spine and put back your shoulders, you will automatically look thinner, healthier, and you will feel more alert. Begin practicing your posture now so that it starts to feel more natural to you, and when it comes to taking off your clothing, keep that great posture going. It’s sexy.

13 Drink Plenty of Water


I have an awkward question to ask you. Is your pee yellow? If it is, you are not drinking enough water. Drinking water is the best gift you can give to your skin. Your skin needs to stay hydrated to look its best, and that is not going to happen if you aren’t drinking enough water. Don’t like water? I hear you, but here is my trick to drinking more water: add a lemon or lime wedge to a tall glass of iced water in the summer and, in the winter, drink hot water with a lemon wedge. Lemon or lime adds great flavor to water, no matter what temperature you drink it at.

12 Exfoliate


There is nothing sexy about dry, flaking skin, rough elbows, or knees. The next time you are at the drug store, get a tube of exfoliating scrub for the shower or mix up your own batch of sugar scrub and begin exfoliating your skin. This will not only remove rough, dead skin from your body, it will also allow your skin to absorb more of your moisturizer afterwards. Altogether, you will have smoother, softer skin that glows and screams “touch me.”

11 Jump Rope


Don’t feel like jogging your way to a perfect body? That’s okay. You can jump rope instead. Jumping rope makes your whole body move and get in the action, making it better for you than running. Also, you don’t need to do all your rope jumping in one fell swoop. Instead, break jump roping down into three sessions a day of 50 jumps each session, or more if you can handle it. What makes makes jumping rope pretty awesome is that you can do it right in your backyard or basement, if the ceiling is high enough. You don’t need to go to the track or the gym.

10 Wear a Touch of Perfume


The right perfume can be dead sexy if applied sparingly before going naked. The trick is to make sure your body is moisturized because well moisturized skin holds fragrance longer than dry skin. Also, you will only want to put on, at most, 2 dabs or a light mist. Too much perfume can ruin the moment whereas just a light hint of fragrance can add to your personal mystique.

9 Lunge


If you are an uncoordinated futz like me, you probably hate lunges, but, sadly enough, they are a necessary evil. If you want a great looking butt and tighter thighs, you need to start adding lunges to your daily to do list. Don’t fret. You don’t need to do a zillion of them all at once. Instead, start off with 20 lunges per leg a day. If you want to work your way up to 50 or more, feel free to do so, but 20 is a good number that will give you some nice results.

8 Hide Bruises

Off comes the clothes and, wouldn’t you know it? All your bruises are glaringly obvious, from the bruise on your thigh from walking into the desk to that mystery bruise on the back of your arm. You look like a total klutz, but he doesn’t have to know about it. The same makeup you use on your face can be used to cover up your bruises, as well. Apply a concealer to your bruises and then add a thin layer of moisturizer to help blend in the makeup and make your skin feel even softer.

7 Feel Sexy

There is more to looking sexy than working out and beauty treatments. You have to feel it, too. When it comes time to get naked, give yourself a pep talk. Remind yourself of all your great attributes. Compliment yourself and, when the great unveiling happens, make eye contact. Eye contact is dead sexy and goes hand in hand with appearing confident (even if you are not feeling it 100 percent).

6 Stay Moisturized

Begin wearing moisturizer every day. Apply it at least once a day after a shower or bath. I like to use coconut oil after my morning shower whereas some like to use olive oil or a store bought moisturizer. Whatever your preference, make applying the stuff an everyday part of your routine. If your skin is on the dry side, apply a second coating at night before going to bed. I started doing this with my legs which always seem to be dry and the twice a day application of coconut oil has made my legs shiny and soft for the first time in years.

5 Wear Stilettos

You know you want to be that girl that men trip over their own two feet just to talk to. Of course, beauty involves a touch of pain, and that includes wearing stilettos. High heels make your legs look long and sexy. They give your butt a lift, too, and they can really increase a woman’s confidence. Take off her clothes, leave on her heels, and you’ve got a lady who makes the men swoon. So, the next time you want to impress while undressed, put on a pair of high heels and watch your man drool.

4 Stay Away From Fast Food

My mother almost never let me have fast food while I was growing up, so as soon as my best friend got her license, guess what we did? She and I binged on fast food for the first few months and I went from 110 pounds to 127 pounds in no time. That was a lesson learned the hard way, although as soon as I quit eating fast food, I was able to drop back down to my normal weight. So, cut out the fast food. It may seem convenient, but you are really better off packing your own meals and snacks. Your body will thank you and you really will look healthier just by making this small change in eating habits.

3 Workout Before the Big Event

If you want to look your best when you undress tonight, or any night, do a morning or afternoon workout first. Working out increases your blood flow and makes your skin look healthy. It will also put your muscles to work and give you a more in-shape appearance. Instead of feeling tired, you will feel more rejuvenated after a workout, and you will indeed be ready for the grand unveiling.

2 Candlelight

There is a reason why so many women keep candles in their bedrooms. It is because they know that candlelight makes them look sexy in the nude. Unlike harsh, overhead lights, candles put out a soft, yellowish light that can enhance your curves and give your skin a beautiful glow. Candles also set the mood from nervous to warm and relaxed. They give any room a sexy, inviting atmosphere, so make the small investment plunge and buy a few candles for your room. You’ll be glad you did.

1 Accessorize

Being as naked as the day you were born can be fun, but you can accessorize that fun with just a touch of this or that. Try a choker necklace because it draws attention to your neck and face. A longer necklace can draw attention to your bosom and bracelets can help show off your sexy arms. For guys that like legs, wear an ankle bracelet to show off your feminine ankle. Whatever it is, if it makes you feel sexy, put it on.


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