15 Times You're Allowed To Be Sassy AF

A certain amount of sass is required from time to time. Some people call it attitude, nerve or being cheeky, but whatever name you decide to give it, know that you’re totally entitled to be sassy when the situation calls for it. Follow the deliciously feisty example set by the beloved divas of the pop world, and don’t be afraid to add some spice and a touch of Sasha Fierce into the mix the next time you’re standing up for yourself. Sometimes it’s inappropriate to have a smart answer for everything, and you wouldn’t want to turn a conversation with your boss into a Kanye rant, so the key is to know when you can get away with acting fierce. The person you’re talking to will make a huge difference, because not everyone has a sense of humor! Here are 15 times you have our permission to be a sass queen.

15 When Bae Won’t Text You Back

Is there anything more aggravating than when the person you’re with refuses to text you back. Even if they are genuinely busy, do they really not have 30 seconds to type two letters? Really? We understand that there might be certain situations in which they truly won’t be able to, like if they don’t have their phone on them or they’re in a meeting, but if you have a feeling that isn’t the case, a bit of sass might be in order. In this scenario, sass might include not replying to their texts when they finally do respond, or responding with a smart comment that you’d secretly never say in person. Of course, if you’re mature and above all this nonsense then feel free to act normally and remain unbothered by their actions. If you do feel tempted to be sassy, though, we have your back. That’s all we’re saying!

14 When You’re Arguing With People Who Won’t Be Offended

When you’re arguing with people like your siblings or your best buds, and you know that you’re 100% comfortable with each other, it’s probably a good time to bring out the cheeky comments, sarcastic facial expressions, and responses that will win you the argument without fail. Every relationship is different, so make sure you know for certain that you’re not going to make anyone cry or seriously intimidate people with your pouting and sharp remarks. You don’t want to get yourself into any trouble! But if your sister or cousin or whoever knows that you have an inner diva and they’re willing to tamper with her anyways, go all out. We’re talking about those little comebacks you plan in your head but rarely have the courage to say out loud. Keep in mind that sassy isn’t the same as mean, and you never have the right to be rude for no reason.

13 When You’re Performing

You don’t have to think twice about this one! If you’re any type of performer and get regular opportunities to get up in a public space and strut your stuff, you should definitely feel free to add in all the sass you want. Being highly-spirited, confident and playful makes some people feel better about themselves, and helps them shed any leftover traces of insecurity and vulnerability that like to build up within us all. If that’s you, never apologize for whipping your hair with a little extra energy during a dance routine, unless of course, it’s going to jeopardize the performance itself. Even if you’re not a regular performer, the same applies any time you have to get up on a stage. Whether you’re making a speech at a friend’s wedding or singing karaoke on a Saturday night, you should definitely unleash the attitude if you feel an urge to do so.

12 When You’re Sticking Up For A Friend

Seeing a friend being picked on might be the only thing that feels worse than being a victim yourself. If you are pushed to anger after witnessing somebody bullying or singling out your BF, and you feel that smart remark on the tip of your tongue, we don’t think you should feel bad for letting it slip. Sass carried out the right way displays confidence and teaches people how to interact with you and those close to you. If they’re not interested in dealing with the Nicki Minaj Harajuku Barbie-side of you, then they probably won’t continue to antagonize your friends. You don’t have to go to extremes with your anger, and you should never ever (ever!) bring violence into things, but a simple pout accompanied by an incredibly cool-and-collected comment should satisfy everything you’re feeling! Picture Nicki telling Mariah Carey that she’s “dismissed” across the American Idol panel. Priceless!

11 When You’re Trying To Make Someone Laugh

Your friends and family may have picked up on the fact that you do indeed have a sassy side, and it might even bring them a certain level of amusement! So if you’re trying to cheer them up after some minor ordeal and get them laughing, do what comes naturally to you and bring on the cheek. You can’t argue that seeing people (men and women!) acting like sass queens is at least mildly if not totally entertaining, or else there wouldn’t be nearly as many shade-throwing videos on YouTube. We’ve all seen how quickly a sassy meme goes viral, haven’t we? You might be no good at the comforting thing, and have sworn off trying to crack jokes after several failed attempts, so if you can execute a flawless cheeky attitude when the situation calls for it, feel absolutely free to cheer up the people you love that way!

10 When You See An Ex Who Didn’t Treat You Right

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but to be honest, one partner being a douche while the other is faithful and genuinely trying their best isn’t right either. As far as we’re concerned, once somebody’s broken your heart or done you wrong, you no longer owe them the courtesy of politeness. Things are probably easier if you can find it in yourself to be the bigger person and let go of the hate and act civilly, but don’t feel bad if you can’t. They’re the ones who screwed up, not you. You now have the right to act the way you wished you did before, without regard for their feelings. We don’t recommend going out of your way to seek them out and victimize them, but if you bump into them somewhere, judge for yourself how much attitude you’re prepared to give. If you get the pout right, words aren’t even necessary!

9 When You’re Dancing In The Club

We cannot speak highly enough of dancing like nobody’s watching. It’s simply the best! Not everyone has the courage (or coordination) to get up on a stage and dance, but if you’re on a night out and there’s a dancefloor, you should seriously consider letting go, and dancing with as much attitude as you feel like. And trust us, once they crank up the tunes, you’ll feel like it! You should never be embarrassed to let loose on the dancefloor because that’s what dancing is all about. Throw back or get rid of your drink once you hear your jam come on, and rush to the floor with the whole squad. Visualize that you look as good as Beyoncé while you’re performing all the choreography to "Single Ladies", even if you really don’t. Who cares?! Let every feeling out, and bring out all those diva faces. There’s truly no better therapy!

8 When Someone Just Doesn't Get It

Disclaimer: If the person who isn’t getting the point is your boss, a customer or even an older relative, it may not be okay to be sassy. Proceed with caution! Always evaluate who you’re talking to first—we wouldn’t recommend being a smarty pants to people who possess the power to have you fired, or who are miserable and are looking for an excuse to be offended and cause trouble. Some bosses are actually okay to be sassy in front of—it depends on your relationship and their personality. So once you know that no grave consequences can eventuate, you might have to get a bit of an attitude if the person you’re talking to just isn’t getting the point. If you’ve tried over and over again to politely convey a message, you might just have to say something that will make it stick. They’ll usually get it straight away after that.

7 When People Are Being Sassy With You First

As far as we’re concerned, if somebody is prepared to dish it out, they have to be prepared to take it back. If you’re dealing with a person who has an even bigger attitude than you and doesn’t care how they’re coming across, then in most cases, you should act sassy right back. You might have to open the window and let some of the sass out of the room, but don’t feel bad if you can’t control your cheeky attitude if they can’t. When somebody smirks at you, smirk back. When somebody pouts, adopt that fierce ego and pout back. If they make a smart comment, we’re sure you can come up with a better one! The exception is when you’re dealing with someone who can get away with it while you can’t, like authority figures. In that case, you should take it up with an even higher authority afterward!

6 When A Guy Won’t Stop Hitting On You

Sadly, sometimes men in bars don’t take no for an answer. Life would be dandy if you could say, “No, thank you. I’m not interested,” and they’d respond with, “No worries!” That’s the case with some guys, but other guys say things like, “Come on, let me buy you a drink.” So if you are being bothered by somebody in that sort of scenario, don’t feel bad for bringing out the sass, standing up for yourself and making yourself as clear as possible. It’s really not a fantastic idea to antagonize strange men in bars because you never know when you’re dealing with a psycho. We don’t think you should go for the type of sassy where you shut him down with a harsh remark and dust him away with your hand. Instead, go for low-key body language, like clearly turning your back or just getting up and walking away.

5 When A Guy Won’t Stop Hitting On Your Friend

Guys who are trying to intimidate you tend to be way less aggressive if they see that you’ve got a whole squad behind you, so if you see your friend in that situation, don’t be afraid to step in and bring the cheek! You don’t have to wait to be the one getting hit on yourself, but as soon as you see a friend in trouble, be as sassy as you would be if it were happening to you. Hopefully, your friends would do the same in a reversed situation! The same logic applies as when you’re getting hit on, so don’t be sassy in a way that could invite aggression or resentment. Be assertive and the kind of girl who is absolutely having none of anybody’s crap, without being provocative. That might even inspire your friend to stick up for herself too if she’s having a bit of trouble!

4 When You’re Flirting

Flirting with somebody new is one of the best times to act like a total sass queen for a couple of reasons. First of all, the banter is generally fun and playful anyway, and if you were flirting with someone who had all these quick responses and said things that were a bit daring, you’d probably be all the more intrigued, if not attracted. Secondly, if the person doesn’t know how to deal with the sass, and that’s a part of you that likes to come out occasionally, you can make the decision nice and early about whether you want to hang around with somebody like that. You can’t really go wrong! There is nothing hotter than confidence (it’s actually true, not just a cliché!) and saying what comes to your mind with the right amount of attitude conveys a huge sense of confidence, even if that’s what you do to hide your insecurities.

3 During A Venting Session With Your BFF

When you vent to your best friend, you should feel like you can absolutely be yourself, no matter what, and say things that you’d never say to anybody else. If you’ve had a bad day and have dealt with rude people at work and know-it-all clients and had to bite your tongue all day, a great way to release that tension is to have coffee with your BFF and unleash all the sass you have built up. The perfect comebacks and responses probably came to you all day, but you couldn’t use them because you know, you want to keep your job and maintain your reputation! But that doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. Saying it to your friend instead of to the person who deserves it might not be as satisfying, but you probably have vented to your best friend a ton and already know how absolutely awesome this feels.

2 When People Are Trying To Drag You Down

One of the best times to turn up the attitude is when you know for a fact that somebody is trying to play with your confidence. Out of jealousy or sadness, or just because they’re jerks, some people will seek out your sore points and bring them to the center of your mind, with no intention other than to make you feel bad. They might pick on the things you like about yourself and are proud of, and make them seem smaller than they are. If you’re dealing with a toxic person like this, nothing will aggravate them more than to see you exuding the confidence that they’re trying to destroy. Being sassy can say that you love yourself, you know everything about you is on point, and you’re not interested in anybody’s opinions of you. An attitude like that can push people away, but if the people are toxic, do it!

1 When You Need To Boost Your Own Confidence

By now you know that being sassy tends to give the illusion of confidence, even if that’s not how you’re really feeling. But it can also be a way to get yourself feeling like that! Just because nobody is standing in front of you trying to drag you down, doesn’t mean that your self-esteem doesn't require some serious boosting, so don’t feel scared to try experimenting with a diva-like attitude when you’re alone. You might feel a bit crazy, but if you pretend you’re in a movie playing the part of a scorned Rihanna, the thoughts that flow into your brain can end up making you feel genuinely cool and confident. By holding your head high and having a resting b*tch face, you can totally change the way you’re feeling, and you don’t even have to open your mouth. At the end of the day, every girl deserves to feel sure of herself!

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