15 Times You Should Listen To Your Mom

Moms are full of advice and suggestions about what you're doing and how you're living your life. One minute your mom is being cool and you start telling her about something fun you did last weekend... only to have her rain on your parade with her logical advice and boring suggestions. Of course, she means no harm by it. In fact, every time your mom does this, she is looking out for you and trying to help you not make the same mistakes she did. But because you don't think your mom knows what she is talking about or you don't want to listen to her, you go out and make your mistakes anyway only to realize she was totally right and you should have listened to her the first time around. Here at 15 times when you should always listen to your mom.

15 When She Says Your Friend Sucks

Moms have a way of seeing things before anyone else does - it's like their sixth sense. You make a new friend, she's nice, she's fun, you guys get along great, and you've decided you're best friends within minutes. But when you stop by your house and she says hi to your mom, your mom picks up on a whole different vibe. Of course, you don't see it, and you argue with her, but somehow mom's always right. Once that new, wonderful friend of yours starts showing her witchy side and stabs you in the back before you even have time to get away, you realize that, once again, you should have listened to your mom. Don't be surprised when you tell her what happened and she gives you an "I told you so" - that's just a mom thing.

14 When She Says That Guy Is No Good

Every mom has high standards for her daughter when it comes to finding the right guy... and sometimes those standards even higher than the ones that you have for yourself! And it seems that no matter who you introduce her to, she can always find something wrong with him. Because of this, it's hard to believe her when she tells you this guy really is no good. She's probably using that sixth sense of her's again when you invite him over for dinner to meet the family and she spends half of the time interrogating him about his family life and his plans for the future. He may have been able to sweet talk you into getting what he wanted, but nothing gets past mom. But of course, you don't listen to her advice and end up dating the guy only to find out later that he was cheating on you the whole time. Mom was right, but this time, when you tell her she has a little more empathy for you and comforts you by letting you know she'll go beat him up if she needs to.

13 When She Says You Should Save Money

Moms are always right about saving your hard-earned dough for important stuff. Unfortunately, you and your mom don't see eye to eye when it comes to what's important. According to her, buying a super cute and really sexy black shirt for this party you're going to that your crush might show up at - but you know he most likely won't - doesn't count as an important purchase. Because it's your money and you don't really care what your mom thinks, you buy it anyway, along with some super cute shoes that matched perfectly. A couple weeks later when it's time to pay rent, you start to understand what your mom meant by important things and that you probably should have listened to her. Now you're having to swallow your pride and ask her if you can borrow some money because you wasted yours on an outfit for a party that ended up being lame anyway.

12 When She Says To Focus On School

Sometimes it seems like moms like to suck the fun out of everything. You tell her about how you're planning to head to the beach this weekend, and she starts talking about how you need to make sure you're making time for your studies. You reassure her by telling her you're going to bring the book from the class that you have a test in early Monday morning, knowing that it probably won't even make it out of the car. Everyone knows that it doesn't really matter because C's get degrees just like the A's and B's. But when you realize that test was your last chance to bump your grade up to a passing grade in that class, you start to realize you probably should have listened to your mom. Her advice may be less fun, but she's older and wiser, probably because she studied and didn't fail classes.

11 When She Says Don't Be Stupid

Again, boring advice - but we swear a mom's favorite thing to say is something along the lines of "be safe" or "don't get into any trouble." Everyone thinks that even if they do stupid things, they won't get caught - but people get caught, even when they were confident it would never be them. Whether you're way too drunk to drive home from the house of the random dude you swore you had something in common with at the bar  (that tequila is the best liquor) or ending up in handcuffs in a police car with your best friends, your mom told you to be safe and you didn't listen. When she comes to bail you and your friends out of jail or takes you back to that stranger's house so you can pick up your car the next day, you realize how awesome she is. Next time, you should probably take her "stay out of trouble" advice a little more seriously.

10 When She Says Don't Post That Picture On Facebook

You look super hot in this picture (even hotter than your friend who you know is totally prettier than you) and so, of course, you want to blast it all over social media for everyone to see. But two minutes after Facebook has been graced with your beauty, your mom calls and says you need to take it down ASAP. Apparently, she spotted some red solo cups and alcohol hanging out on the counter behind you. She is appalled. She even thinks that one guy with the red shirt on who is standing in the corner might be doing something illegal. You don't think it's a big deal, so you leave it up anyway and are pleased with the super flattering comments and likes. But when you don't get that new job you're dying for because your potential employer stalked your social media, you're going to wish you had listened to your mom.

9 When She Says Go To Bed

Sleep is so important to moms... maybe because they spent a majority of their lives missing out on it because you were a reckless child. But whatever the reason, they love it. You call her up to tell her about your awesome adventure you went on and how you stayed out all night talking to this guy you really like and how you're going shopping with your friends all day tomorrow. You give her this elaborate story but all she hears is "I didn't sleep and my body needs to." Don't let her concern for your health and well-being turn you off, she just knows what she's talking about. And when you're in class Monday morning or opening at work and have to be there before the sun even decides to get up and your body is betraying you and even coffee doesn't work, you'll remember her words: something about sleep and how good that sounds right then.

8 When She Says Get Yourself Together

Your mom isn't afraid to tell you when you've gained five to ten pounds or that all you do with your free time is sit on the couch in your yoga pants watching MTV and eating Taco Bell and cheese puffs. She may beat around the bush and passively invite you on walks with her or by try to convince you to join the local gym by telling you a super cute boy with big muscles works the front desk. You tell her she's just being paranoid and your young body is used to this crap, your metabolism hasn't given up on you yet, and can bounce back fast. But when summer rolls around and you realize you're going to have to wear a scuba suit to the public pool because there is no way your body is summer ready, you will realize your mom looks better than you and you should have taken her up on those walks a long time ago.

7 When She Hates Your Dress

Your mom was in charge of your fashion statements before you could even walk. She's tried every color on you, every style, and she has an eye for what looks best on you. And she's brutally honest when it comes to making sure you aren't going to make a fool of yourself when you go out on that date you've been chatting her ear off about for the last week. If she tells you that you're being fooled by the lighting and the dress actually shows every bump on your butt that you wish you didn't have, you should most definitely listen to her. Or else you get home and try it on in your room and start taking selfies to send to your friends bragging about how hot you're going to look for your date that night only to realize that your mom was right, and the only person who is going to see that dress is the lady at the return desk when you take it back.

6 When She Says Call Her

Face it, your mom wants to talk to you and be part of your life. When she tells you to give her a call so you guys can catch up, you better listen. If you don't, next thing you know your mom is blowing up your phone, calling you and sending texts that don't even make sense because she is still getting used to this new texting option. But even worse, she will tell you that she is sad you don't want to talk to her and that she really just wants you two to always be close, and she was disappointed when she never got your call. Her intentions are good, so when your mom tells you to call her, you better put it down on your schedule and get to it before she can say anything negative about it.

5 When She Says How To Do Your Hair

She's already tried all those short, funky pixie cuts on you when you were between the ages of five and nine, and they didn't look good then, so she is advising you to not try them now. Your mom is the one person who has known you your whole life and has paid attention to every little detail of who you are. She knows your face shape, your good features, as well as your less fortunate ones, so you know you should probably trust her opinion. But of course, being the independent, modern woman you are, you go for the shortcut and add some purple highlights while you're at it. Just like your mom said, it ends up being a total fiasco. But because she loves you, and doesn't want to be embarrassed by standing next to you, she reminds you that it's only hair and it will grow out and then she takes you hat shopping.

4 When She Says Family Is Important

As you get older, you start realizing how truly important and valuable family is. So your mom definitely knows what she's talking about. When she tells you that you need to call your grandpa and make sure your aunt gets invited to your graduation, even though she isn't your favorite person, your mom definitely knows what she's talking about. Often times you get so caught up in your friends and your weekend activities that family easily slips your mind. It's not like they're going anywhere anyway - they're family, they have to love you and stick around. But the truth is at some point if you haven't already, you will lose someone in your family and you will then realize how much more they meant to you than your time invested in them showed. So even though it may seem like a burden now, you know you should listen to your mom and put your family first.

3 When She Says She's There For You

People are famous for telling you they've got your back and being MIA a moment later. Even if your mom isn't your best friend in the whole wide world, you should listen to her when she says she is there for you. Because at some point in life, whether it's after you make a huge mistake or your friends let you down and you have nobody to turn to, she is going to be there waiting with open arms. Even though she doesn't get technology all that well and all of her questions drive you crazy and she likes to give you her unwanted advice all the time, at some point in your life you will realize she's one of the only people who always has your back. When you get into a fight with her and don't talk for days, months, or even years, you should always remember what she told you - she will always be there for when you just need your mom.

2 When She Says Follow Your Dreams

Your mom is your biggest advocate. She thinks you're totally amazing and you can accomplish anything in the world. You should listen to her when she tells you to chase after your dreams because she only has your best interest in mind. Explaining to her that you'll get your degree eventually and that working at the local coffee shop part time isn't your dream job won't stop her from pushing you to be and do better. And when you finally realize that you're never going to get that raise you were promised and your boyfriend decides to move across the country to follow his dreams, you will understand you should have listened to your mom and taken her advice and focused on becoming who she knows you can be. The best part is, it's never too late to take that advice. In fact, she's still probably saying it to you to this day.

1 When She Says She Loves You

They say you never truly understand unconditional love until you have a child. Your mom created you and raised you and loves every single bit of who you are. Yes, she will annoy you and you will fight, and there will be times you don't even want her to be a part of your life. But she will always love you. And there will be times you will realize you weren't the best daughter and you'll call her up for a lunch date, and she will say yes. Because no matter what you do or where you go or what mistakes you make, and even if you don't want to hear it, your mom will make sure you know, nothing can keep you from her love. She wants the best for you, so listen closely -- she says she loves you in many different ways.

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