15 Times You Need To Step Up As A BFF

Everyone has that one friend- the BFF. The one who knows everything about you, was there for every embarrassing moment, who knows your parents, and knows all your secrets. They’re the ones you share everything with, and you can laugh about nothing for hours. They know when to give you some alone time, know the best songs to get you in a party mood, and are always up for an adventure. But being a BFF is about more than just being there for all the fun times and great memories, it’s also about being there for all the times you need some support. Here are 15 times you need to step up as a BFF, and be there when no one else could.

15 At the mall

There’s probably a few friends you’re comfortable hitting the mall with, but it’s never quite as fun as being there with your best friend. Not only will they be there to tell you which outfits look really good, but they’ll also get you to try on things you otherwise might not, be honest when something doesn’t look so flattering, help you accessorize, pull you away from yet another sale rack you really don’t need to stop at, talk you out of making that purchase you might not be able to afford, and remind you to pick up your prescriptions, or that thing your mom wanted. Plus, who else do you really want to take silly photo booth pictures with?

14 After Breakups

Inevitably, a BFF will be there for all the breakups from your first crush, to the long-term high school boyfriend, to the one you SO thought was The One. And just as inevitably, they’ll know when to let you have your space, just be there on the other end of the phone, talk things out, and show up with a pail of ice cream at just the right moment. They’ll also be the person to remind you why you broke up, why you really shouldn’t text them, and let you know that you really are better off without that person anyway. Be the shoulder to cry on, and the rock of support. Don’t forget the ice cream.

13 To boost their self esteem

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel good about yourself, how you look, what you’ve accomplished, and the person you are and are working on becoming. One role of a true BFF is to help boost your self-esteem, and remind you how great you really are! Maybe it’s not your greatest hair day- and you’ll be able to laugh about it in the future- but they’ll be able to remind you about how you totally aced that interview and landed that great job, or if you’re feeling low about your fitness regime, they’ll be ready with some tips on hand.

12 Make time

The older we get, the more responsibilities we have, and the more directions we get pulled in. It’s hard, and we’re all busy. Work, boyfriends, kids, gym, hobbies, family… But you should never be too busy to fit in the things- and the people- that really matter. And it’s important to have a good work and life balance. You’ll know your true friends when they say ‘let’s hang out!’ and they mean it- and follow through by making time and setting concrete plans, whether it’s grabbing coffee, meeting up at a yoga studio halfway between your houses, helping with that project you’ve been working on, or even just a phone call if that’s all that works right now.

11 For all life’s little problems

It’s nice every once in a while to have someone there who you know will just be able to cheer you up, or let you rant for a little bit. It might not be anything major, maybe it’s just one of those days. You stepped in a puddle, spilled your latte on your new shirt, and then ran into your office crush. Nothing major or life altering, just annoying. And it’s nice to have a sympathetic ear to talk to, and someone to help distract you, and point out that things really aren’t that bad after all. If you’re the BFF- just be there to listen sometimes.

10 To just have some fun

Be the first person to know when it’s time to just have some fun and get the ball rolling. Life is busy, but everyone needs a break to just chill out and have some laughs. Break out those mix CD’s you made in high school, plan an impromptu road trip, and grab all your favourite snacks. Blast the stereo, wear a silly outfit, and get to the nearest theme park to have some fun on all the rides! Who cares if you look a bit ridiculous? You’ve got your partner in crime!

9 To call them out

Who doesn’t have a bad day every once in a while, or their moments of irrationality? That’s ok- but there’s a limit, and sometimes, you’ll need your BFF to be there, be honest, and call you out on something you’ve said, done, or just your attitude in general. Your BFF is likely the only person who can get away with it- they’re the only ones who want to risk confronting you when you’re in that mood, and probably the only person who won’t make it worse. It’s nice to have someone to keep your feet on the ground.

8 Be each other’s secret keepers

You know everything about each other. Not just your favourite colors and movies, and how many people you’ve dated, but all the big stuff too- hopes, goals, aspirations, fears, secrets and how you feel about what’s happening in your life… You know you can trust each other with anything. Trust, communication, openness, and respect are all signs of a strong and healthy relationship, so knowing you can share anything is a good sign of how strong you are, and you know that person can always be counted on.

7 On Moving Day

You’ll really know who your friends are on a day like moving day! Those people who show up to help you when you really need it, and know it’s not going to be an easy or fun day are the ones worth keeping around. A best friend won’t just be there to help move some boxes though- they’ll help you pack, move, clean, and unpack- and they’ll likely know exactly where you want everything to go too. Being a BFF for days like this demonstrate that they are there for it all, and how much help they can be- and how nice it is to have it.

6 Birthdays

For most people, birthdays are a big deal. An awesome celebration of another great year to come, surrounded by the people you love, and who love you most. And what would that celebration be without your BFF?! They’re the one who will be there for every crazy party, low key dinner, vacation getaway, throwback sleepover, and the one who will organize a surprise birthday bash when you’re not expecting it. They know which drinks to order you to keep the party going, and which gift you’ll really appreciate.

5 To celebrate

Just like with all your birthdays, your BFF knows what else is happening in your life that deserves an awesome celebration. Maybe it’s your graduation from school, a new job or promotion, you bought the house you wanted, or you really think you met the one. They’re the ones who have kept track of all the things happening in your life, without reminders from Facebook, and they were there every step of the way with you. And they’ll be there with bells on to help you celebrate your achievements! (And some champagne for the two of you!)

4 At their wedding

Of course there’s one really major milestone that the BFF takes a huge role in- your wedding! This will be the girl you call first when you get engaged, who helps you plan all of your events, can’t wait to go dress shopping with you, and who will be standing by your side when you say I do, happily wearing whatever dress you’ve picked out for her. She’ll also be the one giving the speech, recalling all of your hilarious and happy moments of friendship throughout the years- even if they’re a little embarrassing. But you won’t want it any other way. And they’ll be happy to put in all those DIY hours for your special day.

3 To try something new

Maybe it’s time to switch up your routine, or find a new hobby. But you’re not sure where to start or exactly what you want to do, or maybe you’re just a bit shy to branch out to something totally new on your own. So what do you do? Turn to your partner in crime! Your BFF might have tons of great ideas for you try out, a hobby they can share with you, or be willing to join you on a new adventure! At least if you look a bit silly in that new dance class, you’ll have each other.

2 When they need a house sitter

Just like moving day, you know they will be there when you need a house sitter- they already feel at home, know the routine, have your wifi password, and know where everything is. If you weren’t going away, they’d probably be over at your house anyway (if you weren’t over at theirs). You know your house, and your pets, can’t be in any better hands, so one less thing to worry about! The only downside- they might be on that sweet vacation with you!

1 When things get really tough

No matter what’s happening in your life, and no matter how hard it gets, your BFF will always be there for you- maybe especially for the really tough stuff. It may feel like you’re alone, but your BFF will make sure they are there to give support and help in any way they can. Maybe it’s unexpected health issues, a huge life change like a divorce, or being laid off at work. They’ll be the one that goes above and beyond to listen, cry with you, give you support, and help you. They are there for all the good times, but for the hard ones too.

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